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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

30 Weeks Pregnant

This week, baby’s skin is doing one thing, but his or her brain is doing the opposite! And how to find out if your birthing location is “baby friendly.” 

  • Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Tipping the scales at 3 pounds and stretching in at 16.5 inches long, Baby Natural continues to bulk up. From this point forward, she will gain about a half a pound per week. Go baby!

    As baby gains more fat, her skin will look smoother and less wrinkly.

    Meanwhile, her brain is doing the opposite; it’s going from a smooth surface texture to the more wrinkly appearance that we all think of when we think “brain.” Why? To pack in more brain cells, as the wrinkled look allows for greater brain area and mass.

    One new thing baby’s doing with that increased brain mass is regulating her body temperature. Which means that she doesn’t need the fine hair that has covered her body (called lanugo) anymore. So you don't need to worry—she won’t look like Curious George when you meet her in 10 weeks. (Although, my son was still pretty furry at birth, so brace yourself for a little bit of monkey.)

    30 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural pregnancy week by week
  • You at 30 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    You are only 10 weeks away?! Wow! Baby is growing like crazy, and I'm sure you are feeling a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. In fact, most moms will be gaining a pound a week till labor day. Do yourself a favor, and don’t watch the scale. It's all good. :)

    Perhaps, like me, you've noticed your boobs are getting rather large at this point. They’re preparing for the starring role of their lives… breastfeeding.

    I sincerely hope you are planning on breastfeeding. The benefits to baby and mama are simply amazing.

    If you're delivering at a hospital, do yourself a favor and find out if they are “baby-friendly” (you can call them and use that exact term). Also, ask what their breastfeeding policies are. Many hospitals will suggest that babies supplement with formula while they're in the hospital, which frankly, can be a disaster for baby’s gut and your long-term breastfeeding relationship.

    Most un-planned supplementation starts on day 2 in the hospital. So be on the lookout for it, and avoid it at all costs.

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  • Week 30 Spotlight
    Circumcision 💡

    People have strong opinions about baby circumcision, but what are the facts? Are there health benefits to circumcision? Are most men circumcised?

    Know that you're having a boy? If so, you may have given some thought to baby circumcision.

    There is a lot of misinformation surrounding routine baby circumcision. My husband and I nearly walked straight into circumcising our son, believing it was medically necessary in some way, or that it was important for him to “match” his father.

    Instead, we did some research and decided to keep our son intact. And if he wants to make a different decision someday, great! At least it will be his decision.

    The 2 things that swayed us:

    1. The health benefits to circumcision are pretty flimsy.
    2. The prevalence of circumcision in the USA is lower than we assumed, with fewer than 50% of U.S. babies circumcised today.

    Here are more facts and myths about circumcision.

    And just know that I’m not here to judge. Circumcision is a personal and sometimes religious decision. Thing is, it’s an irreversible decision, so it’s worth considering both sides of the debate.

  • Week 30 Hot Topics 🔥

    Here are more hot topics for your 30th week of pregnancy!

  • Week 30 To-Dos ✅

    • Check out some breastfeeding books now.
    • Be sure you're eating enough potassium-rich foods. These can help with leg cramps, back pain, and premature labor. Great examples include coconut water, white beans, salmon, spinach, bananas, and broccoli.
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