5 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s still teeny-tiny, but which of her major organs start developing this week? Plus, is a birth center right for you?

  • Baby at 5 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Welcome to the official start of the embryonic period!

    For the first time since conception, baby’s rapidly multiplying cells are taking on specific functions—some are destined to become blood cells, while others will soon blossom into kidney or nerve cells. Baby’s major organs—including her brain, heart, and spinal cord—have started to develop, and her body is beginning to elongate.

    Baby may still be teeny-tiny—only a millimeter or so tall, in fact—but this is a monumental phase in her growth. This week and next, she’s most at risk from external factors that could cause birth defects, including excessive drinking, drug use, and certain medications.

  • You at 5 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    If you didn’t know you were pregnant before, you’re likely discovering it now—because this week, Mama, you’ve officially missed a period. Congratulations!

    While the majority of mamas won’t experience many physical pregnancy symptoms for another few weeks, you may already be feeling some emotional side effects, like a delirious mix of joy, gratitude, anxiety, and even fear. (Totally normal, by the way, especially if you’re a first-timer.)

    Some mamas may wish to document their baby’s unique “creation story,” so consider picking up a journal or scrapbook now to begin recording your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

    As exciting as this time is, it’s important that you take care of yourself: eat a balanced diet, take your prenatal vitamins, and get some rest.


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