13 Week Old Baby Development

Grow, baby, grow! Your newborn is turning into a baby. Speaking of, you might be able to conceive again. (Say what?!)

  • 13 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Baby continues to work on his strength, and it’s showing! During tummy time, you may notice your little one display more and more head control (and lifting their head with ease!) You may also see that they are able to turn their head from side to side. Try calling your little one’s name during tummy time, and watch to see if they turn their head to find you!

    Speaking of heads, you may notice the soft spot on the back of her head (the posterior fontanelle) is beginning to close, but the top head spot (the anterior fontanelle) will remain soft until she is around 12-18 months. These soft spots helped baby pass through your birth canal, but also allows baby’s brain to grow immensely in her first year of life. Don’t worry, the skull bones will eventually fuse together!

    Another thing that’s probably starting to disappear is that pesky baby acne. If it doesn’t start to clear up in the next couple of weeks, check in with your pediatrician—sometimes this signals eczema, allergies, or other skin conditions your doctor can rule out.

    Your little one is growing at an incredible speed. Check out this baby weight chart to see if she is on track, but most of all, be sure to soak up all these precious moments!

    13 week old baby Gemma Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 13 week old baby Gemma.

  • You at 13 Weeks Postpartum đź‘©

    It’s been a long time since you’ve had a visit from your monthly friend. But, as your little one starts to sleep for longer stretches at night, you might start to bleed again (and I’m not talking a return of lochia!). Keep in mind that your first period postpartum may look (and feel) much different than your usual period.

    As your body (and hormones) adjust, you will find that your period may be “off.” It t may not come as frequently as you’re used to (especially if you are still breastfeeding) or the flow may be much heavier, or much lighter, than usual. Don’t worry—this is all normal. Your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes, and adjusting itself the way it sees fit.

    With my daughter Paloma, I got a very light period at two months postpartum, when she started sleeping through the night. However, when she had the super common four-month sleep regression, my period went away again for several months and didn’t become regular until about nine months postpartum.

    Either way, the return of your period can raise some concerns about the potential to conceive again (a definite possibility!). Here you will find some great tips on natural contraceptive methods if you’re not quite ready to get back in the pregnancy/baby game!

  • Genevieve’s Week 13 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 13 Week Old Baby Reader Story đź’ˇ
    When a Milestone Isn’t Just a Milestone

    Baby Week to Week 13 Mama Natural When a Milestone Isn’t Just a Milestone

    Baby Adeline showing off those pearly… gums.

    Our baby, Adeline, has a heart defect and Down syndrome. Because of challenges associated with Down syndrome, including lower muscle tone, many babies with this condition experience delays in certain areas of development. We celebrate every milestone as we get them.

    But at just six weeks old, Adeline had a big surprise for us: She smiled for the first time.

    I could tell she was close to smiling by the way she was engaging with us, so I propped her up on my shoulder and started some silly talk with her. She popped her head up and flashed the biggest smile.

    Adeline’s smile completely melted me. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. I immediately told her daddy and two big sisters. — Peyton-Leigh H

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  • Try This With Your 13 Week Old Baby

    • Dangle/hold objects in front of baby to stimulate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination)
    • Prepare breastfeeding-safe herbal tea recipes

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