21 Week Old Baby Development

Mom, is that you? Baby’s really getting to know you now. You might want to document this!

  • 21 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    This week, you may notice your little one recognizing the sound of your voice, and others’ voices that are familiar to them! You may see her smile, simply at the sound of your voice. She may also turn her head to locate you when you’re talking to her from across the room. Did you know that your voice can have soothing powers? Simply talking to your baby during times of upset and distress has proven to help reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), and calm a fussy baby. Here, you will find the many benefits of how the sound of your voice can help shape your baby’s developing brain!

    At this point, baby is also able to express her emotions much more clearly. Her ability to express herself comes in the form of facial expressions and body language. Here are some of the different emotions (and their cues!) to look out for in your little one:

    • Fear: May cry and reach arms out to you, signaling she wants to be picked up.
    • Anger: May display a loud, screeching cry. May push away and be hard to soothe until needs are met.
    • Happiness: Smiles come more frequently now! Social laughs are also seen more frequently.
    • Boredom: May stare blankly. Sometimes accompanied by crying as well.

    It’s such a magical time, watching your baby blossom from a newborn to an emotional, expressive infant. Take this time to soak it all in and enjoy the ride, mama!

    21 week old baby Faith Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Photo of Mama Natural’s daughter Faith at 21 weeks.

  • You at 21 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    You have officially entered month five of mothering your sweet little baby. Some mamas find that now is a good time to start getting creative and documenting all that has happened (and will happen!) in baby’s first year. There are many ways to keep track of baby’s development. You may find you have a surplus of photos, just waiting to be printed and organized. Here are some tips on how you can start this creative process:

    No matter how you decide to bring your creativity to life, you (and your little one!) will be thankful later for the priceless memories that will be kept alive through your art!

  • Genevieve’s Week 21 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 21 Week Old Baby Reader Story 💡
    The Moment I Discovered My Daughter’s Personality

    Baby Week to Week 21 Mama Natural

    The many faces of Evangeline.

    It’s amazing to watch as your child transforms from a sleepy infant into a bubbly baby. I first started to notice the shift when my daughter Evangeline was about two months old.

    One day, Evangeline was wearing a particularly cute outfit, so I set up an impromptu photo shoot. When I took her picture, she was happy and smiling; a moment after I snapped this picture, she put on a pouty little frown; an instant later she started to fake cry.

    I was surprised by her sudden change in demeanor and laughed in response, which prompted Evangeline to erupt in a fit of giggles, too. It was so adorable—and amazing to see how quickly she learned to manipulate her own expressions.

  • Hot Topics for Week 21 🔥

  • Try This With Your 21 Week Old Baby

    • Practice supported sitting up for a few minutes a day with a Boppy pillow or other cushions

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