When Do Babies Eyes Change Color? Will They Stay Blue?

You may have heard that babies eyes often change color during the first year of life. Is that true? Find out now.

Find out what determines baby’s eye color (it's not just the parents!), whether all babies are born with blue eyes, plus when do babies eyes change color?

If your baby was born with a full head of hair and piercing blue eyes, it may surprise you to learn that, in a few months time, baby could have no hair and green eyes. Baby changes rapidly in that first year, so if your child was born with those baby blues, you’ll probably wonder will they change color—or will they stay blue? When do babies eyes change color?

When Do Babies Eyes Change Color?

If your child is born with those baby blues, you’ll probably wonder when do babies eyes change color? Will they change color—or will they stay blue? 

It can take as long as 9 to 12 months for your baby’s permanent eye color to be determined and the change is so gradual, you might not even notice it happening. But by baby’s first birthday, you can be pretty sure whatever big eyes are staring down that smash cake are the ones they’ll have for life.

“Though some babies’ eye color changes rapidly with the onset of melanin, most infants undergo significant changes between six and nine months of age. This phenomenal occurrence happens once the iris has stored enough pigment to influence subtle changes like blue to grey, green to hazel, hazel to brown and so on.”(source)

Keep in mind that eye color generally gets darker, not lighter. Your brown-eyed girl isn’t likely to become blue-eyed later in life. But your blue-eyed boy may very well end up with green or even brown eyes.

Curious about baby’s eyesight? See our article on when babies can see.

Can You Tell if Baby’s Eyes Are Going to Change Color?

As noted above, if baby is born with brown eyes, he/she will almost certainly have those brown eyes for life. If baby has blue eyes, this simple (but not foolproof!) trick can help determine whether or not they’ll stay that way. (source)

  1. Look at baby’s eye from the side to eliminate any light reflecting off the iris.
  2. If there are flecks of gold in the blue of the eye, your baby’s eyes will likely change to either green or brown as they grow.
  3. If there are minimal or no flecks of gold, it’s less likely your baby’s eye color will change much.

Another indicator? If baby’s eyes are clear, bright blue, they are most likely staying blue. If they are a darker, cloudier blue, they are most likely going to change to hazel, brown, or a darker color.

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What Color Eyes Will My Baby Have?

There’s no way to know for sure what color eyes your little one will have.

Recent research suggests there’s a lot more than parents’ eye color that affects baby’s eye color, but you can generally expect:

  • Two blue-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child.
  • Two brown-eyed parents to have a child with brown eyes.

Eye Color Chart

Want to dig deeper? Check out this  post for a cool eye color chart for a better idea of what color eyes your baby will have.

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

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  1. I have dark brown eyes, my husband has bright blue eyes. All 4 of our children were born with black eyes. Now we have 1 hazel eyed child, 1 green eyed child, 1 blue and our 4 month old currently has blue eyes too. I was hoping for at least one of my children too look like me but I’m thinking I’m out of luck.

    • I have hazel, my husband has dark brown eyes and my 26 day old baby has blueish gray eyes. My mom has blue eyes, my dad has brown eyes my sister has brown eyes. My husband’s mom has green eyes and his dad has hazel eyes. So who knows what my little ones eyes are going to be.

  2. Eye color can lighten as you get older.

  3. My son has dark blue eyes like I have. My mom’s and dads where baby blue. My son’s father has baby blues too. I have dark blue that sometimes turn a gray marble color. My son is 9 months old now his hasn’t changed like mine when I was growing up. Can anyone explain this?

    • Eye color can lighten as you get older.

  4. I have brown eyes and my daughter’s father has dark brown eyes as well. However, my daughter was born with blue eyes that got lighter. She’s now 1year 7months and her eyes are blueish gray with the flecks of gold when looking from the side (as pointed out in the article).
    My mom has beautiful hazel eyes and I have great-uncles and cousins with blue eyes, so no idea if my daughter’s eyes will remain blue/gray or change color. Any ideas?

  5. What is the latest age your little ones eye color changed? For instance one lady stated her child was 2 and their eye color changed, has anyone else experienced this?

    • Not yet but I’m also curious to find out.

    • My eyes were vibrant blue until I was about 8 or 9 YEARS old… Then some days they started looking a bit green, while other days they still looked blue… Eventually they just stayed green and have been that way for decades

      • My eyes went from blue to hazel my first year. But as I got older, the color got lighter and more and more blue. By 4th grade you would look at them and say they were certainly green and not hazel. Then the green started turning more blue. Now in my 30’s, they’ve turned a light sea green/blue. However I still have the original gold ring around the pupil from when they were hazel. My brothers eyes are the exact same as mine except a little more blue.

    • My daughters eyes started to change from very blue to green at age 4.

    • My eyes stayed blue until I was 2 years old, but they were a darker blue. My 4 month old girl however has brighter blue eyes so I am curious to see if she keeps them. Her paternal grandmother has blue eyes and my husband and I have greenish/hazel eyes. My mothers siblings also have bright blue eyes. We shall see!

    • My daughter was almost and a half when her eyes changed from blue to green. I have blue eyes, and her father had green. My sons eyes changed to green when he was about a year old.

    • My son’s eyes went from dark to light blue after few weeks of birth. They stayed bright blue for years, then around 3-4 turned green and have gold flecks in them.

    • My mother told me that my eyes didn’t change until right before I turned 3. I had blue as a baby, and then one morning I woke up with aqua colored eyes, and the next morning, they were green. As an adult they’re now an olive green color.

  6. My bf is black however his mom is mixed race and dad is black and has brown eyes and im white and have grey eyes however we have a daughter and her eyes were really dark when she was born, she’s 6 months with blue eyes and they have only got lighter since, can they still turn brown ?

    • Yes they can change up until 3 or 4 years of age but will more likely be the color they are going to be by 1 year of age

  7. I was born with baby blues (mum has blue, dad has hazel) but during primary school my eyes would change colour each day (blue, to green to hazel) each day was a different eye colour until they stopped. I now have hazel eyes with more yellow than usual and a dark blue ring around the outside. My fiancé also has hazel eyes but his sometimes look light brown.

    We’ve just welcomed our daughter into the world and she had dark blue eyes at birth but now at almost 3 weeks she has bluey/green eyes but they look more towards green, which means she’s going to have a similar colour to my fiancé.

    • My son has your exact color you described. He was born light blue and then they changed to Chrystal blue and now they are yellow with a dark blue ring around the outside. Very rare color. Meanwhile my daughter is blueish grey like me and my husband.

  8. My husband had blue eyes and I have green eyes we have three boys ages 4,2 and 14 weeks all three have blue eyes like their daddy.

  9. Me and my boyfriend have 4 kids together 2 boys and 2 girls… my boyfriend is black and has dark brown eyes and I have hazel/green eyes… our first born son has brown eyes… our 2nd/ daughter had the bluest of eyes when born now she is 1 and a half and has bluish green hazel eyes that change color like mine… then I had boy girl twins who are now almost 4 months old… my baby boy has dark brown eyes and my baby girl has the lightest blue eyes again… all of my kids are beautiful I love em all

  10. I have blue eyes and my husband has brown eyes. Our 2 year old daughter has beautiful blue eyes and our 3 almost 4 month old son has gray blue eyes, I’m thinking they are gonna turn brown.

  11. My children were both born with bluish gray eyes. Every day they became more and more gray. From the time they were 2 months until they were almost 2 years, they had gray eyes. Then they got brown speckles in their eyes and by the time they were 2, they had brown eyes. My grandchildren had dark brown eyes as soon as they were born.

  12. Me and my husband’s baby boy is mixed I have brown eyes and my husband have green eyes and are son have bluish green eyes

  13. My parents both have brown eyes and they have one kid with brown eyes, one with hazel, one with blue, and one with green. So cool!

    • But you have grandparents or close relatives like cousins with blue eyes, right?

  14. My husband and I are both blue eyed and our firstborn has brown eyes… And since everyone’s ‘knows’ that blue+blue = blue, some snide comments have been made by some judgmental people…. But after further digging, I have discovered that scientists now believe that it is possible for blue +blue = brown because there is more than one gene that determines so eye color (so the traditional Punnet’s square we learned doesn’t quite work in this situation)… I was thrilled to learn this and to inform a particularly rude family member…. And I love my childs beautiful brown eyes.

    • Me and my husband have brown eyes our 18month old daughter has blue eyes I’ve also been asked how she has blue eyes and the answer is simple 90%of my family are blue eyed

  15. My husband and I both have brown eyes and our baby is daughter is 6 months old with blue eyes.

  16. my husband has light bluish green eyes and I have hazel oldest was born with light blue eyes now is like husbands eyes second one was born with sapphire blue eyes and became light blue third one was born with dark grey eyes and turned brown pretty quickly with a hint of green in them

  17. Both my parents and I have dark brown eyes. My husband mom has brown his dad has baby blue and my husband has green. Our son has dark brown. Son’s wife has hazel. Her mom with brown and her dad with blue eyes. Their daughter just born with blue-gray eyes. NOW WE WAIT. Your guess is as good as ours ?

  18. Always fun to guess. Husband has hazel eyes and mine are light brown. Oldest son came out with the most beautiful piercing dark brown eyes, so brown they almost look like black, our second one is 6 months and has pale blue / grayish eyes that look aquamarine when outside… So who knows … I guess we will have to keep waiting 🙂

  19. Mama Natural,
    Thanks for all the wonderful resources you bring. I read your story on Faith from this 3 Things for Friday. Beautiful.
    I was checking this out, and on the image the blue + blue eyes are supposed to show 99% blue and 1% green right? I think it got switched around but the text in the article is correct.

  20. I have blue eyes and my husband has dark brown eyes and we have three children together. Our firstborn had dark gray eyes at birth and now has very brown eyes and brown hair. Our second child had red hair at birth and light gray eyes. Now eyes are light blue and hair is strawberry blonde. And our third had grayish blue eyes at birth and blonde hair but when he turned one his eye color seemed to still be changing. One day i’ll say yepp they’re blue but the next they’ll look tan and gray. I’ve also seen green. Not sure what’s up with those eyes!

  21. The chart isn’t correct for 2 blue eyed parents. The green and blue should be reversed.

    My mom has brown eyes, my dad has green and so do I. My brother and sister have brown. All of my kids have blue eyes, like their dad. Hopefully at least one grandchild will have green. lol

  22. Interesting post! You mention a pair of blue eyed parents being most likely to have blue eyed babies. But the graphic indicates almost certainly green eyed babies from a pair of blue eyed parents? I think there is a “typo” here?

    • Both of my parents have blue, all three of my sisters and I ended up with blue. However, the middle of us, she has blue, but green freckles in her blue eyes. I can see where that 1% may indicate green eyes from a pair of blue eyed parents in this case.

  23. My husband and I both have hazel eyes. Definitely more green than brown and our son has brown eyes

  24. The eye color chart is incorrect. Blue plus blue should be 99% blue not 99% green.

  25. You might want to double check the image at the top. Two blue eyed parents aren’t 99% likely to produce a green eyed child…

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