33 Week Old Baby Development

Where did this newfound independence come from? And what this big milestone means for you.

  • 33 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Now that he is moving around more, you may notice that his play has become much more independent. He is now able to go longer periods of time playing solo, entertaining himself. However, with this new found independence, may also come more dependence. (How does that make sense?!)

    Here’s what’s going on: As he moves around more and more, he is realizing that he can now go further and further away from you, his secure base. This newfound independence can also stir up a little anxiety over the distance that movement can create. Here is how you can support your little one at home:

    • Provide reassurance: Talk to him, let him know that even though you are not exactly close, he is still very safe—and you are there to make sure of that.
    • The “Goodbye” exercise: Try leaving his sight for a few seconds, returning quickly to let him know that while you may not always be in sight, you always come back.
    • Build him up: He is on the move, learning how to use his body to maneuver around more independently. Show him your excitement over this accomplishment. This will help him understand that his actions are accompanied by positive feedback from his primary source of safety.

    This is a time of change and growth (for both you and baby!) Cherish every moment, mama. And know that while times may get tough during these developmental transitions, it’s all part of the growing (and thriving) process of life!

    33 week old baby Paloma Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Photo of Mama Natural’s daughter Paloma at 33 weeks.

  • You at 33 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    Just as the seasons change, you may find that you too, change with every new phase of life. And becoming a mother is no exception. A tree that was once bare, will blossom with beautiful leaves when spring has sprung. But is that tree the same tree it once was? In many ways, yes. But in some ways, it’s different. It now has a different role. It can serve as home for a nest of birds, growing their family right within its branches.

    Just as the tree has grown, so have you. You now serve, protect, and nourish a little life—a responsibility that you once never had to worry about. With this beautiful change, may come some reflection on your self identity. Who is this person, covered in spit up and sleep-deprived?

    This change in perspective can be a huge shift in identity—and for some mamas, this shift doesn’t always come easy. Know that you’re not alone, mama. Some find it helpful to talk to other mamas to get some perspective on a similar experience. Having your feelings validated by someone who may have already gone through what you’re currently going through can be a huge breath of fresh air. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and talk it out, mama. It’s all part of the ever-changing, flowing seasons of life.

  • Genevieve’s Week 33 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • Hot Topics for Week 33 🔥

  • Try This With Your 33 Week Old Baby

    • Validate your child's feelings and emotions by labeling them when they are occuring (For example, if baby starts to cry when you walk away, you can say "you're so sad that I'm walking into the kitchen. I hear how upset you are. Mommy needs to do this and I will be back soon.)

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