40 Week Old Baby Development

Go, baby, go! Baby’s gearing up to move it, move it. Chances are you’re feeling pretty hurried, too.

  • 40 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    You may have noticed your little one working hard on strengthening those large muscles in their arms and legs. Have you caught him standing momentarily, without support? If not, don’t worry (it’s still early!). Be on the lookout for this in the upcoming days or weeks!

    Around this time, babies begin to put a lot of focus on their gross motor development, building up their strength to walk (and one day, run!). You can help support this big jump in gross motor development by:

    • Create plenty of open, safe space: This allows him to explore the standing position with little to no support.
    • Motivate that movement: Give your little one a little motivation to stand by placing a favorite toy just out of reach while they are in the standing and holding position. Watch to see if they will let go, with the intention of getting closer to that motivational object.
    • Remember to keep the faith: Trust in your baby’s abilities to know their own body, and figure out how to manipulate it through space in their own way. Try not to hold their hand, giving them a false sense of security. When we believe in their abilities, we allow them to soar through life’s greatest achievements!

    Just as his gross motor development continues to blossom, so are his social skills. Try observing what goes on as you read together. Does he try to help turn the pages of a book? Maybe he will point to familiar pictures as you’re reading his favorite book (or even try to make out a word or two!). All of these behaviors are indicative of his social development in the works. Now isn’t that incredible?!

    40 week old baby Grace Elizabeth Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 40 week old baby Grace Elizabeth.

  • You at 40 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    Feeling rushed to get ready every morning, mama? You may find that after rushing to get baby fed and dressed for the day (and possibly running on little to no sleep!), there’s just not enough time to focus on YOU.

    Some days you might not have time for more than a messy "mom bun" and a pair of leggings, and that's OK! When you're pressed for time, there are some self-care practices that don't take much time and help nurture your spirit. Don't underestimate the power that holds to help you feel centered and grounded.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Shower at night when the kids are asleep
    • Do a facial mask while watching your favorite show
    • Put baby in a wrap and take your daily walk while they snooze
    • Stream a workout video while baby naps
    • Try skin brushing or gua sha while baby plays
    • Try guided meditation while baby naps

    No matter what makes you happy and feel good, it's so important to try to work it into the schedule—it really will make you a better mama. And with a little creativity, it's totally doable!

  • Genevieve’s Week 40 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • Hot Topics for Week 40 🔥

  • Try This With Your 40 Week Old Baby

    • Read books baby shows preference to—continuous reading helps to strengthen memory

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