39 Week Old Baby Development

Is baby trying to communicate with you? Plus, the one little habit that can make your day so much easier.

  • 39 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Motor development

    Have you noticed your little one using his legs more and more every day? His gross motor development is soaring as he prepares for those first steps in the upcoming months.

    You can support this big leap in gross motor development by providing space for him to move around. Try placing child-safe furniture around for him to pull himself up on and cruise around. You can strategically place chairs with a little distance between each one so that baby can "bridge" the furniture and practice walking. Allowing him to use those large muscles in his arms and legs to pull his body up and cruise will help support and prepare him for those first steps.

    For more information on when babies walk and how you can encourage this natural development, check this out! Plus, check out this post to learn why baby walkers aren't recommended! 

    Social development

    Along with this leap in gross motor development, you may begin to notice him making more of an effort to catch your attention. This is all part of his social development, as he understands that his actions generate a reaction from you! You may notice him grabbing your face or your clothes when you’re near—a way of getting your attention. He may also talk more, or even cry, to communicate his wants and needs.

    Baby is beginning to understand the dynamics of communication: “Ask and I shall receive!” Remember to respond to his efforts of communication, even if you are unable to meet his needs at that specific time. Letting him know what’s going on will help him understand that his attempts at communication are being heard.

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  • You at 39 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    As your little one grows and develops an understanding of daily routines and schedules, you may find it helpful to create a flow of the day chart for your day-to-day activities. We’ve touched upon creating this type of chart with your partner, but it can also work wonders in helping maintain some structure and predictability in your daily routines with your little one. Here’s what to think about when creating this chart for you and baby:

    • Chart ALL routines: Include typical diaper changing times, meal times, nap times, play time, and bath time. You can include pictures for each of these routines next to the times given times.
    • Check out the summer schedule we made to help stay on track when the kids were out of school and involved in summer activities. This can be applied to every day of the year, not just summertime!
    • Post it in a kid-friendly space. Make sure that you place the chart in an area where your little one can see it. As she continues to grow and understand even more, you can talk to her about this flow of the day chart, showing her how the daily schedule looks (this is where those pictures come in handy!).

    We know that life can feel chaotic and crazy at times. This simple documentation of what to expect throughout the day not only helps your little one understand daily expectations, but can also help you feel more in control of your time.

  • Genevieve’s Week 39 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • Hot Topics for Week 39 🔥

  • Try This With Your 39 Week Old Baby

    • Create a flow of the day chart for home, pointing out times of day and what happens during those times

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