42 Week Old Baby Development

Uh-oh! Is someone cranky? Plus, how to ask for help when the going gets tough.

  • 42 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    As his social skills continue to flourish, you may notice now that your little one is branching out in his exploration of the world, which in turn may lead him to ask for more help from you. For example, you may notice that when he tries to stand without support, he may reach his arms out to you, signaling that he wants help in this process.

    You may even notice baby becoming more easily frustrated during certain tasks he’s trying to perform. This shift in behavior is totally normal, as he works hard at maneuvering his body through space, and learns how to solve different tasks. Here are some ways you can help support him during times of need and/or frustration:

    • Resist the urge: As much as you may want to help him accomplish certain tasks, try to give him time and space to achieve these milestones on his own. You can do this by talking to him and asking open-ended questions to make him think about how he can problem solve and persevere in the face of a struggle.
    • Keep it positive: Remember to encourage him by using positive words and facial expressions. He’s watching and listening to you (you are his biggest cheerleader!).
    • Validate his feelings of frustration: It’s totally normal for him to feel frustrated and defeated when certain tasks don’t go his way. Let him know you understand his feelings, but that you believe in his abilities to accomplish his goals.

    We all have days where things just don’t go as we had hoped or planned. It’s important to remember that our babies have those same feelings! Keep them feeling confident and encourage them to keep on going—even when things get tough!

    42 week old baby Paloma Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Photo of Mama Natural’s daughter Paloma at 42 weeks.

  • You at 42 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    When the going gets tough, you may find that it’s even tougher to stop and ask for help. Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and at your wits end are all totally normal feelings—but totally hard to deal with sometimes!

    Knowing your limits is the first step in understanding when it’s time to stop, take a break, and ask for help. If you have a hard time understanding your limits, your body may be giving you some silent signals:

    • Constant headaches: Did you know that stress can cause headaches?! (We’re talking headaches that can last for days or even weeks!) This is your body’s way of telling you to slow it down, mama.
    • Restless legs: Those shaky legs are trying to tell you something. That constant urge to shake your legs is a sure sign that your body is unable to relax properly, muscles and all. It’s time to ask for help, mama.
    • Insomnia: Do you have nights where you just can’t fall asleep? You have a million things running through your mind, and it just won’t turn off? For some, this may be all too familiar. But did you know that this could be a huge sign that your body (and mind!) are overworked? It’s time to pump those brakes, mama!

    It’s totally normal to experience an abundance of overwhelming thoughts and feelings. This parenting thing isn’t exactly the easiest job (but it is the most rewarding, isn’t it?) It’s so important to stop and check in with your body every so often. Knowing your limits and when to ask for help is crucial to maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

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  • Try This With Your 42 Week Old Baby

    • Let baby try! When baby comes to you for help, or becomes frustrated when something isn't working, offer support without completing a task for them

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