46 Week Old Baby Development

Mood swings in full force. Plus, how to prepare for life with a toddler.

  • 46 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Have you noticed baby’s personality starting to shine? As he becomes more aware of himself, you may find that he is becoming more confident in expressing himself, sometimes becoming more frustrated when things don’t go as planned—and more easily excitable during times of happiness.

    Did you know this actually shows a big leap in development? His ability to express his emotions more indicates that he is better able to understand his role in this world, knowing that he is separate and distinct from those around him. Encourage him to continue expressing himself and remember to:

    • Validate his feelings: This can’t be emphasized enough in early childhood. When children know and understand that their feelings are heard and not dismissed, they become better communicators.
    • Accept the good, the bad, and the ugly: You may find that some emotions are easier to deal with than others. It’s important to accept the more negative emotions of frustration, anger, and sadness. Acknowledge these feelings and let them know that they have your shoulder to cry on.
    • Don’t be afraid to show your emotions: This is such an important one! Many mamas feel the need to hide their feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness. But when we allow our children to see that we too have strong emotions, they can better identify their own feelings and emotions.

    Still, it's tough to be trapped inside with a moody baby. If you're both struggling, try:

    • Going outside. Whenever a baby is fussy, going outside can do wonders. Put the play mat on the front porch, or set a blanket down on the lawn and let baby explore the great outdoors. The fresh air, birds chirping, and the everyday activity can do wonders for everyone's mood. 
    • Babywearing. You can also strap on baby and go for a power walk. If the weather isn't pleasant or you have household tasks to tackle, you can mop the floor or do other household chores with baby in tow.
    • Giving baby a bath. The sensory experience of a bubble bath can soothe most kiddos. Don’t use much soap—just let them splash and play.
    • Go for a car ride. Some babies love to be on the go and run errands with mama. The hum and movement of the car can also help baby relax.

    This really is an exciting time, as your little one really blossoms into their own. Don’t forget to appreciate this time of growth and development!

    46 week old baby Wes Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 46 week old baby Wes.

  • You at 46 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    As you move further away from the infant stage, and closer and closer to the toddler stage, you may be wondering what to expect. For the most part, things will move along seemingly just as they are now. Your little one continues to grow and change within the blink of an eye! But for those mamas who need more specific examples of what to prepare for, think about this:

    • He is learning to talk: Your little one will soon begin saying his first words. For a more thorough understanding of when this will happen, check out our article: When do babies start talking?
    • His personality is showing: If he hasn’t already begun to express himself with some strong emotions, you may begin to see this within the upcoming weeks or months.
    • His brain is rapidly growing: This one is so important to understand. Within the first three years of a child’s life, millions of neural connections are being formed. And this doesn’t stop after the first year. Keep him stimulated and engaged to build up those neural connections.

    Life is about to get a lot more fun—and possibly a bit more chaotic, too! Watching your baby grow from a small, dependable infant into a walking, talking, independent toddler is purely magical. Embrace this time for all that it is, mama!

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  • Try This With Your 46 Week Old Baby

    • Validate baby’s feelings and emotions; label them so that they know and understand what they are feeling

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