7 Week Old Baby Development

What’s that smell?! Plus, a little something to smile about.

  • 7 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Social Smiles

    Exciting things are happening in social emotional development this week! Baby will begin to show his first social smile. That’s to say, his smile is intentional and a form of communication. Up until now, your baby’s smile has been involuntary (and sometimes due to gas!).

    Recognizing Your Voice

    At this point, baby is able to recognize your face and voice, and may begin to show you preference. It’s magical to see your mama abilities come to life when your baby is able to calm and relax with just the sounds of your voice!

    Gassy Baby

    Remember that bit about gas? You might notice indigestion starting to rear its ugly head (if it hasn’t already!) Is baby spitting up a lot? Or getting the hiccups CONSTANTLY?

    Some other signs of digestive upset include:

    Be sure to talk with your child’s pediatrician if she’s throwing up after every meal. In the meantime, you can look at some natural ways to support digestion in newborns here. Speaking of which, you might have noticed that baby’s poop output has slowed down. This is completely normal and is part of their growth process. If baby isn’t pooping daily, you might want to look into infant probiotics.

    Getting some sleep!

    All of this gas may leave baby (and mama/papa!) struggling to get some shut-eye. Try baby-carrying, rocking, light bouncing, vibrating chairs, and/or swings to help recreate the movement of the womb and a noisemaker or the Shusher to help recreate the noises. If you’re breastfeeding, you can also try tart cherry juice to pass the benefits on to baby.

    7 week old baby Meritt Augusta Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 7 week old baby Meritt Augusta.

  • You at 7 Weeks Postpartum đź‘©

    Some weird things happen to your body after giving birth! One of the most inconvenient and embarrassing of which is farting!

    I really worried the postpartum flatulence would never end. HAHA! But it does, mama. It does. Think about the level of trauma that area of your body has gone through! Your organs are literally rearranging themselves as we speak; the result is gasssssss…

    Also, pregnancy and birth stretch, rearrange, and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and nerves. In most cases, excessive farting will resolve itself by 3 months postpartum.

    If that seems like an eternity, you could try the following things to speed up the process:

    • Do gentle pelvic floor exercises with the approval of your doctor or midwife
    • Eat plenty of high fiber foods, such as fresh fruits and veggies (pears and Brussels sprouts), whole grains, legumes (oats and lentils), and starchy tubers (beets and sweet potatoes)
    • Stay on top of constipation with these natural tips
    • Boost magnesium consumption through food or supplementation

    Bottom line: Don’t stress. Toot with abandon, and know this too shall pass.

  • Genevieve’s Week 7 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 7 Week Old Baby Reader Story đź’ˇ
    Sometimes It’s Gotta Be About Me

    Baby Week to Week 7 Mama Natural Sometimes It’s Gotta Be About Me

    Get ready, mama! Little Leo is going to need a lot of attention.

    With my first and second children, I felt like I had to be all and do all. I didn’t accept help, and I ended up suffering because of it. I didn’t spend any time taking care of myself, which led to exhaustion and a small bout of postpartum depression and anxiety.

    By my 3rd and last baby, I realized that the baby will learn to fit into our lives, that we don’t all have to conform to the baby. This helped me prioritize myself—something that’s so important during the newborn phase. Here are 10 little ways I learned to treat myself:

    1. Prepare postpartum baskets full of necessary toiletries and comforts. Keep one in each bathroom.
    2. Establish a bedtime for baby and stick to it. Go to bed shortly after baby.
    3. Ask your partner to bring the baby to you during nighttime nursing sessions.
    4. Ask your partner to watch the baby in the morning, so you can catch up on sleep.
    5. Invite grandmas over to play. It’s good bonding time for them and a break for you.
    6. Schedule dates with friends—even if it means bringing the baby.
    7. Get a haircut in the month following birth. You’ll feel pampered and refreshed.
    8. Make taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water a priority.
    9. Make sure you get a shower every day—even if it means putting baby in a bassinet in the bathroom.
    10. Walk. Ask a family member to watch the baby or put them in the stroller.
  • Hot Topics for Week 7 🔥

  • Try This With Your 7 Week Old Baby

    • Provide toys such as rattles and large rings for baby to mouth safely

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