Baby Poop Chart: What’s Normal & What Ain’t (With Pictures!)

What does breastfed baby poop look like? What about formula poop? And what’s up with green baby poop? Take a look at these pictures to find out what baby’s poop says about his health.

Baby poop chart and colors; Is green baby poop normal? What does breastfed baby poop look like? Formula poop? Newborn baby poop? Get info and see pictures for all of these and more!

We’ve talked about how to poop when it comes to adults—and what your poop says about your health. But what about newborn baby poop?

To understand what’s going on with your baby’s poop, we’ll talk about color, texture, and frequency.

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Baby Poop: Texture

The texture of your baby or infant’s poop can say a lot about his/her health and wellness.

Breastfed Baby Poop

Baby Poop Texture – Breastfed Baby – Mama Natural

A breastfed baby’s normal poop will be loose and, at times, grainy or seedy. Those little “seeds” are undigested milk fattotally normal.

Formula fed baby poop

Baby Poop Texture – Formula Fed Baby – Mama Natural

A formula fed baby’s normal poop will be thicker than a breastfed baby’s, having the consistency of toothpaste or hummus.

Baby on solid food poop

Baby Poop Texture – Solid Food – Mama Natural

When baby starts eating solids, her poop’s texture will start to firm up but will still be mushy (like a glob of peanut butter) until she stops nursing.

Undigested food in baby’s poo

Baby Poop Texture – Undigested Food – Mama Natural

Baby poop with bits of undigested food in it is considered normal. However, if baby consistently has trouble digesting a certain food, you may want to hold back on offering it until baby is older.

Or, look into the best baby probiotics to help support your baby’s digestion and assimilation. (Click here to see my review of the best baby probiotics on the market.)

Also, if baby eats a lot of one kind of food (and it ends up in the diaper), you may want to restrict the amount he eats at one time. Remember, if it’s coming out whole, he isn’t getting any nutrition from it anyway.

Hard, dry baby stool

Baby Poop Texture – Hard Dry – Mama Natural

If your baby is having hard, dry poops (like rabbit droppings) that are hard to pass, he or she is probably constipated.

Breastfed babies don’t typically get constipated, since breastmilk has the perfect balance of fat and protein. If baby is formula fed and not eating solids yet, you should talk to your pediatrician—they may suggest natural constipation remedies or even switching formulas. (Here are some healthy formulas!)

Beginning solids may bring on constipation. Don’t introduce solids until at least 6 months, and make baby is showing signs of readiness before you do. Baby’s digestive tract needs time to adjust to what he’s eating. Back off on the solid foods and breastfeed on demand. To learn more about other causes of constipation, check out this post.

Baby or newborn diarrhea

Baby Poop Texture – Diarrhea – Mama Natural

Alternately, if baby is suddenly passing especially loose stools, you may be looking at diarrhea. This may be caused by a viral infection like RSV. Call your pediatrician, who can run tests to rule out bacterial infection.

If baby is already eating solids, put him on a BRAB diet (a variation of the BRAT diet):

  • Bananas
  • Rice
  • Apples/apple sauce
  • Breastmilk

Bananas, rice, and apples have qualities like tannins that can help firm up stool; breastmilk is great at balancing your baby’s diet and healing the gut.

You can also look into baby probiotics, which can normalize baby’s stool.

Frothy or mucousy baby poop

Baby Poop Texture – Frothy Mucous – Mama Natural

Baby poop that is frothy or especially mucousy can signify that something isn’t quite right. It could be the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance that we talked about earlier, or it could be a bacterial infection.

On the other hand, sometimes mucousy poop is just the product of a teething baby who is drooling more (and swallowing that drool). If you are concerned, or baby is showing signs of illness, talk to your pediatrician.

Red or bloody baby or newborn poop

Baby Poop Texture – Red Bloody – Mama Natural

Blood in baby stool is a scary sight to see. But, do remember that red baby poop could be caused by something she ate like beets or tomatoes.

If their diet is only breastmilk or they haven’t had red foods lately, you’ll definitely want to call your baby’s doctor. We talked about other reasons for red poop above (from dairy allergy to constipation), but it’s always best to talk to your healthcare provider.

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Baby Poop Color Chart

Similar to adults, your baby’s poop color, form, and texture is a great way to understand what’s going on in his or her digestive tract from top to bottom.

Greeny black

This dark, tarry poop is called meconium. It consists of amniotic fluid, secretions of the intestinal glands, bile pigments, fatty acids, and intrauterine debris. Here’s more information on green poop.

baby poop color green black

Mustard Yellow

If you are exclusively breastfeeding, and your baby’s poop is bright or mustard yellow (and sometimes a slight orangish), congratulations, your baby poop is normal.

baby poop color mustard yellow


If your baby is on formula, and their baby poop is tan and slightly solid (think a thin peanut sauce), then it’s normal.

baby poop color tan

Lime Green

This baby poop color usually means there is some digestive distress. One reason for green poop is a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. That means baby is not getting enough of the rich creamy milk at the end of a feed and, consequently, getting too much of the liquidy foremilk that is higher in lactose and lower in fat. This usually happens if you have a fast letdown or oversupply. In most cases, it eventually normalizes. Making sure baby finishes one side before offering the other can help fix this problem.

baby poop color lime green

Another reason for a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance is if baby has a bad latch. If so, baby may have a hard time getting the thick creamy hindmilk out of your breast. See a lactation consultant if you think this may be the case.

Lime Green poop can also be a sign of a stomach bug. If this is the case, baby’s poop may be frothy and/or mucusy as well.

Another possible reason that your breastfed baby’s poop is green is sensitivity to something you are eating (most likely dairy). An elimination diet is the best way to deal with this problem.

Finally, if baby has recently eaten spinach or kale, this is most likely the cause of his green poop.

Keep in mind, just one or two diapers with green poop isn’t a big deal. If your baby continues to pass green poop day after day, it’s worth investigating.

Forest Green

Dark green poop is a normal variation of poop from a baby who is taking an iron supplement. It can also be due to the transition from meconium to regular fecal matter.

baby poop color forest green


Baby poop will start to turn brown as he/she begins to eat more and more solids.

Boring, but totally normal and ideal.

baby poop color brown


Chalky white or gray poop can be a sign that baby is not digesting properly and that his liver is not producing enough bile. Call your pediatrician right away.

baby poop color white


Red poop isn’t necessarily something serious. For example, this can happen after eating beets.

If baby’s poop is otherwise normal but contains flecks of red, it’s most likely caused by a dairy allergy. Eliminate dairy and see if it improves, though note it may take a few weeks to full leave baby’s system. Of course, check with the doctor as well.

If baby’s poop is hard and dry (a sign of constipation) and contains red streaks, it’s likely caused by small tears in the skin created by straining to poop.

If baby’s poop is thin and watery and has red streaks or her poop is a raspberry color that looks like congealed fat, it may signal a bacterial infection. Call your pediatrician right away.

baby poop color red


After the first few days of meconium, a tarry black poop could signal bleeding. Call your pediatrician right away.

However, if baby is breastfeeding and you have cracked and bleeding nipples, you may find little black flecks in baby’s otherwise normal poop. It’s a result of baby digesting a bit of your blood and isn’t harmful.

baby poop color black

Baby Poop: Frequency

How often should breastfed babies poop?

If baby isn’t uncomfortable or fussy, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

Your breastfed baby should have four or more good sized poops a day for the first 6-8 weeks. After two months of age, anything from daily poops to once a week poops is considered normal. This is because breastmilk is so well absorbed and there’s very little waste leftover.

Having said that, I was always grateful that my babies went daily!

How often should formula fed babies poop?

Because formula is denser and less absorbable than breastmilk, a formula fed baby’s range of normal is 1-4 times a day.

And keep in mind that frequency isn’t a sign of constipation, texture is.

Newborn Baby Poop Smell…

Breastfed baby poop typically smells sweet.

Some mom’s have noticed that baby’s poop has a slightly vinegary smell that occurs just before a tooth pops through. I think it smells like yogurt!

Formula fed baby poop tends to smell stronger.

Foul-smelling poop could be a sign that something isn’t quite right, but usually it’s just a sign that baby has started eating solids (lucky you!).

Again, if the smell is extremely foul, consider doing a stool test to rule out any other potential issues.

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How About You?

Where does your baby fall on the poop spectrum? What surprised you most about your baby’s poo?



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  1. the download link is to birth control and not the poop download, fyi

  2. Thank you for this article. I have known my son wasn’t having a normal latch, but I think this just reassured me. He is BF, recently having multiple green stools and very small for his age (3.5mo). Doctor said he wasn’t sick, but maybe he isn’t getting enough hindmilk. Will be looking into this more.

  3. My baby is 5 weeks breastfeeding only. He poops every 5 to 6 days only. Doctor said is totally normal.

    • that so cool. But my baby poos light green

    • That’s not normal. Your doctor is an idiot.

  4. My two werk old lil boy has recently had a frothy poop. Im a first time mommy and im exclusively breastfeeding. He has had formula a couple of times but thats only when i eat something spicy and it hurts his tummy or he is away from me and i havent pumped.. He has also started spitting up and the spit up looks like clabored milk is that normal?

  5. What surprised me most is that there’s no smell at all to his poop. We’re exclusively formula feeding using Holle bio formula and haven’t had any kind of smell in a diaper yet. However, he has recently become gassy and fussy about trying to fart it out. He came three weeks early so I guess his digestive system is still figuring things out.

  6. My 11 month old is completely on solids and started whole milk a few weeks ago. But she poops 3 times a day! It is a pretty sticky brown consistency, but it isn’t liquid. She doesn’t act sick. Could it be a dairy intolerance? She is pretty picky with food and refuses to eat much else besides breads and fruits. But I give her (whole milk) smoothies that she gulps down and I find other sneaky ways to get veggies in so she has a reasonably well-rounded diet. Is the all the pooping normal?

  7. Wondering if mustard yellow/forest green is normal for 7 month old. Her stools can vary from mustard yellow to forest green

  8. Great post! My 2 week old is strictly breastfed, but for the last couple of days, he has had a pasty, hummus-like texture. The same kind you describe would happen with a formula-fed baby. Is this normal?

  9. Great post. Welcome addition of what a normal size poop looks like both in the early days/weeks as well as beyond 6-8 weeks. Thank you.

  10. very informative thanks for sharing….

  11. plz help me. My 4 months old baby has 6 green poops in a day after eating a very small quantity of apple.what should i do?

  12. plz help me. My 4 months old baby has 6 green poops in a day after eating a very small quantity of apple.whst should i do?

  13. Hi just wondering if its normal for my daughters poop to look lighter with the formula to whole milk change

  14. My Daughter is 5 weeks and 5 days old, she is on formula, and her poop is bright yellow and slightly solid, is that normal?

  15. My son is nearly 2 years old and his poo is still loose. Please help what can I do to help him. Do i need to change his diet if so what to?

  16. Hi my little boy is 4 months old he is exclusively breast fed but his stools are thick like houmas now rather than thin and loose they are still mustardy in color he seems fine but I am just worring a bit…

  17. Hi. My baby is 15 weeks old and is still his poop is runny, loose, grainy and frequency is three or four times. Is there anything to worry about.

  18. Hi, my LO is 10wks old, exclusively breastfeeding, and she been pooping after every feeding, along with mucus (her poop is mustard yellow color). 3 days ago, she their were some traces of blood in her poop along with the mucus but the blood is gone now, just the mucus left. I took her to the doctor twice and they said she seem healthy and that she’s gaining weight and not throwing up or having any fever and that she’s not showing any signs of bacteria infection. I asked for a lab test on her poop and they said even if they found bacteria in her poop, they can’t give her any antibiotics since she’s too young. what do you think I should do? bring her to the ER? They said that the hospital is not a good place to bring her since she’s too young the they are filled with sick people.

    • Hi Jessica

      Did you ever get any further with this? Sounds like my baby.

  19. Hey ladies, my son is 8 weeks and 6 days old. His poops are about lime green with yellow spots and is like mashed potatoes. Been like that for about/almost 2 weeks now.. We’ve let a midwife check him, also gave us ovol to give him. Also we did change the formula from enfamil A+ to enfamil lactose intolerant. Any advice?

  20. My 2 year old niece is pooping softball sized poop and is always constipated, can u please tell me what’s wrong witg her.

    • That’s s great question for her provider.

    • Culprit number 1: Dairy
      Culprit number 2: wheat

      Start with removing 1 and if that doesn’t resolve go on to Removing culprit 2.

  21. Hi my baby boy is 14 months old.. lately his fart has been very smelly n he also poops 3 to 4 times a day.. he doesn’t fuss or anything but I jus want to know if it’s normal or something else

    • What does his provider think?

  22. My 4 week old is breast fed and had been having more watery poops with no grainy/seedy texture. Except tonight he pooped and along with the usual he had a blueberry sized chunk of yellowish poo in his diaper. It surprised me because I’ve never in my 5 children seen a lump in a breastfed only babies diaper. Not sure how a chunk like that would even form from breast milk. He has been extra fussy today. Wanted to be held a lot and after he passed the chunk seems to be less fussy. Ever hear anything similar?

  23. I have a 2 month old son and he drinks formula and he only pooped 4 times in 1 month period.Is that normal?

  24. My son is just over a year old, and has been eating solids for about 4 months now. But over the last 2 weeks, his attitude has completely changed, eating a lot less and pooping a lot less, despite prunes, prune juice, and the max daily dosages of gripe water and mother’s bliss constipation relief. But tonight, he pooped what looks like bits of semi-dried oatmeal, but hasn’t had oatmeal in days. This has me really concerned. Has anyone heard or seen anything like this?

  25. My baby is 2mo old and he is pooping every time he eats half of a 5oz bottle and his lol bottom is red he has pooped so much.. but when his poops it usually about the size of a half dollar and smell awful and is yellowish green . But he is drooling alot too and I just switched his milk from the yellow Enfamil to the purple can gentle ease cause he was throwing up the yellow kind. What do i think

    • My baby was like that’s too, pooped so much he started to get sores. We ended up having to switch him to Alimentum. Fixed it in 3 feedings. It’s expensive, but totally worth it.

    • I’m having the same problem but today the gave me some trail ready to feed Nutramigen to see if that will help but .my little one had a 4oz tonight and we haven’t seen a bowl movement yet

  26. My baby born on 17Nov2017,but still his poop is in dark green color.Is there any problem with that.

  27. Loved this informative post! Just as there are different pooping habits for adults, there are definitely different pooping habits for babies as well! It can come down to what the mother have eaten, what type of formula was fed, and etc. It is ALWAYS good to ask your doctor if you see any weird or abnormality in your baby’s poop before you start self diagnosing your baby. In most minor cases, you can figure out with the visual color diagram to be guided as to what we think the baby’s poop color might indicate. It’s a dirty business, but someone’s gotta do it! =)

  28. This is great! I’ve been asked about what normal is and what isn’t. This has helped me share advice more effectively! Although i do have my own issue that i JUST recently faced with my almost two year old son. his breath, urine and poop has a VERY strong metallic smell to it. Should i be concerned?

    • That’s interesting, what are his providers thoughts?

  29. This post came at the perfect time for me. My two month old is a regular daily pooper, exclusively breastfed, and this is the first time that he’s going on his third day without a real full on poop. Every few diaper changes he will have a nick size splat but not a full on poop. Now I know that he’s still okay if he doesn’t get one for up to a full week. Luckily he’s not fussy or visually uncomfortable. Thank you again for all of the information you provide us new concerned mamas.

  30. I found this extremely helpful! Thanks for taking the time to put it together with such great detail. Mom’s worry about their baby’s stools. This was very informative!

  31. My 6 week old was only breastfed in the beginning until I’ve slowly stopped producing milk, now we are fully formula fed for the last 3 days ( Honest Brand, Premium Organic) she seems to be having a hard time digesting. She’s been pooping one-two times a day but it’s thicker and harder for her to push out. And it smells really bad. Should I give it a few more days? Or try a different formula? Also, she’s taking 3 oz every 2-3 hours but always seems like she wants more, even when I give her more she seems like she could keep going. Could this be a sign the formula isn’t satisfying her?

    • That sounds like a great question for your pediatrician.

  32. Hi my son is almost 3 months old and he just had a grayish poop with a little bit of green to it.he also keeps spitting up almost all his formula when he eats. I heard grey poop can be a liver problem. But this is the first time it happened. He got his vacs a week ago. Any info you can give me?
    Please and thank you

    • He’s also on Gerber formula for gentle tummies

      • We just had to change my daughter to this formula and when she woke up her poop was grey. What did you find out?

        • My daughters poop is the same way. I tried all the different gerber formulas and the Doc says its normal but when i tried her on Similac it changed to the normal yellow colour no grey. I think its something to do with Gerber??

    • It sounds like he has acid reflux you may want to try adding rice to his milk. But definitely check with his doctor.

  33. Thank you posting an important topic, and also doing it in a classy way. I have had to turn way from some information emails on poop because it was just too graphic.

  34. My baby did one time poop a day.. is it normal? She is just 1 and half month

  35. Hi…my son is 4 months old n passing seedy yellowish stool 8-10 times a day since 4 days…I took him to d doc…he says it’s normal…just to clear my doubt has recommended me to do his routine stool test to chk his pus cell.

  36. My LO has just completed 3 months Nd 7 days he has loose stools with white seedy thing for more than 3 weeks really concerned about it do help out with a remedy to control it…

    • Do you breastfeed you LO? If so this is completely normal ! ☺️

  37. So glad to read this. My LO is 10 weeks old and started to cut her first tooth at 2 months! She definitely has a yoghurt smell when it comes to diapers. And she has been pooping every other day: HUGE frothy poos. Poor thing is drooling like a great dane. Her new nickname is druly scumptious.
    Thanks for the great info!

  38. My two year old poop has weird lines marks and shapes. Is like I take a toothpick and mark on it and is semi hard.

  39. My baby girl is is 3 months old and has yellow watery diarrhea for the last 2 days she just had her shots is this normal or should I take her to the doctor.

  40. My Baby Is 45 Days Old And She Stool After 8 or 9 Days Is This Normal Or Not She’s Only On Breastfeed

    • It could be. Check with your child’s provider.

  41. You forgot a group of babies. Combo fed babies. I have my 7 week old a combination of breastmill and formula. I have latching issues, so I exclusively pump, and since I do2nt get enough out, we give her a combo bottle of something close to 25 – 50% breastmilk, 50 – 75% Similac Sensitive formula.
    Some times her poop is the mustardy seedy yellow, and sometimes its liquid green. I guess the lime green.

    Should I be comcerned?

    • Stool color can really vary. Check with your provider with any concerns.

    • We are doing the same due to low supply and my son’s poop is exactly the same! I think the seedy, mustard poops are generally in the morning when he takes more breast milk than formula and then the forest green poops are the combo deals.

  42. Hey my 8 months old daughter has been stooling a runny cold like green stool for the past 2weeks from green to yellow then back to green in my country they say green stool is mildrew just consternation n will like help I am takin her to the clinic on Wednesday for analysis please give opinion

  43. Thank you all for all the comments and replies. It has really helped me. Am relief now about all the questions about my baby poop and healthcare. Thanks Genevieve.

  44. My grandson was very constipated at birth doctors changed his milk and since then he has had diarrhoea his milk has now been changed 6 times since then to no avail He is now 3 months old and not gaining much weight although very happy and content But daughter is worried sick as his poo just projectiles from him

  45. Tha no you so much for your blog. As a first time grandmother, reading all of the Q&A has been very helpful to me. My precious grandson is about to turn 6 months old and his potty habits have been a little concerning to me but after reading the blog this morning a lot of my questions were answered.
    I feel more at ease now.
    Thank You.

  46. My baby is 6 week and has been exclusively breast-fed since birth. He has always been very very fussy and extremely gassy. She appears to be in a lot of pain and kicks his legs and arms when he screams. He only poops 1 to 3 times a week. When he does it is a lot and it is yellow and runny. He was so fussy that my doctor suggested switching to soy formula and continuing to pump in case it doesn’t work. He has been on soy formula now for about three days. He still has only pooped twice and when he does it is green and thicker like clay. Since being on this way for my he is still very fussy but he does give us more moments of happiness now. He doesn’t seem as gassy either. But he does for us a lot before these poops. Is it normal for a baby to only go 1 to 3 times a week? And to be in this much pain?

    • Soy formula is probably the worst thing you could give the baby, and the new green poops are an indication that it isn’t working. Your baby was having normal, albeit infrequent poops before. Your pediatrician’s lack of breastfeeding knowledge is going to ruin your breastfeeding relationship.

      To get the baby to poop more often, try removing dairy, and working on your gut a little. Mothers whose babies poop less often than normal need a few dietary adjustments to improve their microbiomes. Probiotics and prebiotic fiber from foods will help too.

      • Your baby has either a lip/tongue tie. This will cause your baby to be sucking in more air and result in being very gassy, spitting up a lot, and not pooping as much because the baby isn’t getting the hind milk it needs.

    • have you used gripe water? It’s a natural solution for as and fussiness,use it during feedings. We never fac our LO a full dose, just a little at each feeding. Helped tremendously. Also check in your area for a lactation consultant, that are amazing and will always be there to help you and your baby. You can find them at the hospitals or local wic offices. Agree that soy formula is defiantly not a good option, doctors are now getting kickbacks for promoting formula. Stay with the breastfeeding, it will get better! Best of luck !

    • My babies were also very fussy and gassy and I discovered two things…the first was I have Hyperlactation which means I have an overly abundant supply of milk and a forceful letdown which causes my babies to gag and swallow more air. The second thing is food allergies. My daughter severely allergic to eggs. She only pooped once a week and was very fussy and also had extremely dry skin. Once we found out and cut out all eggs she was more regular and her skin cleared up.

      • Forgot to mention that I needed to cut out all eggs since she was breastfeeding.

  47. My son is 6 months old and has been on sensitive and soy now starting yesterday he had a slight fever,severe tummy pain, lime green stools with blood, with projectile puking. Has been through almost 20 onesies. He just had tubes Thursday. We go see the doctor Thursday. I don’t what else to do. He’s on high calorie due to failure to thrive (he lost a pound in a week back in April and so we put him on soy from breastmilk). He does have reflex.

    The emergency room said its a virus but he’s still in pain and won’t sleep. I won’t use Morton but have given him gas drops, gripe water, Pedialyte, bath with lavender, all natural vicks doctor approved, cool cloth, tummy massages, Tylenol, evelated, plus side lying.

    Should I put him on hypoallergenic formula? He’s not on baby food.

    • Please contact your provider as soon as possible. It sounds like he is losing a lot of fluids and has a high risk for dehydration. Hope he feels better soon!

  48. Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with my grandson. He is 8mths old my son has access visit’s 3 times a week, tonight when my son bought him home I was getting him ready for his bath when I undid his nappy he had done a poo, normal u think but no the poo he done was black and about the length of your ring finger and as hard as a rock. I called my son and husband in to have a look and none of us has experienced a poo like this before. His little bottom was so red and when I went to wipe remaining poo I more or less had to use my finger nail very gently with the wipe as the poo was hard and crusty on his bottom. Also he nappy was so wet that it made a thud when I dropped it on the floor. This is a normal accurrence with the wet nappys he is always in soaking wet nappys. Have I got anything to worry about? Thanks

    • I would call the doctor. it could be iron in his vitamins or formula. Could be dehydration. Definitely call.

  49. hey mommies , maybe you can help me . My little one is about 4mos. and 2weeks old now . his poop is like greenyblack – and its very smelly same as old folks.Im concern about it, since his not yet eating solids. And there are time that 3 days passes before he poops . isnt normal ? thank you

    • yes still rest assured

  50. Hai my baby just crossed 5months i started cerelac in his 6month 6day as our tradition i used to give cerelac twice a day after 6days my Baby passing stools yellow+green watery so i switched into only one time, is it normal ?Can u share your experience,what foods are best for babies in 6th month.

  51. I noticed blood in my baby’s stool after rota too. Doc denied correlation. We have a new dr and no more vax.

  52. Hello. My daughter will be completing 2 months after a week. She was on cow milk since birth but once I gave Lactogen formula fed she had diahorrea. After that doc suggested me Mox for my daughter’s cough problem. After taking that dose, she again had runny, watery diahorrea. After that doc suggested me Nestle Non Lo Lac for my daughter. She is again having cough problem and because of that she is spitting out her feed even after burping her. She remains hungry all the time. She has passed stool twice a day bt in less qty. Please help me…

    • never give cow milk to infant please stop i begg u. for godsake. else u will be punished by almighty

      • Really … Punished by the Almighty !! A little dramatic don’t you think ! Remember years ago children were feed cows milk and lived to tell about it!

    • Why on earth would you feed an infant cow milk!? Not enough nutrients! Babies should have their mothers breast milk or formula period! Praying your pediatrician educated you on this before long term damage is done! Babies should start cows milk at 12 months of age…

    • Please formula only no cows milk until a year . I have 7 children trust me your doctor will help . Don’t worry about the diarrhea she has to adjust to the change it will not hurt her I is not too late to give the formula please start right away if you haven’t. She needs it. Ithe sounds like she had a cold or something and that was the reason for cough .

  53. You can add to your overview if a Baby that just have started to eat fruits, don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of black worm looking things in the shit. My daughter just started to have this and after some research its turns out that these black worms are Banana fibers.

  54. Hello. My son is turning 3 months in one week and he has been really constipated for a while. We have tried switching hks formula like 3 times. The Enfamil soy seemed to be helping but rec3ntlyHis poops are long, dry and stiff it kind of looks like grown up poop.

    • I did research back in January whne ny daughter was born because she suffered constipation. enfamil brand cause the constipation. They contain Palm Oil and this causes constipation in babies. I switched her to similar and never had an issue.

  55. Hello can u please help me…My 18month old son has had diarrhea now for a few days.. but now it’s gotten worse..It’s almost like water and it’s yellow..And he has a rash spreading on his belly and back..And where he has had so many bowl movements his but is rashes and the inside of his thy has welps I’m guessing from the diapers…Could this possibly be a milk allergy? He also has no appetite …What can I give him to replace his whole milk to check for a milk allergy?

    • We had to put my now 2 year old on toddler formula- I believe it is a large red can- instead of cows milk because he experienced this as well when we did try to switch from baby formula to milk. He used it for about a year. He has been on 1% milk for about 6 months now, but he recently started showing signs of lactose intolerance- again, he was on special infants formula for cows milk protein sensitivity as a baby- we took him off milk and dairy all together the other day and all symptoms have cleared up.

    • Or could it possibly by an allergic reaction to the brand of diaper or any ointment being used?? Some of the diapers are scented. You might consider swapping brand of diaper or ointment and see what happens.

  56. My daughter is 6mo just started her on stage 2 foods also taking formula and she poops to what seems every other day but it’s a dark green and mushy like peanut butter is that normal?

  57. My daughter is almost 1 and is hust havinv yellow diarrhea with thin looking piceces of stuff everywhere plzz help dont know what it is

  58. My son 8 months old he is having severe diarrhoea for 5 days and done all tests, he is having yellow poo nearly 15 to 20 times a day and he is getting teeth, someone said it is normal. Please reply me to my email

  59. my baby girl is 3 weeks old and she’s drinking formula, but she hasn’t been pooping that often. We’ve called the pediatrician and they told us to change her formula which we have but I haven’t really seen a change

  60. My baby is 8 weeks old tomorrow and have not poop for 11/2 days now.when he tries to poop it would be very hard.Please it everything okay? Am worried.


    • Pls give the baby grap water he will poo..Stop formula for now just give him breast milk

  61. Hi my son is 23 months and his poop is life got yellow sticky with white curd type of small bits in it.. his appetite is gone down too.. can you please help me .. its5 days now.. m very much worried.. but he is active

    • Any advice will be very welcome !

  62. Hi, my five month baby girl poo is green, yellow mucusy and tiny blood spot, it is normal.plz advise me. She is only breast feed

  63. Hi my daughter is 4 months old, she is on a formula feeding -Cow&Gate Confort because since from her birth she was very constipated.
    Till now everything was ok, but from.a couple of days I’ve noticed in her poo are some brown-red streaks and a lot of mucus.She doesn’t cry, she is really settled and quiet baby.
    I call to the GP but the appointment is after two days.
    I don’t know what to do and how to proceed.
    Should I swith the formula or?

  64. Have five day old breast fed baby. He hasn’t pooped in 1 1/2 days. Cause for alarm? Or all pooped out for the day?

    • Always check with your pediatrician. However, my personal experience with my daughter — she would go several days (even up to an entire week) without a dirty diaper. She was growing, was happy, not running a fever, and having the multiple wet diapers each day that were “normal” for her age — so my pediatrician was comfortable with her spaced out bowel movements.
      As she got older and her consumption increased to the point that I was having to supplement with formula, the frequency of bowel movements sped up — it became every 5 days, then every 3, then every other, then daily (at 4.5 months old, 50% formula and 50% expressed breastmilk, 30 oz daily offered, 20-30 oz accepted daily).

      • and for additional clarity, her movements were always soft liquid baby poop — never any diarrhea or shaped poop.

  65. My loo makes poops after every feed.loose n watery n bright yellow color n texture is like torn milk like youghurt ……i m very worried…is it normal….some docter say its normal sone say no its nt normal. Pls help he is on only formula milk…..from the very start means by birth he does sooo…nw he is of 2 months old…aften he coughs n i feel dyhydration prob is or not?…pls help….

  66. Hi
    I’m really worried for my soon his now two months old and his poo are still loose and I feed him both so was wondering I seen a little bit white slimy looking stool on camera just today but when I see in person there is nothing and he looks normal does everything normal plus sometime he doesn’t drink formula like if I make three ounce he drinks two ounce but he finishes other days is it normal? Took him to doctor two times for it but they said looks normal

  67. Hey mama natural..I have a 4 weeks old baby boy who poops after every feed..he has been on mixed feeding from the start..sometimes poops are even more than 10 times a day..some days they are so runny tht they come out of the diapers..n poops are usually explosive..I am worried n waiting for ur reply..he is gaining weight but I feel he is still pretty weak..he was born 2.9kg n at 3 weeks he was 3.5 with clothes needed

    • Babies that young do have very loose explosive poop, but check with your doctor to be sure nothings wrong.

  68. Hi!My daughteris turning 7 weeks.She is breastfeeding normally.But sometimes she poops in a day 6or 7 times. Is it normal for her? Sometimes she passes urine 9 or 10 times in a day. Is it also normal for her? pls help me to know the right thing.

    • Yes, this sounds fine. Be sure her weight is in a good place too.

  69. My twin babies 6 weeks old has not pooped for two weeks, they only fart and urinate. Is this normal? What can I do to help? They are on exclusive breastfeeding.

    • That absolutely is not okay. My doc freaked when my 3 MONTH old went 3 days without. I hope you got them babies to the doc!

    • My daughter has the same issue with ur daughter she can’t poop for 5 days wer using soposotory every 3 days.

  70. Thanks it was really helpful

  71. Hi there, may daughter is turning 6 months and her fart is really stinky with a totally black poop. She is drinking nan opti pro. Thank you in advance

  72. Hi mama natural!
    My baby boy is 18 months next week , and just this last week his poop has become runny, creamy white, and occasionally red flecks- and occur after his usual bottles of fresh/raw goats milk from our local farmer. He still breast feeds occasionally as well, and we have been supplementing goats milk since 12 months and haven’t had any issues till recently. We did just get a fresh batch and the only thing I can think of is possible food change for goats? I have let it go this long because I wasn’t sure if he had a bit of the bug that was going around the other kids… But it’s pretty consistent after a bottle it’s creamy every time now. Suggestions? Thank you!

  73. Hi, my baby boys poo was also green in colour…lime green to mostly hunter green. He was only on breastmilk at the time and wanting to feed every 2 hours, the doctor said to hold out to at least every 3 hours preferably 4… So I met him in the middle and fed him every 3 1/2 hours…problem solved! He ate better and slept better too, and I think in a better eating routine, I was always worrying if he was eating enough and that’s why I was feeding him so regularly (totally unnecessary), breastmilk is the best and you shouldn’t worry so much with it, they get enough of water and food to last them at least 4 hours at a time especially if the are 3 months old, hope this helps ?

  74. Hello Mama Natural! 🙂
    I have a problem with my son’s poop. He is 5months and-a-half old now. It’s been 6days already since this unusual pooping problem happened. It happen right after or during I breastfed my son, he always poops. He poops 6x-a-day or right after I breastfed him, his poop color is green.

    I’m so worried, but my son is still playful like he don’t have a problem, except for the fact that he got rashes on his butt because of frequent pooping and diaper changing. Thank you in advance, hope you can help me.

    • Have you started solids? Is he nursing normally? If it happened just once and was over then I wouldn’t be too concerned (but keep an eye on it). Definitely talk with your pediatrician if you have concerns.

  75. Great post! So my son is 17 months next week. Still prefers breast milk but will still eat solids. Mostly he only wants meat. Im thinking he may be after the iron in it. We have smoothies with some nice fats from avocado or yogurts. However, starting when he was 16 months he started having diarrhea episodes. These episodes tend to happen right after nursing and come with a fever for a couple hours. At which he doesn’t want any food just my milk, and he losses weight.

    For the most part I eat very healthy but i really feel its my milk upsetting his stomach. I have been reading about candida yeast and how many of us have it in our intestines and don’t even know it until we get sick and our immune system is compromised. Then the yeast is left alone to grow. And it can get into the milk supply. I was recently sick with a viral infection last month and his stomach has been up and down since.

    Have you heard of this yeast? If so what is your take on the subject? Could it be my milk? If so what can i do because i would like to nurse him until he is two but i dont want to continue making him sick.


  76. hello, my daughter has a soft black poo, for 2 consecutive days now, is it normal or is it time for me to call a pediatrician? she’s currently taking meds for her cough, a mucolytic does it also affects her poo? tnx in advance.

  77. hello Mama natural,
    my 5 months daughter (breastfeeding) had black green poop with black spots for last 2 times. is it normal? or should I go to doc’s office?
    thanks your time

    • If it goes away in a day or so, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it persists, I’d call the doc.

  78. Hello madam! My baby is 22days old today, how long does it takes for baby to poo soft yellowish and I’m only breast feeding! And I think she is not gaining weight or I’m in a hurry thank u!

    • If your baby is exclusively breastfed at 22 days she should have yellowish seedy poop. Contact a lactation consultant to figure out what might be going on.

      • For how many months babies poo would be yellow seedy?

  79. Hi! My daughter is 13.5 months old. She is mostly breastfed but has been doing better with solids.. Unfortunately, she prefers solids that have now caused constipation in the form of difficulty going like breads, rice, and pastas. She isn’t very interested in fruits and veggies except in smoothie form so we have been working on that more. How can I get her to eat better foods in an unforceful way so that she’ll enjoy them? Also, my pediatrician has me concerned that I’m doing something wrong if she isn’t eating much yet and suggested lessening our nursing which I think is totally unnecessary and counterproductive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Sorry to hear! I would put in front of her variety at each meal. Try to have 3 of the following with each feeding: fruit, veggie, fat, protein and grain (optional). Keep exposing her to different things. She will come around. Breast milk is best so let HER decide how much she wants. You can also do smoothies and soups to get more nutrients and fiber into diet. Xo!

  80. Please help with this. I see posting and sites with raw milk formula recipes and info but no info on the stools shape, smell, consistency, daily poos,ect…. I have looked everywhere for this. Can you help. Also age appropriate info. Like4-6 months, 6-12 ect… Can anyone one her give info. Please. Just those that have actually used it with their babies. Also it would be great to add that to your charts. Thank you

  81. Hi Mama Natural, my baby is almost 5 months and I noticed his poo contains some reddish spots with a kind of normal poo. He is breastfed with a bit of cereal. Is this normal please

  82. My baby is 2 months and I go back to work soon I wanted to know if it’s ok to breastfeed and give formula.

    • I do — baby Genevieve outstrips my supply so her daily bottles alternate. It’s a good day when I have to only make up less than half of her bottles from formula.

  83. Hello, my baby girl turn yesterday 6weeks. Last time she done poop on Monday afternoon, I’m bit worry that never happen be four. Always she been doing 10 times till Monday afternoon, I’m breastfeeding since the day one. I don’t know if that is normal and what I should do? ??
    I talk you my doctor she told me to give to her a wather with sugar I done but nothing help. Can you Please tell me if that is ok if she is not popping. Thank you

  84. my 3-month daughter poop is Green is it normal? And my month son of constipation what can I do to make him stop of constipation

  85. Hi… This page has been very helpful to, my 7 months old daughter has popped red mucus stools, I nearly lost my mind when I saw, but only to realise it is because of her toothing and the doctor said I should not worry. Thank you for this natural mama… God bless you.

  86. We have a 6 week old daughter she’s been switched to 4 different formulas along with breast milk right after birth she hardly poops but when she does its always one solid stool bout the size of a walnut and has been going on since little after birth and we’ve tried multiple meds like gerber sooth drops and gripe water among other and no matter what we do nothing works doctor says it’s colic but no colic meds work so tells me it’s not colic and some colic meds treat cpma but those haven’t worked either. It takes her about a half hour of crying pushing aND strain to pass just one stool per day. Like I said the stool is typical about walnut size pretty solid maroon like color and normal stool smell. Any ideas what is my daughters problem?

    • constipation. you could try donor milk from eats on feets or human milk for human babies. Alternatively if the milks are cow based she could be simply not handling the protein in the dairy based formulas so switch to a plant based or elemental formula. Ultimately a 100% breast milk diet is likely the best solution. Donors don’t bite. And most give full disclosure of their health (they likely live cleaner and eat better than non-donating people because breast milk donation attracts a certain “type” of person, usually the type that firmly believes in breastfeeding) I myself have donated being the dirty hippie I am and I also become friends with each of my recipients. good luck 🙂

  87. This is so helpful! My 15 month old is drinking milk and Pediasmart for extra calories because she is a petite girl – well she always has been. Her poops have been frequent 2-4 times a day. She’s has diarrhea at least once and twice a week and I’m thinking its from changing up her diet. I’m going to try with the BRAT diet and I hope that will helps her.

  88. Hello!

    I have a 7 week old and he has been on formula (Gerber Gentle) since birth. He has been having “regular” textured poops up until about a day ago. It now looks like a poop that a breastfed baby would have (yellow and seedy). Is this normal?

    • My bubba is 8 weeks tomorrow and just earlier today his first poo of the day was exactly what you are describing. (He is on formula also) I came on here to have a look if I should be worried or not? I think I may though call my Midwife in the morning if nobody answers here.

  89. I have a question for you. I have a four month old girl. For the first week of her life she was EBF. I got extremely sick with a high fever and my milk supply shut down a bit. I had to supplement her with formula for about two weeks. Through herbal remedies and teas I was able to get my supply mostly back just in time to get food poisoning… Supply went down again and won’t come back so I’m supplementing again (her weight is low). She only poops about every seven or eight days. Before she got formula for the first time she went daily. When she does it is normal looking but is the sort that she has to get an emergency bath and clothing change. She seems very uncomfortable for a few days before she poops. The Dr. said don’t worry but she screams like she’s in pain. She is very gassy and does not want to eat much for a few days before she poops. My diet is pretty good. I tried cutting all dairy which made no difference. Same with beans. I don’t eat eggs or meat. I’m eating beans and dairy again along with grains and veggies. Any ideas what else I can try?

    • You should try using a rectal thermometer and put some vasoline on it then stick the tip in you child’s rectum and push the hole down this may help stimulate you child to go to the bathroom or to pass gas. My doctor had me do this with my daughter and it helped! Good luck I hope all work out for you

  90. Thank you very much mamas, you are a great help. I’ve learnt one of the most important things a mama should know of and it’s a relief to u derstand your baby.

  91. Hi there, thanks for your post. I breastfeed My 4 1/2 m/o baby boy and he is a bit constipated (I think) he hasn’t poop in 2 days (today) and I see him struggling a bit trying to push and farting. He has not cryed and he’s not fussy either. Pediatrician says to wait 5 days until I bring him in. Also breastfeeding consultant said to drink pear juice and dates, drink more water and eat more fiber. So yesterday and today that’s all I have been doing but no poop yet 🙁
    Any other recomendation or advice you can share? I read about essential oils (peppermint) and also about iflora (infant probiotic) but not sure what to do. Thanks!!!

    • Hi there. I I just wanted to say that I don’t recommend using peppermint oil since you are breastfeeding. It can lower your milk supply. Essential Oils are wonderful but they can be tricky. My go to book is a DoTerra book called Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. There’s so much information that’s so easy to look up. I would look up a good oil for you right now but I’m moving and it’s packed. Good luck!

  92. I have a question. For the last few weeks my almost three month old son has even passing squirty army greenish poops. They seem to be on the liquidy side and are creamy. His BMs happen from 2-3 times per day to once every few days. He seems to be happy in between feeds. Is this poop colour/consistency normal?

  93. Dear mama natural, it’s very informative thanks for the post. I need your advice. My son 9 months old was breastfed for 4 months, then startes formula. He was only drinking while asleep since 5 months(not sure what went wrong), but ever since he turned 9 he is not drinking even while sleeping. I tried so many bottles, sippy cups but he didn’t like any . He does not want to drink any liquids at all… I am lucky if I can push 8 oz in a day.. I tried so many juices, yogurt smoothies, so many flavored drinks out of desperate, but he takes a sip , that too when he is Damn hungry and pushes it right away… Doc says it’s the attitude but I am at a loss, he eats solids but not much that could fill his tummy, so since a week he is been straining and passing hard stool and today he passed those rabbit like pebbles ….can you please suggest on how can I make him drink milk or any liquids??? I tried switching formula but as long as it’s a liquid it does not make any difference to him. He simply rejects it. Please help.

    • I would think to get a second opinion from a different doctor. There might be a physical reason your child can’t or won’t drink liquids.

  94. Hey there! I love your blog and respect your opinion so I wanted to ask you something!

    My boy is 16 and is still mostly nursing. We do the baby led weaning approach so I always offer him what were eating and always he shares my smoothies. He mostly plays with the food but loves any kind of meat. He drinks the smoothies with all kinds of greens, fruits and healthy fats. I also give him cod liver oil and probiotics. So im anxious if im doing enough or if hes getting enough. Is it okay for him to be mostly still nursing? Im a first time mama and this is all so new! I just want the best for my baby!
    Thank you so much!

    • Hey there! I love your blog and respect your opinion so I wanted to ask you something!

      My boy is 16 months and is still mostly nursing. We do the baby led weaning approach so I always offer him what were eating and always he shares my smoothies. He mostly plays with the food but loves any kind of meat. He drinks the smoothies with all kinds of greens, fruits and healthy fats. I also give him cod liver oil and probiotics. So im anxious if im doing enough or if hes getting enough. Is it okay for him to be mostly still nursing? Im a first time mama and this is all so new! I just want the best for my baby!
      Thank you so much!

      • Sounds like you’re doing great! Wonderful about the smoothies! My son Griffin was primarily breast fed until about 18 months. I did introduce a yogurt drink when he was about 1, and that helped get more calories in him. The yogurt drink was just plain, full-fat yogurt in a sippy bottle, watered down just a bit, and sweetened with some liquid stevia (although you can use any natural sweetener); he’d have it twice a day.

  95. HAHA! After having a baby, I regularly discuss poop…more than I ever imagined I would! We do cloth diapers. When she first started eating solids, poop was no problem. It pretty much just peeled off the diaper and into the toilet and barely even left a stain. But lately, I am cursing myself for choosing cloth when I am trying to clean nasty, stinky, clingy poo off her diapers! Charlie’s soap seems to get everything clean though. 🙂

  96. How funny, I was just discussing this with a friend of mine who is concerned about her newborn’s poop habits (they were all very normal, and no need for concern). I’ll forward her this article as another resource to help her feel more confident that her baby is wonderfully healthy.

    Growing up, no one ever told me that I’d be nonchalantly discussing baby poop with my friends. Ha!

    • Oh good! It *is* interesting what we end up talking about as mamas 🙂

  97. Great post! Very thorough.


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