The Best Diaper Bags for Natural Mamas

The best diaper bags take the stress out of toting baby’s essentials, plus leave room for yours. Here, a list of roomy options made of natural materials.

Are you looking for the best diaper bag to put on your baby shower registry? We'll help you find the best diaper bag for babies. From natural fabrics to space suitable to carry gear for twins, there is a bag for every lifestyle and every need.

There’s no denying that babies (as small as they are) come with a lot of gear! From cloth diapers, to toys, to teethers, you’ll need a handy way to tote all that stuff, and there’s no better way than with a diaper bag. Use this guide to help you choose the best diaper bag to fit your lifestyle.

The Best Diaper Bags

Best diaper bags for the health nut

Many diaper bags are waterproof (often at the expense of using harmful fabrics), but these bags don’t contain those harmful plastics. If you’re looking for the most natural option available, consider these:


Best diaper bags for the fashionista

Some mamas prefer a diaper bag that looks more like a traditional purse—even if it may not be the most natural option. If this sounds like you, you may like the following choices:

Best backpack diaper bags

Some mamas find that backpack diaper bags are easier to juggle and even out the weight. Here are some great options:

Best diaper bags for twins

Multiple babies means even more baby gear. Try one of these roomier totes if you need more space:

How to Choose the Right Diaper Bag For You

If there are so many great diaper bags out there, how do you sort through all of your options to find the best diaper bag for you? Here are some things to consider:


Before you choose a bag, you’ll need to make a decision. Do you want a traditional bag? Or a backpack-style bag? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:

Traditional diaper bag

    • Pros
      • Versatile: Many traditional bags have the option of two straps to carry by hand or a shoulder strap to sling over your shoulder
      • Roomy: Traditional bags hold more than a backpack-style bag
      • Easy with good visibility: Open the zipper and throw things in. This horizontal storage makes it easy to find things fast.
    • Cons
      • Heavier: A full tote is much heavier than a full backpack
      • Harder to carry: Weight is not evenly distributed across your shoulders and back

Backpack diaper bag

    • Pros
      • Easier on your back: Wearing a backpack distributes weight evenly, so you’re less likely to experience shoulder or neck pain
      • Compatible with babywearing: Even with a back carry, you can easily wear the backpack on your front
    • Cons
      • Less space: Backpacks don’t fit as much as traditional bags
      • Vertical: You may end up digging for things since the vertical orientation makes it harder to see everything at first glance.


How many compartments do you really need? This is a personal decision, and it primarily depends on how you plan to use your bag. For instance, a cloth-diapering mama of twins will need considerably more space than a mama with one baby who only ventures out for a short period of time each day.

Consider getting a bigger bag if you:

  • Are out of the house for hours at a time (playdates, errands, etc)
  • Cloth diaper
  • Have more than one child
  • Need to bring your breast pump with you
  • Travel regularly

Special compartments

This is what sets a diaper bag apart from other bags. Many bags feature special compartments to make your life easier. Examples include:

  • Sections for baby bottles
  • Easy access to a compartment for wipes
  • Special features for mama, including fleece-lined sunglass pockets, key hooks, pacifier places, etc
  • Waterproof sections for dirty clothes (it happens!) and soiled diapers


Material is the toughest criteria when it comes to choosing a bag. Most diaper bags are not made of natural or eco-friendly materials, because they feature waterproof linings and pockets made of harmful plastics, like PVC or neoprene. Ideally, look for materials that are natural, including cotton, leather, or hemp.

Tip: If finding a natural material is a priority, you may need to expand your search for a diaper bag to include other types of bags—bags that aren’t necessarily labeled as a “diaper bag.” There’s no rule that says you can’t do this, and it will open up your options tremendously!


This is a personal preference, but one that makes shopping more fun. Some diaper bags look like slightly larger purses, while others look more playful. And some bags are gender neutral, so you can easily switch between mama and papa. Once you know what you need, have fun exploring your options, and pick the style you like best.

The Bottom Line

The right bag, filled with the right essentials, can really save you in a pinch. But ultimately, the one you go with should fit with your lifestyle—not be a burdensome extra. Before you select a bag, ask yourself:

  • When do I plan on using this bag?
  • Will I use this on public transportation a lot?
  • What do I plan on carrying? A breast pump? Lots of bottles?

And, hey, maybe you don’t need a diaper bag at all! Many mamas get by just by keeping a few essentials in their purse or car. Do what works best for you!

How About You?

What is your go-to diaper bag?

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