Breastfeeding Quiz: What’s Your Breastfeeding IQ?

What’s your breastfeeding IQ? Take the quiz and find out instantly! Are you the newbie to the boobie, or the breast in class?

What's your breastfeeding IQ? Take the quiz and find out instantly!

What’s your breastfeeding IQ? Take the breastfeeding quiz and find out instantly! Are you the newbie to the boobie, or the breast in class? Answers these questions to find out now.

What’s Your Breastfeeding IQ?

1. On average, how many milk openings does a nipple have?

2. In the first few days after birth, you produce a special kind of milk called

3. On average, breastfeeding moms get...

4. Breastfeeding prevents you from getting pregnant

5. Breastfeeding can save a family how much money in formula-related expenses during a baby’s first year?

6. What percentage of US moms breastfeed for six months?

7. A woman typically produces the same amount of milk from each of her breasts

8. Why do breastfed babies become better eaters as toddlers?

9. Moms who breastfeed have lower risk of

10. Three days after giving birth, what percentage of first time mothers said they had problems breastfeeding?

11. It is normal for breastfeeding to hurt

12. A breastfeeding mama needs to space feedings so her breasts have time to refill

13. Every US state has laws that protect a mother's right to nurse her child in public.

14. How many extra calories do breastfeeding moms burn each day?

15. If baby has vomiting or diarrhea, you should stop breastfeeding for a while

16. How long can newly-expressed breast milk be left out at room temperature?

17. Breastfed babies have reduced risk of

18. Legend has it that basketball player Michael Jordan was breastfed until he was...

19. Bigger boobs produce more milk

20. A normal poop for a breastfed baby looks


Want to Learn More About Breastfeeding?

Here’s a cheat sheet that includes a more comprehensive look at some of the facts in this fun breastfeeding quiz:

Every U.S. state has laws that protect a mother’s right to nurse her child in public…

True! All U.S. states have laws to protect a mother’s right to nurse in public. Yahoo! Learn more about breastfeeding in public.

Each of breast typically produces…

A different amount of milk. Because each breast typically has different amounts of milk-making tissue and different sized milk ducts, one breast often naturally produces more than the other. Plus, some babies simply prefer one side over the other. (source)

Star athlete Michael Jordan was breastfed until…

He was three years old! His mother, Deloris Jordan, has been quoted as saying, “I feel this is why he is the athlete he is.”

Breastfeeding can save a family…

Over $1,200 in formula-related expenses during a baby’s first year. (source)

Newly expressed breast milk can be left out for…

Up to eight hours at room temperature.

It’s best to refrigerate or freeze milk right away, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Luckily, breast milk is a live food that can stay at room temperature for up to eight hours. Learn more about how long breast milk can sit out.

Bigger boobs…

Do not necessarily produce more milk. The size of your breasts is determined by the amount of fatty tissue they contain, whereas milk is produced in the mammary glands that are present in all women’s breasts, regardless of size.

Breastfed babies have a reduced risk of…

Allergies, diarrhea, and ear infections! Studies prove breastfed infants are less likely to develop allergies (source), have fewer ear infections (source), and experience fewer bouts of diarrhea (source).

On average, breastfeeding moms get…

More sleep, since the feedings are quicker. Believe it or not, breastfeeding mamas get 45 minutes more sleep on average than mothers who formula feed. (source)

A normal poop for a breastfed baby looks…

Yellow and seedy. A breastfed baby’s normal poop will be bright or mustard yellow, loose and, at times, grainy or seedy. Those little “seeds” are undigested milk fat. Learn more about baby poop.

On average, a nipple has…

Five to 10 milk openings! The average nipple has nine openings, although some can have up to 18! (source)

In the first few days after birth, you produce a special kind of milk called…

Colostrum. This special gold milk is the perfect first food for baby—easy to digest and highly concentrated in special nutrients and antibodies. Learn more about colostrum.

Breastfeeding moms burn…

Up to 500 extra calories per day. Exclusively breastfeeding mamas need up to 500 more calories per day. That’s the equivalent of jogging for an hour!

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What Was Your Score?

Are you a novice or a pro? Share your score in the comments below.

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 85,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. I got 70%. Don’t feel bad if you get a low score; I’ve breastfed 3 kids til they were 5-5.5 years old lol pregnant with my 4th and obviously plan on breastfeeding. I have had nearly every problem so nursing has not come easy despite the long term feeding!

  2. I am the newbie to the boobies. I got 60% and that’s okay because i am a mom to be soon.Thanks so much for enlightning me on breastfeeding.

  3. I got 90%! I am pregnant with my first!

  4. 85% I missed 1, 11 and 19. I’m the Breast in Class….I am nursing a 3 year old. lol But I feel like I was close enough on those three. lmfao

  5. I got Breast in Class 100% woohoo! I love this blog! I am pregnant with baby #3 and I have learned more this time around than I ever did with my previous pregnancies! I wish this site was around when I was pregnant with my 1st 10 years ago lol! I feel like a first time mom all over again lol

  6. Do you offer a breast feeding course? I thought I had a link sent to my email but I am unable to find it.

  7. Hi! Love the quiz! It actually needs to be updated now that the laws have changed… Now all 50 states protect a mother’s right to nurse her baby in public! So, yay!
    Keep up the excellent site. Love it!

  8. I want to say a big thank you for the quiz. It really taught me a lot. After the quiz I was shocked that I got newbie to boobie. I really grateful I took the quiz.
    Thank you so much.

  9. I have to disagree on a few on these questions, such as 16. The answer is FALSE not yes… but not really. Also as a long term breastfeeding mom I get less sleep than most if not all formula feeding moms I know as my boys wake much more often to nurse at night.

    • I am studying for my CLC and I totally agree with Heather! I do not agree with some of these answer. Obviously we would get less sleep because we are the only one doing the feedings. Also from the books I have read for school only 40% of moms breastfeed now a days and only half of them make it to 6 months-1year! This is a lot of misinformation to say the least.

      • Don’t get me wrong. I like this blog just don’t agree with the quiz.

    • I have to disagree with your disagreement after nursing many babies for at least 2 years a pop in addition to study. 😉 I think the answer about fertility is spot on, Ecological Breastfeeding (as in, not just exclusively breastfeeding) does delay cycles returning and pregnancy. It requires frequent nursing or snacking. So it is true technically except “not really” because in our modern culture with modern demands it does not usually work out that way for most mamas. I think this is a perfect answer because while technically true, it is hard to achieve for most mamas in the busy world.

      As for getting more sleep, this is obviously dependant on many factors and family dynamics. But I think the quiz answer in correct in the ideal because it is often the case and CAN be the case for most breastfeeding mamas. I find that I am much more well-rested than friends in the beginning (maybe except the very first week when everyone is learning how to nurse) because formula usually requires the parent to wake fully, make and heat a bottle during which time the baby also gets aggrivated and fully awake and begins to cry. When breastfeeding, there is no preparation and the baby can be fed immediately upon signs of hunger and stirring, rather than when the baby is fully awake or crying. This often means the baby soothes faster and falls asleep faster. Usually, nursing mothers keep the baby very close to the bed or in the bed and so this response time is almost immediate. I have experienced struggles with some of my babies as they get older and rely on nursing for comfort rather than just hunger. This can be true but it can also be remedied with routines and teaching and encouragement of your older baby/toddler. There are several books on this subject. Formula fed babies can also have these habits that need guidance from their mamas – though I agree that it may not be as common since formula feeding is more about the business of hunger and not as much about snuggles and oxytocin and skin-to-skin and comfort. Which, if you think about it, is also the benefit of nursing.

  10. I definitely have to disagree with number one. Ecological Breastfeeding is VERY effective at preventing pregnancy naturally. I have to say I’m shocked that it isn’t mentioned anywhere on your blog!

    • I am expecting number 8. I was exclusively (and he loved to nurse) nursing my first baby, got pregnant while nursing with number two, and nursed two of them until baby was one month old. I do think it makes a difference per person. I am not a highly fertile woman either.

  11. Got Milkin Momma! Not bad for only just now being pregnant with my first. Would have gotten another one right too if I had gone with my gut instead of listening to my hubby LOL. I am doing a Ton of research though. Currently listening to the Audio book of “The womanly art of Breastfeeding ” From La Leche League. Really like it and learning a lot.

  12. This quiz was really eye opening for me. I actually thought I knew a lot more than I did! I got Newbie to Boobie and was surprised by how many things I got wrong, but every answer was an opportunity to learn something new. Thanks for educating!!!

  13. Wooooo! Milkin mama (which is true, all 4 of my babies were totally breastfed)

  14. I nailed that quiz ….got breast in class .i truly love this site I have been stalking for over two years . You should translate it to more languages so that more people can benefit from !

  15. I got “Newbie to the Boobie”! But that’s okay because I’m not a mom. I’m just a college kid that loves your blog.

    • 🙂 Love that you took it, Ash! Your future kids will be blessed 🙂

  16. Unfortunately, the Michael Jordan legend is a myth. He was breastfed for a few months. His mom never said this quote, which I used all the time myself. She set the record straight some years ago when a LLL Leader asked if she would speak at an area event.

    • Booo! The legend is so much more inspiring 😐

  17. Hahaha, I cracked up when meconium was listed! 🙂

  18. I got Breast in Class. 🙂 Galactosemia is not an allergy, it is a genetic disorder. My mail carrier’s daughter has it and we have talked a lot about it. Her daughter is now my age and doing pretty well but they had to be so strict with her diet when she was a infant/child….its pretty crazy stuff.

    • Thanks for clarifying, Tanzi! I replaced that question just to avoid any confusion.

  19. I think you should do more research on galactosemia. Children can be allergic to their mother’s milk, to all milk actually. It’s a life threatening allergy.

    • Thanks Kitty. I replaced that question just to avoid any confusion.

  20. I got the milkin mama 🙂

  21. humm, fun quiz, but the allergy one is a little misleading. While galactosemia is not a true allergy, it is a true intolerance of breast milk.

    • Precisely. I answered wrongly on the breast milk allergy question because I once had a pharmacist regale me of tales of a few local mamas whose babies had been diagnosed with a “breast milk allergy.” Oh well. 🙂 The more you know.

      • Thanks Leah and Sarah. I replaced that question just to avoid any confusion.

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