aThis is part of our 5-part series on how to save money on healthy food. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to share how you save money in the comments below!

Nuts, seeds, and legumes are rich with healthy fats and protein while being generally cheaper than animal products, making them a great addition to a healthy and frugal diet. That’s right! Just adding these powerhouses to your diet can save you a lot of money, but there are ways to lower the cost of these nutritious foods as well! In this post, I’ll share how to save money on healthy food, as it pertains to nuts, seeds and legumes.

How to Save Money on Healthy Food: Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk is the best way to save money on healthy food and many of the tips for buying in bulk are the same for different kinds of food. Going in with friends or finding a co-op or buying club are great ways to make bulk purchases less costly upfront while still yielding the low prices of buying in large quantities. Check out Part 4 – Grains for more bulk buying advice.

My favorite way to buy bulk nuts, seeds and legumes is the bulk bins at my grocery store. I get a chance to try new things without investing a ton upfront and still get a lower-than-retail price. When I decide I like a certain product enough to buy larger quantities, I’ll consider some of the other tips in this series to get even bigger savings.

Making Your Own Nut Seed and Butter Can Save Big Money

Nut and seed butter, especially organic, can be very expensive. However, making your own is easy if you have a food processor. Basically, you just throw the nuts or seeds into the food processor and process until it’s done!

My family goes through tons of nut butter so having the ability to make my own is a great money saver!

Check out these recipes:

Make Your Own Nut Milk to Save Money

OK, so this one isn’t exactly saving money buying nuts or seeds but if you are a nut milk drinker you can definitely save money trying your hand at making some homemade. Bonus: It’s healthier than most store bought nut milks! Just be sure to start with truly raw nuts (many packages read “raw” but are, in fact, pasteurized).

Check out these recipes:

Shop Discount Stores for Deals on Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds

Stores like Costco, Ocean State Job Lots, and Walmart have great deals on dry nuts, seeds and legumes once in a while. The problem, of course, is that you need to be constantly on the lookout for good prices and if those aren’t stores you often go to it can be more challenging.

A great way to find deals without having to spend too much time scouting out prices is to let friends and family who frequent those stores know the kinds of things you are looking for. They can let you know when a there is a good sale on the items you buy. You can also spend a few minutes each week browsing the circular ads to get an idea of which products are available for discounted prices.

Stock Up on Sales to Save Money on Healthy Foods

When you find a good price, buy as much as you can afford. Dry or canned nuts, seeds, and legumes can last a really long time when stored properly. (Put in an air-tight container and stored in a cool, dark place like a cellar. Some fragile nuts and seeds, like walnuts and flax, are best stored in refrigerator or freezer. You could even buy a year’s supply!

You can easily find coupons for healthy nuts, seeds and legumes too. Stacking coupon savings on top of sale prices is the best way to get the biggest discount. Check out coupon sites like Retail Me Not or your favorite brands website.

Grow Your Own Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds

Have you ever considered growing your own nuts? If you live in the right climate you may just want too. Though most nut trees take many years to produce and lots of space to grow there are some grafted varieties that are practical for a backyard farmer. Consider growing almonds, hazelnuts, or peanuts and don’t forget about wild nut trees in your area!

Seeds are by far the easiest to grow yourself. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are especially easy to grow and very popular seeds to roast. Many backyard farmers have great success growing lentils and beans too.

Buy Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds Online to Save Money

There are many fantastic sources for real food online. You can get just about anything on Amazon but there are a few other sites you may want to check out for quality nuts, seeds and legumes:

Want More?

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How About You?

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