Maybe it’s because I’ve been either a.) pregnant or b.) nursing for the past 4 years… Or maybe it’s because my wardrobe consists of maternity wear, yoga pants, and nursing-friendly tops… Or maybe it’s because I know that Paloma is my last child… Either way, I want to get back into shape!

This desire started when I was pregnant with my baby girl. For some strange reason, at 16 weeks, all I wanted was Linda Hamilton arms, Jillian Michaels abs and Kelly Ripa legs. (OK, I realize this isn’t possible, but you get the idea.)

Well, I realize that it took me 9 months to gain my pregnancy weight, so it will take some time to lose it. And I’m OK with that. But now that I’m almost three months postpartum, it’s time to get going on this.

Here’s how I’m going to do it


1. Breastfeed

Might sound strange, but nursing is one of the greatest ways to lose weight in my experience. Did you know that, when you exclusively breastfeed, you can burn up to 500 calories a day?! That’s the equivalent of jogging for an hour! And let me tell you, I’d much rather nurse! God willing, I will continue to nurse Paloma through her first year and beyond, because it’s good for baby AND mama.

2. Reduce snacking

As a nursing mama, I eat three square meals a day AND three snacks! Since I’m approaching three months postpartum, it’s a good time to slightly cut back a bit. So instead of eating fruit, nuts and coconut milk right before bed, I’ll have just a piece of fruit. This is especially relevant because Paloma is sleeping through the night without nursing (and has been for awhile.) I probably wouldn’t recommend this if your baby is getting up several times, as you need the extra calories to get through your night! I also want to cut out my mid-morning snack, as it’s not really needed and just extra calories. By just making these slight tweaks, I can shave off a few hundred calories, which adds up!

3. Walk more

I’m not a Cross Fit girl or into high-intensity exercise, but I do know that I need to get more active. With this Polar Vortex winter, I literally do not leave the house, and this ain’t good for losing lbs.! Thank goodness we have the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk. I can walk whenever it works for me (in-between naps!), regardless if it’s zero degrees outside with a negative 20 degree windchill. Take that winter! I’m shooting for 10,000 steps, four times a week. The LifeSpan Treadmill Desk has a built in pedometer, which makes it easy to target my goal. And it’s awesome to be able to work while I’m exercising. In fact, it fires me up and I find I get more done.

4. Strength train

Again, I’m not into heavy weightlifting, as I don’t want to get injured and probably would hate every minute of it. Instead, I want to get stronger through exercises like Pilates, yoga, isometrics and using some very light dumbbells. After giving birth to Paloma, I cannot believe how weak my abdominal muscles feel! Definitely want to strengthen this area of my body as well as other parts too to boost my metabolism and feel better in my clothes.

5. Skin brush

I know it sounds weird, and it isn’t exactly a “weight loss” tactic, BUT skin brushing does smooth out lumps and bumps. Some even claim it reduces cellulite! I like it because it’s great for the skin, I feel like my body looks better when I do it, and it’s a gentle daily detox that’s safe while breastfeeding. Here is the skin brush that I use.

So there you have it! My five simple strategies to lose the last of my baby weight. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes 🙂

Would love to hear from YOU

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