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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

22 Weeks Pregnant

What’s up with baby’s bizzaro sleep schedule lately? Plus, where will baby sleep when s/he makes his or her debut?

  • Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby is as big as a grapefruit—about 14 ounces in weight, and nearly 8 inches from crown to rump.

    If you could peer inside your womb and see your miniature human, you’d see their facial features becoming more developed, as well as eyebrows, eyelashes, and even hair on their heads.

    Is your baby in a routine yet? Around this age, babies will start settling into a rhythm between sleep and wakefulness. And it’s often the opposite of yours! 

I always figured that the swaying movement of my active body in the daytime lulled my babies to sleep. Whereas the stillness of my body at nighttime was their cue to wake up and have a little slam dance party.

    This bizarro opposite schedule will probably persist for a good few months after baby is born, so you’ve got that to look forward to!

    But of course, there are 18 weeks or so of pregnancy to enjoy first.

    22 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural pregnancy week by week
  • You at 22 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    The Magic Middle. You may not have heard of this Promised Land, but you are in it.

    The middle trimester can be magical, because you feel good, you have great energy, and you aren’t so big yet (it gets a little less magical when you have to get up 4 times a night because your bladder has shrunk to the size of a quarter thanks to your big belly!). 

This is a great time to finish any remaining home projects, clean out your closets, organize wedding photos, and prepare the nursery (if that’s your thing).

    This would also be a good time to do some things you’ve always wanted to do. Need some inspiration? Check out this list of 17 things to do before baby arrives.

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  • Genevieve at 22 Weeks Pregnant ☀

  • Week 22 Spotlight
    Sleeping Arrangements With Baby 💡

    Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat. This is your baby’s routine for the first 4–6 weeks of life. And I have to say, some of the sweetest moments in your day (and night) will probably be when baby is sleeping. Because you’re exhausted. And you need to sleep. And baby needs to sleep. But where?

    I know some crunchy mamas who never get a crib or even a co-sleeper. I know other crunchy mamas who have baby in his crib, in his own room, on day one. Again, it comes down to what’s best for each family.

    We took the middle road. Our children slept in co-sleepers attached to our bed for the first several months of life. Studies show that this is actually safest for breastfed babies. I loved the idea of bed-sharing from the very beginning on into childhood, but my husband is… how can I say this? A delicate sleeper. So a noisy toddler in our bed wasn’t gonna work.

    So, after about 2–3 months, our kids went into cribs in their own rooms. Well, mostly. We’ve had a wide array of sleeping arrangements throughout the years (currently, our eldest starts the night in his own room, but transfers to a little mattress on our floor before morning comes—long story).

    The key about sleeping arrangements is to be flexible.

    Bed-sharing, often called co-sleeping, has its pros and cons depending on the family situation. Truth be told, cribs are a recent invention, and most of the world practices bed-sharing.

    Click here for more info on co-sleeping.

    At the end of the day (or night), the best sleeping arrangement is the one where everyone gets the most sleep. :)

  • Week 22 Hot Topics 🔥

    ​Dig deeper into these hot topics for your 22nd week of pregnancy!

  • Week 22 To-Dos ✅

    • Be sure you’re taking your probiotics to prep for birth and a negative GBS result
    • Set up a tour of your birth center or maternity ward
    • Moisturize your bump with coconut oil or a lotion with super-clean ingredients to prevent dry or itchy skin
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