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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

21 Weeks Pregnant

Why does your complexion suddenly look like a teenager’s?! And how your thoughts can help you achieve an awesome, unmedicated birth!

  • Baby at 21 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Got any bananas in your kitchen? Grab the biggest one, and take a close look at it. That’s about how long Baby Natural is from crown to rump this week.

    And now, since you’re holding the banana and all, you may as well chow down. :) When you do, your baby may be tasting it as well. After all, your amniotic fluid changes based on what you eat, and baby’s been gulping that fluid down in a big way. Full-term babies have been shown to swallow over a pint of amniotic fluid per day. Quite the thirst! This fluid provides baby with calories and nutrients, and also helps him or her practice swallowing and digesting.

    21 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural pregnancy week by week
  • You at 21 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    They said you’d have a beautiful pregnancy glow, but instead you have acne worse than a teenager. What gives?

    Once again, you can thank those wonderful pregnancy hormones for any increase in acne, blemishes, or strange freckling.

    But, don’t think that just because you’re pregnant, you can’t use anything for a zit or brown spot. Here are some natural remedies to treat troublesome pregnancy skin—and even prevent it from happening in the future. 

    Click here to read about natural remedies for pregnancy acne.

    Consider a cleaning with your dentist

    There is an old wives tale that says: gain a child, lose a tooth. Unfortunately, this was the case for me during my first pregnancy.

    When we’re pregnant, we're more susceptible to dental decay. Not only do our gums swell, which can trap bacteria, but baby is also tapping into our mineral reserves, so the body may pull those much-needed minerals from the teeth if it has to.

    It’s important to get on top of this early, as dental decay is no good for baby either. So book a cleaning if it’s been a while, and floss those pearly whites!

Mama Natural Book

Introducing the world’s first
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from a natural perspective!

  • Genevieve at 21 Weeks Pregnant ☀

  • Week 21 Spotlight
    Natural Childbirth Affirmations 💡

    Natural Childbirth Affirmations from Mama Natural

    I know from experience that our minds can be our biggest friend or foe during birth. Just like we need to exercise to keep our bodies strong and healthy, we need to train our minds and practice positive affirmations and visualizations to have the birth we desire.

    Your thoughts can help create your reality.

    And your thoughts can help you create an awesome, unmedicated birth!

    With my first pregnancy, I listened to natural childbirth affirmations once or twice. But I never fully embraced them.

    The outcome? A 27-hour labor that took me to the very edges of my being.

    With my second pregnancy, I did things differently (pain is a great motivator!). I trained my mind more diligently than ever. I listened to natural childbirth affirmations during the weeks preceding my natural childbirth, and even during it!

    That second birth was nearly pain-free.

    And it happened so fast that we almost had to pull over to the side of the road and deliver the baby right then and there (seriously!). Click here to see how natural childbirth affirmations may help YOU have a more empowered birth.

  • Week 21 Hot Topics 🔥

    Here are more hot topics for your 21th week of pregnancy!

  • Week 21 To-Dos ✅

    • Treat yourself to a movie. You won’t enjoy going to the theater quite as much once baby arrives. :)
    • Determine your childcare set-up for when baby arrives. Will you stay home full-time? Part-time? Or work outside the home full-time? Get the childcare you need lined up.
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