36 Weeks Pregnant

Can eating this one food help you have a quicker & easier labor? Plus, a checklist of everything you need to do before the big day!

  • Baby at 36 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby’s still about 20 inches long (basically full-grown height), but she’s probably up to about 6 pounds in weight this week. Yep, still on that half-a-pound-a-week plan.

    And while baby will be here before you know it, the last several weeks are still so important in terms of baby's development, so don't rush your bun in the oven—she's busy! G-R-O-W-I-N-G.

    Speaking of which, did you know your uterus was about the size of a peach when this whole pregnancy thing began? And by full-term, it will be able to hold a watermelon? Your amazing body also grew an entirely new organ, called the placenta, during these past 8 or so months.

    So while changes in baby are incredible, so are the changes in YOU! You're such a good mama already, and baby isn't even born yet. By the way, your uterus will return to its pre-pregnancy peachy size by around 6–8 weeks postpartum. (Phew!)

  • You at 36 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Just one month to go, mama! Can you believe it?

    It was around this time during my pregnancies that I really got my tush into gear. With that in mind, here’s a quick little checklist for you.

    • Is your birth doula lined up?
    • Do you have a lactation consultant waiting in the wings just in case?
    • Are you doing your pregnancy exercises regularly?
    • Is the carseat installed?
    • Is baby’s crib, co-sleeper, or sleeping area ready?
    • Got a cloth diaper stash yet? (And perhaps some disposables for those first few days when baby is eliminating meconium?)
    • Got a week (or more!) of nutritious meals in your freezer?
    • Do you have your breastfeeding pump, breastfeeding pillow, and nipple cream at home?
    • Are baby’s onesies and PJs washed and ready?
    • Are you drinking your Red Raspberry Leaf tea?
    • Eating your 6 dates a day?
    • Got your child’s pediatrician lined up?
    • Have you customized and printed your visual birth plan?
    • Got a birth photographer lined up? (Or want to do it yourself?)
    • Do you have childcare sorted out for delivery day if you have another child?

    This checklist is just here to give you some ideas, not overwhelm you—take what you like and leave the rest!


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