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Kids Sleep Quiz: What Kind of Sleeper is Your Child?

What kind of sleeper is your child? Take the quiz and find out instantly! Are they textbook sleepers? Power nappers? Night owls? Answer these questions to find out how your kids sleep.

1. If your child goes to bed an hour or two later than usual, they will:

2. To get your child to sleep as an infant, you had to:

3. You child dropped his or her naps:

4. A typical nap from your child lasted:

5. When mentioning the word "sleep," your child:

6. Since you’ve had a child, you feel:

7. The hardest thing about raising kids is:

8. The tools you’ve used to help your child sleep include:

9. You sometime fantasize about:

10. How do you feel about having another child?

11. When did your child start sleeping through the night?

12. You wake up at 8 a.m. after sleeping straight through the night. What's your first thought?


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  1. I have 4 Superstar Sleepers. I started by putting them down to sleep in a crib or cradle 50% of the time from when I brought them home. Whether laying them down after they fell asleep in my arms, I didn’t want them to expect or need things to be a certain way to sleep. At night, I nursed them to “top up” right before laying them down. I tried for laying them down awake 50%. When they woke for the first feed of the night, just brought them into bed with me to cosleep the rest of the night. Bam! No lost sleep for Mommy! As they replaced nursing with solids, I replaced dinner first. They naturally slept longer and longer before waking to nurse. As they got to be more active sleepers, I’d put them back in their bed if we were losing sleep cosleeping. My kids sleep anywhere with anything going on whenever they are tired. Bedtime is expected and natural. I can lay any of them down for a nap any time they need it and they’ll fall asleep.

  2. I’m a Mama of 1 Sleep Superstar and 1 Young & Restless 🙂 I wish the second one was born before the first one 🙂 It could have been much easier 🙂

  3. Mine were are all different little people, but slept through the night by 2 1/2 months thanks to Parent Directed Feeding. Don’t just read the out of context quotes, read the whole Babywise book. It is so helpful! It makes for alert well-adjusted and fed babies.

  4. I got textbook sleeper…ha! My oldest is almost 2.5 years old. She doesn’t sleep through the night, still gets out of her bed (where daddy is sleeping with her) to nurse 2-4 times a night. And if she wakes up too early from her nap, she’s an absolute wreck!

  5. Insomniac – yes. Both my younger children are- and expecting to add another bundle to the mix in a couple of months

  6. My case isn’t in here at all. I have an 7 year old that needs 8 hours sleep minimum but wakes up several times in the night. She had never just stayed asleep. Shes a restless sleeper that when she does crawl in with me beats me up in her sleep. I don’t sleep because i’m getting kicked, punched, head butt, and rolled all over.
    She has always been that way. First few days after birth I was complaining on the phone to my mom that my daughter just doesn’t sleep. She didn’t cry either, She just stayed awake looking around. My mom thought it was purely a exaggeration of a new mom. She came by and watched her so I can sheep. I woke up and my mom confessed i was right and she has never seen a new born stay awake as long as she did.
    7 years later im still trying to get her to sleep more than 4 hours straight without waking. Im due with another girl in Nov and i only have a queen size bed, lol

  7. I have one sleep superstar and one restless. The thing they have had in common from day one is that neither one wanted me around as they fell asleep. With my oldest I remember literally running out of the room because only if the transition was super fast would he be fine. My sleep superstar is 16 months. She will come up to me with her blanket and say “done!”, meaning she wants to go to bed. She is quite intense when she is awake though.

  8. I heard from another parent that there is a clock that has a picture of a moon for when it’s night and a sun for when it’s time to get up. I’m thinking about getting this for my daughter but waiting until she has more self control so that I can sleep in and not worry about her getting into things shes not suppose to. She’s getting better lately with the self control.

    • We’ve had AMAZING results with the OK To Wake Owl – http://amzn.to/1oA74gO – Especially now that Griffin is old enough to really “get” it.

    • If you watch for it, I have seen it quite a few times on babysteals.com

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