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  • Gentle Cesarean: How To Have A More Natural C-Section

    Here are tips to help you have the most natural c-section possible. Learn how to work with your medical team to have a "gentle cesarean" for you and baby .

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    VBAC Birth: Success Rates, Risks & How To Prepare

    Get the facts on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, or VBAC. See VBAC success rates, VBAC risks, and how you can prepare to deliver your next baby vaginally.

  • Emotional Healing After Cesarean

    After a c-section you may need to heal your mind as well as your body. Here are practical tips for emotional healing after cesarean. 

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    C-Section Recovery - Natural Tips for Healing

    Believe me when I say I know EXACTLY how hard cesarean or c-section recovery truly is! But I was able to do so quickly & naturally with these tips.