About Mama Natural

Genevieve Mama Natural and baby Paloma

Whole living in a processed world

This is a community for natural mamas who are into real food, healthy living, and conscious parenting.

If you’ve ever struggled with a baby carrier or fretted over GMOs, then this site is for you. And if you’ve ever laughed at yourself for being a little crunchier than most moms, you’ll fit right in.

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About Genevieve

I’ve always been interested in health, food, and transformation. A sugar addict from the age of 2, I know firsthand the harmful affects of eating processed foods. I battled weight, digestive and immune system issues for many years. Through a long road of detox, I learned the healing power of real food. This transformation spread into other areas of my life… physical, emotional, and spiritual.

A hard-core new ager in my late teens and early 20s, I had a surprising spiritual awakening with the Living Christ at the age of 23 that completely changed my life. I am forever grateful for this Presence; and while not incredibly “religious,” my aim is to love Him. I hold Matthew 22:37-40 as my living verse, even though I blow it all the time.

About Our Videos

We publish two videos a week – every Tuesday and Thursday. Here are the greatest hits from the 100+ videos we produced during our first year.

We choose to spread the Mama Natural message via videos because a.) we love making them, and b.) web video has an amazing ability to spread and inspire people.

About Genevieve & Mike

Mike and I came together in 2005, surely a divine appointment. Staying true to our chosen medium, we met online at Match.com. Can you believe it?

We share a common love for storytelling, creative expression and travel. I’ll never forget the first date I had with Mike… I came home and cried. Not because it went horribly bad but because he stirred something in my soul (cliché, but true). This stirring grew into a deep love and a healing journey that took courage and faith. And I’m so grateful I walked through the fire!

Today, Mike and I cherish our new role as parents to our precious son Griffin. Together, we quest for health and play, hence Mama Natural.

About the technical stuff

Mike is truly the special sauce behind this site, responsible for all of the fabulous cinematography, video editing, and HTML stuff that goes beyond boldfacing and smiley faces :)

When our videos reached one million views on YouTube, we splurged and bought a Canon 60D, which we now use to shoot most of our videos. We edit our videos in Final Cut Pro X. This site is built on the Thesis theme for WordPress and hosted on Media Temple’s Grid Server. Media Temple rocks.

About my teachers

Jesus. My husband. Griffin (even at his very young age.)

And YOU! I’m excited to see how this site continues to unfold.

Bless you on your journey and feel free to reach out to me with ideas, suggestions, and other musings.