Elisa Song, MD

Elisa Song MD Pediatric Reviewer Mama Natural

Elisa Song, MD is a board-certified, Stanford-, NYU-, UCSF-trained holistic pediatrician. Dr. Song’s mission is to help children everywhere thrive naturally – body, mind, and spirit! She believes that with a holistic, integrative approach, chronic disease in children is both preventable and reversible! To empower parents to take charge of their kids’ health naturally, Dr. Song created the popular online resource Healthy Kids Happy Kids and online class Everyday Holistic Pediatrics. Dr. Song integrates the best of conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Her practice, Whole Family Wellness in Belmont, CA, is one of the first and most highly regarded holistic pediatric practices in the country. Dr. Song is a lecturer for the Center for Education and Development in Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH), Academy for Pain Research, Institute for Functional Medicine, and Holistic Pediatric Association, among others. Dr. Song lives in Northern California with her husband and two crazy fun kids, who are the daily inspirations for her work and life.

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