Now that we know how to test our pH and what the ideal ranges are for saliva and urine, let’s talk about how we get back in balance.

In this post (and video), I’ll show you what to do if your pH is too acidic or too alkaline.

What if Your Urine is Too Acidic?

To achieve pH balance, first try adding in a lot of vegetables through vegetable soups (see my Mega Mineral Broth) and juicing. If that doesn’t seem to move your numbers, then try adding more meat (yes, meat!) to your diet. That’s because for some people meat is actually alkalizing and vegetables are acidifying!

If that doesn’t work, try adding 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to your water to support pH balance. Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the most alkalizing substances on the planet… and it’s super CHEAP!

What if Your Urine is Too Alkaline?

First, be sure any supplements you’re taking aren’t throwing off your pH balance numbers. High levels of vitamin D, cod liver oil, or calcium/magnesium can artificially cause your urine to be alkaline (but you may not have a pH balance problem).

Go off all supplements for a few days and then re-test. If your pH is still alkaline, then this usually signals a digestion issue going on.

First try reducing your consumption of grains and nuts/seeds—these can be hard for some people to digest. If that doesn’t work, then try reducing your meat consumption and increasing your vegetables. Then re-test. Keep experimenting with your diet, and take out anything that might be causing digestion issues. Legumes are notorious for this as well.

You also might want to add digestive enzymes or increase magnesium to be sure your bowels are working properly. I use these digestive enzymes from Garden of Life.

What if Your Saliva is Too Acidic?

This usually signals a digestion issue as well. Adding in digestive enzymes usually brings your pH balance back. Next, try increasing your consumption of green drinks, vegetables, and soups. These can help boost alkaline reserves.

However some people actually need more meat. Yes, meat can increase their alkaline reserves. You also might want to reduce your grains and legumes, as these can be acidifying for some people.

If nothing is working, add in 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to water—just be sure to do this away from meals. This usually does the trick.

What if Your Saliva is Too Alkaline?

You want to speed up digestion, so digestive enzymes work well to support your pH balance. You could also be sure your bowels are working properly. Vitamin C can sometimes help move the saliva down to a healthy pH balance. Adding in eggs and meat can also help some people become more acidic. Play with it and monitor the results.

There you have it… tips and tricks to get your saliva and urine pH back into balance.

How about YOU?

Is there anything you do that seems to support your pH balance? Share with us in the comments.