101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, the amazing magical elixir. What can’t it do?

Natural mamas like us use apple cider vinegar for just about everything, from the expected (salad dressing) to the… surprising (cleaning the Mooncup). It’s like the Swiss Army knife of a real food kitchen.

But just how versatile is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is something the mamas in my community talk about all the time. In fact, I give it a name check in part 2 of our Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say series.

But just how many uses are there for apple cider vinegar? To find out, I asked our community on Facebook how they use ACV. The result? 492 comments.


From the 492, we narrowed it down to a mere 101 uses for apple cider vinegar

Ready to dive in? Want to see if your suggestion made the cut? Start scrollin’, mama.

Note that some of this user-generated content involve natural remedies. Of course, the information on this page is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar skincare

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin care

1. Eczema remedy

I dab ACV on my little one’s eczema. – Amber Nicole Snowder

2. Skin toner

I use equal parts water and ACV for a skin toner. – Vanessa Orlick

3. Natural astringent for acne

Mix 1 part water 1 part cider vinegar dip cotton ball apply to face until dry then rinse. -Sheena Struelens

4. Facial mask

I’m about to mix it with some green clay. -Aria Phillips

5. Mole remover

Dip a piece of cotton (I use a small piece if a cotton pad) in ACV, ring out a bit then place it on your wart, skin tag or mole, then place a bandaid over it. I like to leave it on over night. -Tanae Potter

6. Wart remover

Soak a cotton ball in ACV, place over wart and cover with medical tape. Repeat daily till the nasty thing vanishes. -Laura Ann Nixon Endsley

7. Facial wash

Simply mix 1 part ACV and 2 parts water and rub on your face.  Add some raw honey to the mixture if your skin is dry. Then rinse with warm water. -Lindsey Thomason

8. Make up remover

Mix 1 part ACV and 2 parts water. Dab a cotton ball with the mixture and swipe on makeup to remove. -Dimple Yadav

9. Soften skin

We even soak in it for our skin is so soft afterwards. -Brooke Wright

10. Sunburn

Soak washcloth and place on sunburn. Takes the sting out and reduces the redness. -Megan Brugge-Yardley

11. Healing all sorts of skin issues

-Tiffany Lang

12. Skin tags

Dip a piece of cotton (I use a small piece if a cotton pad) in ACV, ring out a bit then place it on your skin tag then place a bandaid over it. I like to leave it on over night. -Tanae Potter

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar cleaning

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cleaning

13. Fabric Softener

I use 1 cup of ACV. -Coral Davison-Ray

14. Cleaner

Cleaning: Spray on surfaces, or pour on scrubby…add baking soda, scrub away. Pour down garbage disposal w/baking soda and a lemon. Let sit for a few minutes, then turn on the water and the disposal. – Sarah Buttell

15. Rinsing agent in washing machine

Add one cup of ACV to the rinse cycle. -Ceci Richardson

16. Cleaning the mooncup

Wash your menstrual cup in a 50/50 ACV and water mixture with some gentle soap. -Elísa Arnarsdóttir

17. Keep ants away

Ants avoid that stuff like its poison, just pour. -Teresa Munoz

18. Fruitfly trap / fly trap / gnat

In a bowl with plastic wrap on top tightly. Poke holes with tooth pick to catch flies. -Jennifer Duncan

19. Cleans humidifier

Remove the filter and rinse with water. Then add ACV to the tank of the humidifier and let sit for 30 minutes, swishing around occasionally. Rinse and dry. -Lacey R. Foster

20. Drain cleaner

Acv and baking soda to clear a clogged drain. -Deanna Moody-Linzmeier

21. Whiten laundry

I also put 1/4 cup in with my white laundry and baking soda to brighten it up. -Raquel Arteaga de Dicuru

22. Jewelry cleaner

Mix 1/2 cup ACV and 2 tbsp. baking soda and let silver jewelry sit in the mixture for a few hours. Rinse with clean water and dry and shine with a soft cloth. -Danielle Fantis

23. Weed killer

Just pour ACV on the weeds! -Bethany Holt

24. Cleaning menstrual sponges

Wash your menstrual sponge in a 50/50 ACV and water mixture with some gentle soap. -Elyse Fox

25. For cloth diapers

Add 1/2 cup to the first rinse of a load of cloth diapers. -Emily Blakey

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Pets

Apple Cider Vinegar for Pets

26. Keep away cats

The cats aren’t fans, so we use it to keep them away from places they shouldn’t be! – Kate Parlee McCullough

27. Flea spray

Spray a 50/50 mixtures of ACV and water on your pet before they go outside.

28. Ward off parasites

I put a capful in my dogs water bowl. – Karen Lopez-Walker

29. Conjunctivitis of dogs

Mix 1 part ACV and 2 parts water. Dab a cloth in the mixture and apply BELOW the eyes. reapply every few hours. -Anny Chen

30. Ear mites in cats and dogs

50/50 acv and water rinse 2 times a day for 2 weeks. works like magic, and no trip to the vet! -Sarah Norton

31. Homemade dog shampoo

Mix 1 part ACV, 1 part water, and 1 part baby shampoo (not Castile soap). -Sandra Mason

32. Chicken immune system booster

Put 1 tbsp per gallon to boosts my chickens immune system. -Nichole Leah Bowen

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar wellness

Apple Cider Vinegar for Wellness

33. Helps slow the breakdown of carbohydrates

Also add 1tbls to each serving of pasta. -Coral Davison-Ray

34. Arthritis

I drink 2 tsp in 8 oz of water to help relieve my arthritis symptoms. -Kelly Cockrell Young

35. For weight loss

I love drinking a tablespoon in a glass of water! It quenches your thirst so much better than just water. -Cara Igoe

36. Help blood glucose levels

I drink it in water all day. -Titus Alexis

37. Prevent mastitis

Drink it in water on a daily basis. -Brooke Carlson

38. Regulate PCOS symptoms

I drink about a tbsp in 8 oz of water before meals. -Janet Adkins

39. PMS Symptoms/cramps

Helps with PMS symptoms, mostly cramps. -Caitlyn Tracy

Add a teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water 3 times a day.

40. Lowers cholesterol

Add a teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water 3 times a day. -Bree Petty

41. PH balance

Can help regulate your body’s pH which can ward off disease. Consume 1 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Shanxon Lemasters

42. Immune system building / booster tea

Warm water, ACV, cinnamon & honey. Tastes like hot apple cider. -Aimee Villella McBride

43. Tea/tonic/drinks

Drink 2 tbs. of ACV, 1 tbs. of raw local honey, 1 tsp. of cinnamon, and half a lemon to 1 cup of water. -Julia Olson

44. Energy drink

A teaspoon to a tablespoon of ACV in 8 ounces of water. With a tablespoon or so of raw honey, a splash of lemon juice, and a dash of ground ginger. Mix it all up and drink before every meal. -Amanda Hamilton

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar beauty

Apple Cider Vinegar for Beauty

45. For dry scalp / dandruff treatment

Add ACV to your shampoo before washing.

46. Hair rinse / hair wash / hair soak

I usually do about a cap full of it into a water bottle along with filling the bottle up to half with warm water and leaving it in my hair for a few minutes then rinse out. -Rhianna Marie

47. Cellulite cleanser

ACV helps break down fat in cells. Add a teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water every day. -Kinga Fronczak- Loforte

48. Gargle

Use a 50/50 ACV and water mixture to gargle with. -Kinga Fronczak- Loforte

49. Hair conditioner / detangler / hair spray

I dilute it with water and use it as conditioner. -Jennifer Kemp

50. Teeth whitener

Brush your teeth with ACV before you brush with regular toothpaste. -Rachel Goakes

51. Grow in balding spots of hair / helps fix alopacea

Add a teaspoon of ACV to a cup of water every day. -Kayleigh Hunt

52. Soften hair

Use a 50/50 mix of ACV and water as a hair rinse. -Lacey Macdonald Noran

53. Bath soak / detox bath

I use it in the bath as a detoxifying soak along with epsom salts and coconut oil, really helps with skin issues. -Natalie Grace

54. Set hair dye.

Dilute with water and rinse after dying, rinsing and conditioning. -Carin Najjar

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar natural remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar for Natural Remedies

55. Heartburn / fighting pregnancy induced heartburn

I mix a tablespoon of acv with a glass of freshly pressed apple juice and drink. -Danielle Jacqueline Whaley

56. For sore throats, coughs, lost voices

Hot water, 2 tbsps cider vinegar, 2 tbsps honey. -Casey-Jane Rand

57. Indigestion / upset stomach

I throw a tablespoon of ACV into my water every day to give it some flavor. -Michele Bath Kus

58. Fungus-like ring worm / kill toenail fungus

Soak feet every day in it. -Kylene Ward Alvich

59. Kill candida

Ingest a tablespoon mixed with water daily to rid body of candida overgrowth. -Laura Joseph Meehan

60. Dermatitis

Use it on contact dermatitis. -Denise Passero

61. Aches and pains (especially joint pain)

Consume 1 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Amy Gray Quinn

62. Plantar wart removal

Soak for 10 mins each night before bed until gone. -Breanna Williams

63. Morning sickness

I put a teaspoon or so in a glass of water with a little stevia. It neutralizes the acid in the stomach! -Allisyn Krause

64. Acid reflux/GERD

I add one tablespoon to a glass of water and drink for immediate relief of acid reflux pain. -Jodi Jones

65. Cold / sick / fever remedy

Mixed in with honey, lemon, cinnamon, (sometimes garlic) for a cold remedy. -Sheila Virginia Miller Rice

66. Diaper rashes

Put it in the bath for diaper rashes. -Sheila Popovich

67. Clear sinuses

Boil it with water and inhale to clear sinuses. -Jillian Nichole Pardo

68. Foot soak / for athlete’s foot/ foot scrub

1 part ACV to 4 parts water. -Danvier Wille

69. UTI’s.

In a bath for UTI’s. Add a cup or two of ACV to your bath. -Rachel Goakes

70. Strep B tests

Consume 1 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Rachel Goakes

71. Thrush

Water and ACV mixture swabbed onto my nipples after breastfeeding during a thrush in babies situation. -Jera Sue Dean

72. Stop a gallbladder attack

A tablespoon before every meal keeps me from having gallbladder attacks. -Cassandra Deardorff Stapp

1 T acv + 1 cup apple juice = stops gallbladder attacks. -Ria Barnett

1/4 C for gallbladder attacks. -Julie O’Connor

I would drink a mix of half ACV and half water or better, apple juice. -Kelly Jones Brown

73. Deodorant

I splash a little on my underarms before I use my homemade deodorant. Otherwise, the baking soda in it makes me itch. The acv balances out the pH. – Suzy Provine

74. Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea

Equal parts ACV and raw honey..enough water to drink it down. -Amanda Jurosco

75. Muscle cramps

A shot helps with muscle cramps. -Tomeka Scheuerman

76. Bursitis

My doctor has me drink two tablespoons in warm water to treat my bursitis. -Sarah Hiatt

77. Natural antihistamine

Consume 1 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Bonnie Woods Alford

78. Cures molloscum

Either taken internally or place on warts with cotton ball and bandaid for an hour. -Alex Guise

79. Fever blister remedy

I put it straight on a few times a day. -Brendi Shepard Edge

80. Yeast infection

Mix in douche bottle 1/4 bragg’s raw ACV with 3/4 lukewarm water. 2x per day for 3 days. -Brittany F.

Pour one cup into a bath. -Audrey McCabe

81. Cradle cap

Apply to a baby’s head to kill the bacteria that causes cradle cap. -Tara Eippert

82. Soak new clothes in it to set color

-Tasha Wiebusch

83. Shrink my fibroid

Consume 1-2 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Sinead Byrne

84. Earache

Few drops in the ear for an earache. -Melissa Andrews

85. Cellulitis

Consume 1-2 teaspoon mixed in a cup of water daily. -Jodi Jones

86. For respiratory problems

It is wonderful for respiratory problems (cold, asthma, bronchitis, allergy, etc) used in a humidifier 4:1 with distilled water. -Glennia J Chitwood

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar food and cooking

Food & cooking

87. In bone broth

Add 2 tablespoons to your homemade bone broth. – Doreen Conrad-Busque

88. For washing fruits and veggies/wash produce

I also have it in a spray bottle diluted with water for cleaning, especially veggies. -Glennia J Chitwood

89. Make buttermilk

Add 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of milk.  Allow to sit at room temperature until the milk thickens. – Titus Alexis

90. Salad dressing

With EVOO, lime and pinch of salt as a my every day salad dressing. -Maria Cabrera-Duran

91. Pickle bologna

-Dave N Kathy Stangl

92. Soaking grains

Add 1-2 tbsp to your soaking grains. -Amanda Jurosco

93. Cooking

-Veronica Perrine

94. Vinaigrette

-Lindsay Fowler

95. Homemade mayonaise

-Rachael Johnson

96. Buttermilk pancakes

Add to milk to make “buttermilk” pancakes. -Christina Fossa

Add 1 T ACV to dairy free milk (soy, almond, etc) and let sit to curdle. Makes vegan/dairy free “buttermilk” for baking! -Jennifer Finnegan

97. Baking

Add ACV and baking soda to get baked goods to rise better. -Janelle Pavey

98. Roast

I add it to my roast so it’s juicy. -Elizabeth Michelle Weaver

99. Chutney

Add some ACV while cooking Chutney to soften the fruit.

100. Hard boiled eggs

Add some ACV to the water when boiling eggs to help avoid broken shells.

101. Marinade

Use ACV in your marinade recipe to help tenderize the meat and add a richer flavor.

Did we cover every use for apple cider vinegar? I think not!

Do you have a use for apple cider vinegar that’s not featured on our list here? Share with us in the comments below!

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting these remedies, they have proven extremely helpful to me and my family, once again thank you.

  2. I have interstitial cystitis and I cannot tolerate anything acidic. Could I take ACV and not have it burn my bladder?

    • I would definitely check with your healthcare provider on that one!

  3. Highly recommend it for getting rid of head lice very sufficient better than any other chemical over the counter ….

  4. Treat athletes foot i use 4 warm water for 1acv in a foot bath soak for half an hour a day until it’s gone also keep feet dry i use gold bound powder dry out after shower clean socks acv kill the fungus and keeping dry prevent propagation usually gone in 1 or 2 weeks depending on the severity

  5. Use apple cider vinegar to remove rust diluted 1 to 1 or pure for faster result but careful it also dilute not catalyze paint flush with water after i use a blow torch to dry the object fast afterward and paint right after cool down easy cheap restoration

  6. If apple cider vinegar is used to attract fruit flies (to capture them in a jar, for instance), then why wouldn’t using it as a cleaning agent for counter tops, etc. attract them to those surfaces?

  7. CAB can be used to clean paint brushes with dried on paint. Heat to almost boiling and pour over brushes into aluminum throw away baking pan. Soak 10 min.

  8. I came across a blog saying that you should avoid drinking the Bragg raw unfiltered ACV while breastfeeding because of passing bad bacteria to baby in breast milk. I started drinking this brand of ACV about 2 years ago while breastfeeding our first child and it never gave her any problems. I would drink it in the morning. Just want to know if it’s true?

  9. Will Acv iterfere with any medications you are taking ? Thank you

  10. You gather almost everything rather than one most important on It is natural laxative too, It really works great for constipation relief.

  11. It is best used for the treatment of dry burns and scalds. Just apply it undiluted with cotton to the affected area and no blisters will be formed

  12. Almost an elixir! Great 🙂

  13. This post is wonderful. So many new things to try. Thanks so much.

  14. It is really nice


  15. Question… Is there any benefit of ACV and high blood PRESSURE? I know it’s good for blood sugar, but I was wondering about blood pressure.

  16. Does it work on spider veins

  17. I dilute one quarter cup ACV with about 40 oz of water and use it to spray carpets that might smell. I also use it in my wash it takes the built up laundry soap, that causes your clothes to fade, out of your clothes. Also apple cider vinegar mixed with peppermint oil and water kills and keeps away spiders. And vinegar and water in a spray bottle will not only de-ice your windows, but it will melt the snow and unfreeze locks in the winter.

  18. Use as a soak to deoderize clothes and shoes.

  19. Rub acv on skin with cotton ball after shaving to help orevenr and treat razor burn. It can sting a little if skin in broken but it takws the pain from razor burn away and heals it almost immediately.

    • Sorry for the bad spelling

  20. Thanks for the advise. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for health care. Due to presence of active ingredients It is great for many skin problems and infections. I used apple cider vinegar to get rid of dark spots and this method work perfectly for me.

  21. Interesting but out of the 101 uses for ACV many of them were repeated

  22. Mix 2 table spoons of ACV
    With a glass of warm water
    And gargle it around in your mouth the brush your teeth.
    The ACV and water mixture whiten your teeth and took off any plaque and tarter..

  23. Good and useful. Let it be more informative

  24. I am really thankful to the owner of this website who has shared this wonderful post
    at at this place.

  25. I use it on my mosquito bites. ACV with flour make a paste and put it on your mosquito bites and they go away like magic ,let it dry and wipe it off with a hot towel.. Poof they go away…

  26. Hi mine is more a question, when you mix ACV with cone on or other powders and lemon juice should the water be cold or hot help.

  27. I had heard many times about acv but I never really paid attention until today thanks for the 101 uses I’m sure I can use all of them at some point

  28. I have used ACV for many things for instance clearing up sinus infection, tonsilliti, weight loss, treating boils, toenail fungus, but the most surprising was when my 92 year old grandmother had gotten over shingles and doctors said there was nothing left to do to treat the post neuropathy (pain and itching after shingles) and we put ACV on it and it took it away almost instantly

  29. Great for hemorrhoids.

  30. The list is very long, but it is pretty good on some of the recipes described. I’ll be using a lot of them. Starting tomorrow. Geeeeesh there’s more uses for ACV then I ever dreamed of. There’s some that will help me out. I’d be happy if they work. I will surely be back to let you know if it did.

  31. I add a diluted tiny spritz to my cats water when I change it. We moved into a heavily infested house. So bad had to leave her in kennel 10 days so she wouldn’t get reinfested while I got the place treated, 3 times by a pro service before cleared. Even though I know still have problem, that tiny. I said use tiny amount in her water has made her taste so icky that she’s had no problems since. The fleas won’t go away. Sandy,, damp soil and everyone else has indoor-outdoor dogs as opposed to my strictly indoor cat. And, I hate spraying poisons all over my yard every few days.

  32. just asking for a friend, can it be used as a remedy for dark underarms? if so, how or what can she mix it with? hope you can answer. thanks!

    • My daughter has very dark underarms I could not get it figured out and we found out she was diabetic. Used apple cider vinegar to regulate her blood sugars and it started going away

  33. Please does acv have any effect on ones fertility?

  34. Apple cider vinegar is very popular remedy for many skin diseases. I’ve just recently treat skin tags by using this. It is effective, it has removed some of the skin tags on my neck with regular usage.

  35. . I use it with a cotton pad to remove dark spots caused but aging. I have just started using it with water and honey on an empty stomach in the morning. I like it as is but addingI cinnamon sounds good so I will try that now.

    • I just started using it for age spots. I just pour some of the ACV in the lid of the bottle, dip my finger (or a cotton swab would work) in it and dab it on the spots. Started to notice the difference within 24 hours!

  36. I use Vermont Village organic ACV. It covers all the check marks. I use it with a cotton pad to remove dark spots caused but aging. I have just started using it with water and honey on an empty stomach in the morning. I like it as is but addingI cinnamon sounds good so I will try that now.

  37. Put ACV on cottonball and clean pets ears

  38. ACV is the only thing that prevents leg cramps for me. I take 2 Tbs followed by a glass of water. It works wonders.

  39. This is great information.

  40. Was searching for apple cider vinegar uses and found this article.
    101 uses wow! who knew!

    But I think you forgot one use so it can be 102 🙂

    It’s also good for sleeping, 2 tbps of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbps of honey in hot water before sleep works better than sleeping pills and much more healthy. Google for apple cider vinegar sleep, I learned about it from Tim Ferriss.

  41. Wow! So many great uses. Will definitely be trying some of these uses.

  42. I have lost 23 pounds drinking acv everyday morning and night for 4 months …burns the belly fat also !!

    • I’m so excited to hear this! I just started this week, but I believe I won’t be disappointed.

    • I’ve lost 56 pounds with acv in am and pm. I have made a little recipe that I like. Acv, tumuric, v coconut oil, ginger root, green or chamomile tea, lemon juice, and add garlic if your feeling a bit under the weather ?

      • Oh and must not forget a dash of black pepper if adding the tumuric, so that your body properly absorbs it ??

  43. WARNING: Apple cider vinegar is an acid. DO NO PUT ACV ON A BABY or child’s skin. If you use it on your own adult skin it must be diluted.

  44. I work with a handicapped man, who uses in dwelling cath. He was always having a bladder infection. I put him on 1t actv , 8 oz h2o. They bladder infections went completely away. He drinks it every day!

  45. I used ACV a couple years ago for a toothache! I had a cracked tooth that was causing intense pain. I swished a TBS of ACV every couple hours until I could get to the dentist to repair my tooth. It was amazing how well it worked to relieve the pain!

  46. Does it regulate period like irregular period? Does it help one trying to conceive? Please I want to know. Thanks

  47. Does it regulate period like irregular period ? Does it help for one trying to conceive? Does it treats STD? Please I want to know

  48. I had sinus problems since my teenage yrs, since using Acv for 3yrs my sinus problems are gone.
    I was recently on a long haul flight from Australia to Europe, my nose was blocked and i had those typical pains in my face and head (sinus points).I took the Acv for 2days and all my symptoms disappeared.
    I had a brain hemhorrage some years ago with headaches for years later, when i started taking Acv my headches dissappeared.
    Im surprised that it wasn’t mentioned here.
    Acv also helps to clear abcesses due to Hs and keeps them at bay,I have been told.
    I wouldn’t be without it.
    Hope this helps, regards Elaine Dolan

    • Wow… I had an aneurysm 11 years ago and am plagued with headaches…. lots of medication later still have headaches plus a sick liver…. I am going to try this thank you so much

  49. Hi there!!

    Oh I need help! Any advice to get my 8 month old sons rash to go away on his genitals?? I thought it was a bad case of diaper rash, but it just won’t go away. I have tried a lot of ointments. I think it may be yeast. Can I use Apple Cider vinegar on it directly? Give him a bath in it? Me drink it and it go through my breastmilk? How do I heal his yeast infection if that’s what it is? Naturally? Oh it’s so frustrating! His little penis and testicles are so red and you can tell it hurts him. Any advice? Thanks so much in advance!! Love your site! You encouraged me to have a no epidural birth, and I did!!! yay!! Thank you for all of your info on your videos! it helps me a lot!

    • Sorry to hear! You could dilute raw ACV (1 TB in 1 cup of water) and apply after each diaper change. Speaking of which, let him go without a diaper as much as you can (hopefully, it’s still warm where you are!) and let the area breath. You can then apply raw coconut oil to the area. If you are breastfeeding, use my nipple cream recipe as this will help too. Flood your body with probiotics and reduce your sugars too. Hope this helps!

    • You can also use scorched flour, in which it will clear up diaper rash within one night.
      Put flour in a small frying pan under low-med fire and stir with a spoon consistently as it browns. Once all of it has reached a light-med brown, remove and let it cool. Apply directly to the rash and it will vanish overnight. You can put the remainder in a jar or ziploc bag for future use. I got this old natural remedy from my grandmother years ago and it has never failed.

      • Is their anything in this world for intense itching?? Been to dry. Tried all the powders, ointments, pills and potions. Can’t stand this nightmarish itching any longer. Please suggest something. Will parched flour help??
        Thank you

  50. Poison oak! Helps with itching and healing.

  51. What brand do you suggest of ACV. For anytime I ingest it I use Braggs from the mother ACV but if I want to start using it for my body or for other common uses would a large bottle of other brands ACV work the same? Braggs is amazing but expensive if I’m going to start using it all the time for a list of different things.

  52. Is it okay to consume it while breastfeeding a 4 mo baby with some heartburn?

    • Provided that it’s your heartburn (not baby’s), and that you’re drinking it in moderation diluted in water, I’d say sure.

      • It’s baby’s heartburns. Like reflux, but not that strong.

  53. is raw ACV safe during pregnancy?

    • Yes. I wouldn’t do more than 1-2 TB a day, diluted in water or salad dressing. Of course, talk to doctor too 🙂

    • yep!

  54. I use a 1/4 cup in the pre wash to get rid of cat pee smell from my clothes when my cat is pissy with me.

  55. In 1 pint of ACV I soak 8 ounces of refrigerated bee pollen for 1 day to make the nutrients more bioavailable. Then I add 30 ml and one ounce organic concord grape juice frozen concentrate to a high ormus salt water sole made from 1/2 celtic, 1/4 dead, and 1/4 Himalayan salts. The bee pollen, grape juice, and salts are high in the supernatural miracle called ormus.

  56. Would you recommend taking Apple cider vinegar before or after oil pulling in the morning?

  57. Treating bacterial vaginosis or to freshen down there parts in general. Apply acv down there directly or diluted

  58. I made a cure my cough and cold tea. I simmered 2 lemons, 2 limes squeezed the juice first, a whole bulb of garlic peeled and smashed, 1″ of ground ginger root. simmered for 5 min, strained, then added 1/2 cup ACV and 1/2 cup raw local honey. I drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day chased with a glass of water. This helped calm my cough and drain my sinuses.

  59. Apple cider vinegar actually saved my gums during pregnancy! I use that s**t for EVERYTHING. Drink it, eat it, bathe in it. I also use it as an astringent. The only thing I don’t use it for is cleaning. I’m quite poor, so regular gallon sized dollar distilled white does that job.

  60. Would drinking ACV in water not mess with teeth enamel? Any clues? Thanks!

    • Raw ACV is the only vinegar that is alkaline-forming to the body. All other vinegars (white, balsamic, red wine, etc) are acid-forming.

    • If you’re concerned about, you can always drink with a straw 🙂

    • Brush your teeth after drinking it. I use it everyday!

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