2 Week Old Baby Development

You won’t believe how much baby’s sleeping (really!). Plus, the truth about postpartum recovery.

  • 2 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Sleeping Champ

    Baby is averaging around 14 to 18 hours of sleep a day right about now. While sleep may be constant, it’s erratic in pattern, and about 2 to 4 hours in duration.

    It can be a real struggle for sleepy new parents, but these tips can help:

    • Swaddle: Babies have a startle reflex or Moro reflex, which means they can startle themselves awake. Swaddling a baby also recreates that cramped feeling of the womb.
    • Use white noise or a baby shusher: It’s also loud in the womb, so use some kind of noise machine—a traditional white noise machine, a baby shusher, or even YouTube videos with sushing or static sounds on loop. Any kind of rumbling noise is good, because it washes out background noise.
    • Use movement, vibration or incline: There’s lots of motion in the womb, too. According to Dr. Harvey Karp, the rhythms experienced inside the womb trigger a reflex that helps keep babies relaxed. (Learn more in his book.) Once baby is earthside, some babies simply won't sleep without that same movement. You can try motorized chairs, swings, and even bassinets. Some glide, some vibrate. Some have timers, some don’t. Research and find the best one for your baby.
    • Make the room dark: It's also very dark in the womb! Use blackout curtains, or drape thick fabric (like towels), up over the windows so that the room is dark to encourage better sleep rhythms.

    Still struggling? Get more newborn sleep tips.

    Baby’s Instincts

    You may notice your baby turning her head when her cheek is lightly grazed—this is thanks to another infant reflex known as “rooting” that helps her find the nipple for breastfeeding. Sucking is also a reflex that not only helps baby get the nutrients she needs to survive, but also provides comfort and soothes baby in times of upset.

    Because of this, cluster feeding is something almost every new mama will face... and, there's not doubt about it, it’s hard!

    Though cluster feeding can happen any time of the day, it's most common in the evening. When cluster feeding strikes, it's usually accompanied by a period of fussy and restless behavior that can last for a few hours. As exhausting as it is for mama, cluster feeding is generally to satisfy the nutritional demands of a growth spurt—a time when baby is growing and developing both mental and motor skills. Learn more about cluster feeding here.

    2 week old baby Haven Joseph Mama Natural Baby Tracker

    Reader photo of 2 week old baby Haven Joseph.

  • You at 2 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    If you delivered at a hospital or birthing center, you and baby are most likely resting and recovering in the comfort of your own home now. If you made the choice to eat your placenta, this may be the time for that! Here are some of the benefits of eating your placenta, and here is my experience with this process.

    Postpartum recovery is in full force! Get the extra support you need right now, so you can sleep and boost your nutrition. Your body just went through a major marathon (pregnancy and birth) and needs space to recover. (And for those who are recovering from a cesarean birth, peruse these tips for healing naturally.)

    With the help of thousands of moms, I put together this extensive list of postpartum recovery tips, so be sure to look through closely and implement. These simple suggestions will support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Two weeks into motherhood—you got this, mama… even if you don’t feel like it!

  • Genevieve’s Week 2 Postpartum Update 🌞

  • 2 Week Old Baby Reader Story 💡
    Another Pack of Depends, Please

    Baby Week to Week 2 Mama Natural Another Pack of Depends Please

    Mama and baby have come a long way since that night in the living room.

    My baby was about a week old when I found myself standing in the middle of the living room in nothing but Depends underwear, using my foot to rock baby in the Rock ‘n Play, using one hand to eat a granola bar, and the other hand to pump.

    I was dealing with excruciating hemorrhoids (there is nothing worse than hemorrhoids, even a 46-hour drug-free labor!) and my daughter cried for 3 hours straight every evening. She was miserable, and so was I. I felt terrible that I couldn’t do anything to help her, and frustrated that she couldn’t be soothed. I dreaded every evening, and I finally resolved to sitting and crying with her. It was all just too much. Could I really do this?, I wondered.

    It was in that vulnerable moment standing in the living room nearly naked and multitasking like I’ve never multitasked before that I had an epiphany of sorts. I just had to laugh. Recovery and those early weeks with baby aren’t glamorous. It’s OK to hurt, to leak a lot of milk, to bleed, to have a body so sore you feel like you can barely move. And it’s okay to acknowledge those challenges and give yourself some grace. I resolved to anticipate challenges, failure, and fear, and I adjusted my attitude and expectations accordingly. — Rachel

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