There are few things as painful as sore nipples.ย Whether you’re struggling from a poor latch, inverted nipples, mastitis, or thrush in baby, it can make breastfeeding a toe curling event instead of something beautiful and bonding.

I have to say, I didn’t really understand this until my little Paloma came into the world. With Griffin, you see, I had NO pain. I remember hearing stories of women struggling, and it was hard for me to relate.

Now I can relate

My issues began on day two with Paloma. I thought it was because she was nursing every hour around the clock. Little did I know she had an extremely shallow latch, which is why she nursed so often, as she wasn’t getting a lot of milk with each nursing session. By day three, my soreness moved to violent pain. I had black blood blisters on both nipples, and was nearly crying with each feeding.

A lactation consultant came to the rescue and showed me that Paloma had a lip tie, which we addressed right away with a laser treatment. But, this didn’t fully solve our problem. Paloma still defaulted to her shallow latch due to my fast letdown.

The problems have persisted in varying degrees throughout Paloma’s four months of life. And I’ve tried many things for relief, from this ointment to this one to straight up coconut oil. These worked okay, but I knew there was a better solution out there.

I’ve found a concoction that is close to magical for sore nipples

In my experience, this DIY sore nipple healer will reduce the pain significantly within a feeding or two, and end the discomfort completely within 24 hours. It’s also a good way to ward off any infections or thrush and for baby to get an extra boost of probiotics, so it’s a win-win. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this DIY remedy helps any other mamas out there with nipple pain!

Sore nipples remedy ingredients


  1. Mix your 1 cup of filtered water with 1 TB of raw apple cider vinegar in a squeeze bottle.
  2. After each feeding, squirt a cotton ball or a small piece of cloth with your vinegar solution and apply to nipple and areola. This will kill any harmful bacteria or yeast as well as clean your nipple area.
  3. Then apply a small amount (~ 1/4 tsp.) of your raw coconut oil to your breast. NOTE: If you live in a warm climate, keep your coconut oil refrigerated so it is a solid rather than liquid oil.
  4. Then pour a small amount of probiotic powder into the palm of your hand. (Be sure your hands are clean!) and sprinkle the probiotic directly on your sore nipples. The coconut oil will catch the powder and keep it adhered to your breast. You could also make a paste by mixing 1 TB of firm coconut oil with 1 tsp of probiotic powder and apply that way.
  5. Then put a small piece (the size of a silver dollar) of paper towel over your nipple and put back on your bra. This will create a barrier so you don’t stain your bra.
  6. Do this for 24 hours for healing and pain relief. You can also continue doing indefinitely as a preventative practice.

How about you?

Have you experienced sore nipples? How did you help them heal? Share with us in the comments below!