37 Week Old Baby Development

Creating a place of “yes.” And finding a way to stay zen yourself.

  • 37 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Now that your little one is more cognitively and physically aware of himself and his surroundings, you may find yourself needing to pull out the “no” card. Times when he may put something in his mouth that isn’t safe, or crawls to an area that isn’t appropriate for him at that moment. It’s inevitable, the more he moves and explores, the more limits he may encounter.

    If or—perhaps more appropriately—when you find yourself having to say no, here are some things you can try to create a more positive experience for both you and baby:

    • Create a ‘yes’ space: This can include baby gates, pillows, and low rise furniture that allows baby a safe space to crawl and explore, without the limitations of an area that is not baby-proofed.
    • Redirect: Think of the way you phrase a limit. Try to stick to non-negative words and phrases. For example: “I see you want to taste and explore your surroundings. I’m going to move you to this area (a space with taste friendly items), so you can continue to explore the way you want, in a safe way.”

    When we are aware of the way we communicate with our children, we can better help them to create a positive learning experience. It may be inevitable to tell them “no” at times, but when you understand the importance of why they are doing what they’re doing, it can help you redirect and rephrase in a positive way!

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  • You at 37 Weeks Postpartum 👩

    Times are changing, mama. Just when you thought you hit your stride as a parent, life makes a big U-turn. Not to worry, mama—it’s all part of the process of watching your little one grow and mature.

    Establishing a routine can really help keep you and baby calm, cool, and collected during developmental leaps. Try to fragment your day into these major categories: wake, clean, eat, play, go outside, sleep.

    • Wake. Let baby be in the crib or bed for about 5-10 minutes before getting him (unless there is crying!). This allows baby to have some time to wake up. It allows heir eyes to adjust to the light, plus they can rediscover their surroundings, stretch their bodies, and be with themselves. (Yes! It’s important for baby to learn how to be comfortable alone for short periods of time.)
    • Clean. Get baby and clean them up for the day. Get them out of their sleep sack, change their diaper, comb their hair, and get dressed for the day—even if you don't have any plans! 
    • Eat. Now it’s time for baby to nurse or bottle feed. Give them a good burping session afterward. You can wait about 30 minutes to an hour and then offer them solids in their high chair while you eat your breakfast.
    • Play! Spend 5-10 minutes bonding and playing with baby. Get down on the floor with them and play fun games like peek-a-boo. Then help them get engaged with some of their favorite toys as you prepare them for some independent play. Hopefully baby will spend 20-40 minutes entertaining themselves with their stimulating surrounds. It’s important for baby to get some good physical activity like this each day, so they’re tired for their nap (and so they learn how to walk!).
    • Go outside. Getting out of the house can do wonders for both mama and baby. Run an errand or take baby for a walk. It doesn't matter what you do, just get outdoors! 
    • Sleep. After all of the activity, it’s time for baby to take a nap. Do your typical nap routine, like giving baby one more feed, dimming the lights, turning on the noisemaker, getting baby into a sleep sack, rocking, and putting baby to bed. 

    When baby gets up, start the routine all over again. You'll be surprised how much these consistent daily rituals can help when baby is going through growth spurts and developmental changes! 

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  • Try This With Your 37 Week Old Baby

    • Stay calm and collected (and validate those feelings!) if baby shows resistance to routines that were once easily welcomed

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