38 Week Old Baby Development

Have you found your groove yet? Plus, how to cope when you’re just plain exhausted.

  • 38 Week Old Baby Milestones 👶

    Her memory is getting stronger and stronger every day! You may notice that she becomes more excited over a familiar song you sing together. She may even try to move your hands away when you play peek-a-boo, remembering that you are hiding behind those hands! This is such an exciting time in development! She is moving closer and closer to that 10-month mark, and big changes are happening.

    This jump in cognitive development (and sharper memory) is great for those routines we talked about a few weeks ago. At this stage, baby is more in tune with her environment and better able to anticipate what comes next.

    Her memory is now sharp enough to help her know and understand that a book can signal that bath and bed are up next. Though it may be tempting to veer from your routine, keep the following in mind:

    • Keep nap/bedtimes on a somewhat consistent schedule: Try not to break away from the usual sleep times at this point in development—especially if you want baby to continue sleeping through the night.
    • Pay attention to routines: Whether it’s getting ready for bed or saying goodbye before you leave, creating a predictable routine can help ease these daily activities. Think: reading the same book or singing the same song. These little activities can help make transitions much smoother.

    It really is the little things that can make a big difference in your day-to-day life with your growing baby!

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  • You at 38 Weeks Postpartum đź‘©

    Is your energy feeling zapped lately, mama? One area that many moms struggle with is balancing the day-to-day tasks with plenty of energy and feel-good stamina. So how do you deal with the lethargy and keep up with your work and your family life? Here are some tips to help you boost energy levels and keep up a positive attitude:

    • Hydrate. Did you know dehydration is one of the biggest contributors to fatigue? And to make matters worse, coffee is a dehydrator so be sure you’re getting at least 8-10 cups of spring water a day. You can add in cucumber and mint or lemon juice and a dash of apple cider vinegar for a little variety.
    • Exercise. Studies show that exercise boosts energy. How do we do this with a kiddo? You can babywear them and walk. The added weight of baby boosts your calorie-burning efforts! Or, you can power walk or run with a jogging stroller. If you do better with classes, see if you can find a gym with childcare.
    • Get enough sleep. Easier said than done with young ones, but make it a discipline to go to bed by 9 pm each night. This will allow you to be fully refreshed for the next day no matter how many times baby gets up.
    • Practice gratitude. Positivity is contagious. By taking a minute or two to write down five things you’re grateful for, you can really shift your mood and boost your energy.
    • Use strategic caffeine. A square or two of dark chocolate, a glass of kombucha, or a golden milk latte can give you a little boost if you feel you need a little extra help. 
    • Keep your mind clear. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with #allthethings, keep your life simple and learn the power of letting go. So what if the house isn’t perfectly clean or the laundry is pilling up? In the grand scheme of things, it’s OK. Don’t have such high expectations of yourself (and everyone else!), and learn to go with the flow. Doing a few minutes of meditation each day can help in this practice.

    You definitely are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and just plain exhausted. Understanding that there are little things you can do to help ease your day-to-day happenings can make a huge difference. And again, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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  • Hot Topics for Week 38 🔥

  • Try This With Your 38 Week Old Baby

    • Talk to your little one as much as possible
    • Start a nap/nighttime routine of reading a book before sleep—this not only helps to get more book time in, it is also a great way to create routine and predictability around sleep time
    • Got 1 minute a day? Grab this journal and commit to gratitude

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