Green Baby Poop: What’s Normal… And What’s Not?

A routine diaper change can elicit quite a few questions when you discover green baby poop. What does it mean? Is baby OK? Find out how now.

Green Baby Poop What's Normal... And What's Not baby post by Mama Natural

A routine diaper change can elicit quite a few questions when you discover green baby poop. You’ll wonder: Is this normal? 

Before we go any further, know that just one or two diapers with green poop is usually nothing to be concerned about. If your baby continues to pass green poop day after day, it’s worth investigating, as it could signal digestive issues. Read on to find out more. 

Why Is My Baby’s Poop Green?

Like adults, the color, form, and texture of baby’s poop is a great way to understand what’s going on in his or her digestive tract from top to bottom. Here are some of the more common reasons you may see green baby poop.

Newborn baby/infant: black-green poop

baby poop color green black

In the very early days of life, green poop is simply the baby’s transition from meconium—a mixture of intestinal epithelial cells, mucus, bile, amniotic fluid, and water—to regular poop, which should be a mustard yellow color if breast-feeding. Sometimes this transition causes green baby poop that’s more of a forest green color.

Breastfed baby: bright green poop

baby poop color lime green

In babies a week old and older, a green poop, especially one that’s bright green, may indicate digestive distress. A foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, caused by oversupply or a fast letdown, may be to blame. This just means that baby is getting too much of the lactose in the foremilk, which can cause an upset tummy. In most cases, baby’s poop eventually normalizes.

To help fix the problem: 

  • Make sure baby finishes one side before offering the other
  • Try laid-back breast-feeding, which can help with a fast letdown
  • Check baby’s latch—a bad latch can be to blame for a milk imbalance
  • Consult a lactation consultant if you need help

Other times babies have green poop because they are sensitive to something you are eating (most likely dairy). An elimination diet can help you pinpoint or rule out food sensitivities.

Formula-fed baby: dark green poop

baby poop color forest green

A formula-fed baby’s poop will normally be tan, but because some formula is fortified with iron, you may notice dark green poop. This is considered normal, as long as there is no blood or mucus in the stool.

Stomach bug: bright green poop

baby poop color lime green

Sometimes bright green poop signals illness, like the stomach bug. If this is the case, baby’s poop may be frothy and/or mucusy as well. Consult with your child’s pediatrician if you notice these symptoms.

Iron supplementation: forest green poop

baby poop color forest green

If baby is taking an iron supplement, dark green poop is normal.

Introducing solids: forest green

baby poop color forest green

Dark green poop, or brownish-green poop, is normal when baby begins to eat solid foods. As baby continues to eat solids and his/her diet expands, you should notice baby’s poop transition to brown.

Toddler: green poop

If baby has recently eaten blueberries, spinach, kale, or other leafy greens, that may cause his poop to be green. This is perfectly normal.

Kids: green poop

Kids experience green poop for many of the same reasons adults do. Read more about what green poop means here.

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  1. my baby is now running in 5 month and he is doing dark green poops and smell too
    is it need to concern plz. we are giving Similac gold (formula milk ) plus sometime breastfeeding

  2. Baby is 3 months old and went from consistent yellow poo, but now green poos with the occasional yellow one for the last 2-3 weeks. She seems fine, not overly gassy, sleeps fine, is happy. I don’t eat any dairy, and she nurses great. I’m wondering if I need more fat in my diet?

  3. My 6 months baby’s poop is dark green and smelly since he was 3 months old and vomit a little every after feed.He poop onve everyday and His pedia says it’s normal.But I feel like he is not gaining weight from 3 months old.He was 6kls then and now he is 6.8.He talked to me and smile a lot before but He still does now but I feel like something change.He is not fussy and sleep well at night too.He was changed to formula when I got mastitis.Is there something that I would be concerned about?or Do you have suggestions for any other fomula option that I can switch. We tried to switch once to similac but we go back to Nan.Please advise

  4. Hi my baby 1month old his poop color green and smell is that’s normal?

    • Could be normal, check with your baby’s provider to be sure. A quick call is better than being worried.

  5. So sorry ment to put 5 stars but only one shows up neat grsfics and informative ?

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