Breastfeeding Videos: Struggling With Breastfeeding? Get Help Now!

Looking for instant help? Check out these breastfeeding videos to give you extra and specific breastfeeding support. Consult with an IBCLC, too!

Breastfeeding Videos Struggling With Breastfeeding Get Help Now baby post by Mama Natural

Breastfeeding sounds simple in theory: put baby to breast, baby latches on, baby is fed. But oh how hard it can be at the beginning! (Don’t worry, it gets easier). The good news? You’re not alone—and there are tons of breastfeeding videos, support groups, and resources out there to help.

In this post, we’ll touch on:

  • The best breastfeeding videos
  • Why you should stick with breastfeeding (even when it’s hard)
  • Plus. how to get additional support you may need

The Best Breastfeeding Videos

What’s a mama to do when it’s 2 a.m., there’s no one to text or call, and you’re desperate to get your fussy, hungry baby to latch?

Thanks to technology, there is breastfeeding help at our fingertips, at all hours of the night and day. Whether it be breastfeeding information from trusted websites like, La Leche League, or yours truly; chat groups and message boards; or breastfeeding videos on YouTube, the internet can be a gold mine when you’re struggling with breastfeeding.

Check out these breastfeeding videos—many of which are produced by lactation consultants or other experts—for help with common breastfeeding issues.

How to Latch breastfeeding video

Struggling to get a deep latch to avoid sore nipples? Faith McGinn, IBCLC, demonstrates the ins and outs of latching.

Cross cradle breastfeeding video

The cross cradle pose is ideal for tiny newborns, as it offers them great body and head support. Let Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC, from the San Diego Breastfeeding Center, show you how.

Cradle breastfeeding video

The cradle hold is the most traditional breastfeeding position and is a good position for older babies. It’s also ideal when you’re breastfeeding in public. Melissa Kotlen Nagin, IBCLC, will guide you through it in this video.

Football hold breastfeeding video

Football hold can be tricky, but it’s a desirable hold for very small babies with less head control. It’s also helpful for large breasted women or with multiples like twins. Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC, has some good tips in this video.

Side-lying breastfeeding video

Mama needs her sleep! Robin Kaplan, IBCLC, will show you how you can nurse while lying down, an essential position for all tired moms.

Tandem (twins) breastfeeding video

Nursing twins at the same time (aka tandem nursing) can be done! You just need a little guidance along the way. This video (also from Robin Kaplan, IBCLC) will show you how.

Tandem (baby and toddler) breastfeeding video

Still nursing your toddler along with your newborn? It can be tough to juggle, but it can be done. This sweet video will help you get in a groove with your two nurslings.

Breastfeeding while babywearing breastfeeding video

When baby needs to eat, she/he needs to eat! This mama shows you how to nurse while babywearing, for on-the-go feeding. It’s easier than you might think.

Breastfeeding in public breastfeeding video

Breastfeeding in public is legal and so necessary if you want to have a full life as a breastfeeding mom. But it can be intimidating at first. This video from Akron Children’s Hospital offers real-life advice from moms who have been there.

Break the seal/unlatch breastfeeding video

Sometimes you need to break the latch while feeding. But please don’t just pull baby off (ouch!). This video by Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC, will tell you how to do it best.

Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy

Let’s face it: Breastfeeding can be really, really hard sometimes. Between latch issues like lip tie or tongue tie, a colicky baby, sore and bleeding nipples, cluster feeding, and potential milk supply issues, the first few weeks of breastfeeding can feel like a non-stop disaster. And when breastfeeding feels like it’s not working out, it can make you feel physically and emotionally drained. 

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But There Are So Many Benefits of Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding go beyond the fact that breastmilk is the best nutrition for your child—breastmilk is also an immunity booster, anti-viral agent, and its health benefits last a lifetime, even after your baby weans. (source, source) Breastfeeding is also convenient, clean, and good for the earth. And it’s a fabulous way for you and your baby to bond!

…And It Gets Better

It’s important to remember that almost all breastfeeding mamas have moments where it feels like everything is going wrong. At some point, many may even feel like they want to give up. Know that you will get through this, especially if you are persistent and reach out for help. And making the effort to solve your breastfeeding issues really is worth it in the end.

In general, it takes at least 3 weeks to establish a good breastfeeding relationship, but most mothers will tell you it takes closer to 6 weeks to iron out any kinks and find your rhythm. And by 3-4 months? You’re golden!

How to Get the Breastfeeding Support You Need

If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, get help from a board certified lactation consultant who can assess whether your baby has issues like tongue tie or lip tie (these can make latching difficult or painful, and sometimes require medical treatment), or whether you’re having any milk supply issues.

Between these professionals, your fellow mama friends, and breastfeeding support groups like La Leche League, there are tons of ways you can reach out for invaluable in-person help.

And Remember…

These breastfeeding videos really can be a lifeline in those difficult moments, or just during those times when can’t quite figure out the right breastfeeding position or need a boost of confidence. But, if these videos don’t solve your issues and you are still struggling, help is out there. Almost all breastfeeding problems have a solution—and most moms and babies get the hang of it in good time.

You can find a board certified lactation consultant here, and you can go here to find your local La Leche League meeting or a local leader who you can call.

How About You?

What resources or breastfeeding videos did you find most helpful? And what advice would you give to a mama who is struggling with breastfeeding? Share your story in the comments below!

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 85,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. My newborn,Desmond doesn’t like being held. how should i breastfeed if that happens?

    • Hmm…have you reached out to an IBCLC? I’ve never come across a baby who didn’t always want to be held.

  2. Hi ,
    I am mother of 8 months old baby.. I am breastfeeding along with solid too.. but my nipples have sore pain and on nipple have white skin like puse.. when I feed baby..its paining like hell.. please help me to get rid of this pain.

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