Baby Circumcision Myths & Facts

People have strong opinions about baby circumcision, but what are the facts? Are there health benefits to circumcision? Are most men circumcised? 

People have strong opinions about baby circumcision, but what are the facts? Are there health benefits to circumcision? Are most men circumcised?

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding routine newborn procedures, including baby circumcision. In fact, my husband and I nearly walked right into circumcising our son, believing it was medically necessary in some way.

Fortunately, we got the facts before we went down that road, and we’re sharing them here to help new moms and moms-to-be make their own decision.

Video: Baby Circumcision Myths & Facts

Myth: Almost all men are circumcised

Fact: Not so much. Globally, fewer than a third of all men are circumcised [World Health Organization, 2008]. And in the USA, recent studies show that fewer than half of all boys born in conventional hospitals from 2006-2009 were circumcised.

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Myth: Baby circumcision is recommended by doctors and medical associations

Fact: In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that baby circumcision is not recommended as a routine procedure. The American Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians agree.

Myth: It’s just a bit of skin; he won’t miss it

Fact: The prepuce (foreskin) contains about 10,000 super-specialized nerve endings and a few feet of blood vessels. Without them sex may be less enjoyable. A study shows that the glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive than the glans of the intact penis. Anecdotal evidence points to sex being less satisfying for both partners when the man has been circumcised.

The foreskin also acts as protection for the glans. It keeps the glans moist and protects it from friction. When the glans is protected and kept moist penetration can happen more easily and causes less discomfort or pain for both partners.

Evidence also points to the gliding action of the foreskin during sex controlling erection and ejaculation as well as contributing to pleasure and satisfaction.

Myth: It’s easier to take care of a circumcised penis

Fact: All you have to do with a child’s intact penis is leave it alone. As the boy reaches puberty, he’ll be able to retract his foreskin and rinse it as necessary. Not a big deal.

In fact, much of the discussion about uncircumcised penises being “dirty” come from ancient times when clean water and regular bathing were not common. We have access to plenty of clean water and soap these days.

Myth: Circumcision prevents urinary tract infections

Fact: Urinary tract infections just aren’t that common, nor are they life threatening. Baby circumcision does seem to help prevent UTIs, but, statistically, the number of circumcisions you’d have to do in a population to prevent a single UTI is staggering. Here’s a detailed report on the subject. The benefits of amputating a protective body part don’t outweigh the risks of a UTI.

It’s also worth mentioning that this study is based on bacteria in the urine and NOT on UTI symptoms. So there is no way of knowing how many of these boys would have developed a UTI from the bacteria found and which ones wouldn’t have.

Evidence has also shown that circumcision may actually cause UTI’s. E. coli needs an entry into the body. Intact boys foreskin protects them from E. coli entering the urethra. On the other hand, circumcised boys don’t have that protection and may be even more susceptible because of the dryness and inflammation of an unprotected glans.

Myth: Baby circumcision prevents penile cancer

Fact: Though some evidence points to penile cancer being more common in intact men, the reason why is not fully understood. Also, circumcision is not a prevention for penile cancer so other precautions should be followed anyway, like avoiding contracting HIV or HPV, not smoking, and practicing proper hygiene, so circumcision is unnecessary.

Penile cancer is so rare that we would need to have 900 newborns circumcised to prevent one case of penile cancer. In a letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Cancer Society stated that it “does not consider routine circumcision to be a valid or effective measure to prevent [penile or cervical] cancers. Penile cancer rates in countries which do not practice baby circumcision are lower than those found in the U.S.”

Myth: Intact kids will get teased in the locker room

Fact: These days nearly 50% of boys nationwide are left intact – so the circumcised boys may be just as likely to get teased.

On the other hand, a little teasing (which we all experience for one reason or another) seems inconsequential compared to the shame, anger, and sense of loss that some circumcised men feel as adults knowing that their body was modified without their consent.

Myth: It prevents STDs

Fact: Circumcision does not prevent STDs. This myth has come about from African studies done in 2006 that showed men were somewhat less likely to contract HIV if they were circumcised. There are a number of things wrong with using this study to say that circumcision prevents transmission of HIV. The studies were not well done and the difference in HIV infection was statistically very small.

Also, a study done in an HIV epidemic area like Africa has little value to what can be expected in the US. In Africa, sex is not the only, or biggest, way people contract HIV. Unsterile medical conditions and mothers passing HIV to their babies are two other huge ways the epidemic is continuing. In the US, heterosexual, non IV drug users almost never contract HIV.

Some information even points to the foreskin helping prevent STDs. Langerhans cells are especially concentrated on the inner lining of the foreskin and have been shown in laboratory testing to attract pathogens, including HIV. Scientists initially took this to mean that these cells made infection more likely, but with newer information they conclude that these cells may actually act as a last defense against the infection entering the body. And let’s also keep in mind that the best way to prevent STDs is safe sex or abstinence.

Myth: Baby circumcision is harmless

Fact: It does hurt, maybe even more for infants than adults. Beginning in the late 1800’s doctors began to believe that infants didn’t feel pain which is why they performed circumcisions, (and even open heart surgery!) without anesthesia of any kind. We now know that infants do feel pain and may even feel more pain during circumcision than older children or adults. This is because an infants prepuce (foreskin) is attached to the glans and has to be forcefully ripped from the glans to do the procedure.

The anesthesia used for circumcisions, if any is used, is local which dulls the pain slightly but doesn’t remove it. Anesthesia also introduces the possibility for other risks. Studies have shown that infants undergoing circumcision have experienced marked increase in heart rate and decrease in oxygen levels. Cortisol levels were elevated during and after the procedure which is a marker for pain.

Infants were found to have continued stress after circumcision which was exhibited in sleep disturbances and being inattentive to stimuli. The trauma of circumcision can interfere with mother-infant bonding which can, in turn, cause other problems like breastfeeding issues. Trauma of circumcision can be as far reaching as mood disorders, aggression, and feelings of inadequacy in adulthood.

One last fact:

Mama Natural is not here to judge. Baby circumcision is a personal and sometimes religious decision. Thing is, it’s an irreversible decision. So do your homework, get the facts, and do what’s right for you and your baby boy.



  • AAP Circumcision Policy Statement:
Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 85,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. This is dangerous misinformation. The AAP reversed that decision in 2007. “Evaluation of current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks and that the procedure’s benefits justify access to this procedure for families who choose it. Specific benefits identified included prevention of urinary tract infections, penile cancer, and transmission of some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has endorsed this statement.“ from the AAP’s website.
    If you’ve ever worked with the elderly, you know why it is better to circumcise. If you’ve ever done Mission work in a third world country, you know why it’s better to circumcise. This article? This is the myth. The facts are out there for everyone to see. My goodness.

    • Not really. It should be the choice of the owner of the penis. It can be done in adulthood.

      Your statements one-sided. Sure, you can find some correlations, but you FAIL to mention the sensation that exists with a foreskin.

      And your logic is no more correct than to say that if you cut off a woman’s breasts early, she won’t have breast cancer, which is a serious risk.

      Obviously, any part of the body you cut off, you reduce the risk of cancer. Duuuhhh. Cut off your arms and legs, and you reduce all the health problems associated with all that too!!

    • And let me guess, you are circumcised yourself? Almost a SURE 100% chance. And you’re probably stupid enough to think that’s just a coincidence?

  2. Honestly I feel as though circumcision is a form of sexual trauma. Even though it is not done as a sexual act to a child it might as well be because now an infant is going to associate their own sex organ with a certain level of pain psychologically. Just my theory on it as someone who has undergone sexual trauma as a young child. I truly believe our personality and habits are formed in our first few years of life whether 2 days or 2 years old, circumcision certainly has to have some kind of lasting psychologically effect.

  3. With all due respect to mama natural organization this article has the anti-circumsion agenda made pretty clear and the sources they chose to use. I’m not saying when should or shouldn’t do this with their child. What I am saying is the sources used in this are pretty pathetic if the goal is tp help people make unbiased informed decisions. The AAP updated there stance in 2012 on the topic so 1989 (I think they meant 1999, that’s when they changed their stance) is just slightly out dated and dosent ultimately reflect what they think. CIRP website is clearly an anti-circumcision site (look at news articles and books recommended. The agenda is clear). Again I’m not saying one should do this for their child or not. What I am saying is I was shown this page as a credible source and found the data either conflicting or not clear to the point where it’s pretty clear what the author believes one should do.

    • Imagine being onboard with strapping an innocent child down and forcing them to get their genitals cut up for the sake of “hygiene” when there’s this thing called running water and soap. Even still… intact dicks don’t just suddenly develop infections when they’re left unwashed. It takes a LONG time, like any other body part for it to start having issues. All these “oh, my brother’s friend’s uncle’s coworker’s dad has problems at 60 because REASON.” It is so rare and far between. How do other countries, some FAR less developed than the USA have ZERO issues with their boys and men with foreskins? So weird.

    • Oh please, the AAP.. did you ever wonder how many medical groups find it important to gather a group of pro-circumcision doctors, as the AAP did to get a pro-circumcsion policy that was deliberately intended to mislead? Because that is exacvtly what they did. Friedman and another of the group were Jewish and firercly pro for any reason including our tribe wants it.

    • You might consider that European medical organizations tend to recommend against circumcision, while US medical advisory organizations tend to recommend for it. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that almost all, if not all, the men voting for that recommendation in Europe are themselves uncut? And the men in the US medical organizations are likely almost all circumcised.

      That right there should seriously throw into doubt how these recommendations are made.

  4. You failed to mention deaths due to circumcision causing shock or infection. They happen in the USA as well as countries with limited health care. Numbers are hard to get as there is pressure to put infant deaths down to other reasons I have read.

    Also missing is any mention of serious penile damage or loss. Cases of penises being cautorised off or having their glans cut off in error are documented.

    And what of botched procedures that leave too little skin and mean painful erections when the child grows up or hairy pubic skin being pulled way up the penile shaft when erect.

    Thing to keep in mind is that no matter how infrequent deaths, mamings and painful erections and disfigurements are they are all serious and perminant and are not balanced up by similar nasties befalling uncircumcised kids. You don’t hear of neonates dying at 2 days old because they were not circumcised or glanses coming detached or dying away for want of a circumcision.

  5. Had a boy two years ago and didn’t even think about circumcision. I remember watching a TV show called, BS(with Penn and Teller) years back, where they showed a video of a baby being cut. It looked so sick and traumatizing, I knew I could never do it to my son. Also, my husband is so opposed to it, he probably would have divorced me if I’d insisted on it. As a woman, I prefer the look of a circumcised penis, but that’s my hang up, and sexual preference is not a legitimate reason to mutilate an innocent newborn.

    • Very well said! Thank you for writing it, Julia. It’s too late for guys like me. But boys born now and hereafter need more people – especially women – to speak up against imposing this procedure on infant boys. The person getting cut on is the one who should decide that the procedure is beneficial to him.

  6. Hi Genevieve,
    I’m having my first son (baby #4) and I’ve been wrestling with the decision to get him circumcised as I do not wish to get him immunized, including the vitamin k shot. My husband is leaning toward circumcision, but I’m not sure how to do that without the vitamin K shot. Do you have any information on circumcision without the vitamin k shot? Still on the fence. Thanks so much for making these helpful, informative videos about natural parenting!!

    • Hi mama! Please look at! Your beautiful baby boy was born perfect and cosmetic surgery is not needed on his genitals.

    • Please don’t hurt your baby! When a husband is wanting his baby cut- it’s not even about the baby but the husbands own fragile ego. Put your foot down and say “I love you the way you are, but I willNOT let our baby be hurt”. Also, as said above, research yourself the harms of circumcision and benefits of foreskin! Most doctors will NOT circumcise without the vitamin k shot- wise- as I personally have seen baby boys nearly bleed too death in my ER after circumcision. No baby should ever have to go through pain and suffering like that!

    • My son father made me got he circumcised I just wanted to know if the foreskin will ever grow back yes or no

      • No it won’t but a topical steroid cream called betaderm could possibly help lengthen the foreskin as they age. Best to speak with a doctor

    • Biblically they waited I believe 7 days to do circumcision. Guess what? At 7 days baby will fully have all the Vitamin K he needs naturally!! God is just that good. We have close friends of ours who chose to do it this way. We decided not to do circumcision but I think if you’re going to and are worried about them pushing the Vitamin K shot due to the possibilityof brain bleeds, just wait the 7 days then do it. Hope that helps some!

      • She’s right it was 8 days

  7. I was born prematurely and my penis was undersized. As a consequence my penis also had phimosis. I was prescribed a betaderm cream to stretch the opening of the forskin in order to allow the free movement of my forskin in order to forgo a circumcision. If you do a google images search with the words phimosis betaderm a picture that i uploaded on a healthunlocked page will appear as one of the first images. You can see that the cream definitely works in stretching the forskin and in my case also elongated it. Perhaps knowing that this product exists would allow parents to forgo circumcisions at birth knkwing that if the child grows up and has this issue there are other avenues available to them.
    R. Bell

    • I presume that was an issue in adulthood, right? The foreskin is fused to the prepuce until puberty – that is totally fine and does not need to be fixed in any way.

      • Yes Jenny that is correct

  8. Thank you for addressing these myths. I hope to see circumcision become a thing of the past. I have one intact son that is about to turn 6 and a baby on the way who will also remain intact. I am American, of Jewish ancestry, and both fathers are circumcised. There are no more excuses for this procedure. Our children’s bodies belong to them, not to us.

    • Congratulations on being astute and letting both your boys have a whole penis.

  9. My parents had told me they wouldn’t ever babysit or watch my son even for an emergency if he wasn’t circumcised despite mine and my doctors explanation on why its unnecessary and pointless to do… I was also criticized and told id be a bad mother if he wasn’t circumcised… I’m 30 weeks pregnant today… Did you ( or anyone viewing the comments) receive harsh criticism from family and if so advice on how to deal with it?

    • I’m sorry you’re dealing with people in your life that feel differently than you do about your baby. It really is no one else’s decision. If they don’t like it they can stay away. My guess though is once he’s here they won’t care. I have 2 boys that were left whole, the way God made them.

    • My in-laws kept asking if we would do it when we already said no. If they would go as far as to say they won’t help out or won’t be a part of his life I’d say they are being completely manipulative towards you AND/or they are showing true colors and aren’t going to be good grandparents anyways. I would take the next 10ish weeks to reach out to friends and gather non-family support in case they really do suck and won’t help.

    • So sorry!
      I’m sure my family will have comments to say, but it’s not up to them… and I’m not worried about their opinion…. it’s misled and misinformed or strongly opinionated…
      It’s your decision… your son’s decision….
      It sounds like a toxic relationship that needs some mending and boundaries. Their loss if they won’t be a sitter. Give her the “how to care” info -which is absolutely nothing different – just don’t “retract” and count it her loss… Sounds like there is boundaries that neeed to be made!

    • I imagine you have had the baby at this point. I am concerned about family members that would not accept your child as they are. Especially if they decline to even be there for you in case of emergency. You can give them information but it might not change their minds. Sometimes parents are threatened when people make other choices because of the choices they made. It does not mean either of you are right or wrong but people can get defensive as though other choices are somehow an attack. Your mother’s intuition is right on with keeping your child how he is born and you really don’t have to explain or justify that. Your parents may soften over time as this is their grandchild but if they do not then they may regret that choice at some point. What a superficial reason to not be in contact with their grandchild. I have learned to let go of unsupportive people to the best of my ability. I understand this is very difficult but I am striving to be a healthier, happier person who is regularly striving to make progress as a person and parent so I do not have much room in my life for toxic relationships. People will have opinions and criticisms on all of your parenting decisions. Trust your instincts and intuition, do your research, and do your best to not let others get you down. It would not be worth doing something damaging to your child or your relationship with them just because someone else does not approve.

    • My Mother was adamant that my boys should have it done. I have three younger brothers and all three were done by the same female OB that my mother had. She pointed out that they have never had any problems while her sisters two sons had to have it later. My mothers close friend has been an RN for over 30 years and she told her that its just a minor procedure that her boys had and almost all women would agree that its very important because of health reasons. My mother even volunteered to go in with him like she did with her boys, she said it was nothing like some people make it out to be. I am still undecided at this point.

      • Undecided? How would you feel if your genitals were at the fate of someone else’s “decision”? It’s not your decision.

    • Then cut your parents out of your life. Honestly, for them to disown their grandchildren because his genitals aren’t mutilated says everything you need to know. Tell them to go F**k themselves. They’re insane.

  10. I agree with everything here, except the concluding caveat. To me, it is NOT a parental right. It is not the family’s penis! They won’t be using it for sex!

  11. Mary Ann, I’ve often thought about labiaplasty in relation to circumcision. Why would a parent not be allowed to have a labiaplasty performed on their daughter? Since you obviously enjoy your altered genitals, wouldn’t it make sense to snip them when they are little so they don’t have to bother with the surgery as adults?

  12. The decision to remove healthy genital tissue from minors should not be a simple parental choice. Like any other surgical intervention, it should only be performed in response to an actual medical condition. (Imagine how crazy I would appear if I asked the doctor to remove my infant’s tonsils to avoid the risk of future tonsillitis!) I am fortunate to have my whole, natural penis. Even if I should encounter a problem relating to my foreskin at some point in the future, chances are it would not be life threatening. It could be treated with antibiotics, steroidal creams, or even a minimally invasive procedure such as the dorsal slit. I would be able to go on enjoying the benefits of a naturally functioning sexual organ. Even if I should need a circumcision, I would much prefer to get one in order to rectify an actual medical condition rather than have part of my penis removed without my consent as prophylaxis for a problem that may never occur. At least if I need a circumcision later in life, I will have had the benefit of enjoying my whole, natural penis for many years prior to the medical condition. Sadly, millions of American men are living with a permanent surgical “correction” to a problem they may never have encountered had they been left intact. It doesn’t make it any better if they “enjoy” their surgically altered state; the fact that they will never have the choice to experience the sexual functions of their natural physiology is an ethical stain on the reputation of the American medical community and American society in general.

    • Thank you for commenting! It is great to hear a viewpoint of an adult who has not been circumcised. Many of the men I have been talking to are circumcised. They really do not know why they were circumcised, other than the doctors recommend it. This is so puzzling to me. I totally agree with your logic.

      • Many of the men you talk to are circumcised? You MUST be living in the US if you are talking to a wide variety of men. This would NOT be something you would experience in Europe.

        My parents moved from Europe to the US when I was in middle school. Didn’t know about circumcision and was shocked to see all but one boy in the locker room with something strangely exposed and cut with American boys. I had NEVER seen that on any boy in Europe in a locker room.

        I had to ask my mom who explained that American boys have been cut. I asked why, and never got an answer that made sense, and I worried that the phys ed teacher was going to notice and call the nurse and start clipping and chopping my penis. The fact that there was just one American boy who was uncut settled my fears a bit.

  13. Child mutilation,

    • Well, it actually is!!

      Had circumcision not been a thing, and a doctor had done it, he would lose his license and go to jail. It’s actually primitive thing that has been grandfathered in, and rationalized on very thin medical grounds by proponents, almost all of whom have themselves been circumcised (think there’s any relationship there? LOL)

  14. For parents that are circumcising for religious reasons (God commanded boys to be circ’d on the eighth day after birth, which is interestingly when blood clotting Vitamin K levels are at their highest), there is a ‘middle of the road’ option which does not involve tearing the skin away from the glans or causing extensive damage/pain. Brit Milah circumcision is removing only the very tip of excess skin, literally the fore-skin, which is a tiny piece about the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny. The bleeding is extremely minimal and you can use numbing cream or spray both before and after. This type of circ is done on day 8 and is not traumatic to baby. If you are Jewish, Torah observant/Messianic Christian, or Muslim, this type of circ might be a better option than the hospital or modern tradition of Brit Periah (full foreskin removal).

    • There is 0 reason to mutilate our children!
      Brit shalom is a wonderful alternative, without touching our children’s genitals.

    • The very tip of the foreskin, where it folds over and under is called the Ridged Band and is arguably the most important part of the foreskin. It is by no means “extra skin.” It is a critically functional part of the penile skin and it contains between 10,000 and 20,000 highly specialised nerve endings, essential to normal intercourse.
      That is still forced genital mutilation. It’s NOT less invasive or less painful, and it’s NOT just excess skin – it is HIS skin, and you have no right to decide on his future sexuality – or that of his future wife.
      Stop this barbarity.

  15. I find it utterly bizarre that a website in favour of natural parenting is so wishy-washy regarding the entirely unnatural practice of forced male genital mutilation (which is what “circumcision” really is). There is no justification for amputating a healthy, normal, functional body part from any child, regardless of gender. The idea that it is “the parent’s choice” ignores the rights of the child. Not the parent’s body, not the parent’s penis, not their choice to damage it. I expected better of this site and will look elsewhere for natural parenting information from now on. Judging a parent for willfully damaging their helpless baby (circumcision IS damaging) when they have plenty of information to prove they are wrong is both necessary and acceptable. Regret parents, on the other hand, deserve sympathy and understanding. But there is NO excuse for any of today’s parents to choose to harm their sons in this manner. Not religion, so-called “health benefits” (no such thing), poorly trained nurses and caregivers-nothing.

  16. “Though some evidence points to penile cancer being more common in intact men, the reason why is not fully understood. Also, circumcision is not a prevention for penile cancer so other precautions should be followed anyway, like avoiding contracting HIV or HPV, not smoking, and practicing proper hygiene, so circumcision is unnecessary.”

    Can you explain this paragraph a bit more? In that discussion, previous convictions one way or the other often lead to dismissing otherwise indicative research points that merit follow-up. This paragraph seems to write off the possible connection without any real further exploration.

    I don’t know. I still remain unconvinced either way. There seems to be more emotion than thought involved, and studies tilting heavily in both directions.

    My husband was not circumcised as a child, but developed issues with his foreskin in his early teen years and required a circumcision. The surgery cleared things up. Another New Zealander friend required one later in life for infection issues. It seems to me that a cultural posture of opting out of circumcision en mass will never eradicate the need for it in a portion of individuals.

    • The paragraph is saying that circumcision doesn’t prevent penile cancer (though it may less common in circumcised men, according to the study) so preventative measures still need to be taken, therefore circumcision is unnecessary (as it doesn’t eliminate the need for preventative choices).

    • Many people require tonsillectomies, appendectomies, and mastectomies to rectify medical issues they face as adults. This doesn’t mean we should ever consider removing tissue from healthy infants as prophylaxis. Advances in medical ethics (not emotions) will ultimately spell an end to routine circumcision of minors.

  17. It is simply a violation of Basic Human Rights to cut off a part of someone’s body without their consent. That should be the only argument needed to put an end to routine infant circumcision. His body. His choice.

  18. Hello Mama Natural!
    This may be an old post, so I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but the AAP Policy Statement on circumcision you are referencing is not current, and is incorrect.

    You cited their Policy Statement from the 90’s, but in 2007 they reviewed current information on circumcision “to update the Academy’s 1999 recommendations” and concluded,

    “that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, and that the procedure’s benefits justify access to this procedure for families who choose it.”

    This evaluation was down by a “multidisciplinary task force”, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists endorsed this 2007 statement on circumcision from the AAP.

    Please follow this link and see for yourself. As a mother who Emotionally muddled through “misinformation” as you mentioned, and as a Mama Natural reader, it would mean a lot to me if you corrected this information. The way you’re presenting this information totally misleading.

    I appreciate you’re blog and am thankful for your commitment to informing parents! Thank you, and God bless!

    • So what other normal, living, healthy, otherwise permanent bodily part or tissue do we perform a risk-benefit analysis of excising at birth? The notion is on its face ridiculous. Circumcision is not necessary for optimal health and so should not even be an option at birth.

      • That greatly depends on your definition of ‘optimal health.’

    • They still conclude that health benefits are not significant enough to recommend circumcision as a routine procedure on all newborn males. They just changed the wording a bit to keep taking in as much money from the procedure they could. They just want third party payments to keep rolling in.

    • ? seriously…
      It’s an agenda… there is no medical benefit even if the stupid website states so…

    • From the same article you are referencing….
      “Although health benefits are not great enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male newborns, the benefits of circumcision are sufficient to justify access to this procedure for families choosing it”

      It is not recommended for routine practice.

  19. I have two sons and I chose not to circumsize both of them. My oldest, who is now 22, has had problems since he was young, and he’s told me he’s also had problems as an adult. He wishes I had circumsized him, but I did what I thought was best at the time with the info I could find. But it does makes me feel awful that my decision for him has not been in his best health interest. Had I a crystal ball I would of chosen to do the circumcision. My youngest, on the other hand, now 19, hasn’t had any problems. My oldest always had trouble retracting the foreskin, so perhaps that might be a red flag for new parents, I don’t know. It’s just one of those tough decisions. If I had to do it over again, I would probably circumsize.

    • “My oldest, who is now 22, has had problems since he was young, and he’s told me he’s also had problems as an adult.”

      Then he can go get circumcised. I needed a labiaplasty as an adult, and I’m glad that it was my choice. I would’ve been horrified to learn that my parents had labiaplasty performed on me as an infant “just in case” I needed one later in life. Absolutely ridiculous logic!

    • I’m so sorry about your son’s issues — it sounds like his is a victim of improper care. You mentioned your oldest “always” had trouble retracting the foreskin. In infancy and childhood, the foreskin is closed tight to protect the penis from contaminants, opening widely at urination like a sphincter and closing up again. No one, including doctors, should EVER try to pull back on the foreskin. It is self cleaning and needs no special care. The average age for natural retraction is 10.4, but anytime in the teens is perfectly normal.

      From the Doctors Opposing Circumcision website: The belief that the foreskin must be routinely retracted for cleaning is probably the #1 piece of incorrect advice about foreskin care. This is actually the most harmful thing that can be done to the foreskin, and can lead to serious problems! Forcible retraction can cause pain, tearing, bleeding, scarring, infection, and other complications. Make sure that all of your son’s caregivers – doctors, nurses, grandparents, babysitters, day care workers – know correct care of the foreskin: that is, to only clean off the outside and to never forcibly retract.

    • Judy, The circumcision decision is something that one never knows how its outcome will be. Many times, the boy is not circed and after he reaches his teens then, like your oldest, wants it. My husband assured me that almost all men who are circed, never give it a thought. My husband is circed and at 64 years old has never had any erection problems at all and still wants sex three times a week ! All three of our boys were circed and none have ever had any issues. Males can have problems whether they are circumcised or not.

    • Judy, you made the right choice. I am not circumcised and have had no issues. I’m very happy to have the choice about what happens to my body. Even if I were to encounter problems in the future, I would be able to sit down with my doctor and make an informed decision based on the situation and options available. I don’t know why your oldest son is so upset. If he gets an ingrown toenail, is he going to complain that you’d should have had his toes removed at birth to prevent it? Where does it end? Every part of the body can get diseases or other problems, it doesn’t give us the right to remove healthy tissue and organs from infants just to avoid some hypothetical future condition! That’s what bodily autonomy is about! Letting people choose if and when they want to permanently modify their bodies.

  20. It’s your sons decision later in life – plain and simple parents … you don’t own the penis in question – and if you make the decision just because you think you have the right to… you are wrong

  21. As a woman I cannot attest to several different aspects of circumcision vs. uncircumcision. As the wife of an uncircumcised I had to deal with being rejected in the bedroom frequently because of the peeling skin and irritation that my husband had. He alwaus kept himself washed and did have a history of eczema, but the rash on his genital region was unidentifiable by doctors and a frequent source or itching and pain for him. There is also the question of what soap products to use on either cut or uncut. IMO the risks of infections, bacteria, and fungus are more likely to be avoided with fewer places to hite with a good bar of soap instead of shower gel.
    As for sensitivity and the pleasure of sex… it stands to reason that the foreskin would be a useful asset on every level of intercourse, but that the odor from any trapped sweat, bacteria, etc is nasty.

    • “he odor from any trapped sweat, bacteria, etc is nasty.”

      You could say the exact same thing about a woman’s labial folds. American double standards regarding a fold of skin on the male genitalia vs. the folds of skin on the female genitalia make absolutely no sense!

    • The use of soap causes yeast infections and upsets the pH balance.

    • E Young : Many women prefer a circed man and they should NOT be made to feel weird because of it ! As a nurse, I have seen plenty of cases in which men needed circumcision to help cure massive infections.

      • Marli, it’s one thing to prefer something, (some men prefer women with laniaplasty or augmented breasts) but it’s against all ethical guidelines to permanently alter childrens’ bodies to fit your own sexual preferences. Because what ever it is you prefer, might not be what they would have preferred. Everyone’s different, you know.

      • I always find it puzzling to hear American healthcare workers state they’ve seen “many men” with “massive infections” caused by being “uncircumcised”.

        The reason I find it so confusing is that I’ve spoken to many healthcare workers from non-RIC countries. These people have been unanimous in their assertion that foreskin infections are exceedingly rare, and circumcision almost unheard of.

        It makes me wonder. Is the problem with the American foreskin, or the American healthcare workers?

        Somehow the latter seems much more likely.

      • Marli, a lot of men prefer “tucked in” labia minora. Should we trim girls to make them more marketable in the dating world? If not, then why should we customize boys for the presumed preferences of some (SOME) women?

        If a natural penis is a dealbreaker for a woman, I guess, as you say, we don’t need to make her feel weird about it. Because she obviously has enough problems already (e.g., too shallow to focus on the person attached to the penis due to her foreskin fixation). “I dumped the chick because she had these big flappy meat curtains.” Men have said such things about women. Ugly, isn’t it? It’s ugly when you say analogous things about men. Let’s try to grow up and realize that we’re in a relationship with a PERSON, not a penis or a vulva.

  22. 7/21/2016
    Well I read this whole blog: so I’ve read just about every argument to support and not support the decision to circumcise. I’m due 11/1/2016, and still researching my decision to circumcise (or not?).
    I see both sides – I was honestly leaning more AGAINST this decision when my pregnancy began, than I am now.
    I think it is a parent’s choice — and I had to comment on this. All during your pregnancy you are faced with choices:
    *Should you get the genetic testing to see if everything “checks out” for a healthy baby? Should you have an ultrasound? Should you decide to have a glucose test? What about labor … Should you choose to deliver naturally, or opt for that epidural? Breastfeeding- yes or no?
    Obviously, these are all important decisions you face as a parent to be, and some of these decisions are very difficult, and will affect you and your babies new and developing bodies (possibly forever?). I think it is totally up to the parents to make these early choices for their babies, and hope they are making the best informed choices for their babies – we can only do the best and hope we made the right choices for our babies.
    I would not wait, and I do see the research to support waiting to circumcise; but why not just make an informed choice as a parent that you think is in the best interest of your baby and their future — how are these other difficult decisions that we need to make along the way any different?
    As parents we do our best for our children, and that’s unfortunately all we can do — there’s a lot of passionate viewpoints on here for both sides, in my opinion. As parents we must make difficult decisions every single step of the way — because we are the decision makers early on for our children, and want to give them the best possible futures, and save them any pains of the future so they can have the best lives possible.

    • I don’t normally comment on these things but this is close to my as I have to live with a choice I didn’t make for the rest of my days. I will say this I cannot make you choose to do this or not to do this. I’m just telling you about my life and the relationship I have with my parents, They chose to do this to me against my will they removed a part of me that I will “never” I want you to understand I mean “NEVER” get back I now feel incomplete and will have to live with that feeling till the day I die. This has caused me countless distress in my life I don’t think you can understand since you’re most likely complete (if you’re missing any part of your body think of that and if you’d want it back, and if you’d resent someone for just taking it from you for no good reason without your consent) This will remove a part of your son forevermore. I hold boundless resentment and bitterness towards my parents and want to sue the living shit out of the doctor that did this to me, alas I probably will never be able to do that since the statute of limitations is up. I live a life where when I look into the mirror I see a mutilated shadow of what I could have been, and I’ll live with that forever. It can get to be too much sometimes and I will breakdown the weight of that decision (one I had no say in) weighing me down. I say these things not to offend you or upset you I say these things to prepare you, for these words may come from your sons lips later in life, and you’ll only have yourself to blame for not allowing him a basic human right of bodily integrity.

      Sorry for the long post, it’s been a long day for me.

      Thank you for your time.

      • Actually first time I’ve ever commented on a thread but felt the need. I have been circumcised and want you to know that i feel great about my body and have no resentment towards my parents nor feel the need to sue someone who I have no doubt felt they were acting in my best interest. I’m sorry that you feel like you are missing a part of you but it seems to me that you need to let go and work it out instead of living how ever long you have holding onto this grudge. Accept the things you can change and move past the things you cannot. On a side note I work in a hospital and will promise you that when you are older you’ll be happy you dont have to get help pulling back your skin to clean multiple times a day. Original poster it’s your choice in the end and I think you do what you feel is best for your child.

        • Pulling back your skin to clean multiple times a day? No, a quick rinse with water only in the shower is all it is. Literally. And we all know how guys HATE to touch their penises in the shower. The foreskin is tightly closed in infants and children with the average age of retraction being 10.4 but can happen anytime in the teens. The only person to ever retract the foreskin should be the owner of the foreskin. No special care is needed. Just wipe the outside during the diaper years. (Please visit

          You are fine with it because you don’t know what you are missing. ( The foreskin contains thousands of fine touch sensory nerve endings (about twice as many as the clitoris) and provides for natural gliding motion during intercourse, etc. It protects the penis from contaminants in infancy and keeps the glans moist and supple. Circumcision creates many problems, such as the glans drying out and losing sensation, and meatal stenosis in many cases.

          I would be upset too and feel totally violated if someone removed a piece of me at birth without my consent. A piece of my genitals, no less. NO disease + NO consent = NO surgery. The genital cutting of babies of any gender is completely unethical.

        • Dustin, I will be quite happy allowing someone to help me clean my body when I am a less capable elderly adult. Why? Because it means I get to live my whole life enjoying the benefits of my naturally functioning penis. It’s great that you enjoy being circumcised, and who knows, maybe I would enjoy it too if I ever decide to give it a try. But I’m would be mad as hell if I knew someone made that permanent, body altering decision on a very personal part of my body without my consent! That’s what this is about. Bodily autonomy. I have nothing against circumcision, labiaplasty, breast modifications, piercings, or any other bodily modifications, as long as I know they are being performed on adults with informed consent. I wouldn’t want my parents to get me a tat whem I’m a baby, much less remove sensitive tissue from a very personal part of my body!

    • To me, the common sense approach of letting him choose later in life makes the most sense. It’s a big thing, and I’d certainly want my say in the matter if I was a man!

      • More personally, aren’t you glad that you, as a woman, got to keep all of your genitals and (presumably) no one even considered cutting a part of your genitals off at birth? Men deserve the same right to all of their genitals that you enjoy to all of yours!

      • So what other normal, living, healthy, otherwise permanent bodily part or tissue do we perform a risk-benefit analysis of excising at birth? The notion is on its face ridiculous.

        Women have more bacteria-trapping folds and are more likely to robe to infection, but no one has researched the health benefits of removing folds of skin from the female genitalia at birth under the same conditions that we examine male circumcision.

      • Non-U.S. medical organization statements on circumcision

        Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) (2015)
        The CPS does not recommend the routine circumcision of every newborn male. It further states that when “medical necessity is not established, …interventions should be deferred until the individual concerned is able to make their own choices.”

        Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) (2010)
        The KNMG states “there is no convincing evidence that circumcision is useful or necessary in terms of prevention or hygiene.” It regards the non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors as a violation of physical integrity, and argues that boys should be able to make their own decisions about circumcision.

        The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) (2010)
        The RACP states that routine infant circumcision is not warranted in Australia and New Zealand. It argues that, since cutting children involves physical risks which are undertaken for the sake of merely psychosocial benefits or debatable medical benefits, it is ethically questionable whether parents ought to be able to make such a decision for a child.

        British Medical Association (BMA) (2006)
        The BMA considers that the evidence concerning health benefits from non-therapeutic circumcision is insufficient as a justification for doing it. It suggests that it is “unethical and inappropriate” to circumcise for therapeutic reasons when effective and less invasive alternatives exist.

        Expert statement from the German Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ) (2012)
        In testimony to the German legislature, the President of the BVKJ has stated, “there is no reason from a medical point of view to remove an intact foreskin from …boys unable to give their consent.” It asserts that boys have the same right to physical integrity as girls in German law, and, regarding non-therapeutic circumcision, that parents’ right to freedom of religion ends at the point where the child’s right to physical integrity is infringed upon.

        In addition, medical organizations and children’s ombudsmen from a number of other countries, including Finland, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Denmark, and Sweden, have gone on record in opposition to non-therapeutic circumcision of boys.

    • WHO have wrong on many other questions as well. AAP are a bunch of professional cutters who do it for the money they make. Mutilating people is a crime in nearly every country, including the USA. In the UK we have a law against injuring other people, since at least 1862. Campaign Against Juvenile Genital Cutting.

    • So do condoms.

    • It may have an effect in Third World countries, but then again, so may female genital cutting according to some studies.

    • From
      Seen from the outside, cultural bias reflecting the normality of nontherapeutic male circumcision in the United States seems obvious, and the report’s conclusions are different from those reached by physicians in other parts of the Western world, including Europe, Canada, and Australia. In this commentary, a different view is presented by non–US-based physicians and representatives of general medical associations and societies for pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and pediatric urology in Northern Europe. To these authors, only 1 of the arguments put forward by the American Academy of Pediatrics has some theoretical relevance in relation to infant male circumcision; namely, the possible protection against urinary tract infections in infant boys, which can easily be treated with antibiotics without tissue loss. The other claimed health benefits, including protection against HIV/AIDS, genital herpes, genital warts, and penile cancer, are questionable, weak, and likely to have little public health relevance in a Western context, and they do not represent compelling reasons for surgery before boys are old enough to decide for themselves.

  23. I researched it heavily before deciding to circumcise my son. I work with the elderly, most often in nursing homes. I’ve working in many over the years ranging from the best of facilities and unfortunately some that were less than ideal. These are men who can no longer take care for themselves and dependent on others. It is in these people that I’ve seen the downside of not circumcising. When they can’t properly clean and aren’t cared for properly. I also knew a man that was not circumcised at birth but in his 20’s for a medical reason. He described it as a horrific experience he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy and was angry his parents hadn’t done it as a baby and spared him this. However feels he enjoys sex just as much as he did before. I feel it was beneficial to at least know one with a before and after and be able to get his positive perspective. I disagree with the statement that men in this country need more viagra because of circumcising. Viagra is about blood flow not arousal. I also think it is ridiculous to compare it to female genital mutilation, where the purpose is solely to prevent all pleasure and cause pain during intercourse for women. That is not why it is done.

    • Actually, traditionally, in this country, that’s exactly why it was done…to dull the sensitivity of the penis and prevent masturbation. Google “Kellogg and circumcision” and see all of the fun stuff you find.

    • If you’ve worked in nursing homes, you’d know that elderly women have more problems with their genitals than elderly men. So should we research methods of altering the female genitalia at birth just in case the owner can’t care for herself when she’s older? Come on. Use your brain.

    • It has everything to do with removing the skin to prevent pleasure. Google it the next time you’re eating some Kellogg’s cereal.

    • Isn’t it amazing how circumcision is not practiced (among Christians, anyway) in the rest of the world yet they somehow figure out how to properly take care of their elderly intact men in Germany, Finland, Japan, China, Australia, the UK, etc. etc. etc.? 70-80% of the world’s men have their whole bodies. The foreskin is an essential part of the penis. It is not extra skin. It is essential for normal sexual function.

      • I have a friend who chose to be circumcised as an adult. He does not describe it as a horrific experience at all but does say it is one of his biggest regrets and it has desensitized him. I think it is ridiculous to circumcise babies because of inept elder care workers. Better training, not hurting and mutilating babies. Men deserve the choice.

  24. Best choice for your baby: Leave him perfect and whole! God didn’t make mistakes on baby boys- but created them perfectly! I had to see a circumcision performed while in nursing school, and it was horrific! :'( No baby should have to undergo that pain! Plus, who gave us the right to amputate thousands of sensitive nerve endings and the protective function of the foreskin?!?! NO medical organization in the world recommends infant circumcision, and 85% of the world’s men are intact, healthy & happy! I’m SO thankful that we left our baby boy intact!

    • Good for you! I was mutilated by an ignorant doctor, no sensitivity to penis, so no intercourse.

    • I left my son intact, no penis problems ever, I also left my daughter intact although it was before the anti-FGM legislation. Remember when slavery was banned! Some people fought against that as well.

    • God made Abraham and the Israelites perfect, too, but commanded them to be circumcised.

      • Dana, you are right that God commanded the Jews to be circumcised. However, the procedure in the Bible was very different from modern circumcision. Historically the procedure involves removing only the very top of thefireskin that extended beyond the glans. They did not tear the foreskin from the glans and remove more until 140AD.

  25. My husband and I have researched this issue in great depth, and we are totally against the practice of routine male circumcision. This is the history of the practice in our family: both of our dads were left intact – they were born in the late 1920’s/ early 1930’s in hospitals. Most boys were not circumcised at that time. By the way, neither of our dads ever had any “problems” with having a foreskin. My husband was circumcised in the 1950’s when his parents didn’t have a choice. The practice was forced on the American public in our hospitals after WWII. Parents didn’t sign for the procedure at that time – it was just done!! This was also the time when many women were put to sleep during labor and told that formula was better than breastfeeding. Unfortunately, we allowed our son to be circumcised in the 1980’s due to lack of knowledge on our part, lack of information, and pressure from those at the hospital. In 2014 our grandson, who is now 10 months old, was left intact. Information is now widely available and our daughter researched the issue. Our grandson is doing just fine & we think he is a very lucky guy. My husband is currently in the process of writing his 60 + page Master’s Thesis in Theology on this very topic. He is arguing that routine male circumcision is against moral law. Quite frankly, it does not make any sense to cut off healthy tissue at birth for social or religious reasons.

    • Exactly.

    • Thank you so much for your input.

  26. Quit worrying about what everyone else does. Quit making up facts. Quit embellishing bullshit. Start worrying about things that actually matter.

    • The men who have had their genitals cut do matter. It is every bit as important as Female Genital Mutilation (also called Female Circumcision). It is a PERSONAL CHOICE… meaning the owner of the penis is the only one who should be making the choice. If a doctor asked you if you wanted to have your daughter’s clit cut out, you would be reporting them to child protective services… but when a doctor asks a parent if they want the most sensitive part of their son’s penis cut off, they just assume there must be some medical reason for it. I doubt you would give up your clit for any reduction in UTI’s, STD’s or anything else… most women would not. So why is it ok to take sexual sensation away from men for the same reasons?

      • Girls now have legal protection against genital mutilation, boys deserve nothing less.
        Campaign Against Juvenile Genital Cutting.

    • Giggles, parents do not have a right to do whatever they want to their child, especially when it comes to cutting off living, healthy bits and pieces of the child’s body. In that area parents are severely restricted. It is strangely enough only the penis that they are allowed to cut into. Parents who start cutting off or into any other living, healthy part of their child’s body as they see fit–and this includes similar folds of tissue of their daughter’s genitals–would soon face charges and/or psychiatric treatment.

      But, bizarrely enough, they do not face such consequences if they cut into the child’s penis. That is why it’s everyone’s business: to stop that absurd exception, i.e., to treat boys’ bodies, and especially their genitals, with the same dignity we grant to girls and their genitals. His body, his choice–or do you believe that only applies to females?

  27. We just learned we’re having a boy, and I’m just starting to look into circumcision. Thanks for the informative article! It’s a great start as I jump into research myself.

  28. I have my own personal beliefs but you want to know something? I keep it to myself. It is the adult thing to do. If you want go along with circumcision good for your. If you don’t also good for you too. It really is that simple.Honestly people just find anything and everything to fight about anymore.

    • It’s not that simple in this case. If was only about you, fine, get your labia trimmed if you like, good for you. But pre-emptive surgery in the absence of a medical condition is… well, what’s the justification for it?

      The hygiene argument only stands up if a boy never learns to clean his body. The STI arguments only stands up if a boy never learns about safe sex. The phimosis argument only stands up if people don’t recognise there are non-surgical alternatives and less extreme surgical options.

      We don’t allow parents to cut off parts of their daughters’ genitals, so why do we allow it for sons?

      • Actually the evidence that circumcision prevents STDs, infections, and penile cancer is weak and unsubstantial. I’m getting my BSN and just did a research paper on circumcision.

        Earp, B.D. (2013). The ethics of infant male circumcision. J Med Ethic, 00:1-3, 1-3. doi:10.1136/medethics-2013-101517

        Myers, A. (2015). Neonatal Male Circumcision, If Not Already Commonplace, Would Be Plainly Unacceptable by Modern Ethical

        Standards. American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 15, Number 2, 50-51. Retrieved


        • Love it when people post actual research to support their claims. Awesome!

      • Thank youuu!!!!

      • “Cutting off labia in girls has never been proven to be of any benefit to anyone from research or opinion.”

        It’s actually never been researched, period. So one has to ask why American medicine is constantly studying male circumcision and seeking justification for it while never having researched altering the female genitalia at birth, even though uncircumcised women are actually more prone to infection than uncircumcised men. It’s almost like we have a double standard when it comes to the genitals or something.

    • so I was your doctor and asked to circumcise your daughter, would you not look at me like I was crazy? ann probably report me? If you see a parent beating their kid til they bleed, would you not intervene? obviously not

  29. Foreskin 20,000 nerve endings and the clitoris 8,000…Sorry but the foreskin is more sensitive than our entire vaginas!
    Even if all the “benefits” were true it’s still not our bodies to consent to the removal of healthy parts of it!

    As for babies feeling less…1810 wants their fact back lol

  30. I’m cut and I hate it. This article is good. The sooner we stop mutilation babies, the better.

    • Sorry for you Aaron but there are plenty of us circ’d guys who are absolutely fine with the fact we are circ’d. Indeed I’ve never had any of my hundreds of buddies complaining ever. And we talk. Accept your opinion is not the bench mark. Get over it dude.

      • “Get over it, dude”. You don’t even realize what you’re missing. Sad.

        My husband hates that he was circ’d as well. 20,000+ nerves just sliced away from his natural, God given penis without his consent. Desensitization due to the glans being permanently exposed. Why do you think american men need so much viagra as opposed to their intact counterparts? Hmm. . Maybe do a bit of real research before you go telling people to just “get over it”.

    • My husband isn’t cut and he hates it and wishes he was back when he wouldn’t remember it, so to each his own.

      • He has every right in the world to choose to have it done now. But food for thought – if he gets it done now he will have adequate pain relief and isn’t likely to have it covered in urine and feces afterward. If it’s too painful for an adult to endure then why in the world would you put a tiny newborn baby through it? When our kids are hurt or sick we always say “I would trade places with them if I could”, but I guess for some that’s a hollow statement.

      • Well the difference here with your husband and an infant (OBVIOUSLY) is your husband is an adult and can make a conscious informer decision about his penis and go get circumcised at his own will with his own consent to do so… An infant?? NOT SO MUCH! I don’t care whether you think circumcision is acceptable or not!! The point of the matter here is NO ONE has a right to make a decisi

    • Same here Aaron, an ignorant doctor ruined MY sex life.

  31. What makes me so sad about this whole thread isn’t the fact that people have varying opinions, but that they shove them in each others faces. Millions of people have been circumcised and are fine with it. Millions have not been circumcised and are fine with it. It only becomes a huge deal when you MAKE IT ONE! Each and every parent can only do his/her best. We all make mistakes from time to time. To even suggest that someone might sue a parent over the circumcision issue is ludicrous! What is next, suing your folks because they didn’t raise you vegetarian, or gluten-free? Sue them because they bottle fed instead of breast fed you? Guess what the real problem is? People who think they know what is best and trying to force it on others. Genevieve is trying to educate parents, not control them. So take her information and do with it what you will. And please refrain from childish attacks on others who feel differently than you do.

    • If everyone is fine not being circumcised than why steal the choice away from the owner of the organ and make an irreversible and scarring decision for him?
      Only in America are parents given this choice! Strangely enough, it’s also the only country doctors benefit$$$ from performing the procedure and then selling the harvested part 🙁

      • Here in Europe, we leave boys intact unless the parent is ignorant or a religionist

    • Yes, cause parents shoving their opinion about a child’s penis onto a child therefore taking away his opinion is super cool… Human rights are everyone’s business.

    • Quoting Ellen: “Millions of people have been circumcised and are fine with it. Millions have not been circumcised and are fine with it.” And none of these millions had a CHOICE. Every man should have what every woman has through law…the right to free choice about what their body should look like.

      • I couldn’t agree more and couldn’t have said it better.

      • The only comments I’ve enjoyed are Dr.Paul Tinari’s very informative and educational.I’m 45yrs old and not circumcised haven’t had any problem.All i will say about this subject is please do the research before making a decision,because if complications do occur it’s a decision not only you have to live with so please do the research.

        • My 7.5 month old son is intact. Every time i think of the ignorance i allowed to be carved into my 16 year old son, i want to cry.

        • Why should a parent be able to mutilate the genitals of a boy, but not a girl? Intact fully functional genitals for all children!

    • Amen ta that!

    • Would you have been OK growing up with cut and scarred genitals, Ellen?

  32. Hello, I have just walked through this with a relative and know that half the truth is not all the truth. Please do some more research and talk to people about these things. Apparently some little boys are born with a genetic defect and need to be circumcised. It may be a very small percentage but still should be recognized as a fact. My poor cousin has been accused of not taking care of her baby (not by her doctor mind you!), of not understanding the issue etc but the doctor said that the tip of his foreskin was too tight (it was a genetic problem!) and that in order for him to be healthy and no longer struggling with UTI’s etc he would need to be circumcised. Those who live in areas where it is not easy to keep clean also know that common sense says that these fellows are able to stay clean easier. Just sayin. I like that you seem to be pretty balanced in a lot of ways but in this one thing I would like you to add a little addendum for those who actually do need circumcision. Sounds rather Anti-Jewish IMO too *(and no I don’t circumcise my sons~ no genetic problems there)

    • Foreskin is supposed to be tight and fused to the glans (head), like your fingernail is to your nail bed, and naturally retracts between 3 and puberty and even beyond that!

      Foreskin doesn’t cause UTI’s, premature retraction does!

      Being anti circumcision for ALL boys, girls and transgendered children isn’t being anti Jewish FFS! I’m anti FGM too but that doesn’t mean I’m anti Muslim!

      • Its so sad that so many will continue to think that they know it all no matter what you say. Sigh.
        I know that MOST foreskins are just they way you described but SOME are not. Plain and simple fact! No, his foreskin wasn’t retracted too soon and yes he was having awful UTI’s and had since birth and would continue until something was done. And if it had been retracted the doctor said it was so tight that it would not be able to have been pulled back over and would have cut off blood circulation and THAT would have been bad. It happens. Google it and see if what I am saying is true. Phimosis is what I am talking about. This is when the foreskin is too tight and difficult to pull back over the glands. This condition can be congenital (genetically inherited) …. It must be assessed by your GP who may advise circumcision…You can also opt to have two slits put in your foreskin so you don’t lose it all. An option I never heard about till I looked into it more. Maybe it is a new genetic problem or maybe it used to be too embarrassing to talk about.
        Or maybe no one wanted to tell anyone if they did have the problem in families who didn’t circumcise esp. in any of the (mostly Eastern) European countries who look down on circumcision using circumcision as a derogatory thing against the Jews, if a fellow had the problem and had to be circumcised he wouldn’t want ANYONE to know (accept those who had to obviously) for fear he would be classed with “THAT group of people”

        Just like all females aren’t the same in that area, neither are all males.

        • Great. Some people need to get their foreskin remove. Some people need to get their testicles, breasts, or whatever removed. But let’s not do it until it’s medically necessary, yeah? And only when all less invasive treatment options have been exhausted.

          The point of the article was to make people think twice about circumcision their son without any medical need.

    • This (if it exists) has got to be rare.

    • “The doctor said that the tip of his foreskin was too tight” The fact is that virtually ALL infants have a tight foreskin that is attached to the head of the penis just like the fingernail is attached to the finger. It separates naturally as the boy gets older and in some boys this does not occur until age 18. Unethical doctors love scaring parents by saying that their child’s “foreskin was too tight” as a justification to profit from performing a needless circumcision. Parents should beware! Can your child pee? Then he is fine and you should leave his penis alone!

  33. I don’t agree with the American habit of circumcising at birth for ‘aesthetic’ or ‘hygienic’ reasons.

    And for the person who commented “I’d pierce my daughters ears too” – how the heck can you compare that to mutilating your son’s genitals? His sex organ that you’re about to take precious nerve endings from and remove the protection of the glans?

    Thankfully, I live in the UK and I’m NOT circumcised. We do not have this issue here, unless it’s medically necessary or for religious purposes – for the latter, you cannot get it on the NHS (our social health care and most widely used health institution in the country.)

    Did you know that circumcision became a ‘fad’ in the USA, after they introduced it as a purported cure for masturbation, which was considered a sin and degrading for one’s health? Although it does inhibit masturbation to some degree, it certainly doesn’t stop it.

    In any case, to any mother who’s even considering it: PLEASE do not conform to this barbaric practice. It’s unnecessary and, frankly, cruel to mutilate your child’s body of its sensitive sexual tissue.

  34. Really? Some of you are a being quite ignorant. Across the world there aren’t as many circumcisions as many people think. But, these statistics include countries that are not anywhere close to being as medically advanced as America and other 1st world countries. As a nurse, I respect the decisions that parents make regardless if they choose to circumcise their child or not. This is a personal family decision and should be respected regardless of your own opinion. I, however, have seen complications and infections related to non-circumcised penises. Many occur later in age (45+) and these men have to go through circumcision at this point. Keep in mind this is very painful and they remember it clear as day. But, I guarantee that if you ask a circumcised man (if done at infancy) if he remembers the pain he went through the answer will be no. Unfortunately, circumcision is not without POSSIBLE complications. This is the same for any medical procedure! Any incision into the body can cause harm even if done by a medical doctor. But, would you criticize, as most of you are doing now, the choice of a parent to have their child undergo surgery in another circumstance? Probably not. I am due in one month to have a son and needless to say he will have a circumcision. The health benifits greatly outweigh the risks. And it is so common in America that most doctors could do it with their eyes closed and still have a perfect outcome. And if my son decides to sue me, along side of a money hungry lawyer, then I will see that as a sign that I did not properly raise or educate him. Have a nice day, and Kudos to those moms who stood up for their beliefs and underwent unnecessary criticism from the close-minded people who responded!

    • You mean like Finland, Norway, Japan, and China? I think you should look up some circumcision rates by country because you are quite ignorant about which countries leave their children’s bodies alone.

    • “Many occur later in age (45+) and these men have to go through circumcision at this point. Keep in mind this is very painful and they remember it clear as day.”

      ^ Many women have to get their breasts removed at a later age; might as well do ’em young when they can’t remember!

      “And if my son decides to sue me, along side of a money hungry lawyer, then I will see that as a sign that I did not properly raise or educate him.”

      ^ Or you can just see it as a sign that you raised him to be an independent thinker who actually thought through the fact that his mother made a choice to cut off pleasurable, erogenous tissue from HIS genitals–irreversibly–apart from true medical need. Just a thought.

    • Heather- I’m a nurse practitioner. You know what?? I’ve removed hundreds of infected toenails in my practice. And 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer! Does this mean we should remove all toenails and breasts on infants to prevent issues down the road?!?! NO!!! I’ve seen dozens of baby boys that came to our ER for feeding issues due to the pain of their circumcision, infection or bleeding. There is no reason to amputate a healthy functional organ from an infant. The foreskin is NOT a mistake- it has a purpose.

    • I love that this is a fake account posing as a medical doctor. Trying to push your agenda, much? Who fucking cares? You people are psycho.

      • To be fair it says PhD so not an actual MD. Agree with you on the other half of your statement though.

  35. You’re wrong about UTI’s Mama Natural. The claim that more intact males get UTI’s is based on one study that looked at charts of babies born in one hospital (Wiswell 1985). The study had many problems, including that it didn’t accurately count whether or not the babies were circumcised, whether they were premature and thus more susceptible to infection in general, whether they were breastfed (breastfeeding protects against UTI), and if their foreskins had been forcibly retracted (which can introduce harmful bacteria and cause UTI) (Pisacane 1990). There have been many studies since which show either no decrease in UTI with circumcision, or else an increase in UTI from circumcision. Thus circumcision is not recommended to prevent UTI (Thompson 1990). Girls have higher rates of UTI than boys, and yet when a girl gets a UTI, she is simply prescribed antibiotics. The same treatment works for boys.

  36. Dear Genevieve and Mike,
    I am horrified that you first deleted my last reply to Cass and I reposted it. You should know that I am reporting this site and you two by name to the Anti-Defamation League for your silence. By not speaking up, and not deleted posts that called me an “infant-mutilator” you are quietly encouraging hate speech against those who chose to circumcise for religious reasons.

    • I am horrified that you would encourage the mutilation of infants in the name of religion. Female circumcision (better known as Female Genital Mutilation) was banned in the US in 1997. If someone claims it’s for religious reasons guess what? It’s still illegal. Don’t boys deserve the same rights? Many Jews are standing up against this mutilation (that’s what it is whether you want to admit it or not). Please educate yourself. A man does not need to be circumcised in order to practice his religion.

    • #1 Babies are not born religious. You want to circumcise for religious reasons, go ahead and circumcise yourself. Carving your religion permanently into the genitals of a child is absolutely vile. A child of a Jewish mother is a Jew by default, he doesn’t become more or less of a Jew when part of his genitals are sliced off.

      #2 “It’s a personal decision” Sorry, idiot, but you don’t know what “personal” means. You don’t get to make a “personal” decision for someone else

      #3 “Its a family decision” Im sorry, but how does your child’s penis affect your family?

      #4 My husband wants it done, its his decision. So… you’re asking a man who is missing part of his penis about his opinion on what a penis is meant to look and feel like? He has no idea! He lost the best part of his penis when he was a baby… Do you ask amputees for advice on running shoes too?

      #5 “It was done for medical reasons, it was too tight” This is the same bullshit diagnosis as saying the vagina of a small girl is impenetrable and needs surgery to make sure she can have sex as an adult. The foreskin is SUPPOSED to be fused to the head of the penis leaving a tiny hole for urine. If he can pee, let it be. This fascination with seeing and cleaning the inside of the penis is a purely American phenomenon. The rest of the world, the other 80% of all the men and boys out there, just stand in the shower/ sit in the bath and give it a little swish. Thats all it takes. Its really not rocket science.

      #6 Your child is more likely to die from a circumcision that ever need one. So you are literally risking the life of a healthy child, for what? To protect the ego of a grown man? Because YOU prefer it?

      • Wow I would never attack someone over their religious beliefs or ethnicity (or non existing religious beliefe). Some you do realize being born a Jewish is by no default…if your a Jew then…well guess what when your kids are born Jews too. If someone chooses to circumciseat their child because of religion or ethics reasons then that is their choice…regardless of the reason choosing to do so or not do so again it is the parents choice.

      • This Reply is epic
        Especially the third point. ” How does your child’s penis affect your family.”
        Still I am not able to understand why people are arguing over this…
        Yes, there might be a number of medical conditions for which the care is taken by the parents for the betterment of their children at early age… Such as the shot for Hepatitis B and many more.
        But this is different. You cannot just remove a part of someone just by assuming that it might be a threat for him or her in future.
        Why not just leave his body to himself. It is not a big deal. He can take care of his body.
        And what is this religious bullshit. What if I am jews or Muslim and I am circumcised. But suppose now I want to change my religion. Now tell me how will I get this back……………(joking)

    • Religion ends where another persons body begins…Freedom of Religion also includes Freedom from Religion!

    • So how did that “reporting” go??? You must have a hard time dealing with anything in life. Sad a grown “woman” throws a fit because somebody said something that hurt her feelings. BTW, not all Jews cut their babies. Check out . If you don’t like what those Jewish women on that site have to say maybe you can report them too.

    • So what else should parents be allowed to do to their children’s genitals for the sake of religion?

  37. You can discuss infant circumcision and I don´t mean those marginal health benefits, not even sure.
    But the discussion ends the moment you accept Human Right, individual Freedom and the ban of violation against others as a base of any State of Law.

    Infant circumcision is about holding a human being down and forcing genital cutting on him against his will – and all that by the individual decision of another person.
    That violates not only bodily integrity but cutting a persons genitals without educated consens is a violation of human dignity.
    And it´s about taking away the decision about the own sexuality and depending the circumstances also about the own religion.

    We´re talking about something some men suffer a lifetime from, not only because of the consequences for their sexual life but also it has consequences for their partners sexlife and in the end for any partnership they will have in life – or not have, some caused by their circumcision.
    And in many cases we´re talking also about misstreatment of the worst kind. Who doesn´t belive this is advised to squeeze any skin on his body the way it´s done by a circumcision, and than think about that to be done to your genitals from other people and against your will.

    Look at circumcision as you wish, give every reason to defend it,
    but given the values our society claims to stand for there is no room for that. It´s a crime, may that be realized by the runnig legal system or not.
    And it is a crime anyone with open eyes can see.
    “And we don´t have the excuse of not knowing.”
    In our times ignorance has become a choice.

  38. Great video with valid points.

    I will say that my brother was not fully circumcised. The dr. was against my parents’ wishes and did a half circumcision. They were incensed, but what could they do? He has a disability and now he has the most difficult time keeping it clean. 🙁 I think about parents who have children with severe disabilities and how intense their caretaking routine already will be in the future then add in cleaning the foreskin. My grandpa was uncircumcised and hated it! He recommended circumcising to all his kids as an adult.

    To each their own.

    • You do realize most the world is intact don’t you??? That includes children with disabilities.

      Your grandpa hated his body, just as many people do, doesn’t justify mutilating every boy in your family. Sadist grandpa 🙁

      To each their own means to each their own body!

  39. I can’t believe how many people think uncircumcised men/boys can’t keep their penis clean ! I’m from Spain and here, circumcision is a medical procedure reserved only for boys who suffer from pathological phimosis. This is, boys whose foreskin remains non-retractable by the age of 10-12, when puberty starts. Sometimes there can be a really bad case of phimosis in younger boys where the foreskin is so attached to the penis that it interferes with urination, which can lead to severe UTI’s Just watch your baby and take him to the doctor if he has a fever of unknown origin, loses his apetite or shows any other signs of UTI. And for all those health providers who comment to talk about the “tons of boys” they have seen in the ER who almost died or almost had their penis amputated just because they weren’t circumcised, PLEASE, stop! Give people the FACTS so that they can make informed decisions and take proper care of their son’s health, don’t use fear to make them do what YOU think is best (or what is best for you…). Very often, those horrible infections in intact boys that people talk about, come from forcing foreskin retraction in young boys to clean underneath! So just clean the outside and teach your boy to clean the inside once he’s old enough and his foreskin becomes fully retractable. If this doesn’t happen, take him to the doctor to get it fixed before he develops a horrible UTI.

    Thank you Mamanatural for another wonderful video!

  40. I will be forever thankful to videos and posts like this that get the truth out there. Sadly I never bothered informing myself before my oldest son was born and had him cut. Thankfully to videos and posts like this shared by friends and other facebook pages, I researched it more and kept my second son intact. We are now having a little girl, but had she been a boy we would have not circumcised again. It is not my body, so it is not my choice. I only wish I had known differently for my oldest. Thank you again for getting this info out there, I look forward to the day where the United States joins the rest of the world and does away with this as a routine infant procedure.

  41. I can’t believe an MD would make such ridiculous comments about male cleanliness! I’m sure intact women pose a few challenges when they are elderly but I don’t hear you moaning about the fact that they have labias intact ! If you think your son can’t care for his natural genitals …. Well that says more about you as a mother than it does about his ability to keep himself clean! Girls seem to manage with their intact genitals, don’t they ???

    • Right? In my experience working with both intact elderly men and intact elderly women, it takes just the same amount of effort (if not more, since their genitalia are more “internal”) to keep the women clean. It’s the squeamishness factor that many caretakers have regarding the foreskin that’s the problem. If people were squeamish about labia but totally cool with foreskin, it’d be a different story!

  42. This is a great post. My son is 6 months old and He IS circumcised. He spent 5 months in the hospital, had 3 major surgeries to repair a birth defect and about 8 minor surgical procedures to continue to fix the complications. I was against circumcision but my husband really wanted to do it. The docs recommended it bc my LO had a really bad UTI in the NICU. Everyone pressured me into it. When I came back after he had the it done he was screaming his head off. It was the worst feeling in the world. He cried harder during that then after all his surgries. I cannot change my choice. It is permanent but I really wish I would have went with my gut. I feel so guilty for this decision. I will never do it to another boy but it was a loosing battle with my husband he would have signed consent even if I didn’t. I almost cried while reading this blog. Please really thing about it before you do it.

    • It should be illegal for parents to subject their children to the risk going through what your precious baby went through apart from true medical need, and only then when less invasive treatment options have been exhausted.

  43. In my experience, having sex with an uncircumcised penis felt way better than one that had the procedure. The extra movement creates more nice friction and I’m assuming that since they feel more nerve sensations that I was also experiencing their enjoyment, too!

    • I 2nd that emotion~ whole men feel like silk, imho, cut men feel like sandpaper inside me~ I know it is the heart & soul that is the most important in choosing a sexual partner, but I would be lying if my 1st question is when in a serious committed relationship are you cut? if I look sad when someone says yes it is because I know ALOT of K-Y will be needed and even then, it wont approach the joy I have experienced with a whole man~ I think that is why in cultures where women’s wisdom is valued and respected, the vast majority of boy babies are kept whole as they were born~ for her pleasure, as well as his in adulthood~

      • I never considered this! The only man I’ve ever had sex with (husband) is uncircumcised and we’ve never needed lube and I never really understood why anyone would. I figured maybe it was me but now I’m thinking you’re right and it’s because he’s uncircumcised.

    • Ugh I hated my ex’s “uncut” or “natural” penis. No matter how clean he kept it it still was nasty….which in turn lead to me have yeast infection and bacteria infections because his natural penile state…sex and oral sex was a completel nightmare bc of that thing. And there IS ABSOLUTELY no different in the way uncut men and cut men feel….one does not feel any better than the other during sex…it all comes down to your man knowin what to do. I’m very thankful my husband is cut (and actually his was medically necessary) I no longer have to worry with the hygiene issues like I did with my ex. We are expecting our first baby we have done our reseach….our little one will be circumcised if it’s a boy.

      • Sylvia, I feel EXACTLY the same !! I had both and its no more foreskins here !! Oral sex with my present guy is great but with a long hangover, its a nightmare.

  44. My husband and I are expecting a boy, and this is a difficult decision to make. I am French Canadian, and in Canada circumcision is not routine. I would never have thought about having my son circumcised, but my husband is (he is Australian and it is not routine here either) and he wants the same for our son. His arguments are mostly about hygiene, but I feel that he wants his son to be “like him”. The discussion is still on…

    • Oh please fight for your little guy!
      There are many circumcised men who learn the facts and decide not to put their own child through that. My husband is one of them. There is a risk of death.
      It requires more effort for a parent to care for a circumcised penis than an intact one. For an intact boy you just wipe like a finger, you don’t pull back the skin to clean (that causes issues). When a boy is circumcised you have to worry about cleaning a wound, rubbing vaseline and any adhesions. When he is older and his skin retracts he just needs to wash with water, it takes two seconds. It’s easier than a girl.
      The “look like daddy” argument is crazy. As women we would never sit down and compare our genitals with our daughter’s to see how we can make them match. That would be sick. Same applies to a man. If your son notices a difference then just tell him the facts. That he didn’t have an essential part of his penis cut off. I’m sure he will be happy you didn’t and even shocked that people do that.
      If you still can’t decide then don’t. Let him decide when he is older. It can always be done later but it can never be undone.

    • Tell your hubby to restore! Matching mutilation scars are so last decade! I hope you protected your son and didn’t bow down to your husbands violent wish and put your son in the major minority!

    • If you had cancer and had your right breast removed, would you force your daughter to “be like you?” Silly isn’t it? Fight to keep your son normal and intact and then it will be his choice when he is older.

    • I don’t know what my mum’s labia look like but if she has non-protruding inner labia I’m glad she didn’t cut mine off at birth to make me look the same!

      Don’t worry about your boy being teased at school — he won’t be because no one will know — looking at other boys’ junk is a capital offence! Besides, only about 1-in-7 boys in Australia is circumcised so he’ll be in the majority.

      Since your husband is circumcised, he might be nervous that he won’t know how to teach his son to clean an intact penis. Thankfully there is a wealth of information on the internet, and the best thing to do seems to be just clean what you can see. The foreskin should *not* be retracted until the owner wishes (in fact, the supposedly high rate of bacterial infections of intact penises may well come from forcible retraction leading to micro-tears in the delicate skin of the penis. A healthy foreskin *protects* the glans). There are rare cases that require circumcision, but less drastic options are usually available in those cases.

      Do make sure your son learns to clean away smegma when he starts to retract his own foreskin. Smegma is not pathological, it’s just a build-up of natural oils and dead cells, but it really does need to be rinsed away if… if there’s a chance someone else is going to see it. Same as under the clitoral hood, no big deal, just rinse it.

    • I was cut “to look like your dad,” which is the lamest, most moronic reason.
      Did they think we were going to have regular cosy family evenings, when we 3 – dad & 2 sons – would all whip out our penises for a ‘show & tell?’
      What would happen if we found that one of us had a bit more than the others? Off to the cutter immediately to get a trim, for sure!
      And how would mum and sister participate? They haven’t had any bits cut off – being protected by law. I suppose they could wield a tape measure and colour chart to help with the comparison…
      BTW perhaps I should mention that I’ve never seen my dad naked.
      But that’s irrelevant really, they no longer speak to me because I challenged their decision to ruin my sex life and that of my wife. And that’s made even sadder because now they’ve lost their grandchildren as well.
      Think about this happening with your son sometime in the future.
      More and more men are finding out about what was stolen from them and the lifelong physical, sexual and psychological consequences – and getting really, seriously angry.
      If you insist on amputating the most sensitive tissue from the most intimate part of his body, be ready for his fury.

  45. I consider myself “crunchy” and my son is circumsized. It was not a traumatic experience at all. All they did was place a little ring on his penis and then it fell off a couple days later;no cutting or blood. I am totally fine with our decision. I help frequently in our church nursery and honestly I have only ever seen 1 or 2uncircumsicsed boys; nearly all the boy diapers I have changed over about 10-15 years are circumsized.

    • I don’t think you should be the one who decides whether it was traumatic or not. You’re not the one who had an essential part of your penis ripped from your glans and then had a ring inserted until the skin died and fell off, all while hanging out in a dirty diaper.

      • My son did not seemed bothered by it. He didn’t like being out of my arms for the 20 minutes of the procedure but that was about it. For the next 3 weeks he slept, as all babies do. He did not wince when I changed him, and he was not dirty all the time. We did circumcise our son, but I actually think there are enough studies to justify any person to or not to circumcise. Your response is totally emotional, and very aggressive. Screaming babies for the first days of their lives probably has more to do with how much their birth was medically intervened with, their mother’s milk based on her diet, skin-to-skin time, et cetera et cetera…

        • My children didn’t scream their first few weeks of life!….Your son had his penis skinned and that is why he was screaming, PAIN! Stop lying to yourself to justify the fact you violated your son!

          Not one medical organization on earth recommends infant circumcision and they don’t support any benefits!

        • You have no idea what his thoughts will be with respect to your decision to remove erogenous, nerve-rich, normal tissue from his genitals 20 years from now. Chances are, by then, the pleasure-giving role of the foreskin will be common knowledge, and he will resent your decision. But as it is something embarrassing to talk about, you may never know.

    • The ignorance hurts. If you can’t spell “circumcised” I am pretty sure you did 0 research on what it entails. You are obviously oblivious to the fact that the little ring AKA “plastibel” DOES require cutting and blood. If you had watched a video of what you were about to subject your child to, you would know that. They have to force open the tightly fused foreskin to get the damn plastic cap on to tie it on so it can cut off the blood supply to the foreskin and it can fall off after undergoing necrosis.

      Who does that to their own flesh and blood?

    • When I was in Africa, nearly all the girls I saw had been circumcised…that does not make it right!

    • ALL circumcision involves cutting AND blood. You were lied to.

      Don’t believe me? Look up videos of Plastibell circumcisions.

      Somehow I don’t think you have the guts to do it.

  46. Sorry – they specifically say it is the parents choice but that the the medical benefits outweighs the medical risks.

  47. I have two sons and like so many others when they were born I didn’t even realize we really had a choice and did it because the doctor urged us to do so. My oldest has had problems with penile adhesion and I deeply regret choosing to do it to either of them. We’re pregnant with our third now and have decided not to do it this time. I just wish I hadn’t been so naive about it for my older two. 🙁

    • I hear circumcised me talk about “restoration”. It might be something to look into since it doesn’t seem to be well-known? The erogenous tissue can’t be replaced as it was, but from what I understand the skin can be stretched and induced to grow to at least partially cover the glans, keeping it moist as in an uncut penis. I imagine the benefits would be greater the earlier this is achieved.

    • Search for ‘foreskin restoration,’ and introduce your sons to it. Gently and consistently tugging on the remaining foreskin triggers Mitosis (cell growth), which will, over time, regrow part of what was removed – enough to cover the glans, which is an internal organ, allowing it to become soft and sensitive again, as well as providing enough skin to allow for mobility during sexual activity.
      Unfortunately, the severed erogenus tissue can’t be regrown, but a good amount of sensitivity can be regained.
      It’s a long, slow process, so the earlier they start, the younger they’ll be when it’s done.
      This is a great way to demonstrate your regret – by assisting them to fix it as much as possible. It’s far more constructive and may give you a load of closure, as well improve your relationships with your sons.
      Good luck!

  48. This needs some serious updating!!! In 2013, WHO and the AAP came out saying that it IS recommended and does have benefits in reducing infection and STDs.

    Please update as you are a trusted source and this is a huge decision for A LOT of parents. I know it was for us.

    • You are wrong!
      AAP does NOT recommend routine circumcision. The risk is death, loss of half of of the glans, etc. If you think that’s worth it then I’m sorry for any baby that you might ever have to decide for.
      “but the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision.”

      WHO recommends it (along with education) for countries with HIV EPIDEMICS. The US does not fall in that category. The US also has the highest STD rate & circumcision rate of any developed nation. So the reduces STD myth fails the common sense test.
      “circumcision should be considered an efficacious intervention for HIV prevention in countries and regions with heterosexual epidemics, high HIV and low male circumcision prevalence.
      Male circumcision provides only partial protection, and therefore should be only one element of a comprehensive HIV prevention package which includes: the provision of HIV testing and counseling services; treatment for sexually transmitted infections; the promotion of safer sex practices; the provision of male and female condoms and promotion of their correct and consistent use.”

  49. Most of these comments are quite offensive. I’m not particularly religious, but for my husband and I, there was absolutely no question about having a bris or not. I was aware of the controversies, but to not have a bris was unthinkable. We wanted our son circumcised, period. We had a bris and we are having another boy in June and we will do it again. I’m hardly a “religious whacko from the Bronze age” as someone callously commented above. The bris is a tradition. It’s a ceremony that also deals with the baby’s name and the person(s) he was named after. I had it done by a mohel who is also a doctor and there were no problems whatsoever. To tell me I’ve assaulted my child is deeply offensive.

    • Have you ever heard of Brit Shalom? No unnecessary murilation of a boys penis. Also, no risk of contracting a disease from a mohel or the mohel accidentally cutting too much or amputating. Several cases have made national news in recent months. Not your penis, not your choice!

      • No: my child, my choice. And if I had a daughter I’d pierce her ears, too. I have zero regrets. Like I said, I’m having it done again 8 days after my next boy is born. With a mohel who is a doctor. He used lidocaine, btw and it was an easy, quick procedure. The idea that it is “mutilation” is completely absurd. Neither my husband nor any man in my family considers himself mutilated.

        • mu·ti·late (mytl-t)
          tr.v. mu·ti·lat·ed, mu·ti·lat·ing, mu·ti·lates
          1. To deprive of a limb or an essential part; cripple.
          2. To disfigure by damaging irreparably: mutilate a statue. See Synonyms at batter1.
          3. To make imperfect by excising or altering parts.

          Now, there is the definition of mutilation and it fits circumcision perfectly. Seriously, not your body, not your choice. I have no respect for infant mutilators, especially when they know better. I hope you realize that if he doesn’t like your decision, he can sue you when he is of age.

        • Alright, “Cass”. If you can recommend a lawyer who will take my son(s) cases, that would be helpful. I will also pass the information along to my father and uncles so that they can sue their late mothers. I’m also curious if you could shed some light on how your own circumcision has affected your life negatively? Please do elaborate on the state of your mutilated penis. Because all the circumcised penises I’ve known intimately in my life have been just fine and dandy.

        • There are several lawyers that will take on circumcision. Here is one:
          I do not have a penis, but I do know men who have ED directly related to their circumcision, tight circumcisions that lead to painful erections as well as painful and jagged circ scars. They also complain of dry, painful sex due to the fact that their glans isn’t covered by the protection of their foreskin, or lack there of. If you’d research more, you’d see men do complain about circumcision.

        • Uh huh. I’ll be sure to pass that information along. I will keep it in a safe place to give my boys when they turn 18. A keepsake album with photos of their grandparents at their bris ceremonies, perhaps.?
          I’m done with this thread and I’m done with this site, so you needn’t reply. However, I remain baffled that you apparently find it perfectly appropriate to call me an “infant-mutilator” for choosing to have a doctor perform a common medical procedure (whose benefits are in fact believed to outweigh the risks) as part of a religious family tradition. Shame on you for your intolerance and name-calling. Shame on the administrators of this site for condoning such disgusting behavior. I’ve pasted a few links below in case you are interested in obtaining information from sources slightly more reputable than crunchy mommy bloggers with no proven medical background:

        • Oh please don’t do that to your innocent little baby. God made him perfect. Don’t mutilate him for life, please reconsider. Its not your body. What if your mother had performed female circumcision on you? You at denying him a part of himself and condemning him to unnecessary pain.

    • Shame on you for violating your sons basic human rights. Its part of the the Muslim religion to mutilate female genitals – it doesn’t make it right. If you think that it is in anyway medically nessecary you are seriously deluded as the majority of the human population is uncircumcised. You are seriously suggesting that all human males are born needing an operation to remove a PROTECTIVE purposely designed piece of skin that is full of pleasure detecting nerve endings. Madness.

    • Oh you’re offended? I wonder how the kid missing half his dick skin feels. A child’s body is NO place for permanent religious symbols. You self stated that you’re not even that religious, so you choose to hurt your child, but not observe other parts of your own religion. Wow.

    • I can say that I was deeply offended when I attended a Bris and everyone just watched as the baby bled to death. I was even more offended when the Mohel said: “It is God’s will.” Here is a book for you, written by a Jew for Jews: “Questioning Circumcision – A Jewish Perspective” by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

    • Suzanna, as the mother, this is your decision and no one else’s . I have never had a man tell me that he regretted his circumcision, they never give it a thought. Sometimes this subject comes up when talking to friends and almost all agree that they want a partner who has been sniped. You might consider a female Mohel , a couple friends have used lady Mohels and with very nice results.

  50. oh, how my husband and I fought over this! I won and my boy has his foreskin 🙂

  51. I can see it definitely is a hot topic! We chose to circumcise our son, on the 8th day for religious purposes. Although we’re not Jewish, I felt it was a custom I wanted to follow for our son.

    I will say, I had a lot of push back from the hospital trying to tell them that I wanted to come back to the hospital on his 8th day to do it. But that’s a whole different story! I did find it interesting that I read an article discussing the baby’s blood clotting capabilities actually increase on the 8th day (amazing life and science).

    At any rate, just wanted to throw in my two cents.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, just borne out of the observation over many years that boys were less likely to die from excessive bleeding when they were circumcised in the 8th day or later.

      • It might have been why God told Abraham to do it on the 8th day

    • A classic case of religion over humanity, she admits that she isn’t jewish, just a slave to the American cutting habit. The boy did not have a choice, but when he learns that his ignorant, thoughtless mother damaged HIS penis for a selfish tradition, he will not be overjoyed. As a man with a damaged, desensitised penis and no orgasms, I know what he is in for.

  52. It’s funny how it’s mostly Americans have these perceived “issues” Maybe a woman should get circumcised, because when she’s older she won’t be able to care for her yeast infections.

  53. My husband and I went back and forth about this over and over when I was pregnant with our son. I would like to see stats about infection in uncircumcised men as that is the only argument that I have heard that I feel has any merit. I have had multiple friends that work as nurses and or work in Assisted Living facilities say this is a big problem at the end of one’s life when they can no longer care for their own hygiene.

    • It’s funny how it’s mostly Americans have these percieved “issues” Maybe a woman should get circumcised, because when she’s older she won’t be able to care for yeast infections.

    • When I had elderly relatives in care homes, it was obvious that there were few men in there, it was mainly very old women who needed a lot of care.

  54. The boy, against his will is tied down and a surgical cosmetic alteration is forced upon him. It is not a voluntary action like applying makeup or cutting your hair. He gives no consent as part of him is removed. It is not a matter of a ‘parent’s choice.’ It is ONLY the boy’s choice. It is a violent and immoral act to violate the inborn rights of an individual against the ownership of their own body. It is his. It is only his and regardless of whether or not segments of society accept this it is unchangeable. To violate the body of an individual is immoral. The reality is that parent’s have NOTHING to decide because they don’t OWN his penis.

  55. here in Australia pretty much only the muslims circ. And they often do it between the ages of 2 and 7 years. Around 12-13% are circ’d and the rest well… we do not have any problems with mass infections, cleaning or teasing or sexual performance, and we aren’t trying to circumcised old men. If you’re not comfortable cleaning an old guys penis you’re in the wrong profession! we do not have people “wishing” they where circumcised and MOST Aussies will tell you with a look of sheer disbelief “there’s nothing normal or okay with fiddling with or other wise altering some other blokes dick”- direct quote from the men in my life.
    Men never choose this for themselves, I know plenty of men thanks to Facebook who are totally angry that someone did this to them and are trying to restore.
    Also I work in childcare and we have only 3 circumcised boys in the baby/toddler room. None of them look “the same” as each other because all heal differently and they’re actually HARDER to clean when they soil their nappies because poo gets stuck in behind their glans and up their urethra. We have to use a Q-tip to dig it out from the nooks and crannies because a wipe just isn’t enough! They cry the whole time and cover their faces! The rest of the boys its wipe like a finger and done, really what do people think they will be cleaning!
    We have two sons- my intact husband and I and they’re also intact and have NO ISSUES. I know children that are circumcised (all Muslim) who have had to be “re-circumcised” many problems avoided if they just left it alone in the first place.

  56. This is truly a fascinating read for a me. I had no idea this would such a issue in US. I’m born in Scandinavia and no one is circumcised. In Spain apparently 2%. If it had anything to do with UTIs the percentage probably would be something totally different. It is so interesting how these myths develop.

  57. I have educated myself on circumcision even having seen one performed. Maybe 50% of world population (probably more) is intact but not here in the US. My husband and sons do not miss the skin and they are less smelly and can keep clean easier. I am glad they are circumcised though I know it is totally unnecessary-just my and their opinion.

    • You have no idea what your son’s thoughts will be with respect to your decision to remove erogenous, nerve-rich, normal tissue from his genitals 20 years from now. Chances are, by then, the pleasure-giving role of the foreskin will be common knowledge, and he will resent your decision. But as it is something embarrassing to talk about, you may never know.

      • That is so true. My parents were raised in the 1920s and 1930s, so sex was never mentioned. It was only when she was old, that I told my mother, she was sorry she had paid the GP to cut me. Needless to say, both of my children are intact and happy. My sex-life ended years ago, with no orgasms, what is the point of penetrating a woman if it is no pleasure for either.

    • Kellylynn, Fully agree with your post !! My husband is also glad that its gone and never misses it. At 64 years old, he still loves sex at least 3 times a week and still rings my bell !! Some believe that being circed makes men develop ED. Some men develop problems whether they still have their foreskin or not !!

    • So in other words, you’ve done no research and just base your opinion on what you think.

      Well over 70% of men in the world are intact, and they are not “smelly”. They know how to keep themselves clean. I’m sorry you think your husband and dons are too lazy or stupid to remember to pull back their foreskins in the shower. Personally, I’ve never known a man who was adverse to handling his penis.

      As far as them “not missing the skin” and “being glad it was done”, it’s no wonder. If your parents, having removed your labia at birth, brought you up telling you labia are smelly and difficult to clean, you’d probably be “glad” and “not miss the skin”, too.

  58. First of all some of you need reading lessons—————–
    And some of you are really good, thank you for that you made my day, but some……………

    Forgive me but as a parent you do not own anything, incl your child. You are just temporarily responsible. So get you act straight.
    –If its religious, let your child be the judge of HIS penis and HIS believes, so let him grow and and make those decisions on his own like 21 years old.
    — Hiding behind disease, its difficult to clean(really??), fearmongering(your dick will fall off stories)are a fairy tail, or doing what you parents did cause you do not want to make a decision, is programming at his best!!!!
    –Clitorises are being cut out from woman by women, or and sew their vaginas shut!!!! in many countries, and these girls die in process, it was funny, sarcasm, that is not a religion or a health issue but it was done by circumcised women !!!!! read again it was women who did it to women!!! did I say many girls die during and after either they bleed to death, and during birth they push their baby in their upper leg (ofcourse both die) and many other monstrosities of death occurs, as i write this..this still happens….but ofcourse this happens in a third world country and that does not matter, well it does………………..

    Cause you have a choice it, stop mutilating a body part, or give the person to be mutilated a choice, or have a great talk with your faith of a certain god, and ask him to remove it for good if your faith is that strong and real in reality. But no and I bet i’m suddenly a hater, well you can scream bloody murder what ever some you want about me, but a knife will never be used to show either faith, bogus health, fear mongering or love on my child.

    I have a rule when in doubt and you can stop or are stopped, do not do it.(based on painful experiences when i ignored it…..)

    • Great! The only thing we own is our own body, everything else is borrowed. So leave them intact for the next generation.

  59. My only issue with not circumcising our baby boy is that my husband had to be circumcised at age 4 due to an infection and so did my uncle years ago (I think he was 5). I don’t want the same thing to happen to our little guy. Plus, its easier to teach a toddler how to clean their uncircumcised penis than it is to actually follow up and ensure he is doing the job properly. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have a lot of pressure on both sides of the family to circumcise but I want to make the right decision for us.

    • Lindsay, I hope that your baby hasn’t arrived yet or that if he has, you listened to your heart and kept him intact. Please know that most cases of men from past generations “needing to be circumcised” as an older child or adult were because of damage to the foreskin caused by bad advice from doctors! They told parents to pull back and wash under the foreskin from birth, which is completely incorrect. Premature retraction causes the connective skin between the foreskin and the glans (totally normal and protective for the baby/child) to rip apart and form scar tissue. Repeated retractions creates a constant raw wound which can become infected, and the scar tissue can cause the infamous “tight foreskin” excuse for circumcision. Also, it’s totally normal for the foreskin to be “tight” and non-retractible into puberty, but doctors were so unfamiliar with the NORMAL penis that in the past (and unfortunately, some doctors still today) they would tell parents that their 3, 4, 5 year old son needed to be circumcised. This is known as the “phony phimosis diagnosis.” The vast majority of intact boys in the US and around the world who receive proper care (only clean what is seen, do not retract, the skin will naturally loosen and separate and in older childhood/adolescence the boy can be taught to gently retract and wash underneath, just like every other body part) have ZERO problems. Circumcised boys are NOT immune from problems either. The exposed urethral opening is much more likely to be come inflamed or infected, and variations in the circumcision can cause adhesion of the remaining tissue, painful skin bridges, and even necessitate further “revision” surgery.

      • Thank you for this post, it brought me to happy tears 🙂
        My husband is circ. but past boyfriends of mine were not. I could not have it done to my son and my husband agreed so long as I took the responsibility of caring for it (having more experience).
        I just didn’t have the heart (or the $) to make him suffer. I had asked parents of recently circ. boys if I could see what it looked like right after it was done and it terrified me. I did further research and chose not to do it.
        After he was born I listened to my doctor and did not disturb him. Just before he turned 4 his foreskin broke free and we could see it for the first time, I was in tears then too! Since then we make sure to dry it after peeing, and bathe every night, and we’ve had no problems. Until a few weeks ago when my son was suddenly in discomfort. For 2 days over Christmas. I was beside myself, angry that I hadn’t had it done, terrified we’d have to do it now, later in life like my uncle (who I believe was in this generation you’re talking about). However within two days my son returned to normal and we’ve had no more issues. We maintain cleanliness and though I am always skeptical that I didn’t do what was best when it was the best time to do it, I am happy with my decision.
        As a final addition I’d like to say some of the comments are terrible, and unnecessary. I’d like to add that I recently learnt my cousins bf had it done by choice in late teens and agreed it was painful, but he survived and was happy he did it. Circumcisions are not evil, just not for everyone.

        • The removal of genital tissue from a little girl without consent and apart from true medical need truly is evil.

          Likewise, the removal of genital tissue from a little girl without consent and apart from true medical need truly is evil.

        • Please don’t wash your sons glans with soap! It’s a mucus membrane and has natural flora that’s necessary for the health of the penis. Washing it with soap is akin to sticking soap into your vagina, and can cause many problems!

          Intact care is easy- retract, rinse, replace.

      • Very true.

  60. I was on the fence when my son was born. It was a tough decision! Then, I read an article somewhere that said “if you’re having trouble deciding, then do what what your husband’s parents did so your son will be the same as his dad.” That helped, and so we circumcised.

    Now I feel good about that decision. My husband never wished that he wasn’t circumcised. It’s worked out well for him.

    I don’t think it really matters either way. Your child’s going to be happy no matter what you decide!

    • That’s ridiculous advice. What if your husband’s parents had been neglectful and he caught an infection in his foot that didn’t heal and his foot had to be amputated? Would you have wanted to cut off your newborn baby’s foot? Why would you continue ridiculous, baseless cultural traditions without any further thought or consideration? How about this advice: if you’re undecided, LET THE OWNER OF THE PENIS DECIDE, when he’s old enough (adult). Unfortunately, your son won’t be able to change the choice you made for him. And for the record, plenty of men ARE unhappy being circumcised. Your husband has nothing to compare it to, so how can he know if he would have been happier intact? How can you say it “doesn’t matter” if a baby is subjected to incredibly painful surgery to remove healthy, functioning genital tissue? Do you really think your son was “happy” when the doctor was ripping, crushing, and slicing the skin away from his penis? REALLY??

    • Gross! Why do boys need to have a scar around their penis because daddy does? Why do boys need to be violated just because daddy was?

      If matching was so important daddy should’ve restored!

  61. Seriously? I think that listing avoidance of circumcision as a prerequisite for being a crunchy mama is fairly discriminating. Aside from the fact that the World Health Organization says there is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the transmission of heterosexually acquired HIV By approximately 60%, circumcision is a covenant between Yehovah and his people. When we had our son circumcised it was an informed and gentle procedure. There was no pain, no tears and no trauma. If everything must be left the way we came into the world to be “crunchy” then let’s let our ambilical cords fall off by themselves, let’s leave compacted wisdom teeth in. Heck, let’s not provide our children braces or other orthodontics because it would be unnatural to straighten their teeth. Granola is crunchy but so are nuts and popcorn and veggie chips. Please don’t suggest that I need to forsake the covenant of my faith to be a natural, crunchy mother.

    • The only covenant worth anything is between the people affected. Babies cannot make agreements. You think you have a faith, simply because you were told you had, when you could not think for yourself. In Africa HIV is spread by lousy lifestyle decisions, and the WHO is controlled by corrupt people with their own agendas.

      • The WHO spokesman on circumcision is the inventor of a circumcision device and owner of a factory that makes them. A small matter that the WHO seem never to mention.

  62. what if you were a young mother whose child was born with a spinal issue and needed surgery (like my son) and they just did the circ? Then there’s nothing you can do.

    • Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a choice in it 🙁

    • There’s nothing you can do to get your son’s foreskin back, but you better believe I would sure as hell have SUED the doctor and hospital that removed healthy, functioning tissue from my baby without my consent. That wasn’t a medical mistake — it was assault. What if they had removed a pinky toe — would that have been okay? Speaking frankly, the foreskin is much more sensitive and useful than a pinky toe.

      • Totally agree, American medics are completely profit driven, so hit them where it will hurt, in their pockets.

    • if that is truly what happened, you are well within your rights to sue for malpractice. I am serious. If you didn’t consent to the surgery, the hospital is liable.

  63. I was going to say this somewhere else on the site, but this seems the more appropriate place. In MNS this week, you mentioned Mayim Bialik, who could be Queen of Crunch IMO, who’s under fire from the media for her extended breastfeeding, cosleeping, etc. I 100% agree with you that it’s shameful to put down others for their parenting decisions, when we live in a world that feeds junk (food and others things) to kids. However, then I remembered that there is one thing (only one, because I love this site!) on your site that made me feel uncomfortable, and that is the fact that “Avoiding circumcision” is listed as a “Way to be a natural mama.” My 1st thought was, “So people who practice two out of the three major world religions cannot be natural parents, because they circumcise?” I watched your video and can see that you have no intention to judge others, but by suggesting that there is “a way” to be natural in parenting, and that circumcision isn’t included in “the way,” is only promoting mean people to say mean things when someone DOES choose to circumcise. I mentioned Mayim Bialik here because she was a victim of this. She’s a Jewish woman, and very religious. She chose to circumcise her sons because it is a right of passage in our religion, and boy, was she slammed for it. People from within the holistic living community can be just as nasty as anyone else, so let’s remember not to judge (or to promote others to judge by suggesting that something is wrong).
    I agree that whether or not to circumcise should be an INTENTIONAL and INFORMED choice of the parents (btw if my husband and I have a son, he’ll be circumcised), and I probably wouldn’t have taken issue if your link just said something like “Be informed about medical procedures,” and not just “Avoid circumcision.” But, thank you for clarifying your intentions in the video 🙂

    • I agree that people need to not judge or discriminate. I am not a mother yet, and I am not expecting. However I am well informed and if I have sons I still want them to be circumcised. I don’t think that parents should be judged as horrible people for doing this just the same as parents shouldn’t be judged for having elective C-Sections. As long as they have made those decisions fully informed and with thought and prayer, then that decision lies with them and no one else.

      • C-sections cannot be compared to unnecessary genital surgery on a non-consenting minor. Circumcision is incredibly painful surgery that removes healthy, functioning tissue. What about what your son(s) want? Do you really think your newborn baby WANTS to have a part of his penis cut off? What about when he’s an adult? If he’s intact, he can choose to be circumcised, with full anesthetic and lots of pain pills afterward. A baby gets none of that. No anesthetic can be fully effective, and they don’t get pain medicine (Tylenol doesn’t count, it can’t TOUCH the pain the baby will feel as the raw wound on his penis sits in a urine and feces-filled diaper). Your “though and prayer” is irrelevant — the choice belongs to the owner of the penis, no one else. His body, his choice.

    • Factually, she is right — the NATURAL penis is the NATURAL choice. Choosing to alter your son’s penis for cultural reasons is not a “natural” parenting practice. More important than a parenting label, though, is the ethics of removing healthy, functioning genital tissue form a baby or child who CAN NOT consent. The choice should be the boy’s, not yours or anyone else’s. HIS penis, HIS choice. What if he doesn’t want to practice your religion when he grows up? How useful is a “rite of passage” anyway when it’s practiced on a newborn who can’t even participate (other than screaming, of course)? Please think about what you’re saying — it’s just barbaric to remove healthy, functioning genital tissue from a baby or child for ANY reason! Being circumcised does NOT make you Jewish, and being intact does NOT make you un-Jewish! Many Jews are coming to realize that the bris is incompatible with the importance of ethics in the Jewish religion and are rejecting it. And circumcision isn’t even in the Koran. All cultural circumcision goes back to cultural desires to curtail or control sexual desire. Please do some more research than just saying “I’m XYZ religion, I have to circumcise my son(s).” Start here:

      As for Mayim Bialik, she chose to make herself the public “face” of attachment parenting, so she can’t complain about public commentary on her parenting choices. Attachment parenting is all about connecting with your child, meeting his/her needs, and promoting bonding. Subjecting your newborn (or child of any age) to an unnecessary, incredibly painful cultural practice like circumcision goes directly against that philosophy. Besides, Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience and goes on and on in her book about how AP helps to promote proper brain development, etc. But circumcision is proven to cause lasting psychological damage at the brain cell level, a fact that she MUST know. Yet she chose to ignore THAT bit of info to pursue her own SELFISH religious desires. That to me is despicable and incredibly hypocritical.

    • Sorry, but Judaism is not one of “the three major world religions.” The top three religions on Earth by population are Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Going down the list there are about five other religions before you hit Judaism.

      • Whoa. This poison is not in good taste. Could we get back to heath, natural, loving community of mothers please?

    • ” I mentioned Mayim Bialik here because she was a victim of this. She’s a Jewish woman, and very religious. She chose to circumcise her sons because it is a right of passage in our religion, and boy, was she slammed for it. ”
      As well she should have been slammed, her warped and deluded mindset is now stamped on children who had no religion, they were born Atheist, but now her stupidity has been carved into THEIR bodies. I can only hope that they turn their backs on her and her antiquated beliefs.

    • Circumcision is not part of the Christian religion.

  64. Hey loved the video!
    We decided to have our son circumcised even tho it is taboo within my family. My dad is a medical doctor and my mother a nurse, and it is NOT medically necessary to get it done. However, they have seen MANY many cases where boys and men have to have it done later due to issues, and my husband and I decided that was our best bet. Aswell, my husband is circumcised and it was within our belief system.

    It’s crazy how when you become a parent the heated discussions that come about. Great how you guys approach it with humor!
    Love what your doing!

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, there’s a lot of “heat” with this issue. Bottom line though, each parent is making the best decision for their family and making it out of love.

      • So skinning a dick is acceptable but piercing ears is wrong??? WTF is wrong with you???

      • The fact is that with respect to circumcision, most parents are not acting out of “love” but out of ignorance and superstition. If you love your child, then you will love the way God made them.

      • Again, this is why I love your site! I never feel judged for decisions I have made for my kids even if I have done things that you wouldn’t agree with. What I have gotten from you is information, acceptance, support and I haven’t even talked to you in person. Even so, I thank God for you and your family is included in my prayers every day. God Bless you Genevieve!

    • Get REAL facts, not silly anecdotes. Less than 1% actually need to be circumcised later in life, most issues come from forceful retraction of the foreskin early in life, a practice commonly performed by pediatricians.

    • Gross! I hope your son sues you for violating your son for YOUR preference!

      I can’t believe what I just read! I’m sickened by such asinine reasoning behind surgically raping your son!

      Again, I hope he sues you!!!

  65. Hi Aryan’s Mommy, I’m sorry your mom isn’t supporting your decision but remember YOU ARE his mommy and not everyone is going to agree with your choices. You and your husband need to come together and decide what’s best. Having said that, you can show your mom our video and maybe she’ll change her mind :). Also, you can share with her the research that shows that the new trend is to NOT circumcise so your son will not be the outcast as she fears. I’m not sure about your friend’s nephew. Sounds like an exaggeration but infections can happen circumcised or not.

    In regards to the 6%, is that in utero? I wouldn’t be concerned about it. Be sure you are eating enough, especially good fats, and getting plenty of fluids. Your baby will be the size he needs to be. XO.

    • thanks so much. I’ve tried showing her but she still insists I’m wrong. She also insists breastfeeding is unnecessary and will just cause me to sag so I guess this is just something else we are going to clash on. Yes, that is in utero. I go to the OB today, we’ll se what she s says. I’m probably worried about nothing. Thanks for the advice but she told me nothing I showed her would change her mind so I guess that’s that.

      • Ummm woa!!! Sagging!!?? Please, nature and gravity yes,breastfeeding no,make sure you wear a good supportive bra and you will still be just as beautiful as you were before, plus the added benefit of all the health benefits, the bonding, Do you I really need to talk up breastfeeding? You are making a very wise choice, the choice to do what you feel is best for your baby,and your family.

  66. Also for the record my husband is uncircumcised as well. She (my mother) says a friend of ours nephew was uncircumcised and he got an infection nearly had to have his whole penis removed at age 11.

  67. So I’m 33 weeks 5 days with my first, a little baby boy. My husband was born in India and is against circumcision. I didn’t know anything about it but after doing several hours of research today I have decided to go with my husband and not have our son circumcised. My mother is angry with me and says my child will be made fun of and look like a monster as well as being dirty nasty and disgusting. How do I explain to her that it isn’t wrong and her grandson won’t be an outcast? Also an unrelated question if anyone happens to know the answer. My baby measures in the 6th percentile. Is that something I should be alarmed about?

  68. Before I start let me just say that I don’t have children or expecting but I am planning and I want all the information my brain can hold. At first I was all for circumcision bc isn’t that what everyone does!! Boy was I WRONG!!!! After doing some research I found out that this procedure is down right barbaric first they strap your son down by his legs and arms on a hard plastic table and rip the foreskin away from his penis OUCH!!! Then they just cut it off!!!! And yes he feels everything the same as if you strapped a grown man down and done the same thing oh and there is NO pain medication or anything to help with the pain and most babies go into shock!!!! And if you see the video of it you can tell he is in a lot of pain…Please don’t get me wrong im not getting after anyone who has made this choice I just want planning people out there like me to know whats really going on!!!! And thank you Mama Natural for shedding some light on this important issue

    • Thanks for sharing Nikki and I’m impressed with how far ahead of the game you are :)! You’re gonna make a great mama.

    • I just want to say that may Dr’s use a local to numb the penis before they perform the procedure. Many babies cry with this shot but are easily consoled and some boys will sleep through the whole procedure. Not every Dr will do this and not every parent is ok with a local being used on such a little baby but it is important that people realize this is an option.

      • When babies “sleep through the whole thing” they are actually in shock, and it can be documented by their breathing patterns, body temp, cold sweat, dull unfocused eyes etc. The numbing agents used are insufficient past the top layer of the skin and a study was done that documented a vast majority of Dr.’s do not leave the numbing agent on for the sufficient amount of time for it to go into effect. The Local shots that are available have not been approved to be used on such tiny patients and it is out of the scope of what the medication was designed for in addition to coming with a long list of potential side effects.

  69. Thanks for this great video.

    It is time we left circumcision in the past.

    It removes healthy, sensitive, functional, erogenous, valuable, normal genital tissue.

    it’s done without the consent of the individual who will forever live with the consequences.. and it’s VERY painful. Did I mention it’s permanent?

    To say this is a pleasurable part of the body is an understatement, it contains the same type of nerve endings as those in the fingertips and lips.. and it contains fine-touch receptors more sensitive than anywhere else on the entire penis!

    It’s a personal decision.. so let the person whose penis it is make the decision when they’re older.

    Awesome video. <3 Mama Natural is the best!

    • GREAT VIDEO!!! I agree with Joel that the person whose penis it is should be able to decide whether to be circumcised.

      • Thank you Joel, sadly I was cut, but I made certain that my son, and daughter, kept their genitalia intact

    • I agree with Joel too 🙂 Thank you for the comment and for standing up for your beliefs!

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