How To Reduce Your EMF Exposure (And Why You Want To)

Sometimes I feel like I’m the bearer of bad news. I’ve talked about the toxins in your toothpaste, the harmful molds in your peanut butter, how your olive oil may be an imposter, and now, I’ve got to talk to you about your EMF exposure.

Say what?! Stick with me here as I’ll explain everything in this post and video.

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EMF Tips to Reduce Exposure Video

What are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible areas of energy or lines of force that emanate from matter. Our bodies have electric and magnetic fields that are associated with our nervous and muscular systems. The Earth also has a natural magnetic field and there are electric fields in the atmosphere.

But, usually when we refer to EMF exposure and health risks, we are talking about the electric-magnetic fields that come from our electrical devices. This kind of EMF exposure comes from our phones, our cars, power lines, laptops, cellphone towers, wifi, and even our blenders and toaster ovens!

EMFs have been under the radar up until the last decade or so because they weren’t as prevalent. But, now, it’s a whole different ballgame. We can get a Wi-Fi signal just about anywhere, and so many of us walk around with multiple personal EMF devices like cell phones, smart phones, and laptop computers. People are starting to take notice to this potential health issue.

Are EMFs dangerous?

This is the 10,000 dollar question. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of conclusive studies on this topic, which is a shame because we are literally bombarded with them daily.

Most of us live in a home with our Wi-Fi on 24/7, a smart meter attached to the outside of our living room wall, and sleep with our iPhone by our heads. Our children play with our cell phones or use electronics to learn and play. This EMF-infused technology has become a way of life for many of us.

But, we need to be careful.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence showing that too much EMF exposure can be harmful to our health. So much so that the World Health Organization classified EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” back in 2011.

This was after a series of studies showed a soft correlation between EMFs and a type of brain cancer. Scary stuff?!

We are undergoing a great experiment that no other civilization has ever faced. We’re exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents, and that exposure grows each year.

Symptoms of too much EMF exposure

The old adage “the dose makes the poison” may be very true for EMF exposure; it’s tricky because it will vary from person to person. Some people are very sensitive to EMF exposure and have to take special, and sometimes extreme, precautions to live in this very EMF-rich world. Other people can talk on their bluetooth device all day and don’t notice any ill effects. The important thing is to listen to your body and be aware.

Here are some EMF exposure symptoms to look out for:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Feeling of stress or ‘wired’
  • Trouble sleeping soundly through the night
  • Tingling, burning or prickling skin sensations
  • A buzzing or static feeling in brain
  • Ringing ears
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weaken immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances that won’t respond to treatment
  • Other unusual symptoms that doctors can’t pinpoint origin

A simple test to see if you could be reacting to too much EMF exposure is to go camping for a week and completely unplug. Notice how you feel. Pay attention to your energy levels. Be aware of how you sleep. If you feel remarkably better, and then really lousy when you return home, you just might want to look into reducing your EMF exposure.

EMF exposure in children

You want to be particularly careful with your children’s EMF exposure. As a general rule, children are more sensitive and vulnerable due to their small size, thinner skulls, and developing brains. Babies in utero are especially sensitive.

In fact, excessive EMF exposure during pregnancy has been linked with childhood autism, ADHD, and asthma.

  • A small study performed by Dr. Klinghardt,  showed that autism can be predicted based on the EMF levels of a pregnant women’s sleeping space.
  • Another study found that children who had the most exposure to cell phones in utero were 80% more likely to have emotional problems, conduct problems, hyperactivity or problems with peers than those in the control group.

However, children continue to be exposed to these EMFs after birth while they are still quite sensitive.

Children absorb more radiation than adults do, so safe levels of exposure are much lower for children yet they are often exposed to EMFs at the same rate or sometimes more than adults. Children are blasted with EMFs from baby monitors, equipment in hospital nurseries and NICUs, home wireless systems and more.

How to test your EMF exposure

The first thing you can do is check how far away cell phone towers are from your home as these are big culprits. Go to to find out where the closest one is to your home, work, or school. Keep in mind that this website isn’t always 100% accurate or up-to-date. You can always check with your local county for location of towers as they legally have to have this on file.

You can also purchase a EMF detector and test your home. This EMF meter is not as sophisticated (or expensive) as some others but it’s a good starting point for determining EMF hotspots in your living space. Check near the power box to your home, near large appliances, places where electronics and wireless devices are (like an office), and even old metal plumbing which can carry a current.

If you find high readings then you can explore ways to shield or offset these risks. There are always ways to reduce or block your EMF exposure so don’t feel like you’re a victim. You can download my FREE cheat sheet for some great ideas!

Simple ways to reduce your EMF exposure

OK, like I said, there are always things we can do to reduce EMF exposure. The important thing to remember is that we live in a digital world and it isn’t going away.

The last thing I want is for people to feel they have to live in a tent in the dessert to reduce their EMF exposure! You don’t even need to swap your iPhone for a landline.

Here are some really simple things you can do today that will help you greatly reduce your EMF exposure.

1. Caution with cellphones and smart phones

Did you know that every cellphone comes with a warning about keeping the phone too close to your body? In fact, the iPhone 5 manual says users should keep the phone 10 millimeters away from your ear! How do you talk like that?

Well, to keep our EMF exposure low, we won’t want to talk directly into phone while it’s pressed to our heads.

Instead, use your phone’s speaker function.

Nowadays, the speaker is very sensitive and you won’t have to yell to be understood. Obviously, speaker phone isn’t always an option (be courteous in public :)); so in those instances, you can use a headset.

Bluetooth can be particularly problematic because you’ve now got a receiver and transmitter on your ear, very close to your brain. The frequency from bluetooth is similar to microwave ovens, which had some of the highest EMF readings when I measured with my EMF meter.

Most phones come with a free set of wired ear buds when you purchase your device. There are even special EMF-reducing headsets that can decrease your radiation levels even further!

Even better, communicate via text which will keep the EMF exposure away from your brain.

Another tip: don’t carry your cell phone or smart phone on your body.

I’ve seen guys keep it in their front pockets (hello, family jewels!) or in their front pocket near the heart. I’ve seen women hold their phones in their bras?!

Please, do not do this.

If you absolutely must carry your phone on your body, put it in airplane mode. Airplane mode is your friend.

Who says you have to be available 24/7? Challenge yourself to “unplug” from your personal EMF circuit by turning your phone off (gasp!) or at least on airplane mode.

If you need to keep your phone on, carry it in your purse or at least in a holster of some sort. There are some proven EMF-reducing smart phone carrying cases that can help reduce your EMF exposure.

Finally, don’t use your phones for an alarm clock or to play music as you fall asleep (unless you can put in airplane mode). Don’t charge your phone by your bed. In fact, try to keep any electronics out of your bedroom for a better night’s sleep. Use a battery-powered alarm clock if needed.

2. Easy on the home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing. No more unsightly wires running everywhere. No more waiting for dial up. It is also an EMF-exposure monster, so use judiciously.

A great practice is to turn off your Wi-Fi router before you go to bed. This simple step will reduce 8-9 hours of Wi-Fi signals pulsating through your house!

We use this special router that has a on/off button so we can easily turn our Wi-Fi on or off, depending on what we’re doing. When we’re working in our office, we also use a wired connection.

Now before you think you’ll have to call an electrician, we actually did this without opening up any walls. We used the NetGear router mentioned above, turned off the wireless and run ether net cables into our computers. (If you have a Mac book, you’ll need this ethernet adapter.)

Again, the dose makes the poison. If you are working all day near your Wi-Fi router on your laptop, your EMF exposure will be high. But, if you can switch to a wired connection, or put an EMF guard on your wireless router and keep it further away from your desk, you’ll greatly reduce your EMF exposure.

3. Protect your devices.

Another simple step is to use some protective cases for your most used electronics.

We use this EMF-blocking iPad case from DefenderShield for our son Griffin. I also have this special case for my iPhone 6. I love that I can put my phone in my purse without worrying if it’s close to my body since I know this case reduces my EMF exposure.

I also have this DefenderPad for when I work on my laptop as it also reduces EMF exposure. I love that DefenderShield has tested their products and have a 99% effectiveness rate! While they are an investment, I know that the benefits are worth it.

4. Be smart about your smart meter.

A hidden source of EMFs in your home could come from your smart meter. This meter is an electronic device that records electric energy consumptions in frequent intervals (usually multiple times per hour… or per minute!)

These smart meters are in constant wireless communication with the utility for monitoring and billing. These signals can be blasting into your home depending on where it’s located.

If the meter is right outside of your bedroom, you’ll want to invest in a protection device or some shielding material to reduce your EMF exposure. You can also call your electric company and request a manual meter for a higher cost. Many people report of health problems after being in close proximity of smart meters so be sure your home is safe.

5. Download my free cheat sheet on reducing your EMF exposure!

This is such a passion point of mine that I’ve put together a FREE download for you with more simple tips to reduce your and your family’s EMF exposure.

Click the image below to get it and be sure to share with loved ones!

How about YOU?!

Are you sensitive to EMFs? Do you do anything to reduce your and your family’s EMF exposure? Share with us below!



About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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  1. Hello,
    How much are the protectors that you discussed for my laptop and cell phone?
    Is there a website that you can provide?
    Thank You,

    • There are links to purchase items mention in the article.

  2. Where did you rent your meters from? Thanks’

  3. Hi Genevieve!

    I purchased himalayan salt lamps for our son’s room, one for our bedroom, and one for my office at work because I have read that it releases negative ions that can counteract some EMF’s. But there have been some recalls on salt lamps due to possible electrical issues (melting cord, fire risk) and so there are a few companies that have not been recalled and use only UL certified cords. One of these companies is Levoit and I saw this brand recommended by your friend Wellness Mama. However, I have read that one good tip to reduce EMF’s is to avoid dimmer switches and all Levoit salt lamps use dimmer switches. I tested it while it was on with an EMF reader and while the reading was virtually 0 where the cord was plugged into the wall, the reading at the dimmer switch (while on high) was around 6-7 gauss and made the reader flash red and beep. I’ve reading that recommendations are to stay under 2 gauss… So is my himalayan salt lamp pointless, or doing more harm than good? Not worth putting in our bedrooms? I’m so disappointed.

  4. So, what happens if you live in an apartment building? What’s the point of shutting off my WiFi if the people upstairs and to the sides of me all have their routers on 24/7 (which they do)? Or if you can’t afford to be in an area that has low EMF readings? And if you can’t afford all of this protective stuff? I feel like articles like these are geared toward upper middle class people, and make lower middle class mothers like myself feel helpless and terrified because we want to do the right thing by our kids too but don’t have the money for shielding against EMF.

    • Just do the best you can. It’s all any of us can do!

  5. Curious to your thoughts on baby monitors then! I’ve been researching!

  6. Hi! I’m looking to install a smart meter protective shield but would also like to know how and where to best install it?Does it have to go inside your walls? Behind the siding? Or just over the meter? I’m also located in Canada which changes the products I can get.

    • Hi! I can recommend to contact EMF Clothing (, they will know how to solve it and they are the biggest UK supplier for EMF protection clothing and materials.

  7. I have heard from a doctor on one documentary that you can buy emf reduction monitor and plug it in the electrical socket. If anyone knows about them which is better and do they really work.

  8. I recently moved into a house with a smart meter this past October and 10 days after moving in, I was so sick I couldn’t live there. After having many tests, we finally figured out it was our smart meter! I had no idea. Things that have helped are “opting out” of our smart meter, turning off wifi and using corded internet, turning off the breakers at night except for heat and frig (this lowers my body voltage a great deal!), putting our phones on airplane mode when not in use, and wearing an Earthcalm pendant and Home Infinity System that we purchased. We still have a lot of RF from the neighbors wifi and meters, so our next step is to get Y Shield paint for our bedroom, since that is the most important room. It really is a process and the cost adds up, but the way I look at it, the efforts made are worth it in the long run.

    • As long as a cell phone or similar device is on, it still emits radiation, airplane mode or not.

  9. Oh precious, I’ve been going barefoot since I was small, in school the principal would catch me with no shoes on and tell me to put em on. (They’d be in my locker). So it’s good for you to be preaching it, sister. I’ve been surrounded by trees in an older house without a smart meter for 20 years before the floods in Louisiana 2016.
    Found a trailer with woods behind it!?but IT has a smart meter. So I can now put ALL THIS GREAT INFO TO WORK! Thanks so much oh ye bearer of essential news. Keep bringing it. I’m boiling leaves atm to cleanse by blood of the RADIOACTIVE dye they shot in my arm and week ago. Chlorophyll (chlorella) cleans your blood. But I’m sure you knew that. Love,
    P.S. FOREST THERAPY A study done by a Japanese fellow.

  10. Devices made of orgonite material mitigate the underlying harmful and negative (Orgone, Chi, Prana, Life Force) energy that all electrical devices produce. Orgonites are very much based on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich who successfully measured and collected this mystical life force energy proving that it is not some metaphorical force. Lots of people sensitive to EMFs report that Orgone Energy devices help them to cope with electromagnetic pollution and greatly improve the quality of their everyday life. But what’s important to note is that orgonite doesn’t change the EMF radiation per se, but changes the underlying negative Orgone (Chi, Prana, Life Force) energy into balanced and positive energy. It is believed that the quartz crystal that is embedded inside the orgonite mix does all the magic through the piezoelectric effect. Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Orgonite (2017) by MURKAS

  11. Hi,

    Could you post some citations of the scientific studies you’re referencing that point to EMF exposure being dangerous to our health? Would like to read more, but couldn’t find them in your blog post.


    • Check out the reference links at the bottom of the article!

  12. Did you use a baby monitor Genevieve?

  13. I beg my husband to order one of those AngelSense GPS monitors for our daughter… I literally didn’t even think about the EMF factor until the day before it arrived… when I contacted the company to see if they had any idea how much EMF that device might put out, they answered me in a weird way …. something like, “oh not much only like one mega byte or similar to like one email”…. which to my understanding is not how EMF is measured… which to my understanding is not how EMF is measured… I purchased an EMF meter off of Amazon and some Shungite, so I can see myself what damage it is doing and if it’s possible to use it and be protected from it at the same time.

    She wore it today for the first time strapped to her sensory vest and after coming home from VBS, which was only a few hours long she was literally bouncing off the walls and could not calm down !!! Could be that they eat something different today …. I mean, it is possible…. but I’m not so sure…
    I’m gonna wait till that meter comes in before I put it back on her. She is diagnosed with ADHD and sensory processing …. so it’s not like I’m using it for the same reasons a kid with ASD …
    I thought it would be a great tool to have as a behavior modification device with a listen in Feature … but apparently they only give you 60 minutes per month for the $40 you pay. I thought that may be listening in would help figure out what might be triggering some of her negative behaviors. But if it causes her to act even more negatively because of the EMF exposure and her sessitivity to it…. then it’s obviously not worth it.

  14. We refused the smart meter. There was a $90 fee to get the old one put back on. There is also a fee added each month to our electric bill because an employee from the electric company has to come out to read the meter. It’s a catch 22. You don’t want the EMF exposure, but we also don’t want the extra pollution from vehicles.

    Lloyd Burrell has too much information on his site about EMFs. Here is a link to concerns about the up and coming 5G:

    I did get a land line again. They work great, honestly. Use the cell for emergency purposes when you go out. Just don’t use a cordless phone. They are worse than cell phones.

    Also, it is just as easy for us to use a cord for internet instead of wifi. I personally don’t get much out of his digital age. I like books and nature.

  15. Hi Mama Natural! Do you have any insight into those transformer boxes in neighborhoods? I am looking at buying a vacant lot for building but there is one of these ugly eye sores right near the edge of the road. In addition to how it looks I’m more worried about exposure!

    • They seem to be in every neighborhood for every 3-4 houses. I have wondered why some make a humming sound that can be heard from the street and others are more quiet. Electricity lines can run underground or above ground. I would think the further you distance yourself from the power supply the less EMF exposure.

      There are natural gas communities.

      • …but you would still need electricity to power most appliances and electronics…

  16. hai, (a measure of Electromagnetic unit where 2000 bovis = 250 milli volts). its true?
    emf meter measure pyramid?

  17. I have had great success using Shungite. Check it out. You may find this interesting.

  18. Hi mama natural! Thanks for all this good info! I live your site. I clicked on the “antenna website” to check for polls near me and it was a confusing website. Can you please give more details on how to use it! Thanks!!

  19. I feel overwhelmed by all the different sites claiming they help with EMF exposure. How do you ever know which ones are legit or which are scams? I do not have the money to go and buy EMF readers for all of these things.

    I am looking for ear buds for my cell phone, possibly a case, and a wifi timer to work with a router/modem combo so it can automatically shut off at night. I’ve also seen little stands that you can put in front of routers, etc. that supposedly shield them. Do those work, or are they a scam? We have our router/modem in the far corner of the playroom, and that is the only place in the entire house where it is wired to plug in. I’d like to manually be able to turn it off when my son is playing in there, and then have it automatically shut off at night. I don’t know how to do either.

  20. Great tips here! One correction, though: Most communities will NOT let you switch out smart meters for analog ones. 🙁

  21. I just moved to an apartment complex with my 9 month old son. I naturally have anxiety about what my infant is being exposed to. I’m freaked out about the wi-fi as well as meters that I just realized after reading this article are right outside our window. What can I do about this??

    • I currently live in an apartment as well. You can get a Himalayan salt lamp which will clean the air, provide great mood lighting for sleep and most importantly protect you from EMFs or at least reduce exposure. I have several in my apartment and it works great! If you can only afford to get one make sure you put it in your bedroom.

    • You have to move or to shield. Only that two options.

    • move

    • It’s not as simple as buying a salt lamp, although that may help with symptoms. You will have to move or shield. Although in an apartment, shielding can be ineffective if your neighbors have one too.

      • Moving isn’t easy. Have y’all seen housing costs lately? An apartment falling apart in my city costs almost as much as what my brother in law pays for his house. There’s a reason we live in apartments. I don’t think anyone WANTS to live in an apartment. If OP could move, I’m sure she would, rather than just express her anxieties. Not everyone’s husband is a CEO ladies.

  22. What a great article! I live in a condo, so there are Wi-Fi signals coming at us from all around. We do not have Wi-Fi, but I’m not sure that it makes much of a difference living in such a hor spot. Not ideal! As a newly pregnant momma, I bought a belly band by Vest, but I’m not sure that it is doing anything. There is another brand called Belly Armor which makes a few different kinds of bands and shields, that I was curious about too. Have you ever heard of these belly bands?

    • Yes, I’ve heard about Belly Armour. I think any kind of protection is better than none. Better yet, just use your laptop at a desk or table and avoid putting on belly. I hear you about the condo situation but it’s all about proximity. If you turn off your wifi at night, you’d be surprised at what a big difference it can make in terms of exposure (whether you feel it or not). Be smart with phone use too and follow the other basic tips and you should be good to go. Congrats on pregnancy! Xo

    • I used a Belly Armor shirt. I wrapped my cell phone in it and also did that with my husband’s to see if it worked. It did reduce the number of bars from 5 to 2 and 3 bars. It did not totally remove all exposure. Airplane mode is the only way to cut signal to the cell phone when it’s on. Even when it’s off, I think it can transmit if the location is on or sometimes to do updates.

  23. Wonderful post. Thank you very much.

  24. That may be a good idea to keep EMF exposure low, but no exposure to EMF is not exactly healthy as well. Although you’d have to really go out of your way to isolate yourself from natural radiation entirely.

  25. I think this is a topic we NEED to be talking about more, glad you are bringing it to the “masses”. My question is, do you have a router guard you can recommend? I will begin turning off the WiFi at night (one more thing to add to the nightly list!) but my office is in the same room as the router and I can tell a definite decrease in my mental focus and clarity in that room.

    • Connect to the internet using a cord from the router to your computer. If you are working in the same room, there is no need for wifi. Keep it in the cords.

  26. I love this topic and I think you did a great job explaining it. I made my husband watch the video 🙂

    Ever since seeing your pictures and hearing about your move, I really want to visit the beach in Destin. But I’m wondering, what is the best time to visit? Is it warm enough to swim year round there? We are buried in snow in Salt Lake City right now and I’m dreaming of the beach.

  27. We moved into a new house last January, and noticed that they had planned to put the meter outside my daughter’s room. We had to pay thousands extra to have them reroute it to the outside of our garage. The breaker is still outside her room, however. They said they couldn’t move that. So my hubby and I went and bought a roll of Aluminum sheet foil and put it up ourselves on top of the insulation before they sheet rocked. Still haven’t checked the EMF levels though. I need a meter…

  28. There is this rock from Russia called shungite – they make into jewelery, bracelets, necklaces or cones you can have around your house… etc – they block the EMF’s.

    • Thanks for sharing. I’ve used a similar bead on my wired cell phone headset.

      • sorry to speak my mind again, but if you just read up a little bit on the nature of EMF waves you would know that a simple bead or neclace won’t protect you from EMF waves. Even if “shungite” would have any shielding properties the refraction on the surface of a neclace could even lead to an accumulation of the EM waves in the area of your head. Lucky – there is no proof that EMF waves are actually harmful..

        • Anyone who has had to pay the price would say differently. Fortunately for you, this hasn’t happened.

        • I am glad for you that you yourself or a loved one does not have to suffer every day because of electrosensitivity. I assure that seeing a highly energetic person transformed into a constantly tired one, suffering headaches, chronic fatigue and heart palpitations due to emf exposure is not very pleasant!

  29. Thanks for the antennasearch website! I’m glad that everything is at least half a mile away from our house. Ever since my baby was born I’ve worried about radiation and bought a cell phone protector, and this Christmas I asked for a laptop protector and I bought my husband pocket shields. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I don’t care =)

  30. This really is an eye-opening post, Genevieve! I’ve got to say, I consider myself a Mom who tries to be on top of all things safety-related with my little girl, but some of the things you’ve laid out here I hadn’t even thought of!

    A bit scary, but even moreso — very helpful!


  31. We have selenite rods ( lepidolite works really well too, as does amazonite) to block the EMF’s – put them between you and the computer. Works a treat, and the big (15 inches or thereabouts) rod was only £17 – and that’s for a beautiful, heavy, raw and barely- polished mineral. Selenite does tend to have tiny needle-y bits dropping off it if it catches on tablecloths, etc, but has such a lovely soft and gentle energy that it’s worth it. I have a ball of it as well, and plan to put it under my bed for extra oomph! 😀

    • Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing. Love these natural tools 🙂

  32. We just moved out of a development into the country where our closest neighbor is much farther than it used to be! My husband has always had sleeping issues and has always lived in close proximity to others, but since moving he has slept much better! (the kids have too) I am convinced that it is at least partly due to less EMF’s (from other people’s wifi, smart meters etc.) After realizing that I started to unplug the wifi at night to further reduce the exposure.
    One thing, my hubby has an on call job where he has to have his phone in the room at night in case he gets case out to a gas leak, any tips? Would setting the phone on a defender pad at night make a difference?

    • Great that your husband is sleeping better!

      Consider buying a DefenderShield case for his phone. And place the phone across the room from you when you’re sleeping (and not 1ft away on bedside table).

    • Nope, no proven link, but the research says over and over that “some gaps in knowledge about biological effects exist and need further research.”

      My post here isn’t about panicking and giving up technology. It’s about taking some simple steps to reduce exposure to something that could be harmful.

      • Interesting read, thanks for sharing, definitely something to be aware of. however, to be fair, the Who actually stated recently (and not in 2011) that ” The main conclusion from the WHO reviews is that EMF exposures below the limits recommended in the ICNIRP international guidelines do not appear to have any known consequence on health.” This seems even more interesting as your post is sponsored by the manufacturers of devices that claim to protect from an uncertain harm. Would it be possible to explain the nature of your sponsorship? Thankfully, jasmin

        • This isn’t scientific research I’m quoting, but I saw on the news a while back a clip about women getting tumors in their breast in the very spot they slip their cell phones in their bras. The doctor on the news believes their is a link. We are guinea pigs…I personally want to be on the cautious side.

          • I agree! Just because the means of science haven’t been able to pick up a relationship doesn’t mean that there is none. One has to be careful especially with a possible problem of this magnitude. But what about those that spread a possible fear and make profit out of it? Speaking of – still waiting for comment on the sponsorship relationship…

        • We make it clear in the video that it is sponsored by DefenderShield. The post, however, has no sponsor.

          • Sorry, of course I meant the video. For me it would be helpful to understand how you were sponsored (in science we call it “disclosure of a possible conflict of interest”, like are you paid for making the video, reimbursed for certain costs or do you earn a commission on bought products)? In this way people can judge for themselves – how much can I trust the contents of a video that is fiancially supported by a company and clearly expresses views that are in favour of this company (don’t forget the topic IS controversial).

        • Thank you, Jasmin for your critical scientific approach to analyze this post. You have well worded, respectful responses that ask valid questions about this topic. After reading both this article and the one you linked, only quoting about the gaps in knowledge does not make a valid argument. Scientists say that because science is always changing and can’t say anything for certain about science until the proof is identified mathematically – in no way does it imply that we should assume the gap is true and take uneven say precautions because…well…maybe? Where do you draw the line?

          Again, thanks!

  33. GREAT post! Thank you so much!!!

  34. My smart meter is just outside my bedroom 🙁 which specific shielding material would you recommend? And how much of the wall needs to be covered?

    • Sorry! Ours was right outside our bedroom too. Do some research on that nickel-copper fabric. Start on Amazon (, then check out the manufacturer’s websites for guidelines.

      • Hi Genevieve! This is such a helpful post! Thank you!
        Are you able to tell us how you and hubby installed the shielding material on your wall? (ie. interior, exterior and with what material to keep it together). I’d love to pick some up but not sure how to install. Thanks!

  35. Isn’t there a more cost effective way to do this? I am all for it but by the time I purchase enough to protect my self, my kids, my grandkids and anyone else I worry about I am broke! Plus I’ve already purchased some items from Tachron and now learn of more companies… how do I know which are the best for my money and my protection? Ideas?

    • I would just start with turning of Wi-Fi at night. From there, take out any electronics in the bedroom. Get some ethernet and use a wired connection when you can. This will make a big impact for not much money.

  36. I’ve been wondering about EMF for a while now, thanks for great information.

  37. YES! I get terrible migraines from being in a house with strong WIFI. My whole family thought I was crazy this past mother’s day when I went home early balling my eyes out due to the intense pain from the WIFI they would not turn off! I so look forward to the day where this becomes common knowledge or even knowledged as a disability since it is hard to find a place to work where they don’t use WIFI or use florescent lighting.

    • Oh my goodness the fluorescent lighting!!! Ugh, that makes my head crazy! Messes with my eyes, which leads to the migraines! You aren’t alone! I too can’t wait for this and a lot of stuff to be accepted main stream!

    • I hear you, McKenzie! So sorry your family isn’t supportive!

  38. This post is so timely for me! I’ve been researching iphone cases and had seen your recommendation for the Defender Shield. I love that you showed us the product in the video. Many of the reviews for it I see online, however, show complaints of how it’s difficult to maneuver the cover when taking a picture. Can you comment (or show us in another video!) on how you take pictures with your iphone in this case? Also, is it hard to remove the phone? I was wondering if maybe people just take the phone of the case to take pictures. Thanks Mama N!!

    • I’ve taken pictures with the case for sure. It’s not as easy as some cases but definitely doable. I’m not a big “selfie” or phone picture taker so this was a non-issue for me. The phone “snaps” into the case so it’s a firm hold.

      Hope this helps!

  39. Thank you so much mama natural for the info.

  40. Thank you for this info! I have been labeled as a nutjob ever since I told my family I was concerned about the Wi-Fi in my house. They will be getting some of the products you mentioned on Christmas day.
    Keep talking Mama. It’s what we’re here for!

    • My pleasure! 🙂 I think this issue will only grow in people’s awareness. Soon, your family will call you a visionary 🙂

  41. This site: Earth Calm – also has great info. on EMF’s. Check under the products page. We have something we plug into our modem to protect our whole house and a necklace we can wear esp. if we are out and about and even at home. Some people I know where them all the time and even in the shower which you can. I have worn them 24/7 at times, and other times I don’t. But I do need to look into cell phone and laptop protection, I will definitely check out your info. that you posted Mama Natural. Thank you soooo much for having this video. More people need to know this info. I can learn more about it for sure. Thanks!!!

    • Thanks Amy!

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