Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, mamas! This was a pretty heavy series, so we wanted to dedicate this final video to something joyful.

The fruits of a conscious marriage

It’s like all of those fantasies you had when you first met your partner come true. You have a deeper understanding of one another, a better connection, and are happier together on a day-to-day basis. Though it may sound like a dream come true, thanks to your hard work, this time this dream is based on reality instead of fantasy.

This journey is an amazing, healing process—and I’m so glad it’s one you took with us.

Mike and I are still a work in progress

Just because we’re doing this video series doesn’t mean we’re “there,” at a perfectly conscious relationship. After all, our relationship is only three years old. In the grand scheme o things, we are still rookies! But the important thing is that we have the tools we need to work through things, and such a great foundation to build on.

Our relationship has expanded who I am

I’m more courageous, with a more expansive sense of self, and it’s because of the journey I’ve gone on with Michael.

Mike’s grown tremendously as well

“I’ve grown more in this marriage than I have in the 30 years that preceded it,” Michael told me. And while that may be a wee bit of an overstatement, he has become more expressive and in touch with his emotions over the course of the last three years together.

Conscious marriages are able to look outward

Once you heal yourself and your relationship, you are suddenly able to look outward and turn some of your efforts to the world—getting more involved in the environment, helping people in need, and taking on other good causes in your local community and beyond.

We’re all a work in progress

The bottom line is: Nobody is perfect. No matter how aware we are, we are all—always—a work in progress. There is always something we can be doing better. So with that in mind, let’s keep working on our progress together.

Now go out and enjoy the fruits of your conscious relationship!

Enjoy this series? Go deeper!

I’m so glad that you have read and watched this far into the series! That speaks volumes about how serious you are about making your relationship work—and work well.

Now it’s time to take the next step. To continue on your journey, I highly recommend that you pick up Harville Hendrix’s book Getting The Love You Want. Michael and I based this entire series off of the book 100 percent. You can find this amazing resource on Amazon for a few bucks, but I’m sure you could also find it at your local library, if you’d prefer to rent the book.

And if you want to go even further in your relationship journey, you can learn more about IMAGO and find a therapist near you on Harville Hendrix’s website. Find it here: