Do you have a whiz-kid? You know, a tinkerer? A newbie Newton? A teen Tesla?

Keeping these kiddos busy can be a challenge, especially with their minds going a mile a minute. Not many activities today are geared towards them, which complicates things further. After all, not every kid wants to sit around playing video games.

Did you know you can get activities delivered monthly made just for Einstein’s-in-the-making? I’m talking hands-on projects that keep kids busy and learning.

KiwiCo comes to the rescue again with their Eureka Crate. Whether they’re learning about electricity with a DIY lamp kit or exploring the mechanics of a pencil sharpener, the Eureka Crate makes sure little learners have fun while tinkering to their heart’s content.

Kiwi Co Eureka Crate review and promo code desk lamp materials

What Is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo (originally called Kiwi Crate) is a monthly subscription service made for kids. Each month, subscribers get a box (also known as a crate) full of everything they need to complete a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) projects, crafts, and activities related to one central theme.

These boxes are specifically designed for different age groups, including:

What Is a Eureka Crate?

Eureka Crates are monthly shipments of age-appropriate projects for teens aged 14 and up. Each box is designed by educators to be both fun and informative, guiding users through a hands-on task. Every month is something new, teaching teens fun facts and skills as they work on their latest project.

While these might sound like work, your kids will go wild building and learning. How do I know? Each kit is vigorously tested by real teenagers (you know, the ones not afraid to roll their eyes), ensuring that every month brings something exciting.

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Is the Eureka Crate Worth It?

As a proponent of lifelong learning, the Eureka Crate is worth its weight in gold to me. Meshing fun with facts helps information sink in, and for kids who love working with their hands, these crates are unmatched. The activities aren’t just build and forget – these are build and learn. The boxes make a point to educate tinkerers on the task at hand, incorporating information about the subject while teaching them how to craft a functioning object they can see in action.

Eureka Crates aren’t tasks teens can blow through, keeping them occupied as they problem-solve and innovate. Each box is a little different, with some focusing on creative tasks while others are purely mechanical. For parents looking to step up their teen’s activities, the Eureka Crate is perfect.

Kiwi Co Eureka Crate review and promo code wooden ukelele

A Look at the Wooden Ukulele Crate

Playing an instrument stirs creativity, but how cool would it be to build one too? Well, the Wooden Ukulele Crate allows your teen to make their very own functioning 4-string ukulele. As tinkerers work, they’ll learn about sound waves and the history of these hip Hawaiian instruments. As if that’s not cool enough, they’ll also learn to play their new instrument!

Complex Yet Engaging

Building a ukulele isn’t as easy as it sounds, and teens have to work their way through the process. There are multiple steps and materials to work with, and Eureka users get a brain workout during the process that includes stringing and tuning their new instrument. The end product is well worth the effort and rewards them with an instrument they can play.

While the work is complex, it’s fun! It isn’t a one-dimensional process and each step layers on more learning and hands-on experience. It’s a mashup of woodworking, music, and mechanics, utilizing all corners of their growing brain.

Kiwi Co Eureka Crate review and promo code-ukulele

A Lasting Memory

Making your own instrument is a memorable experience, and teens will have a lasting trophy for their hard work. And seriously, what’s cooler than something you can play too? I especially love that learning doesn’t stop there. Kids can keep studying their new instrument, and it might just spark an interest in more musical adventures.

What Do I Think About the Eureka Crate?

I’m all for adventure and learning, and the Eureka Crate offers heaps of both. Users are encouraged to think, unlike many activities today that do the thinking for them. Learning the mechanics of each project shows them how things work behind the scenes, and tinkering can teach them how to fix things later on.

Kiwi Co Eureka Crate review and promo code – desk lamp 2

What I like most about the Eureka Crate:

  • It encourages kids to think: Eureka Crates don’t shy away from complex problems or crafts. Users are tasked with stepping outside the box to accomplish tasks. With the ukulele box, kids go from arts and crafts to engineering to music, utilizing their entire mental toolbox as they work.
  • It keeps hands (and minds) moving: There’s never a dull moment with the Eureka Crate. Every activity is hands-on, and users don’t have a chance to get bored as they move through the steps.
  • It inspires creativity: Even if a Eureka Crate isn’t as artistic at a glance as the ukulele kit, each inspires the mind as kids work. Tinkering naturally triggers creativity and wonder, and you never know what idea they’ll cook up as a result.
  • It teaches mechanics as kids work: Being mechanically-inclined is a priceless skill. As users work, they’ll learn how items function, and as a result, understand how to identify problems.
  • It’s designed by the experts: They might seem tricky, but Eureka Crates are designed by certified educators that know how to keep teen brains ticking.

What Age Are Eureka Crates For?

Eureka Crates are made for teens aged 14 and above. Tasks are multi-stepped and complex, with each weaving in facts as your child works. Educators specifically designed them for this age demographic, creating activities that keep kids’ attention. It’s a difficult task to accomplish, but they did it!

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How Much Does Eureka Crate Cost?

Kiwi Co Eureka Crate review and promo code-pricing

A Eureka Crate subscription comes in several packages, including:

  • Monthly: Pay $19.95 monthly for shipments
  • 3-month subscription: Order 3 shipments upfront for $19.95 each.
  • 6-month subscription: Order 6 shipments for $18.50 each
  • Yearly: Purchase 12 shipments upfront for $16.95 each.

Purchasing the yearly option saves money over time, but it’s a chunk of change to fork over at once, we get it.

Keep in mind that all subscriptions renew automatically, though monthly plans can be canceled at any time. Multi-month packages may be canceled once the prepaid period ends.

U.S. customers, including those in Hawaii and Alaska, enjoy free shipping. 

International customers will be charged shipping fees starting at $4.95 per month. Duties and taxes due at import are the responsibility of international buyers.

Eureka Crate Promo Code 2024

With my special Eureka Crate promo code, you can get your first box for just $17.97—including shipping and handling! That’s a 40% savings.

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Eureka Crate Shipping Basics

Eureka Crates ship 2-3 business days after purchase for U.S. customers. U.S. transit times are between 5 and 7 days. International shipping times vary by location.

Future crates ship automatically the next month. Customers can review anticipated ship dates via their account on KiwiCo’s website.

Have You Had a Eureka Moment?

What about you? Have you tried the Eureka Crate? Comment and let me know!