When kids are little, shopping for entertaining toys is pretty easy—things like books, rattles, trucks, and dolls hold their attention for what seems like hours at a time.

But once the kids get a little older, something starts to shift. Inevitably, they start reaching for the iPad.

Though screen limits are so important, I know firsthand just how resistant kids can be to low-media lifestyles.

That’s why I’m so thankful for toys like the Tinker Crate—a fun and engaging toy that gets my kids off of any devices we have in the house.

Sounds, amazing, right?! Read on to find out:

  • What Tinker Crate is
  • How to get a special 40% off promo code
  • My honest review of the subscription service
  • Plus, important information and cost and shipping

What Is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo (formerly Kiwi Crate) is a monthly subscription service made just for kids. Each month, subscribers get a box (referred to as a crate) full of everything they need to complete a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) projects, crafts, and activities related to a central theme.

These boxes are specifically designed for different age groups, including:

What Are Tinker Crates?

Tinker Crate Review: Honest Feedback From Kids and Parents

Tinker Crates are the KiwiCo crates for children ages 9-16+.

The Tinker Crate is a hands-on kit that helps kids explore a STEM project each month. It comes with all of the materials needed to complete a featured experiment, plus a book full of additional science projects and experiments, and access to online tutorials with tips and tricks for completing the projects.

All Tinker Crates are carefully curated by experts (including former educators and child development professionals) at KiwiCo to ensure they’re age-appropriate and fun, but effective learning tools.

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My Honest Tinker Crate Review, Plus What the Kids Say

When our Tinker Crate arrived, we asked our nine-year-old and his friends (another nine-year-old and an eight-year-old) to give it a try. Here’s how things went down:

The project: Make a hand-crank automaton

Kiwi Co Tinker Crate review and promo code – Auto Matons kit contents

Our box contained everything the kids needed to create their automaton—a machine designed to follow a predetermined set of actions.

Building the automaton

There was a lot of initial excitement over the project. One of the boys even said, “This is going to be the coolest invention I think I’ve ever made!”

It was great to see the kids so excited about taking on a challenge, but I was glad to see that the language and the directions themselves were manageable for them.

Kiwi Co Tinker Crate review and promo code – Auto Matons kids instructions detail

It was immediately clear that it was complex enough to hold their attention, but not so difficult that they got frustrated and lost interest.

Kiwi Co Tinker Crate review and promo code – Auto Matons kids instructions

That said, it’s not a project you can leave the kids with and walk away. Though the boys generally got the hang of it themselves, they did need dad’s help on one occasion. And, when we walked away to help Paloma and her friend with their Kiwi Crate, the boys got discouraged by the instructions and gave up on the project.

Kiwi Co Tinker Crate review and promo code – Auto Matons kids build

The finished product

From start to finish, the whole activity took about 40 minutes. The boys worked on the project in two parts. Their initial go at it lasted about 20 minutes, before they got a little bit frustrated and decided to take a break.

But once they had some time away from the project, they were ready to try again. Dad was back to offer any help, but mostly he just helped them focus on the instructions, which were challenging but not too challenging for the boys.

It took another 20 minutes or so for the boys to finish the rest of the automaton.

In a way, this was a great lesson for them. Because of their persistence, they felt an even greater sense of accomplishment once the toy was built, and had so much fun watching their new machine move the wooden balls up and down the “stairs” they had built.

KiwiCo Tinker Crate automaton finished product

What I Love About Tinker Crate

Overall, this was a really fun toy. I was so happy to see Griffin and his friends so excited about making an “invention.” And, even though they had a little difficulty, they learned that persistence and patience pays off. I think that little bit of hardship actually made them enjoy the new toy even more.

Some other things I liked about the crate:

  • It’s stimulating: This project was by no means easy, but with a little help, it was attainable. I love how it really works those critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • It encourages teamwork: Because the project was a little bit challenging, the boys really needed to work together (and occasionally with parents) to finish the project. They were so supportive of each other during the process and really wanted to succeed as a unit.
  • It’s expertly curated: These boxes are designed by former educators and child development professionals, then reviewed by an advisory board that includes educational, developmental psychology, art, and science professionals. This process ensures the projects in the Tinker Crates are developmentally appropriate for each age group.
  • It’s tested by kids: Every single Tinker Crate is tested by real kids to ensure projects are fun and age-appropriate. And this was evident based on the fact that my son really did want to dive right into this project, then had a blast seeing it through.

How Much Are Tinker Crates?

Kiwi Crate Review: How Much Do Kiwi Crates Cost?

As is customary with most subscription-based services, the price of Tinker Crates is dependent on how many months you sign up for. The longer you commit to receiving the subscription box, the less expensive it is each month.

That means: If you want the least expensive 12-month option (a savings of $155.40 over the course of the year), you have to commit to paying about $200 upfront. The good news? The most flexible option, which is a month-to-month subscription, isn’t too much more expensive. It costs just $19.95 each month.

So while it is a greater investment in the long run, some people prefer this option, since it breaks up payments. It also provides the flexibility to cancel Tinker Crate whenever you’d like.

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With my special Tinker Crate promo code, you can get your first box for just $11.97—including shipping and handling! That’s a 40% savings.

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What is a Deluxe Tinker Crate?

A Deluxe Tinker Crate is the same as a regular Tinker Crate, but also includes a book specifically curated to go with each month’s theme. This bonus comes with a slight upcharge of $9.95 per order.

How Long Does KiwiCo Tinker Crate Shipping Take?

When you order your first box, KiwiCo typically sends your Tinker Crate within 2 to 3 business days of purchase. Once it ships, your Tinker Crate will typically arrive within 5-7 days. 

Going forward, you’ll get a new box every month for the duration of your subscription. If you’re unsure when your next box will ship out, you can check your order status on the “My Account” page of the KiwiCo website.

How About You?

Have you tried Tinker Crate? Let us know in the comments below!