Gelatin is one of my favorite protein sources. It’s a wonderful, anti-inflammatory digestive aid that compliments any meal or even great as a snack. You can discover more of its many health benefits in my post, Why To Include Gelatin In Your Life. But what about gelatin recipes?

The greatest way to get more gelatin into your diet is from bone broth. I find that feet, hooves, oxtails, shanks, necks and backs provide the most gelatin when making broth, and will almost guarantee that you’ll have a gelling liquid. This is probably my favorite way to consume, particularly my Mega Mineral Soup which we eat several times a week. How’s that for a gelatin recipe?

But, let’s face it, we’re busy mamas and don’t always have the time or energy to make bone broth each week. That’s why I love this quick and easy brand of gelatin that comes from grass-fed cows as a compliment to a whole foods diet. I’ve done several posts showing how you can make tasty gelatin recipe treats like homemade jello, gummy bears, pear pudding, and pumpkin bites using this protein.

The Gelatin Secret

For more inspiration, I just got this ebook, Gelatin Secret from my friend Sylvie from Hollywood Homestead. I have to say that I’m *super* impressed. With over 160 pages with a singular focus, Sylvie lays out an incredible argument for us all to be consuming this superfood more often. From gut to bone to joint health, thousands of doctors and health advocates people sing the praises of this food.

As Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel says, “Common sense suggests that the millions of Americans suffering from stiff joints, skin diseases and other collagen, connective tissue, and cartilage disorders might be suffering serious shortfalls of proline, glycine, and other needed nutrients.” The exact ones found in gelatin!

In the Western world, we focus primarily on muscle meats, and we’re disrupting our amino acid balance. Health issues are following suit.

So to encourage us all to include more of this precious protein in our lives, here’s a Gelatin Recipe Round-Up. I hope you enjoy all of these tasty ways to boost your gelatin intake!

12 Gelatin Recipes

  1. Homemade Gummy Stars from Mommypotamus
  2. Homemade Bouillon from Nourished Kitchen (a concentrated, portable form of gelatin)
  3. Homemade Fruit Snacks from Weed ‘Em & Reap
  4. Homemade Finger Jell-O from Kelly The Kitchen Kop
  5. Chocolate Gelatin Bars from The Coconut Mama
  6. Flu Busting Gummy Bears from Wellness Mama
  7. Homemade Magnesium Gummies from Butter Believer
  8. Beef Bone Broth from Healthy Living How To
  9. Vanilla Chai Latte Panna Cotta from Food Renegade
  10. Merlot Reduction Sauce from Holistic Squid
  11. Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares from Real Food RN
  12. Tequila Lime Gummies from Real Food RN

Want more gelatin recipes?

Consider grabbing a copy of Gelatin Secret by Sylvie from Hollywood Homestead. In it you’ll find over 45 sweet and savory gelatin recipes that make it easy to include this superfood in your diet, plus recipes that will enhance your hair and skin. It really is worth checking out.

How about you?

Do you regularly consume gelatin? What are your favorite ways?