Green Diaper Showdown – Best Natural Diapers Test

We cloth diaper, but occasionally we will use natural diapers when we need a disposable. But do they work? In this post we find out which one is best.

We cloth diaper, but occasionally we will use natural diapers when we need a disposable. But do they work? In this post we find out which one is best.

We are a cloth diapering family. But there are times when we go disposable. Whether it’s during that first week of life when baby produces meconium, or when we’re traveling, or some other unforeseen event, we do use the occasional disposable natural diaper.

But do natural diapers work? Which one is best? Well, stay tuned, because in this video, we’ll review Whole Foods 365, Bambo Nature, Earth’s Best, Naty, and Seventh Generation diapers – and let you know which one of these natural diapers is the winner.

Natural diapers: Eco credentials

  • Whole Foods 365 natural diapers are not chlorine bleached, and don’t contain latex or artificial fragrance.
  • Bambo Nature are chlorine free, dermatologically tested, and made from forests where more trees are planted than felled. Additionally, they have earned the Nordic Swan ecolabel, one of the strictest accreditations in the world.
  • Earth’s Best are chlorine free, latex-free, dye-free, perfume-free, and made with renewable resources like corn and wheat.
  • Naty are free of chlorine and fragrance, are made with GMO-free corn, use natural and renewable material, and are labeled a good environmental choice by the Swedish society for nature conservation.
  • Seventh Generation are free from chemical bleaching, as well as latex and fragrances. Additionally, they list their ingredients on the packaging. Interesting to note, only other company that does this is bamboo nature.

Winner: Bambo Nature has the best eco-cred.

Natural diapers: fit & comfort

  • Whole Foods 365 are awesome because they are thin and small as can be! They fit Paloma like a glove and she seemed very comfortable.
  • Bambo Nature are the longest of all the diapers but still relatively thin. They have a cute animal on the waistband and are SO SOFT… like velvet when compared to all the other diapers.
  • Earth’s Best fit Paloma probably the best. I liked the coverage they gave her but their waistband was stiff.
  • Naty are the scratchiest of all the diapers. I do like the way they look though… decorated with cute little grey hearts on them.
  • Seventh Generation are UGLY! They look like a brown bag on your child. They fit OK but also rough to the touch.

Winner: Earth’s Best had the best overall fit and comfort.

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Natural diapers: Absorbency

In our test, we poured 4oz of food-colored water into each diaper, waited a few minutes for the diaper to lock in the moisture, then pressed a paper towel against each diaper with a heavy book to simulate the weight of a baby. Then we examined each paper towel for leakage.

  • Whole Foods 365 definitely had leaks. I had blowouts nearly EVERY time I used these diapers with Paloma.
  • Bambo Nature was amazing. NO WETNESS on towel. And the diaper itself was bone dry. The thing is like a mighty sponge. I don’t think I had one blowout with Paloma.
  • Earth’s Best still had some leakage. Not as bad as some of the others but I had a few blowouts with Paloma in these diapers.
  • Naty surprisingly had some wetness and drips of liquid coming off the diaper. Disappointing!
  • Seventh Generation were a mess… the least absorbent of the bunch.

Winner: Bambo Nature locked in the moisture and the towel was bone dry. Earth’s Best did second best.

Natural diapers: Price

The cost per diaper breakdown looks like this:

Winner: Whole Foods 365 is cheapest, but, go figure, their eco-cred and absorbency is lowest.

Which natural diapers are the best?

Bambo Nature is the all around winner in terms of comfort, absorbency, and eco-cred. But you’re going to pay for that quality, as they’re also the most expensive.

In terms of second place, Earth’s Best got the edge over Naty.

What about you?

What kind of natural diapers do you use when you need to use disposables? Share with us in the comments below.

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a doula and childbirth educator. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 135,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. We have been using Earth & Eden diapers and wipes since our baby boy was born. They are more affordable than a lot of other green diaper options! They are thin, but absorbent and soft! We do have blowouts sometimes but with the amount of poop all at once, I think this would happen with any diaper! They list their ingredients on their website!

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  4. Would you be able to update this article to include all the newer diaper subscription services? Dyper, Honest Co, Hello Bello, Made Of, Abby and Finn?

    • And healthynest!

      • I most definitely 2nd this as they are the *ONLY* EWG verified diaper on the market this far so I’m curious how well they work!

    • Yes – that’s be so helpful. Also Coterie and Kudos seem popular. How to decide!

  5. We like an honest brand. Good absorbency … No blowouts or leaks at all cute patterns. For more about diapers check in Parenthoodbliss website.

  6. I recently tried ‘Tooshies by Tom’ while in Australia for a couple of weeks. They were fantastic, and I’ll be using them on future trips, but unfortunately they’re not available outside Aus at the moment. I suppose shipping them around the globe might negate some of the environmental gains. I would love to find something similar here. I shall give Bambo a go. Thanks for going to the trouble of reviewing.

  7. Thank you for your thorough review!! I personally love to use Deworbaby diapers for my child. They are super soft and absorbent. i have NEVER had a blowout with this brand. I have tried Luvs, babyganics, and aden + anais diapers and had issues with all of them (esp. Luvs). My baby had a diaper rash when using the babyganics and once i switched to Deworbaby diapers, her rash went away and I havent looked back since! They are a little bit pricey, but when you order from their website, they do have free shipping and discounts on the bundles. They always arrive within about 4-5 days after ordering, but it could just be because i live in IN and thats how long it takes to get here from CA. I cannot say enough good things about this brand! They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, made of bamboo, no dyes or synthetic materials, etc. CHECK THEM OUT!! 🙂

  8. I have been using Bambo on my almost 2 year old from the beginning and they have been great.
    We just started potty training her and she is using organic cloth training pants and using Bambo sometimes. Well we ran out of Bambo diapers and needed diapers to go to town. I bought Simple Truth diapers at the nearest store. She got a rash that has spread on her body. And When she uses Bambo she has never had a rash. Has anyone had a bad reaction to Simple Truth diapers? I am very confident and thankful for Bambo Diapers.

  9. Huh. Never had trouble with seventh gen. My son pees a ton at night, but we’ve only had leaks a couple times.

  10. I am wondering if anyone has tried Thrive Market brand diapers?

    • We tried Thrive Brand Diapers and found the little tab that fastens the diapers to be too stiff – it would rub against his clothes and his skin if he bent. We returned them to Thrive and they issued a refund. Too bad about the fastener they were otherwise decent.

  11. I’ve used bambo Nature from the beginning and if you use amazon subscribe and save the price drops down to $.26 (for size 4 in my case). Glad to hear they win on most fronts. To be honest, who cares about the prints? Diapers are hidden under their clothes for the most part… I prefer the eco certification to any cute print any time.

  12. We love seventh generation! So sad that they lost lol. But our daughter is 19 Months and they have always been a cute print since we’ve been buying them. Also not scratchy and we’ve never had trouble with them leaking short of extreme overnight situations ??‍♀️ Maybe they have upgraded since they were the plain brown

    • They are definitely our favorite too and I don’t think they’re ugly at all. I love that I can get them without a print. And we never have leaks or blowouts 🙂

  13. Can you please do a review on wipes?

    • Booty Love diaper cream on Amazon Is a natural miracle grateful for it even with the silly name. Great for super sensitive skin.

  14. I am wondering if anyone has had any issues with rashes in relation to Earth’s Best. By rash, I mean contact dermatitis specifically caused by the diaper itself. I used only Earths Best diapers (and wipes until the changed the ingredients) with my first child born in 2013. I just had my second child this year and decided to use the same diapers however, we have been dealing with an ongoing rash for over 2 months now. We have done EVERYTHING, at this point it is either the diaper, or the urine/skin ph/alkalinity (did not show any change with apple cider vinegar or baking soda baths) so I can only assume that the diaper is the culprit. I found a review online which does raise some legitimate concerns with corn and wheat but it also is not a very solid source of information. Any opinions?

    We are waiting for our Bambo diapers to arrive. Hopefully it solves our problem. Also any opinions on natural, non zinc barrier creams (think outside the box like eczema) would be appreciated. The dermatologist we saw was not the most natural-minded doctor so if this becomes a way of life for us, we are going to need a good non toxic, non zinc barrier cream (and a better dermatologist). Currently we are using Vaniply which the dermatologist gave us and is actually an amazing product but the main ingredient is not good/questionable for long term health so we are only using it to help cure the rash and will need to find something else.

    • Hi Maria! I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. 🙁 But was curious to know why you’re looking for a non-zinc cream! My LO has a terrible rash and I can’t seem to get rid of it with buttpaste. I always thought zinc was good and even best – but this is the first I’ve seen that maybe it’s not so good?! Did you find a cream that suits you?

    • Hi Maria, try Era Organics Baby Diaper Rash Balm. I’ve been using it since the beginning and it’s great!

  15. We use Bambo. It is pretty leak proof especially since my son has huge blowouts, so amazed how much can come out of such a little guy. However the only thing we don’t like is i find the waistband to be a little narrow and still, but i use it because it is the most eco friendly diaper. We also reallllly love Poof, that’s a great diaper it feels like the hybrid of cloth and silk! This is also a compostable diaper as well, and it’s the only diaper that is antibacterial to prevent rashes. The third best eco friendly diaper we like is Andy pandy! Talk about this feeling like a cloth diaper which’s it so soft and gentle on baby’s skin, but it’s single use!

  16. Do you have any reviews on Parasol diapers?

    • I love Parasol.
      SO SOFT.
      and we’ve never had any leaking problems, make note I’ve always sized up no matter the brand.

      I am really happy with Parasol, I’ve used them on both of my children and will for this next one too!

  17. We use Naty because we use a Bay Area compostable diaper service. They work good enough and I really feel good about not filling the earth with used diapers. I think if you have a conpostable company near you that’s the best way to go!
    We have to use Naty for the service.

    It’s called Earth Baby Diaper Service

    • I live in the Bay Area too, and Tiny Tots diaper service does both cotton cloth diapers AND compostable diapers Wouk BAMBO brand!!!

      They actually have the compostable diapers and wipes composted for you at a commercial facility. I use their combo service and currently use their cotton cloth diapers during the day and Bambo compostable at night.

      It is super convenient, cost effective, and easy. Cloth diapers are the cheapest and most natural thing around! And Tiny Tots gets them soooo clean while using hardly any water in their amazing 7 step diaper cleaning machine. So cool. Yay tiny tots and Bambo diapers!

  18. Does Naty use polypropylene? There’s conflicting info on the internet. And is polypropylene safe? Thanks.

    • This is exactly what I’m wondering as well! Let me do some more research to try and find out. Will keep you posted.

  19. What about babyganics? Are they as bad as a read often?

    • I loved Babyganics!!

  20. For what it’s worth, we don’t have problems with leaks with the Whole Foods 365 diapers. I guess each diaper’s performance must depend on fit for each particular body. I also really like Seventh Generation and haven’t tried the others due to price. My big complaint about the cloth diapers was bulk- they really impacted how our little one moved and sat. I felt bad for impacting the range of motion so much.

  21. I have a 2 week old newborn boy who has been using Whole Foods 365 diapers in the newborn size. I have also tried Naty and Bambo Nature but the smallest size for both brands are way too big and leaked horribly through both the legs and waistband. Compared to the free sample of Pampers Swaddlers we received from our doula group and used initially, the Whole Foods diaper is by far the better diaper for us. The fit is comparable to Pampers Swaddlers newborn but the Pampers leaked constantly through the sides of the waistband and our little guy was developing a nasty diaper rash, likely from the chemicals. The rash went away very quickly with the switch to Whole Foods brand. The Honest Company newborn diapers are also decent but slightly too big still and leaked a bit (still not as much as the Pampers.)
    I purchased surplus packs of Bambo Nature and look forward to trying these again when he is big enough and we need a disposable diaper to alternate with the cloth system we plan on using once he fits into them as well. I read that Bambo are also compostable if diaper is just wet and inner part gets tossed into green bin (Toronto) for Eco-friendly waste.

  22. Seventh Generation recently changed their diapers, a total overhaul. They’re just like Luvs but with a Seventh Gen. label. They leave those little gel balls on my baby, just like all the other cheap brands. We use Babyganics. We tried Honest, but they leaked urine overnight. Haven’t had any problems with Babyganics diapers. They now sell them at Walmart, and Target routinely has buy 2 get a $10 gift card sale on them, but the shelves are often empty.

  23. We use Bambo nature from reading this article when we are traveling (only to places where cloth would be too much of a burden) as we are also a cloth diaper family.

    I LOVE them! Our experience is very few leaks (but they happen from time to time) and no blowouts (but we have to take care of a poopy diaper sooner than we would in our cloth diapers to avoid “spillage” out the gusset, so sometimes it means changing two diapers if he wasn’t quite finished yet, lol) .

    Thank you for this article, I just looked at it again as we are traveling and about to run out of Bambos without time to reorder on Amazon before the end of our trip! We are going to go with your second option, Earth’s Best, which we can find in a store near here. ??

    The only thing I’d suggest if going with Bambo is to be aware that their store locator on their website doesn’t work because it said there was no store carrying them within 50 miles of my home location, which is just not true as I can get them a few places in our area. That made it difficult to find them on the road, hence Amazon. Unfortunately I thought we’d ordered enough and failed to realize we were running low until it was too late, lol.

  24. I researched and researched disposable diapers while I was pregnant and came to the conclusion that Bambo was the best. When my baby was born they kept sticking on her butt, not the tabs… the inside of the diaper. And not just a little sticky.. no.. they STUCK to her butt to the point where we needed to use coconut oil to take it off or it would have taken off her skin. Sooo disappointing. I have yet to find a truly good green diaper and my boyfriend, the money maker, is sick of buying them and says he’s only going to buy huggies because at least they’re soft (compared to Naty) and they don’t hurt her (like the Bambo) makes me so sad and I’m still determined to find a GOOD natural diaper.

    • Interesting! I never had that happen with Bambo. Hope you find one, mama!

      • I love bambo as well as well. We cloth diaper during the day and use bambo overnight. Breath of fresh air compared to 7th generation with which we had terrible blowouts, wet pyjamas if we didn’t change every couple of hours and sometimes the diaper would just expand and fall apart so the pee came straight out on the side. I haven’t tried earth’s best, I liked naty but not as much as I do bambo. I think I’m sold on bambo especially after reading this review. Thanks

    • Have you tried Andy Pandy? So soft! I’d like to see how they stack up against these others.

  25. I’ve been using Naty from the beginning, though now my son has gone to size 3 we’ve had problems! These nappies leak terribly – maximum 3-4 hours without a change in the night and I find them bulging to the point of the thing bursting with those crystals making their escape!

    So my husband and I have opted for bamboo, trailing them for the first time tonight and our first impressions are how wonderfully soft they are, they fit our little chunky munchkin beautifully! We’ve got a good feeling about these 🙂

  26. Hands down 365 Whole Foods diapers for me are best for fit, absorption and comfort.

  27. I find quite the opposite of what reviewer said. Bamboo diapers feel very scratchy. I have had Nao problems with Naty. Love them

  28. I love seventh generation. I am using them now and the absorbency is amazing. I can leave the diaper on all night and wake up and not have one accident. The diaper will be completely saturated. I love their wipes too b/c they are so think. I heard mixed reviews about the honest brand and I hate earth’s best diapers, the sizes were unrealistic. I had to buy her a number 3 when she was a number 1

    • I agree. My daughter regularly goes 12 hours overnight in Seventh Generation and we have never had a leak. Hands down my favorite on her!

    • I have been using seventh generation from the beginning. If they start to leak I buy a size bigger. Solves the issue!

    • Seventh Generation ones were the worst we tried! Leaked EVERY time and shocking at night. My bub would wake up every morning soaked through (he does drink a lot during the night though). I love Ecoriginals – an Australian brand.

    • We love seventh generation! That’s all we buy. No issues and the ones without a print look so cute.

  29. I’m surprised to see Honest Co. Diapers weren’t reviewed! And I’m equally surprised to see a commenter actually prefer Seventh Generation over Honest Co.!
    I bought Earth’s Best and Seventh Generation for awhile. They were affordable awhile accessable. But Seventh Generation diapers are SO thin. We had so many leaks. Earth’s Best were better but Amazon raised their prices and were constantly out of stock.
    Finally, I switched to a subscription from Honest Co. The diapers are amazing. So absorbent, so cute, so long-lasting. They really are equivalent in price to other natural diapers once your child is older. For a newborn, they might be a little pricey since you go through so many diapers.
    And can I just say, Honest Co. Wipes are the BEST! So thick and great at messes. I love them.

    • I don’t care for Honest at all. Love Seventh Generation! We get leaks in Honest. And they are a greenwashed company, not truly natural.

    • It’s a shame Honest has had so many recalls in the past year. I’ve loved their subscription since my daughter was born (she’s almost 2) but the moldy wipes recall after the baby powder recall and the sunscreen issue, is the last straw for me. The diapers have changed recently, too, and everyone knows it but the company denies it. I just don’t trust them anymore.

      • I have tried several natural diapers including bamboo. I didn’t like them. I used honest for awhile because I couldn’t get the brand I use now below size 2. Honest was fine then but my brand was out of stock so I went back to honest. It was size 4. They were smaller than what I use but when you go up, you lose more diapers and they are more expensive. My daughter kept leaking in them day and night. My personal favorite is Simple Truth. When I couldn’t get 4, I bought size 5 and didn’t lose as many diapers. She does fine and never leaks. I like the way they fit too. The price is better as well and Kroger puts them on sale often.

    • It is interesting regarding Honest Co diapers. Never tried them – we are using Bambo diapers from the very beginning and love them! I agree their are super soft, I really do not want to use any other diapers on my baby after Bambo breand. Honest company really ruined their reputation by not being “honest” in labelling their products. I would not believe their claims about having natural diapers for a second.

  30. We have used Seventh Generation diapers and wipes for 10 months now and love them. From what I gather from your reviews you tested them before they had a design change. They are cute, soft and reliable. If we ever experienced any leakage it was around the time she was ready for the next size and once we moved a size up everything was back to normal.

  31. Seventh Gen worked for a cousin of mine and she couldnt stop praising it. Been contemplating on getting some too

  32. I have used honest company and seventh generation diapers. I hated the honest companys diapers, my son would have blowouts and after only 2hrs his diaper would be soaked. Not only are they pricy but they are rough and there absorbency is comparable to generic brands. I was lucky enough to get a sample of the seventh generation diapers and they honestly are the best for my little guys needs. The first thing I noticed was how soft the inner liner was and how cute the new design is. Since using seventh generation my little man can sleep through the night and wakes up dry plus we have had zero blowouts. I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

  33. I do find it difficult to understand that not many sites that do testing and care about the environment can’t find Andy Pandy diapers a part of their testing. The are by far the softest, most absorbent, eco-friendly diaper in the market. They are one of the only diapers made with the most sustainable product, Bamboo. Compostable and bio-degradable up to 80 percent of the diaper. In the future, please make sure you research all diapers that are in most top ten. Andy Pandy are in the top 5 of most. Thanks

    • I’m with you. We’ve been using Andy Pandy diapers for awhile now. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock on Amazon at the moment. The only negative thing I’ve ever read about them is that they are manufactured in China which could raise some questions should that be true.

  34. It might be worth noting that seventh gen, honest, and whole foods are CRUELTY Free (no animal testing- which no the testing done is not humane and it does not involve being put in cute diapers.) Cruelty free is is all we should buy for cleaning,cosmetics, and baby because ALL babies should be safe, not just human babies.

    • Bambo is not??

  35. First time researching for my first baby, due in February. Reading along and suddenly startled by my daughter’s name. Took a minute to realise you must have named your own daughter that. Very sleepy mom-to-be.

  36. Thanks for this post. I’d love to see you review “green” wipes, too!

    • Hands down the absolute best wipes on the market are Water Wipes. They contain only 2 ingredients; the first being water of course & the second is grapefruit seed extract. They are 99.9% water & 0.01% grapefruit seed extract. We use them for our son. Took many months of research before he was born to find them. Not many people are aware of them. I am from Canada & am only able to buy them on but I know that they are available in many places in the United States. These are a little pricier than your average Pampers or Huggies but I can’t put a price tag on my child’s health and safety. I am very satisfied with them. I sound like an informercial haha but this is my honest opinion 🙂

      • Hi, i dont understand how people rant and rave about water wipes. If the only ingredient is mainly water, then why not save the money and just use water and a wash cloth. At least youll know its 100% water..

        • We use water wipes too as well as cloth wipes and it’s purely convenience for this family. We do cloth diapering and cleaning poo out of cloth wipes is just too much. Paper towels are filled with chemicals so instea of finding safe-natural paper towel and wetting them down before use, it’s far easier to just grab a water wipe.

          • I use Cheeky wipes cloth wipes system and have no issues getting poo out of my cloth wipes. I bought several packs of cloth wipes so I have about 70 wipes in total and I’m able to do a “wipe and diaper” wash load every other day.

      • I’ve been told by a lot of health conscious people that grapefruit seed extract is actually bad for you and a skin irritant.

  37. Does anyone know if any of these are available in Australia ??

    • You can get Seventh Generation ones at About Life stores; the Bamboo ones at some health food stores; Naty at Woolworths; or try Ecoriginals – it’s an Australian company and available online. They’re amazing, great absorbency and offer a subscription service too. They’re not cheap though! Otherwise Tooshies aren’t too bad, but not as biodegradable.

  38. I’m due in November. I hopey to use Earth’s Best… This review is great!

  39. How do Poof diapers hold up in the challenge? Anyone use those? We do because they say they’re the only fully biodegradable diaper but I’m not sure how anyone would know if that’s true.

    • I have the same question!!

      • I’ve used Poof diapers and LOVED them!! I almost always use Bambo Nature but found some Poof diapers at a store and thought I’d give them a try…they were awesome. Super absorbent and they have nice, wide tabs that give you extra comfort. I’m considering buying some more online for nighttime diapers as our little guy pees about a million times a night! I also love my Bambos and feel like they are a safe, solid choice.

    • I use Poof for my 1 year old. They easily go 12 hours at night with no leaks. We love them! I buy them from

  40. We have tried babyganics, and honest. And honestly didn’t like a thing about honest diapers. Babyganics are our go to when we need disposables. We don’t have leak issues, or blowout problems, we had a 2 week diarrhea virus that our daughter got, and never had a blowout with them! Thank goodness!!

  41. We like honest brand. Good absorbency … No blowouts or leaks at all cute patterns.. They have some of the best organic formula also if milk production is a problem

  42. I use babyganics and honest. I like the babyganics more then honest there softer and cheaper and fit my baby better but honest works really well too as have cute patterns.

  43. I don’t know, I LOVE seventh generation and I have had any blowouts with it. They also have cute prints now. I think it depends on your baby.

    • Meant to say I haven’t had any

    • We use the Seventh Gen diapers also and LOVE them! Easiest to obtain and cheapest around here, plus I’m dubious of all diapers that don’t list their ingredients and since we have corn & wheat allergies a lot of the “natural” disposables aren’t an option.

      They hold a TON and the only time we’ve ever had a blowout was when the diaper was already pretty full of pee! Plus I like the cute print & natural color!

      • Yes! I hate that most natural diapers contain corn and/or wheat! That’s a huge concern for my family as well. We also use Seventh Generation with no blowouts.

  44. Hi there !! Thank you so much for your post, I am a first time mom and found this to be very helpful. I’m trying so very hard to make sure I don’t use diapers with harsh chemicals on my lo. I have been using the seventh generation diapers for the first 6 weeks of his life however I can’t seem tidily take his bottom rash away. I decided to try Babyhanics diapers and my lo’s rash immediately started to get better. On that note what do you know about Babyhanics diapers? I change my lo very often so although absorbency is nice, it’s not a deal breaker for me at this point. We would like to eventually switch to cloth diapering him full time but for now we need to make sure we are putting something safe on our little blessing. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    • I’ve never heard about Babyhanics but they seem to be working! Do you mean, Babyganics? They have a pretty good reputation. Go with it, mama 🙂

  45. We cloth diaper as well but at night we use disposable. We have been using 7th Generation for over a year now and they have NEVER leaked and the baby is a side sleeper. Never had a blow out either, the cinched sides have always kept it in well. I noticed you did not add Honest Baby Diapers in this test, were they not out yet? Thank you for the test though, it’s interesting! I just love cloth diapering though and still think that’s the best!

    • Honest Co. uses GMO corn and wheat in their diapers

  46. I’ve used Seventh Generation as back up for cloth and haven’t had any of the issues shown in the video. I was really surprised by the results of the comparison. I don’t think we’ve ever had a leak with them before. I like Bambo too, but are stiffer than SG.

    • agreed!

    • We used the SG Touch of cloth since he was tiny and they have d/c them, those we never had a leak and they sucked up so much it was amazing. I assume the review is the brown ones, which SUCK. They are the lower quality, I have no idea why they kept those crappy ones and d/c the good ones.

      • YES!! We use Touch of Cloth too and i LOVE them!! im so upset they have been discontinued. They are very absorbent and aren’t mushy. I’m trying to find something else similar. SG Free and Clear isn’t the same. I guess ill try Babyganics now..

  47. What about wipes?

    • Water wipes!

  48. I can totally attest to these results! We’ve been using Bambo and they’re like a gift from the diaper gods. We messed up our inventory management, though, so have to go a few weeks without them (we do the subscribe and save on Amazon, which helps save major money but also means you relinquish control of shipment dates). We were shopping at Whole Foods and I thought I’d give their diapers a try. For a few days, they’ve been pretty good. My mom changed him once and it ended up leaking ALL over his leg, but I sort of chalked it up to diaper technique. Well, today, I learned the truth. I changed him and about 30 minutes later his entire leg was SOAKED. Not, like, a few drops of pee leaked. SOAKED. I changed him and went on my merry way. No more than 30 minutes later, as I’m waiting in line for coffee, I feel some drios on my foot. You guessed it: he was essentially peeing on my foot despite having a diaper on. Granted, I’m sure the sides were somehow lopsided or something, but putting on a diaper shouldn’t be that precise and scientific. I shouldn’t have to measure the distance from his belly button to make sure the thing is even or suffer literal drips coming from his body. Never again!

  49. We use the Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth (not the brown ones!) at night and while traveling, and we LOVE them!

  50. We’ve always LOVED seventh generation diapers and we’ve NEVER had any issues with absorbency, fit, or anything like that. I’ve got them again to go with my cloth diapering for baby#5!

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  52. I prefer Naty because they state non-gmo materials are being used. I emailed Earth’s Best but they could not confirm that the corn and wheat are not gmo. They only stated that the wheat is not treated with pesticides. Earth’s Best is also owned by Hain Group; Hain is a member of the Grocery Manufacturer Association. GMA does not support GMO labeling = pro GMO! If a review of green diapers does not consider the actual environmental effects of manufacturing, it should. I also read that Bambo has changed their original diaper and it is not as good now. Glad I found your site.

  53. Ecological products are best and we deals in ecological products. you can contact us if you want ecological diapers. Diaper rash problem can be solved with Ecological diapers

    • i would like to buy ecological diapers, chlorine free, unscented, lotion and dye free.

  54. I use honest company and love them! Their customer service makes it so worth it too.

    • You may be interested in knowing that the corn that Honest Company is using is genetically modified corn. Very disappointing.

    • The only problem with Honest Co. is that they are using gmo corn and wheat:(

  55. We love 7th generation!!!! We only use them at night and for traveling!

  56. We CD too! but there are times when we must use ‘sposies. Genevieve, have you tried Poof diapers yet? They are touted as a fully biodegradable/compostable diaper. We still prefer Bambo or Naty but you should look review them too. Personally, the sizing is off and they are a very long diaper so you have to fasten the tabs way above the belly button but very cute designs 🙂

    • I’ve used Poof diapers and LOVED them!! I almost always use Bambo Nature but found some Poof diapers at a store and thought I’d give them a try…they were awesome. Super absorbent and they have nice, wide tabs that give you extra comfort. I’m considering buying some more online for nighttime diapers as our little guy pees about a million times a night! I also love my Bambos and feel like they are a safe, solid choice.

  57. I actually really like the 7th generation diaper- except for at night. I did recently just switch my 7 month old to Babyganics and I think I prefer those over the 7th generation. They don’t seem to leak at night PLUS they are way cuter 🙂

  58. Love this. Thank you! Our son is has been potty trained for more than a year during the day but nights are still hit or miss. And when we miss it’s a full blown leak that takes over the entire bed. We’ve been using Earth’s Best and Whole Foods diapers for nights, but am going to try Bambo Nature thanks to this post. Hoping to avoid any “overnight” diapers from the big brands.

  59. The good news is that my family and I were traveling this summer and ended up purchasing an “eco” pull-up for our 2.5-year-old that we all loved. The bad news is that we didn’t pay attention to what brand it was and have since discovered that it seems all but impossible to track it down. Here’s what we know: It was probably purchased either at a Whole Foods or a local co-op; it was white as opposed to the unbleached natural color; it didn’t have side tabs; it had a cute small check pattern, with soft pastel colors and cute little animals, including a frog (don’t remember other animals specifically). I’m hoping someone can help me figure out which brand we so loved so we can get them again – thank you if you’re able to help!

  60. I live in Australia, so some of these nappies are not available here – some are. We are primarily a cloth family, though my toddler has started needing to use a disposable overnight – bad ammonia burn no matter which cloth nappy was used, even using raw silk liners aswell 🙁 He would wake up during the night crying. My baby so far has been totally fine using cloth all the way.

    I have just done a similar test (at home) with Moltex, Bambo, 7th Gen, Naty, Ecoriginals, Gently hybrid insert, and Huggies (just for comparison). Since I was using toddler nappies, I used 1 cup of water, then another 1 cup of water , then the paper towel treatment. For us, the clear winner was Moltex, followed by Huggies, then Naty, Ecoriginals (Aussie brand), 7th Gen all tied, finally Bambo. Then the Gently was rubbish (definitely daytime only imo).

    These results could vary from size to size as to which are best also, I’m sure. I’d like to point out that our Bambo nappies look different to yours – I think they may have changed them – they had a big teddy bear plastered on the front and back of nappy. Also people on Amazon have commented that the nappies have changed recently. Thanks for the review, this gave me the idea of trying this, as well as just trying them out;)

    • I will also say that Naty, Ecoriginals, and 7th Gen were almost tied with Huggies (not alot of difference).

    • Probably a stupid question, but are you really slathering on diaper balm at night? I use a homemade version of Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm and my baby never gets rashes. And I also strip my diapers ever so often. Best of luck, mama!

  61. Up and up (target) diaper is at least 95% same as Honest diapers. Maybe the cotton pad in the middle is just a little bit thicker, which I don’t think a lot of people can tell. Don’t waste your money. If you like Honest, please try up and up.

    • I use Babyganics and 7th Gen on my lo because he had diaper rash with other brands. I’m wondering how natural the Target brand diapers are. They’re less expensive.

  62. We exclusively CD, even on vacation (very surprised to read so many leave cloth at home while traveling; we go a lot and never even thought about packing disposables.) We are planning to bring our own disposable diapers to hospital when our third child is born this month, instead of using the Huggies provided. I was looking for a good review of diapers so we know what to take. Thank you! Do any of these have notches for umbilical cord stump? Do they perform as well with the front rolled down?

    • Naty will not work with the top rolled down toward baby, because the tabs do not stick anywhere except the tummy panel. The others I reviewed all have tabs that stick all over the nappy so should work for that if needed (Moltex, Bambo, 7th Gen).

      • Just realized you would have already had bub, hope you found something that worked for you. Hopefully this helps somebody else 😉

  63. What about Gdiapers? I just heard of them & they sound like the middle ground between cloth & disposable. They have disposable inserts that are biodegradable. They can be flushed down the toilet or composted (if wet…?) could anyone tell me anymore info about these?

  64. I’ve only ever tried 7th gen and have never had an issue with them at all.

  65. You didn’t use Honest Company diapers? I LOVE them! They work great and the patterns are adorable!

    • Google Honest Company Diapers and how they are made… they are not true organic diapers. Which is why they are being sued.

  66. Thoughts on BabyGanics? Also, where can you buy Bambo? Never heard of them until now.

    • I peeps ally don’t like babyganics brand as a whole- I think their products are fairly deceptive. That being said, I have never tried their diapers. I use the bambo naturE and buy them on a subscription Baha’is thru wither amazin or ah oh really lowers the cost! They work amazing!

      • Why do you say babyganics products are deceptive? We’ve used the diapers and like them….

  67. Thanks for this. We have brought CDs on trips with us so far. We can survive weekend trips without a washer/dryer or else all our other trips have included a place with a washer / dryer.

    I’m so apprehensive to switch to disposables because my daughter has massive poops which are very loose due to her diet. We do get her to use the potty about 80% of the time for #2.

    In your opinion, do disposables hold things in better or worse? Is my fear warranted?

    I love my BGs 4.0 so much….


    • I personally feel like cloth diapers hold way better than any disposable I’ve tried.

  68. I know this is way far along, but I discontinued using all these because I believed they were all petro-based interiors for absorption. NO matter where I read on the label, it didn’t tell me what it was stuffed with. (or at least didn’t 3 years ago). has an excellent cloth diapering 101; she had me from the get-go once I saw what she was saying (we were lucky to get the actual demo at Babies R Us).

  69. We tried cloth diapers with our daughter, but she kept getting a rash, so I have put in the cupboard either to sell or give it a try with our son, who is now one week and a half (we are using disposables for the time being because our cloth diapers are too big for newborns).
    Naty are sold in a few mainstream drugstores here in The Netherlands but in our experience they were leaky and quite rigid. Bambo Nature are available on a number of online shops, but we were not convinced either.
    I have now Attitude (Canadian brand) in the drawer, we having been using their baby wipes for a few months. I’ll test them when our son has grown up a little bit more.

  70. Our favorite disposable — by far — is Andy Pandy diapers (sold on Amazon). They’re also made of bamboo, like the winner of the review here. Incredibly absorbent and fit our baby really well. The only drawback is no cute prints on the diaper.

    If you like their facebook page, they offer discounts periodically. If you write a review of their diapers on Amazon, they’ll send you a code for $7 off your next order. Really neat company with an impressive product. Oh, and they donate a portion of their proceeds to St. Jude.

    • Interesting to hear that Andy Pandy worked for you. We purchased Andy Pandy and Bambo Nature for our baby on Amazon since both of these brands had good reviews. I really liked the feel of both of these brands, but Andy Pandy diapers were licking straight through almost EVERY SINGLE TIME even though we would change them very frequently (20 diapers a day on average). I wonder if we received a couple of bad batches cause I could not believe how bad the quality was. We ended up staying with Bambo Nature and 5 months later, still happy with this brand.

  71. Have you ever used Honest disposable diapers? I use them when they have a great deal, like BOGO or 40%+ off.

  72. My friend said once that the 7th gen. Were like whole wheat compared to the white bread cousins. Loved it. I compared with the earths best and found that their tabs would tear off easily. And were stiffer. We use cloth1/2 time.

  73. I use the Naty brand. To me it seems more like a “real” diaper (especially compared to the 7th Gen). I am pretty happy with them, there are occasional leaks and blow outs but isn’t that a part of having a baby? There does seems to be some inconsistency with the diapers every now and then, but considering how many I go through a day I feel better about using these diapers then the not so green ones. Also I have had no diaper rashes and my baby doesnt have any complaints (except when he was a wet diaper) lol.
    I order mine form, a lot of the time they have deals so I can 20%off, free shipping, and next day delivery so they are very convenient to buy.

    I was given some Honest diapers and wipes as gift and they are super cute and fun and I feel they work on the same level as the Naty diapers. Their wipes did irritate my babys bum, I dont know if it’s because their wipes are textured?

  74. We cloth diaper most of the time but at night and in the car use disposables. I won a case of Bambo nature and LOVED them. They do run big but never leaked. I have some 7th generation diapers I won those will be for emergency I guess ha. Loved the video

  75. What do people think about the honest company diapers?!!!

  76. Hi, we have been using The Honest company and are very happy. Our little 6 month old darling has been rash free (knock on wood). You can feel sticky wetness only in the morning as she has been going in it all night… During the day, it’s all good. Although, there are blow outs from the back so we stuff couple of tissues during drives or during tummy time… We have been happy. Yes, naty has really sharp edges,I used to trim them down for first month then got tired!
    Their ointment is just awesome! Any redness is gone the next day.
    She will start solids next week so fingers crossed… She has been exclusively on bm so far.

  77. If I’m not mistaken, Honest company has a new body wash formula that only rates a 1 (best rating) on EWG. So, I would give them another chance in that arena too. I found the body wash at Costco.

    • Don’t just look at the 1 rating . It’s an overall rating. You need to look at each ingredient

  78. We like GroVia disposables!

  79. Hello Genevieve,
    I have been following you on Facebook, YouTube, and here since you started posting your weekly updates while you were pregnant with Paloma. I must share that I am on convert. My daughter Marilyn just turned one and I decided to take the plunge and change to cloth diapering. Without you I would not know how to prep diapers, strip, or anything really about them. My cloth diapering routine includes, Alva baby pocket diapers, disposable inserts, cloth wipes, California baby diaper area wash, biokleen bac-out (thanks to you), biokleen free and clear liquid detergent, and soon I’ll be getting and installing a diaper sprayer! Who knew cloth diapering would be so much fun, so cute, and my Marilyn has not had a rash since switching. She had a really bad one that came out of the blew and left her screaming during diaper changes for days. So that swayed me completely over to the fluff side. Thank you for your posts and videos, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing this without you!

  80. Interesting! I’m surprised you didn’t like the Seventh Gen dipes as much as we do! We cloth diaper during the day with Bottombumpers, but use sposies at night because of the wetness factor of our cloth. Seventh Generation holds our 13 mos. old girl overnight 10-12 hrs without a leak and the dipe is usually full when she wakes.

  81. My fav’s in order are Honest Co., Earth’s Best, & Whole Foods. I’ve found Honest to be the most absorbent and a very well structured fit. i’ve got quite the messy vegetarian pooper so good fit is key. Thanks for doing this comparison!

  82. I use the Honest Co. diapers as well, and I LOVE them! My son has sensitive skin and eczema and will sometimes get a rash from conventional disposable diapers. The Honest diapers are extremely absorbent and have never caused a breakout on his skin. They are also adorable, which is an added bonus. I will say, though, that when we were traveling we had to stop at a Target to change our son and realized we were out of diapers!! We bought the store brand just to grab something quick for a change and planned on donating the rest, but they were surprisingly similar to the Honest Diapers. They were more absorbent than your typical disposable diaper, and you could feel the difference – it didn’t feel like that gel-ish, chemical-ly wetness of a disposable Pampers or Huggies diaper – rather, it felt more natural (if that makes sense!). They were just not as absorbent as Honest Co., which makes a difference because our son will wake in the middle of the night due to a wet diaper.

  83. Regarding second place, but do Earth’s Best use GMO-free corn like the Naty baby?

  84. Naty for us-my little one has always been on the plump side, so fills out waistlines. I love that they seems to really stand by the biodegradability of the diapers. Every time I’ve used the 7th Generations, many of them have been defective and unusable. Plus super leaky. Downside for me is the distance they travel to get here-manufactured in Israel.

  85. We are a cloth diaper family too, and successfully used cloth at night until baby was about a year or so, then he would just get too wet and rashy. We use Seventh Generation at night and love them! Even when we use them for a full day while stripping diapers they are great! Never a leak and I can get them at my grocery store. I’m in Canada and its one of the only options here. Thanks for the review.

  86. Honest diapers all the way.

  87. We use Honest CompAny as well! Very happy with them and was also hoping to see them on this! I think its awesome to have them delivered to your door. They are rather pricey though.

  88. Please do a review on honest diapers!

  89. I have only tried the Seventh Gen with my daughter but I stopped using them because absorbency was not great as you showed and I found that the gel would seep through the diaper and on my baby’s bottom. Another brand I was wondering about was The Honest Company? They have such cute patterns and are eco friendly but would love to hear your thoughts on them and other moms too.

  90. Mama Natural,

    I see you left off Honest Co. Diapers. Have you ever tried their diapers? From my understanding you have to have a subscription with them and cannot purchase their diapers in a store.


    • Yes, that’s why I didn’t review them. They aren’t as accessible as the other diapers in my mind 🙂

      • They are being offered at some stores, depending on your region. 🙂 We use them as well, and I would love a comparison once they are readily available in stores in most areas! I’d like to see if they are worth the money! Although, they are the most absorbent and sensitive-skin friendly diapers we’ve tried with my LO.

      • You can buy honest diapers at target.

  91. We used Naty and hated them. The leaked and were super stiff and the sizing was off too. I also don’t like their wipes. They leave a funny feeling on your hands. Will have to try Bambo. I just picked up a package of Babyganics on sale and plan to use them with our new baby due in a few weeks

  92. Wow — thanks for this! We CD too, though plenty of people gave us sposies when our last babes were born. For now, we’ll slowly use those as we need them, but I’m pinning this post for later in case we need more!

  93. We are a cloth family as well, but also have our back up disposables. I love my 7th generation and Babyganics! I can usually find Babyganics on sale more frequently than 7th generations and when I do I get them for usually $7 bucks a pack ($.17 per diaper) which is awesome!! And they hold up well, don’t leak and are soft and cute.

  94. I did a similar test with many “regular” disposables as well as “green” disposables. I liked Naty a lot. It came up on par with pampers but Huggies beat both. Snugglers and Babylove were also really good (snugglers are owned by kimberly clarke as are huggies but are cheaper/not as cute so no surprise they were just as “good” and I’m pretty sure babylove are affiliates also) BUT the Bambo Nature while bulkier were also on par with the huggies. However please note that the reason they’re more absorbent is because they are BIGGER ergo more pee can fit in them.

    I however am an EC parent who uses diapers when forced to only. So I just bring my cloth and find somewhere to wash them, I won’t be buying any of these diapers anytime soon. 😀

  95. The best diapers we have tried so far, and I tried majority of them are Andy Pandy. It is a small company that makes the best eco diapers, they are so soft and very absorbent. And they are made of bamboo

  96. Has anyone tried the honest company diapers? Do they have good eco cred? Absorbency?

    • We use Honest and they are pretty good. Can’t beat those adorable patterns and delivery to your door step

    • They are great! I started with the free trial (you pay like $6 for shipping, I think…) and fell in love! My LO is 7 months and needs a diaper change every hour! He has sensitive skin and eczema and these diapers have never bothered his skin and allow him to sleep through the night. As far as eco-cred is concerned, I know that Jessica Alba (she’s a co-founder) just spoke at a green conference (I follow her on Instagram lol) so I’m assuming since she was asked to be there, her company is legit. But I think we need a Mama Natural review to be sure 😉

  97. We use BumGenius Freetime AIOs during the day and use disposables for nighttime, just for the convenience of not having to fiddle with the cloth diaper snaps at two in the morning! We’ve used Seventh Gen and WF365 and both have held up well. Also used BabyGanics (available at Target), which were by far the softest, but stopped using them when I found out some of their other products have unsavory chemicals in them.

    • I just stocked up on babyganics products. Can you tell me what you found unsavory?

  98. Ive tried the earths best and liked them but the honest ones are my favorites!! they work really well and are wicked cute. we do cloth the bulk of the time but with traveling for my husbands job disposables can be a sanity saver!

  99. After doing Eco diapers with 2 kiddos so far, we found that seventh gen and honest diapers are the best. Seventh gen also makes the overnight ones which are awesome. Great review!

  100. I actually like the 365 brand kind… They seem to absorb well. They get a little bulky, but for the price and softness of it, I don’t mind a little but of bulkiness once it’s wet. — that just means it’s time for a diaper change 🙂
    I used to use seventh generation—I feel like their quality has gotten worse over the years.. I agree that they are too stiff, scratchy and dont asborb best.

    I now currently use Honest diapers!
    They are super cute, hold up really well, and seem comfty enough for my LO.

  101. We use Honest diapers (glad to see others using them too!) . I love them! The only time I really had any leaks of blow outs is when he was getting too big for the diapers. The price for these diapers is only worth it if you do the subscription.

    I did not like the 7th Generation ones, they just felt weird.

    I read on Consumer Reports that of the non natural diapers, Target store brand is actually the most “eco friendly”.

    • Good to know. I kinda love those up and ups. 🙂

  102. We started using Honest Company with Kiddo #1 for daycare (they didn’t accept cloth) and liked them so much we just kept using them with #2. I like that when you order a bundle you get the wipes for free so it is actually cheaper than what I was paying for Earth’s Best Diapers and wipes from Amazon.

  103. We use Honest brand diapers… ever do a review of those?

  104. For our family, the best disposable eco friendly diapers are from The Honest Company, algo the baby wipes are amazing! Love everything about them. Now you can find them at Buy Buy Baby.

  105. I have been using the diapers from honest company. They are AMAZING!! they never leak, and can handle # 2 as well. I recommend these!

  106. Thanks for this video, Mama! It’s exactly what I needed! Planning on cloth diapering our first coming in July but will definitely need a good disposable backup for travel! Thanks again!! 

  107. I have been back and forth with Earth’s Best and Seventh Generation. EB are working fine now but not at night. Baby wakes up extra early in the am because he is soaked! Any recommendation for overnight disposable diapers? And also, what kind of cloth diapers do you use? THANKS!

  108. We used Seventh Generation until we started cloth diapering and I thought they were great! We tried Naty first and thought they were just terrible, leaked and didn’t seem comfortable at all. The Earth’s Best were also leaky and super stiff. My son is out of diapers now at 2 but, he still wears one at night. Since we moved to an apartment without an in unit washer/dryer we’ve been using Whole Foods training pants at night. They’re okay, I have a feeling the Seventh Generation trainers would be be better but, they’re not sold locally and I don’t need to buy in bulk at this point. Plus, who doesn’t like shopping at Whole Foods once a month!

  109. We use Target’s brand- Up&Up. From what I’ve read they’re apparently free of the chemicals and fragrances we want to avoid, absorbabt, and really affordable (I think around 15cents/diaper). But no one ever mentions these- am I missing something?

    • I use Target’s Up&Up diapers too when I need them. I read the same thing about being chlorine-free, etc. on this review:
      They score lower than the ones in this review on being eco-friendly but so much better than Pampers or Huggies. And at $.14/diaper, it’s a much better option when you can’t afford the greener, but more expensive, diapers.
      We use cloth 99% of the time though and love our AIOs from 🙂 (No affiliation to me, I just think they make a really good product.)

  110. I always get Seventh Generation when we need disposables and I have no complaints. We actually had to use them as nighttime diapers for the longest time until we could find a suitable nighttime cloth solution. No leaking problems. No rashes. Affordable.

  111. We use 7th generation (at first I was thought they were ugly too but now I actually prefer it to the bleached out look of others). My sitter is scared of cloth so that when we use them and at night now. We really haven’t had any issues with leaks. I didn’t like Earths Best but Naty was alright although no longer locally available. I’ve heard good things about Bambo from multiple people at my work I work at an Eco Friendly Baby Botique this is great info for the next time I see my boss I’d really like for us to carry a disposable option. Thanks!

  112. When we use disposables, Babyganics is our go to. They are very soft and have great absorbancy. Maybe you can do a Green Diaper Showdown #2 including babyganics and honest?

  113. Genevieve, what do you use at night? Cloth? I haven’t be able to find a cloth that doesn’t leave my baby soaked in the am.

    • Cloth with 2 thick inserts from BumGenius. Works well!

  114. I’m from El Salvador, we dont have much choices in here, is either Pampers or Huggies, and even from those we dont have as many options to choose from. You wont find cloth diapers or fills either. I had to buy the G diapers for my son in the US.
    I wish I had more options.

  115. Thanks for doing this! We do cloth during the day, but disposables at night. Do you use cloth at night, also? If so, what combination do you use? I have some hemp inserts, but never used them. I’ve also heard good things about wool covers.

    • Depending on age, we use 2 thick inserts from BumGenius. Works well for us!

  116. I use the Seventh Generation on both of my girls and they have worked really great for us 🙂 and they are affordable which is always nice.

  117. Just had to chime in with a different opinion/experience! I encountered major issues with my cloth diapers when we moved to a new home that had an HE machine. Fighting with my washing machine was exhausting and when I had my second baby, it just became overwhelming. Now we use Seventh Generation and have had a wonderful experience with them! Never have a problem with leaks, affordable from Amazon, and decently eco-friendly!

  118. We’re a cloth diapering family as well. but there are times when CDing isn’t convenient. We’ve used Honest, Earth’s Best and Bambo.

    In the end, Bambo were the best for us!

  119. I too wish you would have done honest diapers with these!

  120. What is your opinion on Honest Company diapers? I was wondering how they compare.

  121. I wish you would do a review on Honest Brand diapers! 🙂

  122. We use Earth’s Best. The fit wasn’t perfect in NB/size 1 (they seemed bigger than other brands) but I’ve never had issues or leaks with size 2 and above. These diapers are also the only ones that didn’t give my girls rashes 🙂

  123. My local store Tops (NY&PA) has a brand of diapers I really like, Full Circle, and when they go on sale! OH baby! They are chlorine free and made with corn, never leak, plain looking. Now that I watched your video on some other brands, I suppose the waist band is a little stiff, but not uncomfortable for my baby. Thanks for the review!

    • Earth’s Best and Full Circle are actually the SAME! They must treat Full Circle as the generic version of the exact same diaper. We like them….

  124. We tried a few too and Seventh Gen works best for us, especially for fit. I don’t mind the beige color. We only had leakage problems with their overnights. Natys didn’t fit my son well at all. Earth’s Best fit is bulkier and stiffer than Sev Gen, although we sometimes use them too.

    • I agree. We like Seventh Generation for daytime. I DO NOT like Naty. They leak at the top. I am also a big fan of BabyGanics diapers which were not mentioned here even though they are chlorine free, latex free, fragrance free, and made from plant-based materials. They are available at Target and Buy Buy Baby, but I have not found them anywhere else. They fit similar to Seventh Generation but are more absorbent. Does anyone know of a more natural choice for an overnight diaper? I am currently using Pampers Baby Dry bc my little guy sleeps 10-12 hrs at night and the other diapers I’ve tried just do not do the trick, but they sometimes leave his little bottom all red.

    • I also adore 7th Gen. I’m quite surprised by these results and the fact that dioxins weren’t brought up at all. Our boys are also cloth babies, but we started out a sposie family. My DH is a chemist and researched ALL of the brands from Pampers to Green diapers when our first started to have reactions to the “Dry Max” change over. He found 7th Gen to be the best/safest hands down. All of the reactions went away, nice neutral color, no sents, easy to find in any grocery store, not bad cost as far as “greens” go…especially if you get them in bulk from Amazon, less blow outs than others we tried, etc…
      We’re due w/ #3 in April and I have NB cloth and 7th Gens all ready and waiting.

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