As natural mamas, we want to clean our homes without harming our health.

I remember cleaning my first apartment after college and having to open the windows because I felt dizzy. Little did I know at the time it was from all of the toxic fumes!

Fast-forward to today, there’s a whole slew of natural cleaners on the market for those who want to avoid inhaling all of the nasty stuff. But mamas, they’re EXPENSIVE!

That’s why I love these DIY products that offer the best clean without hurting your health or pocketbook. There are no harsh fumes, chemicals or toxins. The ingredients are natural, accessible and affordable.

All-Purpose Natural Cleaners

Mix 1/2 cup organic white distilled vinegar or lemon with 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon 2 litters of water. Great for bathroom fixtures, tile floor, glass, windows and even mirrors. (Don’t use on marble or wood.)

Mold & Mildew Natural Cleaners

Mix 1/2 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide or vinegar with 1 cup water.

Put in a spray bottle and squirt on mold and let sit for up to one hour. You can also add 1-2 TB of baking soda which will start to bubble from the acidic cleanser (and this means it’s working 🙂

Scrub with sponge or brush. Repeat if necessary.

You can also make a thick paste of water, baking soda, and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for stubborn spots. It’s great for bathroom tile!

Carpet Stain Remover

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on stain, let sit for several minutes, and clean with a brush or sponge using warm soapy water.

Rugs/Carpet Cleaner

Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on rugs/carpets and wait several hours before vacuuming

Floor Cleaner and Polish

Most floors can be cleaned using 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water. Add a few drops of mint or citrus essential oils for a nice, clean scent.

If you have wood floors, I recommend investing in a jug of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap. We buy it by the gallon. Pro tip: buy the baby mild unscented formula and add your own essential oils for a fresh scent.

Wood Polish

Mix 1 cup olive oil to ½ cup lemon and rub small amount into wood. A little goes a long way!

How about YOU?

What are your favorite natural cleaners for home?