The konjac sponge is huge in East Asia as a natural facial cleanser and exfoliator, and it’s gaining in popularity here. But does this all-natural sponge really work? Find out in my in-depth review.

My Video Review of the Konjac Sponge

I love the idea of a gentle everyday skin exfoliation

I skin brush often for this very reason. Doing so sloughs off dead skin cells and helps the body detox through our largest organ—our skin! But a skin brush is too rough for the delicate facial skin. That is exactly why I was keen to try the konjac sponge.

Unlike other facial sponges, which are either synthetic or pose environmental issues, this “sponge” is actually a root vegetable and has been used in Asia for thousands of years. It’s packed with minerals and antioxidants, plus it is non-toxic and biodegradable.

What? No soap to clean your face?!?

I know it sounds weird not to use soap to clean your face, but the sponge itself has alkalinizing and cleansing properties that makes soap unnecessary. (And you might want to learn why I don’t use soap that much anyway here.) I like it, too, because it’s a gentle and safe exfoliation for our skin. I think this will help us have less wrinkles. Look how good men’s skin looks and it makes sense if you think about it—they’re always exfoliated with a daily shave.

Here’s how I use my konjac sponge

First, I get the sponge good and wet by running it under water. Once it’s soft, I use it like I would a wash cloth, rubbing it in circular motions around my face. I use the konjac sponge to take off makeup like blush (but not my eye makeup), and to simply cleanse my face. Once I’m finished, I rinse the sponge out well to remove makeup residue, and then hang the sponge to dry. Pretty easy, right?

I used to use soap and water…

I used to wash my face with Kiss My Face brand olive oil soap and water. It worked pretty well—I seldom had acne or dry skin.

But my skin feels cleaner and more vibrant with the konjac sponge

Yes, just the konjac sponge and water seem to clean my face much better than the soap previously did. I also had a few blackheads on my chin, and I feel like the sponge has done a great job of scrubbing them out.

Who is the konjac sponge good for?

I think the knojac sponge would be great for people with all skin types, because it doesn’t dry the skin at all, and yet it does really give a nice, deep clean.

Interested in trying a konjac sponge?

How about you?

Have you tried the konjac sponge? How do you clean your face? I’d love to hear—share with us in the comments below!


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