Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know if there’s a more joyful and hopeful day than Resurrection Sunday! In fact, I might do a whole separate post on how we plan on keeping the true spirit of the holiday alive with kiddos.

We do Easter baskets at our home. Sure, they’re a commercial invention, but I have great childhood memories of discovering my basket on Easter morning, and I want to recreate this for my kids. But naturally, of course! No Peeps, artificial dyes, or high fructose corn syrup candies, thank you!

So here are some of my natural Easter basket ideas.

Natural Easter Egg Dye

I always put dyed hard-boiled eggs into my kids’ baskets. They love ’em!

Last year, we had fun using natural dye colors from fruits, vegetables and herbs.

  • For a blue color, we used the juice from thawed out frozen blueberries.
  • For red, we used some pomegranate juice.
  • For yellow, we tried turmeric.
  • For green, we used our spirulina powder.
  • For brown, we dipped our eggs in coffee grounds.
  • For purple, we used grape juice.

The results were, um, subtle, you might say. So this year I may just buy some natural egg dye and call it a day.

Update: my friend Heather from Mommypotamus really cracked the code on DIY dye. Her all-natural egg dye recipes made from everyday ingredients are vibrant, festive, and fun to make with your kids.

Natural Easter Basket Ideas

For our baskets, I found some natural linen bags that I fill with wholesome goodies. I include some healthy(ish) treats, along with items for indoor and outdoor activities.

Natural lollipops

These are my go-to treats for kids. YumEarth are organic and free of most of the bad stuff you find in conventional candies, and they’re especially good for kids with allergies.

Healthier jelly beans

A classic Easter candy, these jelly beans don’t have the artificial dyes and colors. Not the healthiest things in the world, but it’s definitely a healthier option than the conventional alternative.

Dark chocolate almonds

All the deliciousness of Easter chocolate with none of the additives or preservatives.

Healthy caramels

Oh my word! These are a revelation! And they use coconut milk and coconut palm sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and highly processed dairy. I buy these for the kids but end up eating most of them?

Coconut rolled dates

One of the go-to treats around our house, coconut rolled dates can seriously satisfy the biggest sweet tooth in your house. This year I’ll probably wrap some up in parchment paper and drop them in Paloma and Griffin’s baskets.

Natural crayons

Where would my Paloma be without crayons and coloring? I love these natural beeswax crayons so if they end up in her mouth (which they often do somehow), she’s all good!

Natural paint

Now this is pretty cool. Natural paints by Glob that you feel good about when your LO gets up to her elbows in them.

Playing cards

Fun games like these playing cards are a great way to shift the emphasis away from candy while still being fun. Best of all, you can get the whole extended family in on it during the holiday. Griffin knows how to play “War” now and is even learning Poker!

Veggie sidewalk chalk

Imagine the look on your neighbor’s face when you tell them you only use organic veggie sidewalk chalk. Ha! But it makes perfect sense, especially when baby is using them.

Bat and ball

For much of the country, Easter is the beginning of the season where kids can get out and actually start playing outdoors. A sporty toy like this makes a great Easter gift.


I’ve got the first kite on this page (In The Breeze Rainbow Sparkler) in my cart right now. Easter by us is always a little gusty, and this kite will make for a great activity in the day.


Sorry mamas, there just ain’t any good natural bubble options out there. But they are a delight and a crowd pleaser for kids of all ages.

Other Ideas for a Natural Easter Basket

Other fun ideas include seeds and bulbs that you can plant together and watch them grow (outdoor activities are great for kids!). I also gave Griffin a beta fish 2 years ago and he lived F-O-R-E-V-E-R. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 If you go the pet route, be sure you’re prepared to take care of them for years after the Easter holiday!

You can also skip the basket idea altogether and focus on spending time together as a family and creating a special memory like going bowling, having a picnic, making a special meal, watching a fun movie, the options are endless!

How About You?

Speaking of which, would love to hear from YOU! What do you put in your kids’ Easter baskets?