Natural Baby Teething Remedies

Ready to restore sanity to your house? These safe, all-natural baby teething remedies really work to ease teething pain for good.

Here are six all-natural teething remedies that actually work! Ease teething pain and restore sanity to your house with these safe and natural remedies.

Teething is no joke. It can turn even the most relaxed baby into a hot mess. Luckily, there are plenty of safe and effective natural teething remedies—no ibuprofen required. Let’s take a closer look.

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Baby Teething Remedy #1: Apply Cold and Pressure

It’s one of the older natural teething remedies in the book, but using cold and pressure to help baby’s aching gums is an excellent teething remedy. Give baby safe, non-toxic objects that can be frozen and then used to chew on. The cold helps numb the area, and the pressure soothes inflamed gums.

Here are some examples:

  • Frozen washcloths: Soak a small washcloth in water, wring out, then freeze for at least an hour. Let baby chew on the washcloth after it comes out of the freezer.
  • Frozen fruit or veggies: Put these foods in a mesh or silicone teether for small babies and freeze for at least an hour. For older babies, put a banana in the freezer for a tasty snack that’s also one of the best natural teething remedies.
  • A cold spoon: Put a metal spoon in the fridge for at least 15 minutes, then give it to baby to gum.
  • Natural teething biscuits: These biscuits are easy to make and don’t contain questionable ingredients like the ones you buy in the store (even the organic ones!). They can be kept in the refrigerator for a cooler treat.

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Baby Teething Pain Relief #2: Try Teething Toys

Something to chew on is sometimes one of the only natural teething remedies baby really needs to get through the pain of teething. There are lots of options for teething toys that are also safe and non-toxic.

  • Silicone teething rings: Made of safe silicone, rather than latex or plastic, this teether is a safe choice.
  • Wooden teethers: What works for one baby may not work for the next, so if silicone and rubber don’t do it, try a wooden teether. The texture might be just right for your baby. Just be sure to choose a brand that uses natural water-based sealants or food grade dyes. And be aware that some teethers need to be oiled or (bees)waxed before use.

What about Sophie the giraffe?

Sophie used to be the gold-standard when it came to natural teething remedies. But there’s been controversy after some moms found mold inside their toys. Until the manufacturer solves this problem, we don’t recommend this teether.

Infant Teething Remedy #3: Use Teething Necklaces

Teething necklaces for mom

Another option is a teething necklace for mom. These necklaces are made of silicone and are great for baby to use while sitting in mom’s lap or in a baby carrier. They also act as something for baby to fiddle with while she nurses.

silicone teething necklace for mom BPA–free

Baby Teething Pain Relief #4: Experiment With Herbal Remedies

Parents have been using herbal remedies for hundreds of years to help ease their baby’s teething pain (and loads of other ailments).

Here are some ideas:

  • Rosehip: Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, rosehip tea is great for boosting the immune system. Additionally, rosehip has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile is one of the more popular natural teething remedies. It helps relax and soothe irritability.
  • Catnip: Catnip is said to calm irritable babies and help them rest.
  • Clove: Clove is a natural anesthetic and has been shown to work as well as benzocaine at relieving pain.

How to use herbal teething remedies

  • Make a tea: Any of these herbs can be made into a tea, which can be used to dampen a washcloth before freezing.
  • Give as a beverage: To make a tea, boil water and steep 1 tsp of herbs in 10 ounces of water for 6–7 minutes. Let cool fully before serving to baby in a bottle or with a syringe.
  • Rub directly onto gums: To make an herbal infusion that can be rubbed directly onto the gums, place herbs in a small saucepan and cover with olive oil. Simmer on low for 4-6 hours. Strain and store in the refrigerator. Dab some cool oil onto baby’s gums as needed.

Baby Teething Remedy #5: Lower Inflammation

Inflammation from teething can stimulate nerves that cause pain, so reducing inflammation is one way you can help relieve baby’s pain.

  • Try a low inflammation diet: If baby is eating solids, white foods, such as refined sugar and flour, potatoes, and even dairy, can cause inflammation. Focus on paleo-type foods—a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured meats, wild seafood, ample healthy fats (coconut, avocado, butter, and whole eggs).
  • Lower stress: Over time, stress can cause inflammation. Make sure baby is getting enough rest and eating healthy foods in addition to breastmilk or formula.
  • Balance blood sugar: Blood sugar swings (highs and lows) require the stress hormones to get involved to keep blood sugar stable (yes, even in babies and young children!). To keep blood sugar levels stable, focus on whole foods instead of highly processed snacks. Try to pair healthy carbs (like sweet potatoes and fruit) with protein and plenty of healthy fats.

Baby Teething Remedies #6: Boost the Immune System

There is some debate whether teething causes fevers and colds by lowering the immune system, or whether the two occurring at the same time is simply a coincidence. However, many parents do notice a runny nose or fever while baby is cutting teeth. At the very least, boosting the immune system can’t hurt and can help prevent baby from dealing with double ailments.

  • Continue breastfeeding: Baby gets antibodies from your breastmilk to help build her immune system.
  • Give baby vitamin D: Many of us (and our babies) are vitamin D deficient because of too little time outside in direct sunlight, and vitamin D plays an important role in supporting immune system function. Babies can take liquid vitamin D drops to get their levels up to a normal range.
  • Give baby probiotics: Since most of the immune system resides in the gut, building healthy gut flora is important for overall health and immunity.

What about amber necklaces?

If you’ve been around the natural mama circuit, you’ve likely seen those cute amber necklaces on infants. They are actually amber necklaces. The idea is that baby’s body heat triggers the baltic amber to release an oil that contains succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory. I no longer recommend amber teething necklaces for babies or children. While they are safe if used as instructed, too many babies are being injured as a result of improper use. For a sleep deprived mom, it’s easy to forget to take the necklace off during car rides or nap time. This is why I urge moms: DO NOT TAKE THIS RISK. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Rely on the other teething tools listed in this post.

Teething Isn’t Fun, But…

Luckily there are lots of things you can do to help baby cope. Try some of these simple and natural teething remedies to help relieve pain at the gums. And don’t underestimate the importance of overall health to alleviate excess inflammation. Soon, baby will be back to normal… until the next tooth comes in!

How About You?

What natural teething remedies worked for you?

Genevieve Howland

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Genevieve Howland is a doula and childbirth educator. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 135,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.

Elisa Song MD Pediatric Reviewer Mama Natural

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Elisa Song, MD

Elisa Song, MD is a board-certified pediatrician, wife, and mother of two. As one of the country’s most highly regarded holistic pediatricians, Dr. Song founded Healthy Kids Happy Kids to empower parents to take charge of their kids’ health naturally!


  1. very wonderful blog thanks for posting.

  2. very nice blog thanks for posting.

  3. My daughter was born Oct 23, 2019 and she is already showing signs of teething. I am at a loss, since all advice I find starts from babies at least 4months of age and older. I’m not even supposed to let her drink water yet! I’m feeding her breast milk via bottle feedings (only cause she’s having problems latching to my breasts).. Anyway, point is, I’m on a very limited budget for teething supplies, think $50 or lower, and definitely don’t want my poor baby to have too much discomfort since she’s so new. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    ~Bonnie & Baby O

    • Bonnie,
      Not a doctor. Just fellow mom. 1st with the latch have you ruled out tongue/lip tie? Even a minor one can affect their latch and mouth development.
      2nd: We’re in a young teether stage too. Try freezing a washcloth with some of your breastmilk. Cheap and the frozen breastmilk is soothing. Just a corner or small section is needed. Messy, but good for early teether. Also, just putting a regular pacifier (we have silicon ones and regular type) in the freezer to cool it. Our baby loves them! No water or mess required.

    • I thought it was cool the previous comment her name is Bonnie mine is Vonny and I was born Oct 23,’90?. Anyway my baby is 7 months and doest have teeth yet but has been drooling since 4 months and biting everything she can. I enjoyed the article.

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  5. Thanks for sharing the information and recently I had purchased Sophie la Girafe Stacker for my niece. This is an adorable one and she is enjoying with the teether.

  6. Great article, thanks! Our boys also used to chew on cold carrots or celery sticks when they were teething. I stopped giving this to them once they had a couple of teeth and could bite pieces out (chocking hazard). Also a good option for them before they start solids.

  7. thank you soooo much for the great article … thanks for sharing it…my baby boy is 5 months old and he’s teething..he’s putting his fingers into his mouth to reduce the discomfort.. and he is going through pain..i started searching for the remedies, advice’s finally i landed here…

  8. Do you recommend or know if the tea options are safe for babies under 12 months but greater than 6 months?

  9. The first thing I noticed when popping over to this page, was the baby with earrings.
    That doesn’t scream natural parenting to me. Body autonomy from birth is what I believe in.
    I won’t be back. It makes me sad because there’s so little natural advice out there. ?

    • Thank you for expressing your concern and making a really good point Destiny. We went ahead and changed the photo to better reflect our values.

  10. What is the best type of amber teething necklace? I want only the best for my baby.

    • Do not expect to purchase quality necklaces for pennies. High quality should cost at least $45-$150. Choose another product if that amount puts you into an uncomfortable situation financially. If you want the best quality, you can buy it from Europe, especially from Lithuania. For me the best brand is

  11. I am going to make a rub with cloves. What would the ratio of cloves to oil be? 1 cup evoo to 1 tsp, tbsp cloves?


  12. Could rose hip tea also be nursed through to baby?

  13. I’m sad to say that I was looking for helpful information but found a few pieces of bad advice. Healthy fats, first off, are unsaturated fats. They do not include butter or coconut. I am a lipid/heart disease expert (registered dietitian and clinical lipid specialist), so please understand that there is strong science to back up what I’m saying. Also, the amber necklaces have only anecdotal support, which, to me, doesn’t outweigh the significant choking hazard. Obviously, you can post anything, but your readers deserve science-based advice. Thank you.

    • I appreciate your knowledge and expertise when it comes to the diet. But, have you yourself used a Amber teething necklace? Both of my kids use one and I wear one myself. There is little to no choking hazard if you purchase the right one. I hope you open up to these awesome tools. You may find that you love them! ☺️

    • Amber needs high heat to release any type of “oil.” You might want to look into the science a little more before buying into the placebo necklace thing.

    • For a baby saturated fats are a good thing. While your information maybe right for an adult, babies need all fats. There is actually a lot of saturated fats in breastmilk

    • JC
      Dr has wonderful information on coconut oil and why it’s good for you. I hope you go to it and read all the scientific evidence so an expert like you can stop hurting people with bad advice.

    • That is so unfortunate that you don’t recognize saturated fats as healthy fats. They are so important for immune health. I hope you don’t steer your clients away from them, as this would be a great disservice 🙁 Continuing education is key!

      Crystal, RN

    • It’s true. Saturated fats being labeled the bad guys is outdated research. There is much more now that supports the health benefits of saturated fats especially since this is what the brain thrives on and is also a huge component of breast milk.

  14. Any recommendations for a baby that’s teething that just turned 4 months old and EBF? He doesn’t understand teething toys yet he only puts his hand into his mouth.

    • Ours was also EBF when teething started. We have a silicone ring chew toy that has little knobs around it, almost like a nipple, so he figured that out fast. But a washcloth frozen in breast milk was the best thing initially. I folded it up and tried to round out the corner and just dipped it in about an ounce of milk (so that while it melted while he chewed he wouldn’t be dripping milk everywhere) and froze it in a storage bag.

  15. You mention oiling the wooden toy, can you please advise on the best way to do so? Thanks!

  16. I have been out of the infant game for a total of 9 years. My significant other and I decided to add one more child to our blended family, and our little Princess just turned 6 months!!! I have been Super Duper Excited, up until just recently, that I feel helpless. A few months ago, she was napping during the day very well with no problem. Once she hit 6 months, everything changed….. No more NAPS during the day. She whines and cries and she just wants to be held….. I feel very drained & exhausted..?? I am glad I have done my research and came across Mama Natural, I have read all of your posts, and the helpful information shared….. So, tonight I have done some online shopping for some Baltic Amber Teething necklace, wooden teethers, Camilia teething relief, & Pumkin Butt teething oil. I pray to God that this will provide some comfort., I will definitely continue to come back to this page, as it has been so resourceful. Wish me luck! ?? #teamnosleep#anythingformyprincess

    • Be careful with the Punkin Butt! It has mint oil in it which can cause respiratory distress in infants. It also is not advised to use clove oil on children under 2 (? Might be older) and out isn’t advised to use clove oil on mucous membranes until ten years. I made this mistake and caused my daughter a lot of pain

      • My baby is 5 months and I am using clove oil which performs miracle each time I apply it on her gums.
        She loves that and give me a big smile every time I put it on. She also wears the amber necklace and sleeps on the amber pillow. I also diffuse the lavender essential oils and rub it on her feet.

  17. I love fresh ginger root for immediate relief. I put copaiba on his jawline and chin at night along with lavender on his feet and toes. He loves his wooden teethers and nursing necklace. He wears an amber necklace during the day. He is generally easy to soothe during the day, at night is definitely the toughest. When all else fails, nursing always comforts my little man.

    • have you ever tried copaiba straight on the gums? I heard this works but don’t know about using an EO directly in their mouth.

    • How do you use ginger on gums?

  18. applying pure honey on your finger and then rubbing it on the baby gums has worked for me and its all natural as well

    • Children under one should never eat honey because of the extremely dangerous risk of botulism.

      • Chamolie tea small cup and few drops of honey on gums, it aint going kill ur baby whats a chance that honey well have botulism, heat the honey to boiling point, or clove buds for baby to chew while you hold it,
        But from what i am seeing works best the most desperate risky prarents tried which no one recomends because afraid of irresponsible parents screwing up, and suing them, but if you take 1 drop of clove oil to 10 drops of water mix well and apply on gum with you finger. Works miracles instant helper, well they use clove oil dierctly on a swab one dropi recomend diluting , when i habe teeth axhe bad one clove oil always helps instantly better then anything i ever imagined super bitter though so dilute, i am not a doc, but i am about ro try it on my 8 months old, one peron above me said does it on 5 month old, worst risk is shortness of breath if you screw and put to much dont screw or i well find you and i will kill you Taken quote

    • Honey? For what age? Because my pediatrician as well as many other websites have said that baby should not have honey at all before 12 months old. Just wondering, kind of worried me.

  19. Thank you so much for this article and ALL the mom as with tips especially the coconut oil… was reading while baby fussed and cried and quickly rubbed some on his gums, literally had a good latch within seconds, after not eating well for the last 3 days, and konked right out after not falling asleep well for days as well. God bless you all! *saves page forever*

  20. Pure vanilla extract has worked for my babies who are now’s safe to eat it’s tastes and smells good and you can use it as much as needed. Clean fingers is all you need.put a little on your pointer finger and massage onto the area.make sure you buy one dedicated to the particular child so as to have no risk of cross contamination and don’t cook with it.its best to put it with the other meds to be sure.follow the Direction’s get sleep.easy safe.natural!

    • Because of the high concentration of alcohol? ?

    • Pure vanilla extract should not be used on babies. It is an alcohol!

      • Is it? I don’t use for baby but did not know this. Why no age limit to buy ?

        • You can use vanilla extract on babies. It is a known relief for teething pain.

  21. My nana will be turning 6 months old on the 23rd he’s been having sleepless nights. .nd his temperature is high I don’t know if its teething or what but he has shown signs of so worried. .

    • Omg Kaila I love u.

    • Omg I love it

  22. i have heard that pure vanilla extract works for teething by rubbing it on the gums…what is your take?

  23. Organic extra virgin coconut oil seems to help my baby alot. I just dip my finger in the oil and rub it on her gums and repeat until she calms down. Also using Hylands teething tablets and an amber necklace but the coconut oil seems to calm her the most during one of her fits. Hope this helps!

    • Actually it’s not the teething tablets its arnica tablets. Sorry for the mixup!

    • How old is your baby? My little one is going onto 3 months and is showing signs of teething.

  24. amber does nothing for teething

    • Completely untrue.

    • I swear by the amber teething necklace and cold coconut oil. vanilla extract has worked for us but the amber usually keeps her chill as a cucumber. ive only uswd the oil and vanilla a handful of times and my girl is cutting 3 teeth at once

  25. Hi Genevieve-

    We saw a need for a unique shape, and total QC in manufacturing and started up what is now the patent-pending Teething Egg. We’d love to send you product if you still have a teething baby at home.

    • I need help nothing is working

      • Have you tried baby Motrin? Sometimes, when all our natural attempts to not work to soothe a sick and in pain baby, it’s best to allow baby some medicine as you would take it you were up all night in pain for nights on end.

        • What are the side effects of Motrin though? Weigh the risks vs temporary pain.

          • All of us grew up taking some form of meds!!! People really irk me with the side effects bullshit! I usually try the natural route but Motrin was definitely needed! My son wouldn’t calm down with anything! He’s perfectly fine with the Motrin and I’m glad I don’t have to let my son suffer!

          • Don’t give Ibuprofen to infants on an empty stomach. Please do some research about it and the potential affect it can have on the Stomach lining. It has been shown to cause severe ulcers. Not every baby has issues, but some do. Ours hasn’t had any issues; we are careful to always have food on his stomach with it though.

          • Please don’t give motrin to babies look up Steven Johnson Syndrome and the h*ll of pain your baby could go through if they survive! Coming from a mom who was in an icu for 3 weeks with kid with SJS!

    • I have a teething baby and would love to try the teething products that u have

    • I would love to try a teething egg for our granddaughter! Please email me and I will send you our address. Thank you! 🙂

    • I would also love to try this. I have three children. My first two never had a problem with teething. Now with my 3 month old infant, he’s officially began teething. I am helpless. I can’t seem to figure out what can help him. Teething tablets help for a while but he continues to shove his hand in his mouth and it’s definitely not helping. Please send me one!

    • I also have a teething baby /: She just screams and feel helpless to help her. I would love to try that teething egg if you are still letting people try them

    • Hey Skip. I’d love to try out your new product too. I’ve got a 6 month old teething dictator living in my house now and nothing is working!! 🙁 definitely at the end of my rope. If you’re giving out your product in exchange for helpful honest reviews I’m a top reviewer for NYC on Yelp. Thanks!!

    • Im breastfeeding and my 9 months baby bites me though I’ve purchased some teething gel to ease the pain, it doesn’t help as he still bites after rubbing it on his gums, please assist if there is anything else I can get or do.

      • Numbing teething gels are not recommended by doctors anymore and you would be advised not to use them. Ask you doctor.

        • I use numbing teething gel and it works! Doesn’t matter if it’s doctor recommended. It works for my baby.

          • Some pediatricians still recommend it. And fyi not all parents are idiots, the fda warns against it bc of overdoses due to parents putting it in bottles amd stuff like that. It’s in their website. But i don’t trust a word they say anyway so I do what works for my child.

    • I would love to have the teething egg for my great granddaughter… she is 4 months and has about six teeth coming in and is very unhappy about it! How can I get one? Thank you so very much!

    • Have a precious baby girl who could use some relief. Thank you for your offer. I can not afford to spend any money so if for any reason there is any charges please remove my request. Thank you

    • I have a teething 5 month old. He has cut 2 bottom teeth (FINALLY!) but now his top gums are triple the normal size and look almost like a deformity. He isn’t sleeping at all at night and running high fevers. I rotate Motrin/Tylenol , oralgel, frozen items….Please help!

    • Oh please let us try it! Our little one is cutting her second ‘first molar’.
      She has had a rough time with teething from the first eruption and
      it’s just getting worse 🙁 We have so little sleep we fall asleep in the
      middle of the day standing up. Tried clove oil, teething tablets,
      Tylenol, Motrin, amber necklaces, coconut oil, teething toys.
      We truly are up for anything at this point…just trying to avoid the
      brandy on the gums that old-schoolers mention 😉
      She will not take anything chilled. She is amazingly sweet when
      not teething or sick. She is otherwise healthy 18 mph old.
      We don’t even get a break during the day…please help! Thank you 😀
      Also, we still do limited nursing, but she can even cry through that.

      • My daughter is 3 1/2 months amd cutting 4 molars and both canines all at the same time

        • Really? Molars come in at a year and canines usually to follow.

    • My baby does not like the teething egg… she’s had it for about 2.5 months and has 3 teeth coming in currently and shows no interest at all
      Such a bummer when I’m on a right budget but also want my baby to get relief!!

    • I would love to try the teething egg for my son.

    • Our 3 month old has been teething for a month now, and is getting worse. I feel so sorry for the little guy. Would love to try the teething egg. Nothing has helped him he hated anything frozen just makes him scream more.

  26. Hey mamas. Thank you so much for all your lovely n super helpful advise. The blog is so informative, at times I’m reading about issues middle of the night. I have tried massaging the gums. Need to go buy homeopathy meds thou. Thanks again. X

  27. My husband is against all things Homeopathic. I do use the orajel, but only if he’s screaming in agony and nothing else will soothe him. It’s not my first go to by any means. My LO hates all cold things (teething rings, frozen wash clothe, breast milk Popsicle, snow, etc), so that’s a no go either for us. I’ll let him just gnaw on his teething rings (unfrozen of course) or a pacifier, his chew toys normally are enough to get by. I found ibuprofen helps with his sore gums better that acetaminophen, I use it sparely as well. I don’t like having him drugged all the time.

    • Why is your husband against homeopathy. If he doesn’t believe it does anything and is just sugar and placebo, then he won’t care if you give it to the baby. If it helps great, if not nothing lost! Good luck.

  28. My Granny swore by corn cobs! Cut the corn off and give them just the cob to chew on. Said the babies would just grind their gum on it until that little tooth popped through. 🙂 probably tasted pretty good to.

    • I give my baby corn on the cob and he loves it. 3/4” of cob steamed with corn still on it.

  29. My daughter (now 3yo) has worn an amber necklace since she was two months old and before her teeth really popped through. I am happy that even with the molars, we have never known when the teething happened. Pain reliever was never needed.

    • Where did you buy your amber necklace? I’m having trouble finding a reputable one that doesn’t break the bank.

      • We haven’t done an amber necklace…yet but I’ve been told Inspired By Finn is a reputable brand

        • IBF is authentic and amazing quality!

        • I know the ones Cherished Moments sells are tested and certified. I’ve had good luck with them and they have the safety Breakaway clasp that is a must!

  30. I have been giving my 4month old baby a natural teething oil I found on and which has been working well. Its FDA approved but if anyone can verify its safe please let me know. Below is the link, thanks in advance.

  31. Hi Genevieve, great Blog. I know some people worry about the safety of amber, but as you mention, if you take the precaution of watching your baby while he/she wears it and wrapping it around their ankle (under a sock) during the night, they are really very safe.

    We offer two beautiful versions of this product in our Amazon store ( and, as you can see by the reviews, our customers absolutely swear by the benefits of real amber!

  32. Nowadays people are turning more and more to everything natural and there is a solution to healing that is almost as old as time itself – Natural Baltic Amber.

  33. HIya!
    I stubbled apon your blog googling nautral teething remedies! I dove right in and got lost for an hour! LOve it!
    Question: Do you feel the Amber teething necklace worked for you? Did you feel comforable buying on amazon? Is the link you have for the necklace a relaible store/maker?
    Thanks So Much!

    • I think amber teething necklaces may have helped our kiddos just a wee bit. And I do know moms who swear by them. And sure, I’d feel comfortable buying on Amazon from a reputable seller.

      • I purchased one from Etsy-there are multiple shops that offer them. You just want to be sure they’re sourced from Baltic Amber (mine shipped quickly from Lithuania). I’ve read the lighter stones work better, and to be sure to purchase unpolished only. I do notice it helping with the teething symptoms, you just have to keep an eye on your baby while wearing it. I don’t put the necklace on at night, but during the day my baby girl wears it and doesn’t even notice it on. But the anklets are always an option.

  34. I just purchased Hyland’s teething tablets at target yesterday after multiplied recommendations from other moms. I’m not sure I am seeing a difference, however I am only giving him two, perhaps I should give three?

    I haven’t bought an amber necklace yet, but I am interested! If the necklace is on the ankle will it be as effective as around the neck?

    Thanks! Love your blog. 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      Have you tried Boiron Camilia? That stuff worked the best! I did double dose him before bed (I OKed with our health provider) and it really did work. You can also try a little clove oil diluted with coconut oil on gum lines.

      The amber teething necklaces won’t work as well unless around the neck because the healing properties are released locally (to neck up to throat/jawline).

      Good luck mama!

      • That was from 2010 and it’s been remedied.

    • Please throw out the hyland’s teething tablets. Along with the Humphreys tablets listed above they contain belladonna, aka Deadly Nightshade, one of the most poisonous plants! If I never came across a Mom who had her son go through facial spasms, along with a few other medical issues, I would have swore by them. I threw out the tablets I had immediately, please do careful research on what is “natural”. Natural things aren’t even safe anymore.

      • Deadly nightshade, is only deadly when the berries are a certain shade. The rest of the time they are harmless. This plant, which is a beautiful little bush or tree (if trained as one) seriously gets a bad rap, unless you know how to use against someone or you have kids who go around eating random berries growning in your yard.. I doubt many people actually have this growing in thier yards though.

        Most likely, you child has a sensitivity or allergy to the nightshade family, which also includes tomato, potato, chilli pepper, eggplant & several flowering plants. I would watch your child closely while eating raw tomato & touching the plants in the future, just in case a reaction occurs again, you can be prepared! Some people are just more sensitive to the Glycoalkaloids in the nightshade plant family.

        My resouces, in case you’re wondering are that I happen to have severe allergies & I’m a Florida Master Gardener. I spent a lot of time durring my studies on poisonous plants & even owned a deadly nightshade tree in my personal collection.

      • Please, learn about what the product is before you nix it for having “poison” in it.

        Hyland’s Teething Tablets and Humphrey’s are HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES, which are very safe to use. In homeopathic remedies, the substance, in this case Belladonna/aka Deadly Nightshade, has been diluted to the point that there are very few/if any of the actual molecules of the original substance left.

        With baby remedies, they are usually the lower potencies like 5X (which is a dilution of one part original substance to 100,000 parts water/alcohol) which affect primarily the physical symptoms and at a less intense level. Whereas a remedy that was a potency of 30C is one part original substance to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 parts water/alcohol, and yet this potency acts in a more powerful way and can also start to affect mental symptoms, as well (thus is reserved for more immediate and intense pain like slamming your hand in a car door or getting a concussion or receiving an emotional shock) . It continues on up through 200C and 1M, so the lower the actual amount of the original substance, the more powerful the remedy is. It seems counter-intuitive, but it works.

        Homeopathic remedies work with the energy of the plants, animals, and minerals from which they are ultimately derived. Every substance has different symptom profiles that they create, which are carefully studied and written down using healthy subjects who take the remedy and report what symptoms they feel. These symptom profiles are then matched to people who are suffering from the same symptoms. The remedy is given. Once the remedy starts working–stop using it. Only give another dose of the remedy if it appears that it is no longer working. You are just “reminding” your body how to heal itself. Its not the amount of the substance that is doing it, it is that energetic reminder that helps your body.

        So, if you use one of these homeopathic remedies, don’t assume that because your child feels better after 2 doses that you should continue to give them more to make them feel better. WAIT until your child presents with the symptoms again before redosing, otherwise you then do risk your child getting worse as they start to show the symptoms of that remedy if they receive too much of it. They’re not going to die or get gravely ill, but they certainly won’t be feeling better!

        I’ve tried to explain, I’m sure others could do a better more succinct job, but please, don’t jump to conclusions that because it has Belladonna in it it is going to poison your child. Quite the opposite, and this is coming from a mother who is obsessive about the safety of things for my child. The only thing I might be concerned about is that these remedies are a contemporary form of homeopathy where they use multiple remedies at once and classical homeopathy states that you only use one remedy at a time otherwise you risk them canceling each other out or giving too much of one remedy but the right amount of another.

        • Oh yes, I forgot to say, the mother with the child who had facial spasms and other medical issues, IF it was from the Hyland’s tablets, simply gave her son TOO MUCH of the remedy. She probably thought, like I said above, that more would be better, but it’s not. You stop the remedy once you see improvement and only give another dose when improvement stops/the teething pain starts again.

          Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe, but they must be used judiciously or you end up with a scare like that.

          • There is a recall on those homeopathic tablets by hylands. You shouldn’t take a chance with your baby, to many other things you can do for the teething.

        • Camilia has oral doses already measured for you!!!!

        • Wow!! Thank you for explaining this I have not found a simple direct website that just explains it so straightforwardly as you just have here. Been concerned and hesitant to take stuff, especially when pregnant. This is awesome. Appreciate your time. 🙂

    • Please DO NOT use Hylands teething tablets!! They gave my daughter seizures and my cousin whom works in the ER has seen wayyyyy too many issues from teething tablets!

  35. Those mesh teether feeders were so great. I had those for my daughter who is 7 now, she loved them. My friends hadn’t had kids yet but once they saw those mesh feeders they ran out and bought some in fear that they would stop selling them by the time they had children. Glad to see they are still around. We are expecting our 2nd in the fall of this year and we plan on stocking up on those. The best fruit we found to help my daughter get teething relief was melons like cantaloupe, it was firm but had flavor. She could really bite down and get some good pressure. Plus it kept cold longer than things like watermelon or apples.

    • Nice! Good to know. Congrats on baby number 2!

    • So I bought one of the teething feeders from Walmart . Do they really work because my son (6mo) is in so much pain and yes the Tylenol and Motrin work well but I don’t want him on medicine like that because they will be less affective when or if he gets a fever. He has been eating stage 1 baby food for a almost 5 week’s now and he will be on stage two on October 11th so I just want to make sure that the teething feeder actually works and do I really need to put any food in it or can you chew on it plain

      • Babies should not have the Motrin under a year old. My doctor said it could cause liver problems.

  36. A stick of licorice root is my baby’s very favorite teether. Its sweet, and naturally numbs the gums while she teethes on it.

  37. Copaiba or Clove Young Living oils. 😉

    • I’m very surprised she didn’t list oils. We’ve been using a blend I made of lavender, clove, copaiba, spearmint, and peace and calming with a carrier oil. Not necessarily for teething but they soothe my baby.

      • Do you use this on the outside of the jaw? Or do you apply directly to gums?

    • Absolutely love copaiba oil for teething!

      • Do you need to dilute the copaiba oil? I have copaiba oil from Young Living.

  38. We use an amber necklace regularly and Camillia for the bad days. That stuff works so well!

  39. we LOVE our Sophie, amber necklace, frozen breastmilk and homeopathic remedies.

    I think something important to get out there is that there are some plastic! teething necklaces out there being marketed as amber which naturally do not work. Amber floats in salt water…the plastic ones do not.

  40. I’m wondering why you do the “Natra-Bio” and the “Bioron”. My baby can’t have citric acid so I can’t do the Natra-Bio. Would it still work you think to do just the Bioron?

    I was thinking about getting gel too for those quick times when my baby just needs something extra. Thoughts? I also can’t seem to find Humphry’s anywhere.

  41. I am a gaggle with volunteers and also establishing a new design in your group. Your web site provided us useful information to work about. You might have carried out a good procedure and the full area might be thankful for you.

  42. With our two boys I really only did tylenol, I didn’t know as much then as I did with our 3rd. She wore the amber necklace and had a Sophie. WORLD of difference between her and the boys when it came to teething.

  43. I know this is an old video but I wanted to share that if people using the amber necklace are weary to allow their baby to sleep with it, wrap it around his/ her ankle instead for bed times. That way they still get the benefits without having the choking hazards. 🙂

    • The acids released from the necklace travel up the neck to the jaw line. I don’t think it would travel up the whole body. But I could be wrong.

  44. I LOVE the amber teething necklace and swear by them! Baby girl is getting her 2nd molars in and since she wanted the necklace off a few months ago, I was on the hunt to find that puppy! This mama was about to lose it but luckily found it in the nick of time. Be careful of cheap duplicates and be ready to pay for some teething relief. I will say I have been lucky in that she doesn’t even pay attention to the necklace so I leave it on her at all times especially while sleeping. I did a post on the necklaces and how wonderful they are:

    Thanks Mama N for showing different options on natural teething relief 🙂

  45. I would be weary with the rubber teether… Latex allergies run rampant in my family. My mother used to be an operating room nurse and had to get out of the field because it became life threatening – the kicker, it is an exposure allergy. So the MORE you are exposed to it, the more likely you are to develop an allergy and the worse your reactions will become. She has literally died several times and had to be revived because of this allergy and I myself am becoming highly sensitive to it. I wouldn’t expose a child to it any more than they already are in every day life… But that is just because I know it runs in my family as well and with my luck – my children would be just as apt to have issues with it… Just my thoughts. That said – it is natural – use what you feel works. Like Genevieve says – it is important for you to make informed decisions that are best for your individual needs and family…

  46. Catnip tea is great. I make a tea with Organic Catnip herb…yes the herb you give kitty cats. 🙂 It aids in calming inflammation and gently inducing sleep. 2 tsp cat nip to 1 cup boiled water. I then pour 4 ounces of tea to 4 ounces of room temp water to dilute, I add a smidge of maple syrup too.

  47. That is really good idea, enjoy what you’ve doing and thanks a lot for the information, more publishing, looking forward for the next review.

  48. Until a friend visited our place and told me that the baby was munching the wood bars on the crib which I painted pink. | 😛

    • LOL! Classic. Wood is definitely appealing for sore gums. One of Griffin’s favorite “teethers” is my wooden citrus squeezer.

  49. . It was just enough on her gums but eventually she could gnaw it down to have a nice mushy snack too.

    • That’s an ingenious way of tihinnkg about it.

    • Teether is good if you wash it frequently.

  50. Good Idea! Thank you so much for sharing this tips advice 🙂 .

  51. Good baby stay to be a patient and always be a good person.

  52. I will share this to my sister.. My niece is having this problem.. I love to help them.. Thanks for the post! | 😛

  53. My niece was always this stomach ache attack every afternoon, we never know what was the reason on it. Until a friend visited our place and told me that the baby was munching the wood bars on the crib which I painted pink. right there and then we instantly know the culprit of her stomach ache.

  54. I think it’s about proper dosages/usage and this can be in partnership with a homeopathic practitioner or strong word of mouth/experience from other mamas. Ultimately, just like everything else, parents need to make informed choices for their family.

  55. Very awesome blog, thanks for sharing this blog, I really admire your effort of creating this blog.

  56. Very nice tips! Thanks for sharing. GREAT! | 😛

  57. I don’t believe that belladonna is a “toxin” for children as the FDA claims, since it’s been used for hundreds of years, in a variety of different ways for infants. | 😛

    • I agree. It’s about proper dosage and good sourcing.

  58. However I gave him those rubber teether ,he still cries and makes us all so moody. But anyway I will try this one that you recommend, hope he gets sidetrack by the beautiful colors.

  59. Great tips.. I will share this to my sister.. My niece is having this problem.. I love to help them.. Thanks for the post!

    • Aw, what a good auntie you are ;). Hope they help her. Camilia works the best IMHO.

  60. The concentrations in the homeopathic remedies is ultra low, in fact, the lower, the more potent (I know, strange, but that’s how it works).

    • It is strange how it works… a mystery to me but I do know they have worked wonderfully well for me and Griff!

  61. My pediatrician told a story about a very colicky baby she had a as patient. Nothing would sooth the child. One day the mom came in and her baby was sleeping peacefully.

  62. Nice. Amber necklace looks good but I worry it may choked the child.

    • Yes, I let Griffin wear but supervised by me :).

    • I put my son’s necklace on so quick that he doesn’t even notice it’s on. He’s been wearing it for 5 weeks. The necklace should be worn under clothes and against the skin. When he sleeps, I put it on his ankle, under his pajamas or leg warmers. Works great!

    • I have used to amber necklace for my child since he was 3 months old. He doesn’t even know it’s there…I never take it off him.

  63. I would urge caution when purchasing homeopathic teething remedies. Make sure to look at and research the ingredients carefully. My pediatrician told a story about a very colicky baby she had a as patient. Nothing would sooth the child. One day the mom came in and her baby was sleeping peacefully. The pediatrician asked her what changed, and the mom said teething drops. One of the ingredients as belladonna, as in deadly nightshade. It could have knocked out a racehorse!

    • Yes, there is definitely controversy with belladonna for children. In fact, this is what spurred the FDA to put pressure on Hyland who recalled their teething tablets since they contain belladonna.

      However, I don’t believe that belladonna is a “toxin” for children as the FDA claims, since it’s been used for hundreds of years, in a variety of different ways for infants. I think it’s about proper dosages/usage and this can be in partnership with a homeopathic practictioner or strong word of mouth/experience from other mamas. Ultimately, just like everything else, parents need to make informed choices for their family.

    • Homeopathy is a strange but very interesting and effective science. The concentrations in the homeopathic remedies is ultra low, in fact, the lower, the more potent (I know, strange, but that’s how it works). Check it out sometime, I’ve had some relief from chronic pain using homeopathy.

      • I know! It is a mystery. I’m sold on homeopathy! It’s helped me with a many of things :).

    • That baby was probably feeling great because it finally got the relief it so desperately needed! Go homeopathy!

  64. What do you think about Hyland’s? They have pellets and gel.

    • I can’t get my hands on any pellets since the recall. I heard they worked great. I did buy the gel. Haven’t used it yet. I don’t really worry about their safety as I’m sure they are extra careful since the recall.

  65. Do you worry about the amber necklace being a choking or strangulation hazard?

    • Hi Nikki… I watch him with it and don’t let him nap or sleep wearing the necklace. My mom worries about it so he doesn’t wear when she’s babysitting :).

    • The amber necklace’s have an easy release if there is pressure put on it, it will come un done. My son has been wearing his since he was at least 2 1/2 months old (he’s now 5 months old) and we’ve never had a problem, it seems like he doesn’t even realize it’s there. I also co-sleep with him so I’m with him while he sleeps at night but he never grabs at it. Their little chunky necks help hold it in place 😉

    • Strange. Grew up with amber, second daughter teething with amber. No need anything else at all. Never had the idea of unsafety. Oh -wearing full time. If removed for night- baby neck folds get sore red. So better on,-it helps the skin to breathe. I got mine from Lithuania -as that’s where I am from. Just don’t buy the pretty polished spiky ones, the little round unpolished are better and comfier. Color wise-shall be a mix, as amber has many more walues than just a teething relief. The dark ones are mostly to treat/prevent medical conditions etc. My first girl was never anyhow unwell as long as wore the necklace. For the second one is early to speak yet 🙂

  66. I used to give the munchkin I nannied frozen waffles. She loved them. It was just enough on her gums but eventually she could gnaw it down to have a nice mushy snack too.

    • I’ve heard mini bagels work great too. I’ve done carrots and celery sticks too. Thanks for sharing.

  67. I don’t really have anything new to add but I just wanted to say how much our little guy LOVES Sophie the Giraffe! At first glance the thing seems a little spendy, but I just want to encourage parents that it is worth every penny!

    • Good to hear Elisabeth as I kinda baulked at price but the reviews were so remarkable. Griff has been playing with more in the last few days which makes me happy :).

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