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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

18 Weeks Pregnant

What’s going on in baby’s brain this week? Plus, one of the most important ways to prepare for a natural childbirth! (Well, sorta.)

  • Baby at 18 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    You may have spent the first trimester yawning, but now it’s Baby Natural’s turn. Yes, your guy or gal is yawning now, but hey, cut her some slack. After all, she’s working overtime developing that big, beautiful brain of hers.

    What’s going on in her brain? A lot! Baby now has nerves that are specializing her five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

    Speaking of hearing, baby can hear bits of the world around you, and can even be startled by loud noises. That garbage disposal, car horn, or explosion in a movie will almost certainly get your little baby jumping—poor dear!

    18 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural pregnancy week by week
  • You at 18 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Your uterus is now the size of a honeydew melon. Can you believe it? This pregnancy is getting real, mama! 

Something else that may be getting real is a pain in your back. Pregnancy back pain is very common and usually starts around now. Thankfully, there are specially trained chiropractors who can adjust you, even while pregnant.

    Don’t worry; this won’t be the typical “snap, crackle, and pop” adjustment you’re used to. It will probably be something much gentler, but you’ll still get some relief.

    Chiropractic care during pregnancy can also help get your baby in an ideal position for birth. The most popular method is called the Webster Technique, which helps establish balance in your pelvis and reduce stress on your uterus and supporting ligaments.

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  • Genevieve at 18 Weeks Pregnant ☀

  • Week 18 Spotlight
    Birthing Classes 💡

    Which birthing classes are best for you, your partner and baby? Check out the most popular birthing classes options and get the pros and cons of each.

    Babies don’t come with instructional manuals, but thankfully there are resources out there that help us become the parent we were meant to be.

    Birth doesn’t come with a predictable and duplicable instruction manual either (I wish!). That’s why it’s important to educate and empower yourself regarding the biological, emotional, mental, and even spiritual aspects of birth.

    Taking an out-of-hospital childbirth education class is essential if you want to go natural. This will give you the tools you'll need to walk through one of the most intense experiences of your life.

    The out-of-hospital part of that phrase is key, as the hospital courses mostly teach you how to be a good patient.

    Because this is such a passion of mine, I joined forces with my friend Maura, who is a registered nurse, doula, lactation consultant, and midwife in training, to create the Mama Natural Birth Course.

    I compare our class, as well as the other popular natural birth courses out there, in this post: Which Birthing Classes Are Best for You?

  • Week 18 Hot Topics 🔥

    Here are more hot topics for your 18th week of pregnancy!
  • Week 18 To-Dos ✅

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