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Pregnancy Week-by-Week

25 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s skin has no pigmentation yet, so why are they getting some color this week? Plus, the truth about mom-nesia. (The struggle is real!)

  • Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Crown to foot, your Baby Natural is about 13 inches long, and weighs in at 1.5 pounds.

    Baby’s skin is getting a bit of color this week—not because of pigmentation, but because capillaries are forming and filling with blood. Baby is plumping up a bit as well. Yes, she’s developing that adorable and squishy baby fat, and as a result, her skin is looking smoother and less wrinkly.

    All around, baby is looking more like the newborn you’ll meet on the big day—her hair is even developing color now! But, as handsome as your little girl or guy is now, there’s still lots of growing and developing to do. Onward!

    25 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural pregnancy week by week
  • You at 25 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    At week 25, your uterus is now the size of a volleyball! And I bet it feels like a volleyball at times, as the little thumper inside you practices his serves, spikes, and dives.

    At this point in your pregnancy, your baby’s growth is outpacing your own. Which means that things may be getting a little… tighter inside you. And this means you’re going to really feel baby’s kicks, jabs, and acrobatics.

    Some mamas can even see the shape of a little foot or elbow poke out of their stomach as baby moves!

    If baby’s movements become uncomfortable, try changing positions. You can even push back on baby gently if he’s getting a little overzealous. That movement may be enough to jolt him back to his best behavior.

    Here’s more info on baby movement throughout pregnancy.

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  • Genevieve at 25 Weeks Pregnant ☀

  • Week 25 Spotlight
    Momnesia (aka Baby Brain) 💡

    Most moms have experienced what is known as "baby brain." But it turns out that our brains really do undergo some surprising changes during pregnancy.

    Baby brain: It’s real, mama.

    If you’re asking your husband where your sunglasses are when they’re on top of your head, or if you're frantically getting ready for work on a Sunday, know that what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal. In fact, there are actual studies that prove how pregnancy changes your brain!

    Author Anne Lamott wrote that each baby comes out clutching a third of its mother’s brain. And in my experience, that's just about right!

    But momnesia isn't all bad. In fact, there may be a biological advantage to baby brain. Click here to see 5 crazy ways pregnancy changes your brain.

    And take heart that you’ll regain most if not all of your mental powers—in about 6 years or so. :)

  • Week 25 Hot Topics 🔥

    ​Dig deeper into these hot topics for your 25th week of pregnancy!
  • Week 25 To-Dos ✅

    • Start envisioning how you want to parent your child. Read parenting books for inspiration, and get on the same page with your partner.
    • Stay hydrated with plenty of water.
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