26 Weeks Pregnant

Are you feeling this deep mama instinct yet? And are you gonna go cloth—or disposable?

  • Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby Natural is coming up on 2 pounds now, which is to say, she weighs about as much as a pineapple. Sweet! And at 14 inches from crown to foot, she’s just about as tall as a pineapple too (including the leaves at the top!).

    Speaking of something sweet, do you ever notice little jolts of regular movement in your womb? That's probably your Baby Natural hiccuping!

    Although not totally understood, some researchers believe hiccups are a way for babies to expel air from their stomach, and are related to the suckle reflex. Others believe it's just a sign that baby's neurological system is growing more advanced. Either way, hiccups are perfectly normal in utero. Enjoy these little "bumps" of movement, and consider jotting down what it feels like in your baby book or pregnancy journal.

    If you don't  feel any hiccups now, believe me, you'll see plenty of baby hiccups once she's born, due to her immature digestive system.

  • You at 26 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Are you feeling the “nesting” urge yet? Nesting is a primal instinct to create a safe and clean environment for your baby. (Think of mama and papa birds preparing a snug nest for baby.)

    You may find yourself washing every ounce of clothing your baby will wear, including 6-month sizes and up. Or cleaning out closets, scrubbing toilets, or going to Goodwill half a dozen times. Embrace this energy, but try not to go overboard. Instead, focus on the essentials to prepare for baby.

    Muscle cramping?
    Muscle cramping can be common with mamas around week 26 due to all of the extra strain, as well as potential electrolyte imbalances. You can try boosting your potassium intake first. Coconut water is super high in potassium, and bananas are a great source as well.

    If that doesn't help, you can move to magnesium-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, and an abundance of leafy greens.


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