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24 Weeks Pregnant

Why don’t newborns shiver? And is there any way to avoid the dreaded glucola drink?

  • Baby at 24 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby Natural is nearly six months old! Can you believe it? This week she's weighing in at 1.3 pounds, and measuring over 12 inches long.

    Things are pretty snug in your womb right now, so it's incredible to think that baby will pack on another six pounds or more! From this point on, she has more weight to gain than inches to grow (the average weight of a newborn is 7.5 pounds, while the average length is 20 inches).??

    Weird factoid: Babies can't shiver until they're about one year old. That's because shivering requires a level of smooth muscle coordination that newborns just don't have (this is also why babies can't crawl or move much at birth).

    Thankfully, babies have a "back-up" plan to help them regulate their body temperature: it's a special adipose tissue called brown fat. While "normal" fat tissue simply stores lipids, brown fat acts more like muscle and burns lipids to generate heat. While babies still need to be dressed appropriately and kept warm, it does help to know that they have these special pockets of fat to help keep them toasty.

    Pregnancy week by week - 24 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural
  • You at 24 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Six months into pregnancy, most mamas have gained about 15 pounds and are sporting a wonderfully round belly.

    Please know that your weight gain is not just fat. The increased blood volume in your body alone will weigh 4 pounds when all is said and done. Not to mention the amniotic fluid (about 2 pounds); the placenta and uterus (another 1½ to 2 pounds, each); and additional breast tissue (yet another 2 or 3 pounds).

    Pregnancy weight gain is a controversial subject. What's too much? What's too little? Find out what's right for YOU in this article.

    As you already know, the most important thing to focus on is nutrients, not calories. Your body will do what it needs to do. ?

    Something you might ingest soon that is not-so-nutrient-dense is the glucola drink as part of your gestational diabetes screening. Somewhere between weeks 24 and 28, your provider will want to test your body's response to glucose as a screening for gestational diabetes. The drink is pretty nasty, so some natural mamas work with their midwives to use dates, orange juice, or even natural jelly beans as alternatives.

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  • Genevieve at 24 Weeks Pregnant ☀

  • Week 24 Spotlight
    Birth Doulas 💡

    With over 85% of women getting some kind of birth intervention, you’re downright countercultural if you go natural. You're like a birth rebel! Woot!

    So, as you enter this new frontier, know that you're gonna need a roadmap (like a good birth class) and some guides. Hopefully you’re working with a midwife or a naturally minded OB-GYN (with the stats to prove it!), and you have a doula.

 A doula is one of the greatest gifts to a laboring mama.

    • She is your constant support, strength, and advocate.
    • She’s a woman who is an expert, a true professional on all things birth.
    • Name a birth “complication” or hiccup, and she's seen it.

    Do yourself (and your partner!) a big favor, and HIRE ONE. They are worth their weight in gold!

    Learn more about doulas, including how to find the right one for you.

  • Week 24 Hot Topics 🔥

    Here are more hot topics for your 24th week of pregnancy!

  • Week 24 To-Dos ✅

    • Finish any major house tasks. Get to the final stages of your decorating.
    • Ready for a vacation? Now’s the time for a babymoon.
Learn how to have an amazing birth with the Mama Natural Birth Course