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8 Weeks Pregnant

What’s your lil’ lima bean up to this week? Plus, why and how your boobs change during pregnancy. Fun times! ?

  • Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Hey, good lookin'! Your little lima bean is about a centimeter long now and looking like a homo sapien if I do say so myself! Her eyes are in the appropriate place, and there’s an unmistakable nose in the works there. And yes, those are ears taking shape as well.

    And the tail—it’s almost gone! I don’t know why I root so hard in these early weeks for the tail to disappear. I just can’t help myself. ?

    You’ll see many changes in baby’s limbs as well. Elbows are forming, webbed fingers begin to appear, and the legs are lengthening and extending forward.

    We’re referring to your lima bean as a girl this week, but truly it’s too early to tell. Even though the gonads have officially become either ovaries or testes, they can't be identified on an ultrasound just yet.

    Pregnancy week by week - 8 weeks pregnant - Mama Natural
  • You at 8 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    You may have no belly to show for it yet, but you most certainly will have some other things growing rapidly in size. I'm talking about—you guessed it—boobs. ?

    It may come as no surprise that many mamas will have to buy new bras during pregnancy to house their growing girls. And just watch as your husband or partner becomes all googly-eyed while you want nothing to do with it. (After all, your boobs are sore, you're exhausted, and you just may throw up on him!)

    Other breast changes you may notice include:

    • Little bumps appearing around your nipples on the areolas. These are called Montgomery glands, and they secrete a lubricating fluid to protect your nipples as you breastfeed. (Trust me, you’re going to appreciate that!)
    • Blue veins running from the top of your breasts down toward the nipple. This brings extra blood flow and nutrients to baby postpartum.
    • Darkening of your areolas. I will never forget this phenomenon, as it was the first sign that made me think I might be pregnant. These dark circles help to make it easier for baby to spot breast when the big day comes.

    All of these breast changes are preparing your body for breastfeeding, even at this early date!

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  • Week 8 Spotlight
    Morning Sickness 💡

    Looking for natural morning sickness remedies to ease your queasiness? Find the best, sometimes surprising, ways to reduce pregnancy nausea naturally.
    Can I just say that whoever named it “morning sickness” did a pretty half-hearted job? But then again, “morning, noon, and night sickness” just doesn’t have the same ring.

    I was spared the first time around, but with my second pregnancy, WOAH. I felt nauseous nearly 24/7. Although I never threw up, I was on the verge… all. of. the. time.

    Here are the top things that helped me in those very nauseous weeks:

    • 50 mg of vitamin B6 with each meal. This, by far, helped me the most (I even tested it to be sure!). Take a methylated version if you have MTHFR mutations.
    • I also boosted my magnesium intake. I took about 400 mg of magnesium citrate and applied magnesium oil to my arms and legs each day.
    • I worked on my digestion by taking HCL+pepsin with each meal, and by drinking lemonade and diluted apple cider vinegar, which boost your body’s own HCL production.

    Learn many more natural ways to fight morning sickness here.

    (And take heart that for most mamas, it gets better around week 13.)

  • Week 8 Hot Topics 🔥

    Check out these hot topics for your 8th week of pregnancy!
  • Week 8 To-Dos ✅

    • Make sure your cleaning products are safe
    • If you own a cat, have someone else clean the litter box, and keep it away from your living space
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