Your body is changing. It’s forming a new being! There are bound to be side effects. Hormones are surging and can wreck havoc from day one of conception. Hormones can cause morning sicknessheartburn, and a slew of other symptoms, including sore breasts!

The one good thing about sore breasts in pregnancy is that it is often the first indication that you are pregnant! Sore breasts often come before you even pee on the stick.

Here’s the scoop on why we get sore breasts in pregnancy, and some natural tips to provide relief.

How sore is sore?

While not every woman will experience this symptom (I didn’t), many will. During the 1st trimester, many women complain that the level of breast soreness is beyond anything they’ve experienced before. It’s definitely a more exaggerated tenderness than occurs during your monthly cycle. For some mamas, a slight breeze feels like it could knock you to your knees. Is this an exaggeration?… Sort of. But not really. The slightest touch, or bump, or even your clothes brushing against them can be extremely intense for some.

Why do breasts hurt during pregnancy?

Your breasts are preparing to feed baby. There’s a fat layer that thickens inside of the breasts. The milk glands multiply. Blood flow increases. And even nipples can change size, shape, and thickness. All these changes start to make your breasts sore and bigger.

The fact your breasts are getting bigger may be quite exciting and intriguing for your significant other. However, many women want nothing to do with someone touching their breasts during those first few weeks of pregnancy. Thankfully, this will pass as your pregnancy goes on.

But what can we do now to make the soreness go AWAY?

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Natural relief for sore breasts in pregnancy

The tenderness will simmer down as you approach your 2nd trimester. Until then, here’s a list of natural relief for sore breasts in pregnancy:

Supportive bra

I’m not a huge proponent of bras, in general, as I believe they close-up the lymph system. However, during those first few weeks of pregnancy, harnessing your boobs can really help to ease any discomfort or pain.

Tips for buying a bra:

  • Get fitted. In-store bra specialists can assist in getting the proper fitting bra. A good fitting bra is essential to increase comfort and decrease pain.
  • Get fitted more than once during pregnancy. Your breasts are changing; change your bras along with that process.

Wear a well-fitted bra during exercise

This helps harness the extra weight in your breasts from pulling and causing even more pain.

Avoid underwired bras

They are not suitable for your changing breasts and can be uncomfortable.

Try a sleep bra

A maternity cotton bra may ease some discomfort when you sleep.

Drink plenty of water

Water retention can aggravate sore breasts. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush your body properly of excess fluids and hormones.

Adding lemon, ginger, fennel, or bentonite clay can help with soreness and other hormonal symptoms you might be experiencing.

Reduce salt intake

While healthy sea salt consumption is important during pregnancy to build blood volume, some mamas may feel relieve by temporarily reducing sodium intake. By doing this and increasing your water, you can drastically reduce sore breasts in pregnancy.

Eat flaxseed

Consuming 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed may reduce pain. Mix with a glass of water, yogurt or fruit juice. It is also good source of fiber.

Improve diet & nutrition

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps create a healthy foundation for your body to alleviate sore breasts in pregnancy.

Add leafy greens, beans, whole grains, seeds, and nuts daily to reduce tenderness and a slew of other hormonal effects.

Apply a warm compress

Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing swelling and tenderness.

Check with your healthcare practitioner first, but soaking in a warm bath (below 100 degrees Fahrenheit), can work wonders with pain reduction. A shower is a great alternative!

Be patient

The greatest resource you have at your disposal is patience! Although there are several ways you can get natural relief for sore breasts in pregnancy, the symptom itself will not last that long. So be patient!

How about you?

Did your breasts get sore or tender during pregnancy? What natural remedies did you use? Share with us in the comments below!