Halloween can be a scary time for parents with food allergy kids. Enter my friend Celeste, who shares tips on how to navigate the season’s tricks and treats.


Ask any parent of a food allergic child what scares them more… Freddy Krueger or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and 9 out of 10 would probably take their chances with the razor-fingered maniac.

No longer can nostalgia make way of the traditions we had as children for the kid who cannot have peanuts, dairy, or nuts, just to name a few.

And what about those parents who may not have children with food allergies but for just want to stay away from all the processed sugars and unpronounceable ingredients laden in almost every piece of candy today?

Then, of course, there’s the other viewpoint. I have already seen a couple of rants on children forums on how we are not letting children be children or, and here’s my personal favorite, allowing indulgence because “it’s only one day.” If it’s only one day, then please explain to me why, all month long, I need to be a stealth ninja and block treat handouts during shopping trips, soccer games, and story time at the library. It seems like we can’t even walk down the street without a Hershey’s kiss showing up and trying to make my day (enter Clint Eastwood voiceover).

All jokes aside

In our home, we start planning a month in advance how to survive the candy onslaught while still making the holiday still FUN for our kiddos.

Here are our family’s tips

1. Do something out of the ordinary.

We found a pumpkin patch that was not only open on Halloween but had a ton of non-food related activities to boot! The kids dress up, play games, pick a pumpkin, and no need to go door-to-door to be constantly reminded what you cannot have. Check out your local pumpkin patches or farms to find out if they are open on Halloween.

2. Make it personal!


A special treat bag filled with personal touches and goodies safe for your child beats a bucket full of GMO-laden candy any day. I found personalized name mugs that will go perfect with the drink I plan to spoil them with at the pumpkin patch! (picture to be provided)

3. No need to skimp out on treats!

Here’s a great post by Mama Natural on 10 healthy Halloween treats. She mentions awesome food options like organic raisins or organic fruit strips. These are great ideas for parties or to give to family members/friends that want to give something to your food allergic or processed sugar free children.

Another idea are these Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Turtles. I’m going to make a batch and fill them in decorated snack containers. Tell me your kids would not go nuts over these (no pun intended!).

4. Fill them up with real food!


Before going anywhere, give them with a yummy meal filled with healthy fats and protein. Give the dishes catchy Halloween-themed names to peak their interest.

Another great idea is to have muffins on hand for a quick bite to curb any sugar cravings while out. My pumpkin bread with jam is a definite winner and I’ll be bringing extras to the pumpkin patch with us to enjoy with a cup of warmed organic apple cider (something needs to go in those name mugs!

5. Consider introducing your kids to the Switch Witch

Have you heard of our friend the Switch Witch? She’s a GOOD witch that swaps your kid’s junky candy for an awesome toy. She may be a great tool to help your kids enjoy the traditions of Halloween without all the junk that they’re allergic to. Learn more about the Switch Witch here.


Do you have food allergic kids? How do you handle Halloween?

Share with us in the comments below so we can learn from each other.