So you want your kids to enjoy all the fun of Halloween without chowing down on 10 pounds worth of high-fructose corn syrup….

Or you have a child with allergies who wants to participate in the festivities but can’t eat the candy…

Who’s gonna help you?

The Switch Witch

Have you heard of my friend the switch witch? She’s a GOOD witch that visits your house while your kids sleep. She takes their Halloween candy and switches it for an awesome toy.

I know a few moms who get visits from the switch witch every Halloween, and their kids end up anticipating the TOY and the SWITCH even more than their Halloween candy.

The Story of the Switch Witch

Now, to sell your kids on the Switch Witch, you may need a little backstory.

The Switch Witch lives on the dark side of the moon. And she LOVES candy. Of course, ALL witches loves candy, but none as much as her.

She LOVES candy SO much that she’s eager to trade AMAZING toys to little boys and girls in exchange for their candy stash.

Of course, the boys and girls can keep a LITTLE candy for themselves, but the more they give the Switch Witch, the better their toy will be.

She eats the boys and girls’ candy over the course of the year. As just as she runs out, it’s Halloween again – time for another visit from the Switch Witch.

Other Names for the Switch Witch

Is the notion of a witch sneaking into your kid’s room too scary? Well, the switch witch can go by different names. Such as:

  • The Candy Fairy
  • Great Pumpkin

No matter what you call her, the results are the same – a fun new tradition for your family, wonderful toys for your kids, and fewer dentist visits to boot.

Does the Switch Witch visit your home?